• Over 15-year in manufacturing and supplying fence insulators
  • Use heavy duty and UV resistant plastic materials
  • Custom any fence insulators as your request

Your Premier Fence Insulators Supplier in China!

Elife is your leading fence insulators supplier in China. That’s because we understand fence insulators can make or break your business.

So, Elife manufactures fence insulators using only the highest grade UV plastics. Most of our fence insulators use heavy-duty polyethylene and other tough plastics. We then add UV-stable materials to ensure firmness under all weather conditions.

Elife can custom any types of fence insulators as you need, please contact our sales team for a quick quote right now!

Elife Maybe Be Your Top 1 Fence Insulators Supplier in China

3-D tooling drawing

Elife has our own tooling design for your fence insulators project.

Top brands' injection machines

We have top brands’ injection equipment for your fence insulators orders.

Injection machine with dryer hopper

We also own injection machine with dryer hopper for fence insulators.

Top Rated Fence Insulators at Elife

We can offer you all kinds of fence insulators, including fence insulators for wooden posts, t post fence insulators, fence gate insulators, fence wire insulators and more.

Why Elife Can Boom Your Fence Insulators Business?

Top 5 world-famous brands’ choice

Top 5 world-famous brands buy fence insulators from Elife

Refuse to use recycle plastics

We only use the top brand and virgin plastics to manufacturing fence insulators

Use UV resistant plastics

Elife always use UV resistant plastic materials for all fence insulators

A strict quality control system

We will have at least 4 times inspection for your order before shipment

Free samples available

Elife can offer you some free fence insulators for your doing field testing before formal purchase order.

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Frequently Asked Question

Do you use UV resistant plastics for manufacturing fence insulators?

Yes, we definitely use UV resistant plastics for manufacturing fence insulators and moreover, we have enough UV powder in the plastics materials so that Elife fence insulators can have a much longer-lasting time, compared with the common fence insulators with less or no UV stable materials.

Can you custom Fence Insulators for us?

Yes,Sure! We can custom any types of fence insulators with different plastics and outlook as your needs. Please just send us drawings or samples, we will be able to develop one new fence insulators from 3D drawing to the final products in 45-65 working days. As we have over 15 experience in OEM/ODM fence insulators for customers.

Where have you exported your fence insulators?

Elife exports Fence  Insulators to USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and more than 20 countries. Due to the durable quality and best services, the top five brands in the world choose Elife fence insulators and label them with their own brands. By this way, our customer’s sales turnover increases up to 35% each year.

Fence Insulators

Elife uses modern plastic injection machines. This ensures your Elife fence insulators will last long. We also have top-notch tooling equipment to design your fence insulators. It’s what makes us stand out.

On top of that, we have a wide range of products. You can choose which fence insulator matches your needs. We offer electric fence insulators for wooden posts. This will fit you if you need fence insulators for your farm business.

We also produce T-post electric insulators, electric fence offset insulators, corner and gate fence insulators, and pigtail insulators. Others are electric fence wire, post, and tape insulators. Screw-in fence insulators are available, too.

The electric line of Elife products promises you great current flow. Most of them are versatile and usable for numerous things. You can also be assured our fence insulators are secure and solid. Elife is your leading fence insulators supplier in China for this reason.

Meanwhile, Elife screw-in fence insulators may be ceramic or plastic. You can choose what suits your business most, or ask us. Elife ceramic screw-in fence insulators are perfect for permanent electric fences. On the other hand, our plastic ones are great for moveable fences.

Likewise, Elife also manufactures customized fence insulators. If your business has special needs, contact us for help.

Send us your ideas or samples, and we’ll forward them to our design team. Elife engineers are highly experienced and efficient about fence insulators. They’ll process and develop your request, and then create 3D and eventually live samples. After that, large-scale manufacturing of your fence insulators will be done once you approve.

All of Elife’s manufactured fence insulators go through the same core processes. A plant manager with a decade of experience supervises the injection stage. Then, quality checks are done and Elife fence insulators are packed.

Elife observes four rounds of quality inspection before shipping the products. That’s how Elife is your leading fence insulators supplier in China. We also export to more than 20 countries and 128 clients.

The delivery time of Elife fence insulators depends on the type of insulators ordered. It could take as short as 15 working days upon order confirmation. However, it can also be as long as 30 working days.

Elife has been in the industry for more than 15 years. We manufacture every electric fence supply that you may need, and fence insulators are one of our best-sellers. The countries we cater to include the USA, Spain, Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil, and Japan.

We also export more than 10 million pieces of electric fence insulators yearly. This is what made Elife the best fence insulator supplier of the world’s top five businesses in our industry. This is also why Elife is your leading fence insulators supplier in China.

If your business needs high-quality fence insulators that can withstand all weather conditions, call us. If you want your business to succeed, choose Elife. We’re professional. We’re efficient. We cater to your business needs.

Contact Elife for a quick quote about your fence insulators now!

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