The Ultimate Guide to Import Electric Fence from China

Whether you want to learn or import electric fence from China, you’ll find this guide very useful.

It covers everything – from benefits, features, types, quality standards to shipping electric fence from China.

In short, this guide will make you an expert in the electric fence business.

Let’s go through it step at a time:

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Benefits of Importing Electric Fence from China

Why do we advocate for Imports from China?

Below are some of the reasons you should consider importing electric fence and related accessories from China:


Figure 1 Electric fence for animal control

1. Competitive Prices on Electric Fence

Now, Chinese electric fence give you value for your money.

But that’s not all – you will get competitive prices on electric fence for animal control.

This because you get a variety of electrical fencing products that suits a wide range of budgets. Therefore, prices are very flexible.

What’s more, Chinese, are open to price negotiations.

It thus means that you can bargain the price of the electric fence till you reach a mutual agreement with the seller.

Of course, you may acquire the product at a much lower initial price.

Even after collecting your merchandise, you are free to resell the consignment at a higher price exceeding your buying costs.

The lower costs additionally, help you reduce the costs of importation greatly.

2. You get Pure Blend of Quality and Unique Products

China is well known for its ever-rising levels of innovations.

Indeed, the Chinese electric fence equipment suppliers and product manufacturers are always up to the task in tweaking their goods to match and surpass other trends.

That is the reason why Chinese electric fencing accessories are always much unique and rare.

Therefore, outstanding in every market.

The number of electric fence manufacturers is declining in other countries, so do not miss this opportunity of dealing with unique goods.

3. China Offers a Variety of Top quality Options to Choose from

Every nation has particular strengths in exports of goods. So if you want to acquire the best, consider importing electric fence equipment from China.

China is famously known for electrical appliances due to its high technological advancement.

You need to eliminate the notion about lower price versus quality.

The electrical fence from China is guaranteed quality.

Before exportation, the goods undergo verification and authentication to ascertain their quality.

4. Increased Profit Margins

A fundamental reason globally for importing goods is to increase the profit margins.

This where China trade business takes center stage.

If you acquire lower costly electrical fence, when reselling/ resupplying them, you will likely achieve higher levels of profits.

Even if not, most certainly, you will hit a realistic, profitable margin in your electric fence business.

5. Accessibility to Several Manufacturers and Suppliers

China has lots of reliable electric fence manufacturers and suppliers.

Therefore, when initiating deals, you will consider quotes from the different institutions before engaging any.

Remember, before committing to a supplier; you have to verify the suitability.

Figure 2 Electric fence accessories

6. You Join a Caucus of Affiliate leading Importers.

Several leading companies globally have multi-billion dollar trade with Chinese Companies.

Engaging in electric fence equipment importation from China, you automatically fly with the eagles.

That level of heights is suitable for the growth of your business.

Functions of Electric Fence

You can install an electric fence system due to the following reasons:

· Agricultural Reasons

It is a common trend to find electrical fences in several agricultural zones; in fact, the conventional fencing has become outdated.

Figure 3 Electric fence for livestock

In a livestock farm, the electrical fence possesses no potential danger to the animals.

With an electrical fence, the farmer consequently avoids the risk of impending injury to the flock that would otherwise result from the conventional fencing.

Intensive grazing/ rotational/ strip grazing all are effective when incorporated with electric fence.

The electric fences are also good for confining and securing horses, pack animals.

This practice is common, especially when the animals need to be confined overnight at special ceremonies including, hunting, competitions and trail riding etc.

· Alienating Wild Animals

Wild animals can sometimes be lethal to humans.

To avoid animal-human conflicts, in Africa, and Asia, National Governments, construct electric fences along the boundaries of the environmental conservation stations.

This strategy aims at deterring the animals from invading humans settlement areas.

The fences also regulate the movement of wild animals. Such circumstances include: preventing animals from encroaching into private property, airports runways, cultivated farms, and accessing human settlements areas.

· Security Reasons

The electric fences also act as very vital modes for enhancing security in both homes and offices. The fences are in use by both private and government-based organizations.

They are important for providing all-round security.

