Your Electric Fence Checker Supplier?

  • Robert soldering technology for electric fence checker manufacturing
  • Use heavy-duty and UV resistant plastics
  • Waterproof& anti-dust level at IPX-2

Elife is Your Premier Electric Fence Checker Supplier in China!

Elife is the leading as well as your ideal manufacturer of electric fence checkers in China. For more than 15 years in the industry, we have partnered with more than 120 customers all over the world. And as Elife continues to become a shining star in the business, the top 5 valuable brands continuously choose Elife. We value your business progression as we continuously work on our high quality checkers.

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Your Leading Electric Fence Checker Supplier in China!

Electric Fence Checker Injection Machine
PCB Soldering for Electric Fence Checker
PCB Soldering for Electric Fence Checker

Why Elife Can Be Your Best Electric Fence Checker Supplier in China ?

Use industry level plastics

We use industry level plastics to manufacture electric fence checkers.

3 key inspections before shipment

Elife will conduct at least 3 times inspection including, IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (Input process quality control), and OQC (Outgoing quality control).

Detecting voltage up to 9900V

Elife digital electric fence checker can detect voltage up to 9900V.

OEM/ODM service available

We can do the OEM/ODM for your electric fence checker project as your needs.

Free samples available

We can offer you one light electric fence checker as a free sample.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can i know what is your delivery time of electric fence checker?

As we have no stock electric fence checkers, each order needs to be reproduced in the factory. So our delivery time of each electric fence checker order will be 40-50 working days depending on the order quantity.

Can I label our brand on electric fence checker?

Yes, we can label your brand on each electric fence checker order with your brand authorization.

What is your MOQ for electric fence checker?

You are allowed order digital electric fence checker at 200 pcs and light electric fence checker at 500 pcs per order. But if you need the special requirements for electric fence checker in color, packing or others, the MOQ will be different. Please Elife sales for more details now!

Electric Fence Checker

There are times that you will experience grounding issues or uncertain voltage drops on your electric fences.

In order to combat this and ensure the quality of your fences, an electric fence checker is what you need.

Elife offers different kinds of fence checkers customized to your fencing needs. We have checkers that can be used for simple fence monitoring. Additionally, we also offer complex checkers that aim to check if there are grounding issues with your electric fence.

Elife electric fence checkers will help you identify fencing issues that cannot be visible at a single glance.

Our checkers are made of industry level UV resistant materials that are of excellent quality and standards. We have developed a variety of electric fence checkers that can be customized to your needs.

Before we release each product to the market, it undergoes vigorous R&D, testing, manufacturing, and quality control testing. Rest assured that our products are weather-resistant, fire-resistant, dustproof, waterproof, more durable, and non-conductive compared to other companies.

We value training and development to our people who help us maintain Elife’s top quality products. Our experienced senior tooling engineers develop fencing supplies like fence checkers in-house to ensure efficiency and checker’s life span.

Our team makes sure to have four rounds of QC inspection before we ship and deliver these products to you. If you have the same vision as ours, Elife might be the best electric fence checker manufacturer for you.

Our 24/7 online service assistance might help you walkthrough our products. We also offer a free fence checker sample for you to test it out.

Our electric fence checkers has a built-in power-saving technology which automatically turns off when it’s idle. It also turns off when it does not detect electric pulses from your fences.

This is the perfect electric fence checker for those conscious with their power consumption. As our checkers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, you don’t have to worry about manually turning it on or off.

Elife manufactures various fence checkers such as digital electric fence checker, simple fence checker, light fence checker, and the likes. We make sure that all you need for your fences are with Elife.

These checkers are also designed in accordance with your business needs. The digital fence checker is suitable for your farming and pasture businesses that are equipped with accurate digital readings.

When you purchase Elife digital fence checker, a battery, manual, and accessories are enclosed in a pouch. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a fence checker for day-to-day consumption, the Elife light fence checker might be for you.

We got it all for you. With Elife, we prioritize your safety and convenience. If you want to be assured that you get a topnotch efficient electric fence checker, choose Elife.

Aside from that, we also offer other electric fence products such as electric fence chargers, insulators, gate handles, posts, fence reelspolywire, tapes, solar panel, and more.

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