Your Best Step In Post Supplier In China!

  • Over 15-year experience in manufacturing and exporting step in post
  • Use reinforced and UV stable plastics
  • Modern and high tech plastic injection machines and equipment

Your Leading Step In Post Supplier in China!

Elife is your leading step in post supplier in China.

Elife has been supplying step-in posts for more than 15 years. So, Elife has the much-needed experience and knowledge in offering you super quality step-in post and other electric fence supplies.

We can custom any types of step in post with different materials, height, color and more as your needs.

So please contact Elife sales for a quick quote now!

Why Choose Elife Step In Post

Elife Post has several clips for the fence wires and tapes depending on the design or length.

We Made the step in post with heavy-duty PP with UV resistance and the spike with sturdy steel

The post is designed with reinforcing ribs to offer enough strength for your fence system

When you need to install the post into the hard ground, you will find that a large step in flange will work well.

Step in post Clips
Full range of Step In Post

What Kind of Step in post Elife can Offer to you?

Step-in post is often used for support fence wires and it is ideal for holding electric fence polytape, polywire, polyrope.

As we consider you will need to set up the electric fences containing small, medium, and large animals, so Elife can supply you the step-in posts with three popular heights like 110cm, 120cm, and 150cm.

To meet the various requirements from customers, Elife can offer you the post, made of different materials like plastic, fiberglass, or steel.

You can have the standard color post like white, black, yellow, orange, green, and more. Yes, Elife can produce any color step in posts as your need.

Elife is Your Premium Step In Post Supplier in China

3-D tooling drawing

We have our own designers to develop plastic tooling for step in post.

Injection machines with dryer hopper

We have injection machines with dryer hopper for step in posts.

Top brand injection machine

Elife has top brand injection machines to manufacture step in post.

Top Rated Step In Posts

We can offer you three key step in post, including 110cm step in post, 120cm step in post and 150cm step in post.

This type of step in post comes from Newzealand design idea and as it is too light and ideal for the portable fence.

This post has the clips so you do not need to buy extra insulators for your fence wire and tapes.

150cm height is one of three top-selling step in post, you can also have 110cm and 120cm high post from Elife too.

You will have not only dark green posts, but Elife can also customize most of the popular color posts in the market, like white, orange, yellow, black and more.

This orange post is visible in the farmland for people or animals. You can also let us know what is your favorite post color, we can make it for your own project too.

This yellow step in post is made for Latin American customers. As this yellow color come from their brand.

White color post are top selling models in our company and we have the annual sale quantity up to 500K.

All colorful step-in posts have UV treatment, so they can offer you better weather resistance for your fence system.

This fiberglass step in posts have the removable 3 or 4 insulators and save your money to buy extra insulators.

This kind of fiberglass post is light as 1/3 of steel but it has the same hardness as the steel.

You can install this kind of fiberglass post into the hard ground with the screws.

With the double pedals, you can easily install the fiberglass rod into the hard soil without any extra tools.

The big foot post is ideal for the female farmers to set up the electric fence system.

Why Can Elife Be Your Premium Step In Post Supplier in China?

Top brand plastic materials

We only use top brand plastic materials to manufacture step in post.

High class galvanized steel spike

Our step in post with high class galvanized steel spike can last for a longer time.

Over 4 times inspection

We will have at least 4 times inspection for your step in post order from outsourcing materials to final products.

The professional tooling development team

Elife has over 30-year experience tooling Shifu(master) and professional tooling structure design team.

Free sample available

We will offer you a free step in post sample for your testing before a formal order.

Elife Latest Catalog

Frequently Asked Question

When did you start your electric fence step in post business?

We started the electric fence step in post business in 2002. So we have over 15 years in manufacturing and exporting step in posts and we can help you assure you the reliable and stable quality of all step in posts order.

Where have you exported your step in post?

Elife has the customers, who ordered step in posts , are from USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and more. Even some world top brands in electric fence industry bought step in posts from Elife. So we can share the knowledge and experience of how we work with these brands. It will be help boom your business too.

What is your payment term of step in post order?

We have two kinds of payment terms for step in post order. If sample order, you are requested to pay by western union or paypal. If the formal order, we would like to receive the payment by TT, 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment.

Do you have any customers in our country?

Please let us know your country name. And we will check if we have customers in your country or not. If yes, we cannot disclose their name to you as we have the NDA agreement with our customers. We are wondering if you would like to work as Elife distributor for step in posts in your country, if we have no agent in your country.

What is your MOQ for step in post?

As you know that step in posts has 100-150cm length and so if we need to manufacture step in posts for you, we have to replace the tooling by the long and heavy step in posts tooling, which will cost much time and workers. So we will have a reasonable MOQ for step in post at 1000 pcs for each model. Thanks for mutual understanding!