The two types of security fences are Non-lethal fence and lethal fence:

Figure 4 Electric fence between North Korea and South Korea

a) Non-lethal Fence

The non-lethal fence allows pulses of electric flow through it and thereby give a lethal free shock to any intruder or unwanted persons encroaching the marked area.

The fencing system consists of an array of sensors which sends a signal at even the slightest of a security breach

Overall, the electric fences are multifunctional.

They provide a physical barrier to intruders, pose a psychological deterrent to trespassers and form a complete system of security alarm.

The types of electric fences are:

  1. Piggyback – Commonly used, it is fixed onto an existing wire or fence to provide additional security. You may do this by fastening it onto pre-existing posts by use of rivets and screws.
  2. Wall top – they are arguably the second famous type. They form a strong pattern on top of an already existing barrier such as a wall. The height of the fence need be of a minimum of 1.5 meters or about 4 ft 11 inches.
  • Stand alone: it forms a single unit of barrier all round a building or enterprise purely. It is never easier to breach this kind of electric fencing system.

To get into contact with it, an intruder has first to breach the initial physical barrier.

A minimum spacing of 1m or 3 ft 3 inches separates the stand-alone fence and the nearest barrier.

  1. Stun lethal fence- this kind of fence shocks an intruder with the first touch and a devastating jolt with a second touch. They are most common in US Federal prisons.

b) Lethal Fence

This kind of electric fence transmits a dangerous quantity of currents and popularly used for steering anti-personal reasons.

The fence was popular in World War I amongst the Germans and Netherlands, the Algerian war, North Korea sealing off some of its border sections with South Korea.

Interestingly, the fence is still in use in some heightened security prisons.

Electric Fence Designs from China

The Chinese Electric fence uses a precise mode of technology and technique to optimise the operations of the fence.

Below are a few designs of the fences.

       i. Fence Energizers

During installations of the fence, the technicians may opt to fix the fence energisers onto a stable electrical circuit.

The decision of whether to fix the energiser or not will depend on the size of the fencing area and how remote the area is.

Nevertheless, the energisers require some battery type either dry cells, lead-acid accumulators or smaller batteries powered by solar panels.

You do not need to worry about the power consumption of the energiser system.

The good news is that its consumption is quite low and sustainable.

It is ideal for running several hundred meters of fence for numerous weeks on a single charge of one lead-acid accumulator.

Moreover, for short working durations, you may incorporate dry cell batteries. Above all, some types of energisers are possible to power by several power sources.

      ii. Palisade Fences

Figure 5 Electric Palisade fencing

About 2.4 meters (Approx. 7 ft 10 in) high, palisade fences material comprises of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised steel.

It transmits high voltage current pulses at a rate of 1 HZ.

Besides, the palisade fences are common in South Africa, particularly Johannesburg residential homes as opposed to opaque/ permanent fences.

The electrified palisade fences are common in several countries due to some vital reasons. The reasons are in situations where the fencing perimeter has little or no vegetation.

The vegetation can create a more hazardous scare since they easily conduct electricity. Secondly, palisade fences are cost-effective.

In cases whereby the costs of hiring security personnel is quite high, you may want to compare that costs to that of the automated security tools.

The palisade fences have considerable advantages. The Electric pulse produced deters intruders or criminals from breaching the fence. Secondly, the palisade fence is mechanically stronger. It thus withstands huge impacts of the wildlife, humans or falling trees compared to the usual steel electric fence.

    iii. Fencing Materials

Certainly, electric fences are of smooth wires with varying degrees and specifications.

It comprises of slight thin/ thicker wire, HT (high- tensile) wires. Woven wires and barbed wire fence types are highly discouraged due to the high potential risk associated with them.

Also tot the mentioned wires, recently, synthetic webbing and roped fencing materials made with stainless steel conducting wires have become popular.

Plus, that kind of material combination is much suitable in regions that require more visibility or non-permanent fence.

Caution: during installation, ensure that you constantly insulate the fence from the earth.

Also, keep it away from good conductors of electricity that may cause ignition or short circuit.

Never attach the fencing directly to metallic posts or wooden posts. Instead use plastics or other porcelain insulators.

