Your Electric Fence Stakes Supplier in China

  • Over 15-year experience in manufacturing and supplying electric fence stakes
  • Use top brand and UV resistant plastics materials
  • Can offer you a full range of electric fence stakes models

Your Professional Electric Fence Stakes Supplier in China!

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of electric fence stakes? We are here! Elife is your trusted electric fence stakes supplier in China. Even many can supply these stakes, they might not give you the advantages you deserve. But choosing a quality-committed manufacturer, you’ll get more in the end. Why not ask us a quote right now?

Elife is Your Premier Electric Fence Stakes Supplier in China

3-D tooling drawing

Elife has our own designers to develop plastic tooling for electric fence stakes.

Top brands' plastic injection machine

We have injection machines with dryer hopper for electric fence stakes.

Automatic injection machine

Elife has top brand automatic injection machines to manufacture electric fence stakes.

Why Can Elife Be Your Premier Electric Fence Stakes Supplier in China?

Top brand plastic materials

We only use top brand plastic materials to manufacture step in post.

High class galvanized steel spike

Our electric fence stakes with high class galvanized steel spike can last for a longer time.

Over 4 times inspection

We will have at least 4 times inspection for your electric fence stakes order from outsourcing materials to final products.

The professional tooling development team

Elife has over 30-year experience tooling Shifu(master) and professional tooling structure design team.

Free sample available

We will offer you a free electric fence stake sample for your testing before a formal order.

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Frequently Asked Question

When did you start your electric fence stakes business?

We started the electric fence stakes business in 2002. So we have over 15 years in manufacturing and exporting electric fence stakes and we can help you assure you the reliable and stable quality of all electric fence stakes order.

Where have you exported your electric fence stakes?

Elife has the customers, who ordered electric fence stakes , are from USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and more. Even some world top brands in electric fence industry bought electric fence stakes from Elife. So we can share the knowledge and experience of how we work with these brands. It will be help boom your business too.

What is your MOQ for electric fence stakes?

As you know that electric fence stakes has 100-150cm length and so if we need to manufacture electric fence stakes for you, we have to replace the tooling by the long and heavy electric fence stakes tooling, which will cost much time and workers. So we will have a reasonable MOQ for electric fence stakes at 1000 pcs for each model. Thanks for your mutual understanding!

Electric Fence Stakes Benefits


Make your customers happy! Supply them with safety-tested electric fence stakes.  Elife deliver non-damaging fence stakes for the right amount of shock to livestock and poultry.

Our team manufactures standard fence stakes that animals respect.  We tested electric fence stakes. They are made of PP plastics to set up the electric fence system.

Elife is your leading electric fence stake supplier in China!

Cost-effective and less maintenance

Manufacturers of quality electric fence stakes can give you top-savings. You don’t just get quality and safe fence stakes. We also sell cost-effective and less maintenance stakes.

We use only premium components.

You don’t need to maintain the electric fence stakes often.  In the end, you increase the value of your money.

Our electric fence stakes are not also subjected to physical pressure from animals. Ultimately, they last longer.  They have a longer service life than what competition offers.

You can supply more money saving options for your customers.

Easy installation

If you want happy customers, give them products that promote ease of installation.

Our electric fence stakes are easy to install. With only minimum tools, your customers can install quality fence stakes. Thus, they save effort, time, money, and other resources.

Customizable and high-performance stakes

Elife can also design and customize based on your requirements.   We design for your specific preferences.

We build stakes for the type of animal, size of fence stakes, and design material.

Sourcing your supply from us, deliver only durable stakes to your customers. These fences can last up to four decades.

We use premium materials and design.

ELIFE can ensure flexible electric fence stakes based on your specifications. They include portable, semi-permanent, or permanent applications.

You can offer electric fence stakes for building electric fences to keep predators out and animals in.

A few examples are horses, elephants, cattle, goats, chickens, and horses.

Why Elife for Electric Fence Stakes

We use only top of the line PP plastics.  They are tested for quality, resilience and strength.

Our team also tests all orders before shipping them out to customers worldwide. We perform different tests.

Quality checks also include our standards.   If you need another test, inform us.

Elife ensures your peace of mind in every stage of the manufacturing process to the delivery.

We implement only the highest industry standards to meet or exceed expectations. Elife is your leading electric fence stake supplier in China.

Industry Leader in Electric fence stakes

Elife is your premier electric fence stake supplier in China.  Since 2002, Elife has been the choice for electric fence supplies.

The biggest brands worldwide choose us for quality, reliability and a broad range of selection.

We offer over 300 model references. They include electric fence stakes, fence insulators, and fence gate handle, and more.

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