Step In Post

Elife can supply three types of step in posts, with the height of 100cm, 120cm and 150cm.

Step in post can meet different requirements for farmers or ranchers to build a portable electric fence system.

So Elife will be your premium step in post supplier in China.

Elife step in post is made of reinforced polypropylene, with molded clips for steel wire, polywire, polyrope, or polytape at different widths.

And Elife step in the post is equipped with an anti-rotation nail, so farmers or ranchers can firmly insert the step in post into the ground.

Elife step in post has a galvanized steel spike so it will not rust easily compared to the traditional steel electrical fence post.

Also, the Elife step in post features UV stabilized material so it can last for a longer time.

Our knowledge and commitment make Elife a professional step in posts supplier in China.

Elife designs the reinforced ribs along the step in post body to add more strength to the post.

And Elife step in posts has a durable step. Users can easily install it when the ground is so hard.

Elife can customize any plastic step in the post according to your ideas or drawings. For sure, you should send us one actual step in post sample to speed up the new step in post development process.

Elife has tooling engineers with over 30 years’ experience who help in designing and creating the most reasonable tooling structure of step in post.

They also help in choosing a qualified steel frame for the step in post tooling.

Elife step in post tooling can produce 99% of qualified step in post, with almost no fake ones.

Moreover, we are different from other companies, who outsource the maintenance work of step in post tooling.

At Elife, we have our workers who check and maintain step in post tooling every one month.

So, the Elife step in post tooling ensures your step in post order is in the super and stable quality.

Elife can be your No.1 step in post supplier in China.

Elife step in post will help you keep the property guaranteed when used with an electric fence system. With these step in post from Elife, you can quickly set up your fencing in any outdoor area.

The step-in post featuring anti-rotation spike step-in flange to secure it at the ground. It has also a big clip which can hold a various size of poly tape.

Backed by our knowledgeable team, Elife has fabricated this step in post with electric fencing in mind.

Our offered electric fence products can be used for setting up the edge for construction zones, crowd control and property making. And So if you are looking for these electric fence accessories, please contact us. And Elife can supply you almost all electric fence supplies including Electric fence chargers, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fence Posts, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit , insulators and more.

Each step in post from Elife is fabricated with durable steel and polypropylene. Apart from it, this post can last for a long time while being easy to remove and install.

Elife can provide a high-quality step-in post which molded with clips in order to hold poly tape and the electric fence wire. Guaranteed by our professional designers, this post is constructed of reinforced heavy-duty steel stake.

Each Elife step in post accommodates extra reinforcing ribs for toughness. It comes with an anti-rotation spike and a large step-in flange to conduct the stake from turning.

It can be used for gardens, rotational grazing, construction sites, and property lines.

Elife step in post is best suited for temporary or portable fencing and as well as temporary corrals.

Our step in posts are rugged but lightweight which can be handled and moved easily. Furthermore, the step-in post used durable polypropylene which assisted with steel I-beam and ribbed.

This post is one of the robust posts on the market. It is also fully constructed as one piece to add its toughness. As a result, the step in post is reliable and strong.

Moreover, Elife step in post is great for managing intensive grazing application and for temporary electric fence enclosure.

Our step in post comes with an insulated loop which makes the wire insertion quick and simple.

Elife can offer a dependable, tough and maintenance-free step in post to meet every customer’s needs. It will help you to control animals and safely contain in almost every sensible rough terrain situation.

We also have a step in post which made with fiberglass(It named fiberglass fence posts). It is particularly designed for extremely strength to spring back and flex without weakening back to the original position.

Most of all, our step in post will not rot and rust which can commonly cause electrical shorts.

In China, Elife is a high-end supplier and manufacturer of high-quality step in post. Our offered products are being fabricated using a high-class raw material backed by our advanced machinery and tools.

In all fairness, our step in posts are highly demanded by most markets in China and as well as in the foreign markets for its high-performance, durability, and usability.

Elife is more than 15 years in the industry specializing in fabricating all sorts of electric fence needs such as electric fence posts, electric fence wire, electric fence gate handle, insulators, chargers, poly tape, tester and many more. We are able to manufacture a high-end step in post with favorable prices.

If you are interested with our offered products, please don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Step in Post: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether you’re looking for an electric fence plastic step-in post or fiberglass fence post, this guide provides a perfect solution for you.

The information in this guide will help you choose a suitable step in post for all your electrical fence needs.

Let’s dive right.

What is Step in the Post?

Step in a post is a type of post that you can use in taking down and setting up temporary electric fences.

 Step in post

 Step in post

What makes Step in Post Unique?

Step-in posts are unique due to the structural features of the post.