Know how Electric Fence Works

The working and operations of an electric fence are quite straightforward and simple.

A stable battery like device known as a power energiser is responsible for storing high electric voltage. After that, the device converts the already stored power into a short, large voltage pulse.

The energiser has two terminals. A single terminal produces an electrical pulse onto a naked wire once every second.

The next terminal makes a connection with a metal rod dug into the ground; the connection widely known as an earth rod. With that connection, we have a complete electrical fence.

Now in case of an intruder breaching the security system, the non-lethal shock responds automatically, this what happens.

In circumstances that a person or animal touches or come into contact with both the bare electric wire and the earth connection, the circuit completes.


During a complete pulse, the intruder or animal conducts the pulse hence initiating an electric shock.

The electric shock has several effects ranging from adverse to mild ones.

The injury caused by the shock could be so little to notice, uncomfortable, agonising or even deadly. However, the consequences depend on a range of factors.

They include the amount of voltage, pulse energy, the extent of the contact the intruder makes with the electric fence together with the ground.

Finally, the route the current takes via the intruder’s body.

Figure 6 Working of an electric fence

China Electric Fence Accessories and Equipment

An electric fence is an assembly of many parts and components.

Therefore, to import electric fence from China successfully, it is important to know these accessories.

They include:

1) Electric Fence Charger

Figure 7 Electric fence charger

A suitable electric fence charger has got a casing that is heavy duty and UV resistant to cushion against adverse weather.

Check out for the quality assurance of the chargers. Chinese fence chargers are approved by the EU to guarantee their superior quality.

The types of chargers are Mains fence chargers, battery and solar-powered electric fence chargers.

Battery types have an input voltage of 12V DC and 12KV output. With a large energy storage capacity of 1.0J to 5.0 J.

Solar type chargers have 12V DC input and 10KV output. It, however, has a wide range of storage capacities such as 0.3 J, 0.5 J, 0.8 J and 1 J.

The electric fence charger has a wide range of applications, i.e. livestock controlling, wild animals restrictions, garden fencing, forest fencing and farm fencing amongst others.

You gain more with China-based electric fence chargers, and they are suitable for use even for portable fencing missing main power.

2) Electric Fence Conductors

The electric fence conductors comprise of

  • Electric fence tape – the tapes are of plastic filaments that offers great resistance to UV materials.

#304 stainless steel is the main conducting material for the fence tape also increasing the corrosive resistance.

The tapes often get inspected four times by experts before sale to ascertain quality. Additionally, Chinese companies offer a free sample of the tape for the customers own testing.

Figure 8 Electric fence tape

  • Polywire – the poly wire needs to have high-tech conductivity, little resistance and durable.

The qualified poly wire must have the correct material ingredients which are UV treated besides the #304 stainless steel for the conductor.

Inspections of the wire are also crucial.

Figure 9 Polywire

  • Electric fence rope – the ropes are good conductors and anticorrosive even in hostile surroundings. Incorporating the fibreglass and PVC makes the rope stronger.

Figure 10 Electric fence rope

The latter utilises a unique kind of braiding and weaving tech with polyester being the best material.

Figure 11 Braided electric fence wire

3) Electric Fence Insulators

The fence insulators are vital since they enable you to attach the poly wire, pollytape, pollyrope or tensile wire without the electric fence post losing power.

Poly wire, pollybraid, poly rope and poly wire all have their corresponding electric fence insulators.

Similarly, apart from electric fence wire insulators, China also manufacturers electric post insulators, electric fence gate insulators, electric fence wooden posts insulators etc.

To enhance theier suitability, electric fence insulators have authentic kinds of materials in their structure.

Such materials includes UV resistant components, colour powder and strong highest brand PP.

All these enhance the material’s performance and stability as compared to the conventional PP material structure.

To verify quality adherence of the electric fence insulators, quite a few checks and tests are important. They include destructive tests, inspections and physical examinations such as surfaces, strength, insulation, UV resistance, temperature deviations, amongst others.

Figure 12 Electric fence insulators

4) Electric Fence Posts

The integrity of your electric fence would ultimately depend on the kind of electric posts you select.

