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  • solar powered fence charger sample provided
  • 2-3 years warranty
  • 5W to 300W available

Your Leading Solar Powered Fence Charger Supplier

Since 2002, Elife became a leading provider of solar-powered fence chargers worldwide.

To fulfill your needs, we offer solar-powered fence chargers available in 5W, 10W,15W,20W,30W,40W,50W up to 300W for your choice.

You can put trust in Elife since we have a good business partnership with many local and international sales.

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Elife can Skyrocket Your Solar Powered Fence Charger Business

Solar Powered Fence Charger house injection
PCB checking of Solar Powered Fence Charger
PCB soldering for Solar Powered Fence Charger

Why Elife can be your trustable Solar Powered Fence Charger supplier in china?

3 Top-rated electric fence charger available

Including mains, battery and solar-powered electric fence charger

Strictly selected Materials

Strictly selecting the key parts of an electric fence charger according to EU customers’ quality standard

Quality control strategy

Over 4 times inspection from outsourcing materials to the finished electric fence charger

Flexible MOQ

Flexible MOQ requirements for your trial order of electric fence charger

Can label your brand

Allow you to label your brand and log on electric fence charger gift boxes

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Frequently Asked Question

What is your Solar Powered Fence Charger warranty?

At least 2-3 year

Can you provide Solar Powered Fence Charger sample for testing?

Yes, we can provide you one pcs Solar Powered Fence Charger sample, but you need to pay for it.

What is your payment term of Solar Powered Fence Charger order?

T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment

Do you supply batteries for Solar Powered Fence Charger?

Yes, We have 6V and 12V battery for Solar Powered Fence Charger

Do you provide solar panels for electric fence charger?

Yes, we have solar panel for electric fence charger, including 5W,10W,15W,20W,30W,40W,50W up to 300W for your choice.

Solar Powered Fence Charger

Looking for the best solar-powered fence charger for your business? Elife has the right solution for you. Elife is almost  20 years of manufacturing solar-powered fence chargers and a leading provider in the world.

Elife solar-powered energizers bring advantages of portability over AC units. These kinds of fence chargers are great for containing animals in remote locations. The good thing is, our solar-powered fence charger has less maintenance than a regular DC.

Solar-Powered Fence Charger China

With various choices in output power, we can offer reliable solar energizers ranging from 0 to 400 acres in size for your properties. Elife solar-powered fence charger is the best choice when you want to save on electricity costs. Unlike electric fences, with solar-powered fence chargers, you can just use them forever and buy them once while saving your money.

If you purchase a solar-powered fence charger from us, you will never get disappointed with our product. Because our solar-powered fence charger is quick and easy to install. It provides solid protection for larger ranches. You can use our solar-powered fence charger for two weeks without sunlight exposure

And also, you can mount a solar-powered fence charger on any surface. Yes, our reliable solar-powered fence charger has countless features that will bring countless advantages to your applications.

Solar-powered fence charger supplier

For any particular applications, Elife offers 5W,10W,15W,20W,30W,40W,50W up to 300W for your choice. We utilize UV-resistant and heavy-duty plastic material to produce the fence charger housing for exceptional weather resistance. Elife solar-powered fence chargers can withstand high voltage because of their fiberglass PCBs.

Elife solar-powered fence charger is perfect for various types of livestock controller such as fences of cattle, poultry, sheep, opossums, dogs, and many others.

Elife solar-powered fence charger is also the best fit for the forest, plant protection, and garden. It also designed to prevent the animals from destroying the vegetable garden and fruity garden.

High-Quality Solar-Powered Fence Charger

Elife is almost 20 years in the industry. We have been working hard just to provide you with the best home security with various features. Until now, our products and solutions are consistently popular in the market in different countries.

You can put trust in Elife as your best supplier of solar-powered fence chargers because we have been in this industry since 2002. Over our years of experience in working hard with our customers and foreign trade experience, we have been earning the customer’s trust.

Contact us now! We have an excellent quality system and professional support teams that guarantee you smooth project management.

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