Leading Snail Electric Fence Supplier in China

  • More than 15 years of Manufacturing Experience
  • Professional Team to Take Care of Your Snail Electric Fence
  • 15-25 Working Days Delivery Time

Elife - Your Premier Snail Electric Fence Supplier in China

Elife offer one-stop solution for your snail electric fence purchase; conduct at least 4x quality inspection before ship goods.

Rich expertise to manufacture snail electric fence according to your own design. Can OEM and/or ODM snail electric fence supplies with your logo.

Free samples of your snail electric fence is provided.

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Your Professional Snail Electric Fence Supplier

Snail Electric Fence Manufacturing

We always have the QC staff for the snail electric fence production line.

Snail Electric Fence Manufacturing

Elife Production manager has more than 10 years in manufacturing snail electric fence.

Snail Electric Fence Manufacturing

Each month, we will have training lessons for the manufacturing of snail electric fences.

Why Can Elife Be Your Premier Snail Electric Fence Partner?

Select UV stable HDPE

Elife selects UV-treated HDPE filaments for your snail electric fence.

Super Quality # 304 stainless steel conductors

Your snail electric fence is made of high-quality stainless steel conductors.

More than 15 years of history

Elife supply and export snail electric fence since 2002.

Strictly inspection measurements

From raw materials purchase to final snail electric fence, Elife always does at least 4 times inspections before shipment.

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Frequently Asked Question

Do you apply UV for snail electric fence?

Yes, we always apply UV for snail electric fences. So that we can ensure our snail electric fence always has great durability and weather resistance too.

Can I what is your MOQ for snail electric fence?

We can accept MOQ 200 pcs for the first order at our standard snail electric fence.

Can we have a one snail electric fence sample for testing?

Yes, sure. But all snail electric fence samples need to be paid.

Snail Electric Fence

Whether you are looking for a perfect fencing solution for business or personal needs, Elife is your premier snail electric fence manufacturer in China.

We offer one-stop snail electric fence supplies for your fencing needs.

snail electric fence

Elife snail electric fence is made of #304 stainless steel. We use the highest-grade material to manufacture products.

Over 15-years of experience, you are in the right place for your animal’s security needs. We are trusted by 5 top-quality brands in the industry.

We offer a huge range of snail electric fence supplies. Variety of sizes, style, and other designs.

All snail electric fences are manufactured to meet CE and GS standards.

The fence quality rigorously checks during production. It is checked 4 times before shipping. Expert team of staff conducts the inspections of your goods.

Snail electric fence does tensile test, resistance test, and anti-aging test. We have our own company standards to test each fence.

snail electric fence2

However, we do accept 3rd party inspection, if you have a special quality or testing requirements, we will conduct it for you.

Elife can offer you the best-quality snail electric fence supplies. There is over 300 snails electric fence model reference for you to check.

If you are starting up your project or needed most for your business need, you can rely on Elife. With industry expertise and strong workmanship, we can deliver top-quality products for you.

Meanwhile, we can offer OEM/ ODM snail electric fence for your brand.

Elife can customize snail electric fences based on your layout. We offer free samples available for you.

Our expert engineers will develop a unique innovative snail electric fence. At Elife, we are dedicated to providing stable fencing products, solutions, and professional services for you.

snail electric fence 3

We’ve been exporting snail electric fence supplies to more than 128 clients from different countries and regions. Up to date, we are present in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Elife is an ISO9001 company. You can then guarantee quality snail electric fence supplies; can win your big project.

After you confirm your order details, we can deliver your product within 15-25 working days. You can count on timely delivery and quality products. Our expert team will take care of your order – from start to finish.

We are a reliable snail electric fence supplier for your business and project need. Regardless of situations, residential, commercial, or residential, you can guarantee Elife products.

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