China-based manufacturers produce three types of posts, namely: step-in posts, fibreglass electric fence posts, pigtail and T posts.

To enhance the quality of the products ensure the posts material are UV resistant, durable plastics materials that are long-lasting and withstands harsh environmental conditions.

Besides, installing the posts is easier.

Step-in posts are mostly preferred by customers who wish to invest in a portable type of electric fence. The posts come in three sizes, including 100cm, 120 cm and 150 cm.

Fibreglass electric fence posts – purely fabricated from fibreglass with advanced technique to comprise of unique features.

Such features include corrosive resistance, non-conductive, light in weight amongst others.

Above all, you need not incur maintenance expenses with the fibreglass electric fence posts.

T post, Y post and U post are another class of metallic electric fence posts reinforced with reel steel.

Figure 13 Electric fence post

5) Electric Fence Gate Handle

An effective electric fence gate handle is that which got both interior and proper exterior designs.

An illustration of that being: an interior corrosive-resistant compression spring which provides adequate tensile strength.

Figure 14 Electric fence gate handle

Moreover, the plastic casing for the gate handle also need be plastic, one that is resistant to UV, durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Remember that you can choose your preferred electric fence gate handle products from several types.

They include spring gate handle, economy plastic gate handle, gate kit, and heavy-duty handle. The products are also available in yellow, green, red, black, white and much more colours.

China leads in the manufacture of such quality gate handles since the products undergo four-level testing schemes.

Most importantly, manufacturers can modify and construct the electric gate handle according to the customer’s specifications.

6) Electric Fence Reel

Just like any other type of reel, the fence reel has two gears that are the inner and outer reel. The inner gear majorly Nylon based while the outer one PVC.

Galvanised steel become the material of the rest of the other reel parts.

The Usual types of electric fence reels are 3:1 gear, 1:1 heavy-duty and economy electric fence reels.

Moreover, the electric fence reel has lots of features that make it adaptable to its functions.

These specs include, the gate handles insulated, pollywire to enhance smooth grip, wire guide to enable an easier winding, and handle hook.

It is also UV resistant, easy to maintain and especially substituted.

Most importantly, the electric fence reel is long-lasting, and resilient thereby easing the installation of the wire.

The fence reels are particularly suitable for installation in areas for rotational grazing and small pastures lands.

Figure 15 Electric fence reel

7) Electric Fence Tester

Electric fence tester is equally vital for your fence. A voltage fence tester is particularly important for reading the amount of voltage in an electric fence.

Often some users substitute the fence testers with other voltage meters which are not recommended; fence testers are much easier.

A simple but high tech. Type of electric fence tester blinks its light whenever it detects the flow of electric pulse.

Elsewhere, the light turns off in case, the pulse voltage fails to flow in 4 second time. The technology used to build the electric fence testers is very considerate as well.

And every little detail is well-chosen right from the selection of raw materials, production techniques, and finally packing the electric fence testers for shipping.

Above all, a digital electric fence tester is user-friendly since it features a digital LCD of the results of the corresponding tests.

Figure 16 Electric fence tester

8) Electric Fence Solar Power

Electric fence solar power from china based manufacturers are of skilful workmanships by the aid of top quality components and top-notch quality.

It is worth noting that solar power should be concerning international standards.

The solar power has got a wide range of applications, most common ones including limiting the breaching of the electric fence by animals into cultivations. It, therefore, ensures total safeguarding of crops from both the wild and domestic animals.

Moreover, solar electric power is also beneficial for domestic purposes by providing security even during the night as a backup means. The solar power is purely harmless, posing no danger to life.

The corresponding solar panels have got several beneficial aspects. Its entire fabrication process is precise and corresponds to quality inspections and supervisions.

It is as well easy to install, resistant to any adverse weather conditions, long-lasting and resistant to corrosion.

Figure 17 Electric fence solar power

9)  Electric Fence Switch

An electric fence switch is vital for any person who requires a little bit of disruption of the transmission of power at specific points of the fence.

This kind of disruption might be due to the need for finding fault, diagnosis and maintenance.

The switches are mostly of two types, namely electric fence cut off switch and 3-way cut-out electric fence switch.

