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Looking for a way to power up your electric fence? Then you need a Zatka machine manufacturer  to get an electric fence charger that works.

This fence charger will be the heart of your electric fence system. But how do these machines work and where do you find a Zatka machine manufacturer? That’s what you can find out below.

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What are Zatka Machines?

Zatka machines are solar and electric powered fence energizers. There’s a broad range of these machines on the market for different types of fencing such as polywire, geared electric fencing and for various types of fence posts. A Zatka machine manufacturer will make various machines with different current outputs and power sources.

What Materials does a Zatka Machine Manufacturer Use?

For durability and to protect the internal parts from the sun’s rays a Zatka machine manufacturer will make the unit with UV resistant materials. What’s more, materials are strictly selected to meet EU standards.

Inspections are done regularly during the manufacturing process to ensure the Zatka machine is made to last. What’s more, there are materials used to protect the internal parts from lightning.

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What is a Zatka Machine Used For?

A Zatka machine is used to power up electric fences. The machines are designed for the agricultural industry to keep livestock contained. The Zatka machine can also be used to power up electric fences around construction sites or to provide more security around a house.

How Much Energy Does a Zatka Machine Use?

There are electric and solar powered Zatka machines on the market. The average electric fence charger can use up to 33 watts per day.

If you multiply that by 31 days it will be 1023 watts per month. However, if you want to save on energy, you can opt for a solar powered Zatka machine.


Can the Zatka Machine Work With All Types of Fences?

A Zatka machine manufacturer makes units that will work for all types of electric fences no matter what type of wire it is. Ideally you should opt for the correct wire gauge for your fence. The ideal types of wire to use with a Zatka machine are polywire or braided electric fence wire.

Additionally, you must choose a Zatka machine that can accommodate the size of your fence. For larger fences of 50 acres you can use a Zatka machine with a 12V DC power supply.



Does a Zatka Machine Come with Accessories?

There are plenty of accessories that you can get with your Zatka machine. In order to create a strong electric fence structure you can purchase different wires such as polytape or polywire. There are various insulators to choose from too namely insulators for wooden posts.

Additionally, you’ll want to purchase posts to hook your wires to. There are wooden posts as well as pigtail and fiber glass posts to choose from. You will also need a gate handle and a high quality fence tester that you can get from Elife Fence.

Where Can You Find a Zatka Machine Manufacturer?

Elife Fence is the number one Zatka machine manufacturer and distributor in China. They are high quality electric fence chargers that go through several stages of inspections during the manufacturing process.

What’s more, the housing and functions are the same as any high quality electric fence charger but they cost less.

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What are the Benefits of a Zatka Machine?

When choosing an electric fence charger for your barrier you want a product that is going to offer you plenty of benefits. Here are a list of benefits that the Zatka machine can provide:

  • Solar powered: Since the Zatka machine is a solar powered electric fence charger it will be 100% sustainable. There will be no need to use electricity because your power source will come from the sun.
  • Cost effective: One of the reasons why people choose solar powered electric fence chargers is because of their cost efficiency. You’ll spend less money on your electricity bill each month thanks to these solar powered charges.
  • Flexibility: With the Zatka machine you can install your electric fence wherever you need it because you don’t need an electric outlet.
  • Protection from power outages: One of the reasons people choose solar powered electric fence chargers is because they stay on after a power outage. The Zatka machine will keep your fence charged even when there is a community power failure.

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Does a Zatka Machine Manufacturer Do Quality Checks?

A Zatka machine manufacturer does four inspections before the machines are distributed to the end users. You can verify the quality of your Zatka machine by looking at the materials and construction of it. The Zatka electric fence chargers from Elife Fence adhere to CE and GS quality standard.

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How Do You Import a Unit from a Zatka Machine Manufacturer?

Before you import your Zatka machine from China you must first find out the costs involved. At Elife Fence you must pay 40% of the deposit after ordering your unit from a Zatka machine manufacture and then 60% before shipment.

With your Zatka machine manufacturer you can also order batteries and your solar panels. Follow these easy steps to import your unit from a Zatka machine manufacturer in China:

  1. Establish your import rights. You must specify whether you’re importing your Zatka machine for commercial or personal use.
  2. Categorize your product by specifying your 10 digit tariff number for your Zatka machine. You will need the number along with your certificate of origin to know the cost of the import.
  3. Using your tariff number you can accurately calculate your landed cost. You must calculate this cost before ordering your Zatka machine.
  4. Now find your supplier in China and place your order for a Zatka machine. Ask your supplier to issue you with an invoice after ordering which will include all the details about your product.
  5. Before your item can be shipped you will need to pay all outstanding charged for your Zatka machine.
  6. Once your Zatka machine is shipped you can track your cargo with a tracking number.
  7. Your product will arrive at customs. Communicate with the customs office to release your product. On the other hand, some freight services offer door-to-door shipping.



Zatka machines are taking the world by storm with their robust housing and high quality power. These machines are the modern day alternative to standard methods of fencing. All the Zatka machines from Elife Fence come with warranties so you’re guaranteed an electric fence charger that will last.


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