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Solar Charge Controller Supplier in China!

  • High quality and fire-resistant housing
  • Battery overcharge & discharge protection
  • Great for solar electric fence batteries

Your Leading Solar Charge Controller Supplier in China

Elife is your leading solar charge controller supplier in China.

Elife solar charge controller has more protection function, including battery reverse polarity protection, battery overcharge protection, battery over-discharge protection, and 100% short circuit protection. So the Elife solar charge controller can greatly enhance your electric fence solar battery lifespan.

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Elife Can Skyrocket Your Solar Charge Controller Business!

PCB checking

Our workers do electric testing in PCB board of solar charge controller.

Roberts PCB Soldering

We use robots to solder PCB board of solar charge controller.

Top brand injection machine

We have top brand injection machines to manufacture plastic house of solar charge controllers.

Why Can Elife Be Your Premium Solar Charge Controller Supplier?

A whole manufacturing process in one plant

We have solar charge controller manufacturing in one plant, including plastic injection, electric components testing, SMT processing, Robot soldering.

100% short circuit protection

Elife solar charge controller has 3 key inspections before shipment.

Strictly inspection before shipment

Elife always conduct at least 3 times inspection before shipment, including, IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (Input process quality control), and OQC (Outgoing quality control).

OEM/ODM service available

We can do the OEM/ODM for your solar charge controller project as your needs.

Free samples available

We allow you to request 1xpcs solar charge controller for quality testing.

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Frequently Asked Question

What kind of materials do you use for PCB for solar charge controller?

We use a qualified fiberglass PCB board for the solar charge controller.

What is your payment term of solar charge controller?

T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment

What is fire resistant level of solar charge controller?

Grade V1.

What is your MOQ for solar charge controller?

200 pcs

Where have you sold solar charge controller?

We sold electric fence testers in USA, EU countries, Japan, Argentina and more.

Solar Charge Controller

Elife can provide you with different types of solar charge controllers as per your requirements.

Our solar charger controller is great for all lead-acid batteries and GEL batteries.

And Elife can also customize solar charge controller as per your special needs.

Elife solar charge controller is made of high-quality materials, and including UV resistant plastic house, heavy-duty fiberglass made PCB board, high-grade chip, an alloy made back cover and bronze made wire connectors.

This ensures that our solar charge controller can have the best working performance and longer lifespan, compared to the traditional and common solar charge controllers made by other companies.

Elife has a whole manufacturing process of solar charge controller in one plant, including plastic injection, electric components testing, SMT processing, Robot soldering, ready PCB board testing, assembling and final packing.

So, every solar charge controller order will be produced according to strict manufacturing rules and operation guides.

Through this, Elife ensures super quality and fast delivery time for your solar charge controller order.

So, you can trust us as a leading solar charge controller supplier in China.

Elife believes the quality solar charge controller will skyrocket your solar charge controller business forever. And so, we conduct at least 3 key inspections for each solar charge controller order before shipment.

For the outsourcing materials, we will do the “incoming quality control” (IQC) and for the inline production of solar charge controller, we will apply “input process quality control” (IPQC) and for the ready to ship solar charge controller, we will conduct “outgoing quality control”(OQC).

This way, Elife ensures manufacturers get high-quality solar charge controllers.

Elife manufactures a solar charge controller is mostly a current or voltage regulator to keep the batteries from overcharging. It can control the current and voltage coming from the solar panel through the batteries.

It is important to have this solar charge controller because, without it or no regulation, it can cause damage to the battery from overcharging.

That is why, Elife fabricated this important tool to protect your electric fence solar battery, provide load control functions and helps extend useful battery life.

Since 2002, Elife becomes a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality solar charge controller in China. We are dedicated to providing the right electric fence solution which is cost-effective and user-friendly to our clients.

Apart from it, Elife has a well-balanced record of growth and development through the contentment of every client base.

Through more than 15 years in the industry, Elife has been working hard to supply our customers the best solar charge controller with various features.

Nowadays, our solar charge controller and solution are constantly popular in the Chinese market and as well as in foreign countries. In addition to this, through our electric fence system, it serves millions of people around the world.

In our factory, Elife has an integrated and completely comprehensive research & development, production, and procurement company.

Through years of experience in manufacturing solar charge controller in China, foreign trade and doing a great job with our clients,

Elife company has been earning the customer’s trust. Also, it helps us to exceed the expectation of our valued customers. So, you can trust Elife as well to become your long-term business partner.

Furthermore, our range of solar charge controller is compliance to quality international standards. Our offered products are highly demanded and appreciated in numerous markets around the world for its best performance, durability, and usability.

If you are looking for an elegant and functional solar charge controller for your home, to secure your property and for your business, Elife is the right place to source.

Besides solar charge controller for solar electric fence syste, Elife also offer you a full range of electric fence supplies, like Electric fence insulators, chargers, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fence Posts, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit and more.

Our skillful engineers and designers are familiar and well trained with the right application when it comes to fence construction. Also, our friendly and professional staff will provide you the advice you need.

At Elife, we are accommodated with technical and practical expertise to finish the job to the highest standard. Elife’s quality system and support team ensures you smooth project management. In China, Elife is one of the biggest suppliers of solar charge controller since 2002.

We deal with a durable and dependable product for your pet and livestock fencing needs. In fact, ELife becomes a leader in solar charge controller providing for homes, ranches, and farms. In fact, Elife company has co-operated with most clients all over the world.

Reach out with Elife now for more details about our solar charge controller and other product purchase. Our friendly staff and sales team is 24/7 available for a swift response.

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