Also, the choice of any of the two types depends on the user’s specific requirements.

The 3-way cut-out electric fence switch is important for a system of several electric fence regions and separating segments you set up.

The switches contacts are corrosive resistant since they are either of high-quality stainless steel or a zinc coating of the steel.

The shells of the electric fence cut off switches elsewhere are of top quality and made of UV resistant plastic materials.

Such level of selection of materials makes the switches robust, durable, weatherproof and steady.

Figure 18 Electric fence switch

10)  Electric Fence Connector

Faulty connections in any electrical system may lead to adverse problems; that is why you require proper connectors.

The two most common electric fence connectors from China includes the rope connector and the bolt connector.

The rope connector’s material is 304 stainless steel, making it durable for longer than five years.

However, some fabricators use galvanised steel to manufacture the rope connectors. You can pick from three models of the connectors such as 4mm, 5mm and 6mm poly ropes.

The second type of the electric fence connector that is the bolt connector is ideal for binding together galvanised wire.

A unique type of electric fence connector commonly known as tape joiner is suitable for making a connection in between two sizes of electric fence tapes.

Figure 19 Electric fence connector

11)  Electric Fence Tensioner

Both animals and intruders easily breach a sagging or loosely held electric fence. That is why electric fence tensioner come handy.

The tensioner is necessary for undertaking the in-line straining or applying tensional force at the ends of the electric fence wires.

Such type of tensioner is known as in-line wire strainer or rachet wire strainer. The tensioner is fabricated using galvanised steel which is corrosive free.

While others made from high-duty plastic.

Another type of electric fence tensioner includes the spring type tensioner.

The admirable features of the tensioners include: small in size, light in weight, robust, durable, accurate, corrosive free, and simple to install.

The fence tensioners are suitable for use with fence rope, poly wire and conventional wires.

Figure 20 Electric fence tensioner

12)  Electric Fence Sign

It is necessary to give enough warning to any potential intruder about the degree of lethality of your electric fence.

The best way to do this is by sticking visible warning signs at different portions of the fence including gates, entrances, exits and along walking paths.

The sign is UV resistant as well as resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Its colour is mostly yellow with a black inscription enhancing visibility to every person. The inscription bears the warning – “ Electric Fence.”

The letters have to be of a minimum height of 25 mm. On the other hand, the sign has dimensions of 280mm × 175 mm.

The warning inscription on the electric fence sign is usually in versions of three languages, i.e. English, French and Spanish.

Besides the electric fence signs has clips for easier installation. The signs are suitable for use with deer, bear, farms and security fences etc.


Figure 21 Electric fence warning sign

Types of Electric Fence from China

We can widely classify electric fences on two main bases:

  • According to the nature of the electric fence – Permanent and Portable fences.
  • According to the purpose of the electric fence – Animal Electric fence, Military Electric Fence, Electric fence for Perimeter Security. Etc.

Figure 22 Electri fence for farms

Nature of the Electric Fence

a) Permanent Electric Fences

These are long time fencing systems that may last for several years. That is why they provide highly efficient animal control, residential security and perimeter fencing for a long duration.

Permanent electric fences are very easy to install and are user-friendly.

Since these types of fences provide long term services, their features are outstanding. Their fence wires are greatly conductive and resistant to rusting.

Components of the Permanent Electric Fences

  • Wooden, stainless steel or concrete fence posts.
  • Robust and durable post insulator.
  • End strain insulator
  • Insulated wire strainer.
  • Joint clamp to firmly connect the wire in a proper electrical connection.
  • Electric tape gate.
  • Extremely conductive cables.

b) Portable Electric Fence

Portable electric fences are flexible fencing systems that are easy to assemble, install, disassemble and engage for short –term fencing needs.

Therefore, they are easy to ferry from one location to another and easy to set up at any specific time.

Portable fences are easy to power. You can use battery electric fence energiser, or share the connection of a permanent fence powered by mains from an energiser.

The portable fencing is thus suitable for controlling any kinds of animals notwithstanding the degree of remoteness of the farm.

