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  • More than 15 years in providing retractable electric fence reel
  • Providing outstanding and excellent services
  • Use the first-class kind of materials

Your Leading Retractable Electric Fence Reel Supplier in China.

Elife is a professional and well-experienced manufacturer of retractable electric fence reels in China. We have earned more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

Here at Elife, we supply a wide variety of retractable electric fence reels which are useful for different types of applications.

We carefully manufactured our retractable electric fence reels that also meet international quality standards.

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Your Skilled Retractable Electric Fence Reel Supplier in China

Strictly Quality Control

Elife strictly checks every step when producing your retractable electric fence reel orders.

High Tech Weaving Machine

Elife is fully capable to custom your retractable electric fence reel orders for your satisfaction.

High Daily Production

Elife is always ready for your big orders of retractable electric fence reel for start-up businesses or personal applications.

Why Elife Is Your Top Retractable Electric Fence Reel Supplier?

More Than 15 Years of Trusted Experience

Elife has been providing high-quality Retractable Electric Fence Reel to thousands of customers since 2002.

Top-Quality #304 S.S

Elife always has durable #304 S.S for manufacturing Retractable Electric Fence Reel.

Expert and Dedicated Team Members of An Average 40 Years of Age

Our professional engineers are working with Elife for at least 15 years to produce super-quality Retractable Electric Fence Reel.

Get Free Test Sample

Elife provides free test sample of Retractable Electric Fence Reel to check quality and performance before placing formal order.

Customized Retractable Electric Fence Reel as Per Specifications

Elife provides customized Retractable Electric Fence Reel according to your requirements about conductors, color, spool length, and many other specifications.

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Frequently Asked Question

What types of conductors of retractable electric fence reelsare available?

The conductors of retractable electric fence reels are made from different materials including stainless steel wire, copper wire mixed with stainless steelwire, and alloy wire.

Is it possible to achieve a lower resistance of retractable electric fence reels?

Yes, it is possible to achieve a lower resistance of retractable electric fence reels. Elife engineers add more strands of conductors with plastic filaments of retractable electric fence reels.

What type of quality tests are performed on retractable electric fence reels to ensure performance?

Elife performs electric resistance test, tensile strength test, and anti-aging test to test the material, performance, and durability of retractable electric fence reels.

What is the best sold retractable electric fence reels of Elife?

The top-rated retractable electric fence reels of Elife have characteristics of 6 mm diameter and 6 strands of 0.15 mm stainless steel. Our loyal customers prefer to manufacture it with white color and 200 m spool length. However, you can provide specific dimensions to get your customized retractable electric fence reels.

Are retractable electric fence reels UV stable?

Yes, retractable electric fence reels are UV stable. Elife chooses premium-quality and UV-resistant PE fibers to manufacture durable reels. The UV stable reels have a longer shelf-life as compared with standard reels manufactured by competitors in the market.

Retractable Electric Fence Reel

If you`re looking for a reliable manufacturer for your retractable electric fence reel, Elife is your first choice. For more than 15 years, we are engaged in manufacturing retractable electric fence reels for your business or projects.

Throughout our years in the industry, we have obtained enough skills and knowledge to attain your trust.

With Elife`s collection of retractable electric fence reels, it can easily produce a passage in the fencing. One of its major benefits is that you will never get anxious by wires swinging on the ground.

Retractable Electric Fence Reel

At Elife, you can find different models of retractable electric fence reel at a competitive price. This is easy to install, featuring a comfortable gate handle and a mounting bracket. The following are additional features of retractable electric fence reel:

  • Easy and quickly produce a walkway in your fence
  • Simple to use and install
  • The reel rolls and unrolls up to 18.5 meters
  • Lightweight, compact fencing reel
  • Comes with a splash waterproof casing to ensure weatherproof
  • Also with TurboLine 40mm for satisfying conductivity
  • Support bracket is multidimensional for the elastic mounting

Retractable Electric Fence Reel

We can guarantee we have the quality of retractable electric fence reel that your own customers may search for. These are useful for fencing applications and to skyrocket your business at the same time.

Actually, the reel can be manufacture in custom designs. In this process, we produce your retractable electric fence reel based on your given specifications and samples.

In fact, to really get your satisfaction, we are producing over 300 model recommendations for retractable electric fence reels. Our top mission is to supply efficient solutions for both overseas and local clients.

We have served and export our products, including our retractable electric fence reel to over 20 different countries.

Retractable Electric Fence Reel

As ISO, GS, and CE-certified company, Elife can also offer OEM and ODM services for you. We can even print your logo for effective business promotion.

However, to make sure you get a high-quality retractable electric fence reel, we conduct 4 times quality inspection and strict quality control. Your satisfaction is the life of our company.

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