Your Professional Fence Testers Supplier?

  • Robert soldering technology for fence testers manufacturing
  • Use heavy-duty and UV resistant plastics
  • Waterproof& anti-dust level at IPX-2

Your Premier Fence Tester Supplier in China

Elife is one of the best fence testers supplier in the world. We have decades of experience and expertise in the industry.

Moreover, we cater to more than 20 countries. Likewise, we can manufacture 450,000 fence testers monthly.

Elife also ensures our products undergo three quality inspections before shipment.

Combined with our professional staff, we ensure you only receive the highest quality fence testers.

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Elife is Your Leading Fence Testers Supplier in China!

Digital Fence Tester Sets

Our digital fence testers sets, including leather pouch, instruction manual, digital tester, battery.

Top brand injection machine

Elife has top brand plastic injection machines to manufacture fence testers for you.

Roberts PCB soldering

We own robots to solder PCB of electric fence tester

Why Elife can be your No.1 Fence Testers Supplier in China ?

Use industry level plastics

We use industry level plastics to manufacture fence testers.

3 key inspections before shipment

Elife will conduct at least 3 times inspection including, IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (Input process quality control), and OQC (Outgoing quality control).

Detecting voltage up to 9900V

Elife digital fence tester can detect voltage up to 9900V.

OEM/ODM service available

We can do the OEM/ODM for your fence tester project as your needs.

Free samples available

We allow you to request 1 x pcs light fence tester for quality testing.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is your payment term for fence tester orders?

Elife set up two types of payment terms for fence tester orders. For the samples order, you can pay us by western union or paypal. But for the formal fence tester order, we prefer T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment. Till now, 100% of our customers accept our payment term.

What is fire resistant level of fence tester?

You may do not believe why we use high-quality fire-resistant plastic to manufacture fence tester ? Since we know fence testers will be used for measuring high voltage up to 10,000 V and in order to avoid the flame caused by high voltage, we make our fence tester with a fire-proof level, V0 grade.

Where have you been sold fence tester?

We exported fence testers to the customers from USA, EU countries, Japan, Argentina and more. And some of them are word top brands in the electric fence industry.

Fence Testers

Digital Fence Testers Details

Elife is your leading fence testers supplier in China. We know how important quality fence testers are to your business.

Hence, Elife manufactures fence testers using only the best materials. We use industry-grade long-lasting plastics that can withstand all weathers and temperatures.

This means Elife fence testers are fire-resistant and waterproof. You can also count on our products to be dust-proof.

If you’re conscious about power consumption, Elife has the solution for you.

Elife Portable Fence Tester Collection

Elife is your leading fence testers supplier in China for many reasons. One of them is we equip our fence testers with power-saving technology.

This means Elife fence tester automatically turns off once it doesn’t detect any electric pulse.

This happens after four seconds of idle time. Moreover, our fence testers also turn on by itself when it detects pulses.

With Elife fence testers, you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity. You don’t have to manually turn our products on and off.

Elife Simple Fence Tester

We have three featured electric fence testers. Elife manufactures digital electric fence testers, light fence testers, and simple pocket-sized fence testers.

You can choose which one fits your business best.

Elife is your leading fence testers supplier. Our fence testers get delivered to you in a full package.

The package contains everything you may need. This includes Elife fence tester accessories, a battery, an English manual, and a pouch.

Light Fence Tester Application

Elife makes sure your fence testers can be delivered with its batteries. We want to save you the trouble of looking for batteries. So, we add MSDS report papers.

You can use Elife digital electric fence testers for your farm business.

You will appreciate the convenient one-touch feature we have developed. Elife also believes you will love how accurate the digital readings are.

Meanwhile, Elife electric fence voltage or light fence testers are good for your everyday use in business.

Light Fence Tester Application-2

You will enjoy the bright blinking light in our product. The light indicates the voltage it measures. You will not have to squint to see it.

Elife is your leading fence testers supplier in China. That’s why you will also like how our voltage fence testers need no grounding stakes or cables.

Your convenience and satisfaction is our priority.

There is a main difference between the featured Elife fence testers.

Elife digital fence testers measure 300 to 9900 volts. On the other hand, Elife voltage fence testers measure 600 to 9000 volts.

Elife can also label the fence testers in your brand. Contact us for more information about that. We reply to every inquiry within eight hours.

Simple Fence Tester for Sheep Fence

We also offer a variety of other electric fence supplies.

Elife manufactures electric fence chargers, electric fence insulators, electric fence posts, electric fence gate handles, electric fence reels, electric fence accessories, and solar items for your electric fences.

We value quality products and service in Elife. This is why Elife is your leading fence testers supplier in China.

Elife is also your one-stop shop in China for electric fence supplies. If you want the best materials for your business, choose Elife.

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