Components of the portable Electric Fence

  • Portable fencing posts such as ring top and pigtail posts for use in dairy and cattle fencing.
  • Reels – for grasping the tape, wire or braid for the non-permanent fence.
  • Tapes, Braids and wires.
  • Lead connector.

Purpose of the Electric Fence

a) Animal and Livestock Electric Fence

Animal and livestock electric fence are specially tailored for controlling, protecting and well managing all the animals on the farm.

Such fence generates electric shock through the wires sufficient for animal management. The fence is simple to install. The mains power may approximately range 110V – 240 V.

b) Prison/ Military/  Border High Voltage Electric Fence

Extreme voltage fence is a unique fencing system majorly for the prison, military or border areas. The fencing wires transmits a high voltage on the front walls of the ACSR of restricted places.

Such voltage restrains any intruder who wishes to scale the wall and condemns them to extreme pressure blow.

c) Electric Fence for Perimeter Security

You may install an electric fence along the perimeter of an area for security purposes. Such places may include residential areas, offices, restricted-entry zones, etc.

How to Ship Electric Fence from China

Shipping electric fence from China can be at times confusing, costly and complex, that is why we simplify the process as below.

Figure 23 Shipping electric fence from China

  1. Identify your import Rights – you need to make it clear if you will be importing the electric fence for commercial purposes or personal use.
  2. Categorise your products – specify the 10 – digit tariff categorisation number for the types of the electric fence you wish to import.

You will need these digits together with an extra document, i.e. certificate of origin to know exactly the amount of money for imports.

  1. Calculate the land cost. – with the ten-digit tariffs, certificate of origin and special attention to the incoterms, you are capable of calculating the entire landed cost. Ensure you do that before placing an order.

Take, for instance, FOB comprises of the following three items.

  • Enquire the price of the products (Electric fence) from the suppliers.
  • Acquire the charges of the shipping from Chinese based freight forwarders.
  • Obtain the costs of customs clearance, duty and tax charges, land transport.
  1. Find a supplier in China and place your order. – You can now place your order with either the exporter, shipper or the vendor.

Take note of the corresponding shipping terms to be used.

After that, request the vendor to provide you with a proforma Invoice/ quote sheet for the purchases.

The document should include description, system number, the value of the items, weight, package dimensions and terms of purchase.

  1. Prepare for your cargo transport – arranging for cargo transport is mostly undertaken by the freight forwarder.

However, you need first to clear all the outstanding charges.

Some of the additional levies you need to reconsider are container levy, packaging costs, terminal handling together with broker fees.

  1. Track the movement of your cargo international shipping of goods from China consumes time.

However, during this time, you may occasionally check and verify all the freight documents. In case of faults, contact your country’s customs authority.

  1. Receive your shipment – upon arrival of the electric fence cargo, you may instruct your customs broker to clear the customs then pick up the goods. Some freight forwarders though offer to-door services.

How to Test Quality of Electric Fence From China

It is difficult to determine the quality of the electric fence at surface value. That is why you need an electric fence tester.

The operation and procedure are simple.

Figure 24 Electric fence wire

  • Insert the probe into the moist soil (not dry).
  • Attach the test hook to the fence wire.
  • The electric fence tester switches on at the detection of the pulse.
  • The tester displays the voltage in case it detects more pulses. You may take the reading after the elapse of three pulses.
  • You may remove the test hook from the fence. Note that the display of the reading continues for about 4 seconds without detection of any pulse.


Quality Certificates for China Electric Fence

You need to look out for the quality and standardization marks done by quality control organizations. Such standards of quality marks and certification include CE and GS certificate.

How to Verify China Electric Fence Manufacturer and Suppliers

Step 1: Check the supplier/ manufacturer’s registration code on Alibaba Platform.

Step 2: Verify the legitimacy of the supplier – you may either visit the following tools QiChaCha (China’s best corporate information database and CECIPS (China’s Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System).

Step 3: Confirm the Supplier’s Business License details. This process should take between 2 – 3 working days. To ease your workload, ask the supplier to issue you with a photo of the license. You may also engage a china based agent that offer you company verification services.

Step 4: Confirm The Manufacturer’s Import – Export License

Many suppliers tend to promote themselves as international trade operator but on the contrary. Most will incorporate unworthy customs brokers to fake documents and receive money on their behalf.