It comes complete with a solid “I” beam that you will use to make the fencing post more rigid.

Apart from that, it has a reinforced, extended, high-steel spike for pushing down into the ground using your foot.

Additionally, you will also find them with EZ clip systems for twine.

 Step in post for electric fence

 Step in post for electric fence

What are the Benefits of Step in Post for Electric Fence?

When you use the step-in post for electric fences, there are numerous benefits that you will enjoy.

Here are the main benefits of using the step-in post for electric fences.

· High Levels of Durability

Step-in posts are UV stabilized which allows you to use them in the sun without worrying about destruction by UV rays.

Additionally, it has weather resistance properties allowing you to use them in different weather conditions.

· Low Cost of Maintenance

You will spend very little time in maintaining the step-in post as it does not succumb to environmental effects easily.

· Easy to Handle

Due to its lightweight, you can easily move it from one location to the next.

Apart from that, it has features that make it very easy to install such as the extended high-steel spike.

Additionally, it makes the work of installing and removing temporary fences very easy.

· Proper Insulation

It also comes complete with insulation materials that will prevent you from the electric fence shock.

You do not have to spend money on purchasing insulators for the installation of the temporary electric fences.

· Available in Different Varieties

You will also enjoy the freedom of choosing different types of step in posts.

It is available in different designs, shapes and sizes that will fit your applications.

· High Tensile Strength

Even though you will be using the step in post fence for temporary installations, the material is very strong.

It has very high tensile strength capable of withstanding different conditions thus increasing is reliability and resilience.

Are there Disadvantages of Step in Post for Electric Fence?

Absolutely, just like any other device, step-in posts are not perfect and may have its own limitation.

They can not last as long as metal posts like T post, U post and Y post. But the invest cost of step in post are much lower than them.

So you need to make your wised choice before you go with step in post or others.

Which Material is Step in Post made of?

You can make step-in posts using different types of materials that make up different parts.

Here are the main parts of the step-in post and the materials for making them.

· Reinforced Polypropylene

You will use reinforced polypropylene to make the main parts of the step-in post for the electric fences.

It has very high insulation properties thus preventing you from the electric shock flowing through the electric cable.

This is the material that you will use in making the molded clips for holding the steel wires, polytapes, poly wires, and polytopes.

It also has UV reinforcements allowing you to use step-in posts outside for a longer period without fear of destruction.

· Galvanized Steel

You will use galvanized steel to make the spike that will enter that soil thus holding the step-in post in the right position.

It is the same material that you will use in making of anti-rotation nails that firmly hold step-in post in place.

It has galvanization properties that will prevent them from rusting even when in the deep wet soil.

· Steel Frame

You will use the steel frame to make the step-in post tooling thus making the step-in post stronger.

· Fiberglass

You can also use fiberglass to make the step-in posts that have higher tensile strengths and can bounce back on impact.

Is there Height Limitations for Step in Post for Electric Fence?

No, there are no height limitations when it comes to making the step-in posts for electric fences.

There are three main heights for step-in pots for electric fences that you can choose from.

The main heights for step-in electric fences are 100cm, 120cm and 150cm.

Elife can, however, make custom step-in electric fence posts that will fit your application requirements.

What is the Lifespan of Step in Post for Electric Fence?

Well, you can use the step-in post for electric fences for a long time.

Proper care and maintenance of the step-in post will increase the durability of the post.

Apart from that, it has special features such as UV resistance features and weather tolerant features.

On average, you can use the step-in electric fence post for about 3 to 5 years.

How do you Install Step in Post for Electric Fence?

Installing the step-in electric fence post is a very simple process that you can undertake by yourself.

You can do this by going through the following steps.


1) Establishing the Measurements

First, you will measure the total area that you need to fence in order to know the number of posts you need.

After that, you will divide the total area with the right spacing specifics to get the number of posts you need.

2)  Installing Corner and Gate Posts

Since the step-in posts have sharp ends that can penetrate the ground, you will easily fix the corner posts.

You can do this by stepping on the step thus pushing the step-in electric fence post into the ground.

3) Installing the Other Posts

After that, you will repeat the same process with all the other step-in posts to completion.

Since the fence is temporary, you don’t have to place reinforcements on the posts.

Which Features should you Look for in Step in Post for Electric Fence?

When purchasing the step-in posts, there are particular features that you have to pay very close attention to.

Here are the features that you have to pay close attention to:

· Type of Material

Well, you have to look for specific types of materials of high quality before making a purchase.

The materials must have UV resistance to protect it from the effects of the UV sun rays.

The steel must also be galvanized to prevent it from rusting in wet conditions.