You thus need to verify the supplier’s import-export license due to two reasons: First, suppliers without the document cannot receive a foreign exchange, therefore, increasing chances of fraud.

Secondly, some backdoor customs brokers engage in criminal activities, thereby always in pursuit by customs authorities.

Common Problems in Electric Fencing

Figure 25 Electric fence

  1. Improperly designed electric fences may generate electromagnetic interference adequate to interfere with the telecommunication media.
  2. Occasional recordings of Low Voltage. The voltage drop may be due to the growth of vegetation on the wire, missing or substandard insulators, insufficient grounding, inadequately charged battery for the solar system, small energiser.

China Electric Fence Installation

Below is a basic general idea on how to install an electric fencing system:

  1. Draw and plan your layout. Consider the number of animals, size of area etc.
  2. Settle on the number of brace corners you’ll require.
  3. Acquire adequate posts depending on the size of the fence. Either wooden or metallic.
  4. Choose a suitable charger that is reliable and can maintain a steady flow of electric current in the wires. You may opt for either solar or electric charges.
  5. Select a wire. Here you may choose from several types of wires or electric fence tape.
  6. Mount your charger. If you are using a solar panel, then find an open place which receives much sunlight. If electric power source, then fix it in weather – resilient area close to an AC outlet.
  7. Fix the grounding posts starting from the charger.
  8. Connect the grounding wire.
  9. Now install the fence posts.
  10. Fix braces on both the corners and gates.
  11. Fix the insulators
  12. Mount the wires on the posts
  13. Finally, you can test the line to assess its effectiveness and suitability.


Cost of Electric Fence from China

It is difficult to precisely say how much the electric fence system costs due to a major factor.

Because the electric fence system comprises of several subsystems that you would purchase differently.

These parts include electric fence energisers, electric fence posts, electric fence insulators, electric fence accessories, wires, plastic hooks etc.

All these materials have different and varying prices depending on the manufacturer/ supplier.

Nonetheless, purchasing and installing the electric fence system is pocket-friendly.

Features to Look for in Electrical Fence from China

You need not go wrong when selecting an electrical fence system from china. Below is a list to help you manoeuvre your way into acquiring a suitable one.

Figure 26 Electric fence system

  1. Look for a fencer/energiser with a higher voltage than your requirements. Ensure the gadget come with a lightning diverter.
  2. Galvanised ground rod, the material does not rust.
  • Suitable gauge galvanised high-pitched tensile wire.
  1. Top-quality insulators possibly with warranty.
  2. You may opt for a porcelain or plastic strainer.
  3. Purchase a fence system together with a voltmeter which you may use to detect the amount of voltage regularly transmitted.

Custom Clearance Documents when Importing Electric Fence from China

For you to import goods from China, you need a few categories of documents to clear import customs. They include Legal documents, common documents and commodity tailored specific documents.

Below is a list of the basic documents you will need for import clearance.

  • Bill of Entry – sign at the customs office within thirty days after the arrival of the imported goods.
  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Import license
  • Insurance certificate
  • Purchase order/ credit letter
  • Technical product documents
  • Industrial license (optional)
  • Product test report (optional)
  • Registration/ Membership certificates (optional)

Cost-Effective Incoterms to use when Importing Electric Fence from China

Incoterms are international trade terms that define the key responsibilities of trading partners, i.e. buyers or sellers throughout the shipping of goods.

The incoterms are very vital to the stability of the parties’ business.

When it comes to shipping from China, you can opt for two incoterms as discussed below. However, note that the incoterms listed precede a city.

·       Free on Board (port of shipment)

FOB dictates that the supplier undertakes the supplier takes charge of the following: packing the goods, clearing customs for exports, handling all pre-carriage transportation, port handling expenses.

Elsewhere, the consignee takes care of all related ocean freight expenditure, on-carriage landside shipping either road/ rail.

Important: FOB exclusively applies for both maritime and inland waterway transport except for shipping container.

Additionally, it is both cost-effective and efficient because every party handles its strengths. The seller understands best their country’s needs and thus can secure better terms.