·  Specific Features

Step-in posts have specific features that make it unique from others such as:

i. Anti-rotational nail that holds it firm to the ground

ii. Step for pressing it into the ground.

iii. Reinforcing ribs to increase the toughness of the step-in post

iv. Insulation clips that help in holding the poly wires, polytopes and polytopes in place

· Dimensions

You must also look at the dimensions of the step-in electric fence post that will fit your applications.

This will also include the type of design and color of the step-in electric fence post you need.

What is the Step in Post Electric Fence Accessories?

During the installation process of the step-in electric fence post, there are particular accessories that you must use.

Here are the main accessories that you must have:

· Electric Fence Chargers

You will need the electric fence chargers to provide the power the fence needs to provide the electric shock.

· Electric Fence Cables

This will be in the form of polywire, polytape, and polyrope where the electric current flows.

· Gate Handles

You will use the gate handles to connect the gate to the electric fence without the electric fence shock.

· Fence Tape Reel

You need the electric fence reel to wind and unwind the electric fence cables on and from the step-in post.

· Fence Testers

You will also need the electric fence testers to know the amount of current flowing through the electric fence.

· Solar Power Kit

The solar power kit is the main source of power that you will need on the entire solar electric fence system.

How Strong is Step in Post for Electric Fence?

Step-in electric fence posts are very strong to an extent where they can withstand impact.

You can use the fiberglass step-in electric fence post to increase the overall strength of the system.

It can withstand and absorb impact with the ability of bouncing back to the original position.

Implying that the step-in electric fence post cannot break easily.

Are there Specific Quality Standards for Step in Post for Electric Fence?

Yes, there are some industry quality standards for step-in post for electric fences.

The quality standards will ensure that the posts are safe for you to use.

Apart from that, they will ensure that the pots are of very high quality thus protecting you from exploitation.

Why Choose Fiberglass Step-in Post?

Electric step in post

Step in electric post

You should consider using fiberglass step-in post because it has very high tensile strength and durability.

It does not break easily and will bounce back to the original position in case of a bend.

Despite the cost, you will also save in purchasing insulators since it has very good insulation properties.

Is there Recommended Step-in Electric Fence Post Spacing?

Absolutely, there is a recommended step-in electric fence post spacing.

In general, the spacing between every step-in electric fence post should be between 80 to 100 cm.

This will translate to about 50 step-in posts per mile of the electric fencing system.

What makes Pigtail Step-in Fence Post Unique?

The pig-tail step has an anchor that will root to the ground thus preventing rotation of the step- in post.

It is also made of galvanized stainless steel that will prevent it from rotting or corrosion.

The material for making the pigtail step-in fence also has high tensile strength to carry and withstand impact.

Is Step in Post for Fence Design for Temporary or Permanent use?

Step-in posts are for temporary electric fencing solutions.

You can use them to fence an enclosure temporarily before moving it to another place.

That is the reason why it is easy to fix and uproot from the ground as well.

You must never use reinforcements such as concrete on the step-in posts since they are temporary.

Where can you use Step in Post for Electric Fence?

You can use the step-in post for electric fences to make temporary enclosures on different applications.

Here are some of the applications where the step-in posts for electric fences come in handy.

  • Setting up the edge for construction zones
  • Setting up the edge for property marking and crowd control
  • Setting up boundaries in agricultural fields thus keeping the agricultural produce safe.
  • Setting up boundaries in rotational grazing

Are Electric Fence Step in Post Safe?

Absolutely, the step-in posts for electric fences are safe for you to use.

It has insulators that will protect you from the effects of the electric shock on your body.

It also has materials that are safe for you to touch without causing harm on your body.

How much do Step in Post for Electric Fence Cost?

You can get the electric step-in electric fence post at an average cost of 2 to 5 US dollars.

This is the average cost of acquiring a pack of 50 step-in posts of an average size of 4 inches.

Implying that the cost will depend on the size of the step-in posts for electric fences as well as quantity.

What is a typical step in post Elife can offer?

Elife offers a series of different types of step-in electric fence posts for you to choose from.

Here are some of the step-in electric fence posts that you can get from Elife.

  • Fiberglass step in post
  • Plastic step in post
  • Pigtail step in post
  • 110cm height step in post FC101
  • 120cm height step in post FC102
  • 150cm height step in post FC103
  • Dark Green Step-in Post
  • Orange Step-in Post
  • Yellow Step-in Post
  • White & Black Step-in Post
  • Top Sale 4 Color Step-in Post
  • Fiberglass Step-in Post with Single Pedal
  • Fiberglass Step-in Post with Iron Plate
  • Fiberglass Step-in Post with Double Pedals
  • Big Foot Fiberglass Step-in Post

At Elife, we offer the perfect solution for all your plastic step in post that meet all electric fence needs.

Contact Elife for all your electric fence designs and accessories.

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