The buyer also knows their country’s want besides having contact with a substantial network of retailers.

·       Ex Works (EXW) (place name)

EXW implies that the seller strictly should avail the goods at the seller’s production site/ warehouse/ factory within the agreed timeline. After that, the buyer takes over every other corresponding duty.

Some special reservations exist.

Upon agreement and signing contract, the seller may load the goods and be responsible for any potential risks of that loading.

For EX Works, the buyer takes maximum control while the seller takes minimum obligation.

Choosing Power Type for Electric Fence from China

The three basic types of power are:

a) Main Power

You may choose either 110V AC or 220V AC.

The mains power is beneficial because, it is powerful and thus very good for long hairy animals, lethal fences, military fences etc. it is also suitable for use with long fences with strong vegetation. The power consumption also low and also secure buildings.

Precautions: Mains power isn’t flexible to be used for portable fences.

You have to install a lightning arrestor to protect the energiser.


b) Battery


  • It is powerful.
  • Suitable for use with long hairy animals, long fences and one with strong vegetation.
  • Very mobile
  • Possible to recharge it with solar
  • Use the rechargeable batteries.

Precaution: consider the duration of charging, and guard it against burglary.

c) Solar

Solar energy comes from the sun.


  • Green energy.
  • Portable
  • Solar energy can run for long.

Precautions: not reliable to provide power for longer fences or elongated hairy animals. Prone to burglary.

How to Select China Electric Fence Material

The usual material you may choose for electric fencing is the smooth steel wire. The wire may be thin, and single or thicker and high tensile.

It should also have minimum resistance during high voltage resistant and ultraviolet resistant.

Another option is to use woven or barbed wire. However, experts argue that it is dangerous.

For cases whereby you need extra visibility or for portable fencing purposes, you may select synthetic webbing and materials woven with fine stainless steel conducting wires.

Selecting Insulators for Electric Fence from China

Follow these tips to acquire a proper insulator from China.

Ensure you purchase superior quality insulators.

Remember such insulators need a single nail both at the top and bottom. However, those insulators that only utilise one nail draws energy from the fence.

Pick an insulator from a manufacturer that offers a multi-year type of warranty. In this way, you will get a replacement for the broken insulators free of charge.

Lastly, note that insulators are widely classified.

The basic classifications include breakdown and non-breakdown type, according to structure (pillar, suspension, pin insulators, etc.).

Also, the applications (line and power station insulator). Others are the ceramic insulator, semiconductor, composite insulator etc.

Consider the length of Electric Fence from China

The length of the fence even for a multi-strand fence is the total length of the conductor wire used.

We can consider a small length to be an electric fence of minimum 1km and maximum of up to 30km.

A medium-length fence ranges between 60 km up to 150km. Yet, a large one falls between 200 km up to 630 km.

Besides, you can easily dictate your preferred length by simply specifying your applications and demands.

How to Choose Electric Fence Energizer

Outrightly, you have to obtain the most suitable electric fence energiser, failure to which your fence would be unworthy.

You, therefore, have to consider three important factors before settling on a specific energiser.

  • Power source.
  • Electric fence application
  • Length of the fence.


First, try to evaluate if you will connect the energizer to the mains power, or if in a remote area which power source?

And will it run permanent or portable electric fence?

As earlier on mentioned, there are three common types of power supply for your electric fence energizers.

They are main power, Rechargeable Battery and Solar energy.

Similarly, you can pick either a mains energizer, solar-driven energizer, or a battery energizer.

Secondly, reconsider the purpose of the fence.

What size of an animal do you plan to keep? Small or large? For a small garden, or keeping off wild animals such as hogs, raccoons bear off an area?

If you are dealing with big hairy animals, you require robust electric fence energizer to shield you against them. Otherwise for small animals, little power energizer would be economical.

Finally, note that the length of the fence matters. For a vast area, you will require very powerful electric fence energizer for optimum protection and vice versa.

In short, a importing electric fence require that you understand a range of things, from benefits, features, quality certificates to budget, amongst others.

At times it can be an overwhelming task if you don’t have the right information.

That’s why at Elife, we are here to help realize your dreams – simply contact Elife team now.

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