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  • UV resistant plastics materials
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Your Leading Polywire Reel Supplier in China

Elife is your leading polywire reel supplier in China.

Elife polywire reel is classified into Geared polywire reel, heavy-duty polywire reel, and economic polywire reel. All three polywire reels are top-selling models in the market.

We can custom any new polywire reel as your needs.

Please contact Elife for a quick quote of polywire reel now!

Elife Can Skyrocket Your Polywire Reel Business in China.

Tooling design work

We have our own design team for plastic tooling work of polywire reel.

Top brand injection machine

We have top brand injection machines to manufacture polywire reel for you

Injection machine with auto-loader

We have injection machines with an auto-loader system for polywire reel.

Why Can Elife Be Your Best Polywire Reel Supplier in China?

Top 5 brands choose Elife’s electric fence supplies

Since we started business in 2002, the top 5 brands choose Elife’s electric fence supplies.

Super quality and heavy-duty plastics materials

Elife use super quality and heavy-duty plastics to manufacture polywire reel.

A quality control system according to EU standard

Elife will have 4 times inspection for your order according to EU standard quality control system.

Free sample available

We can offer you a free polywire reel sample for your field testing.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is made of inner gear of polywire reel?

The inner gear parts of a polywire reels are made of Nylon. It can make the gear more wearable and durable,  so that you can use polywire reels to wind up or unwind up polywire or polytape  for much longer time.

Do you sell spare parts of polywire reel?

Yes. Sure! We can sell polywire reels spare parts to the customers, whoever orders our electric fence polywire reels before. If you only want to buy polywire reels spare parts, the order is not acceptable right now.

What is your payment term of polywire reel?

Elife has two types of payment term for polywire reels order. For the sample order, you are requested to pay by western union or paypal. But for the formal polywire reels order, we prefer T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment.

Do you have any customers in our country?

Please let us know your country name. And we will check if we have customers, from your country, ordered polywire reels or not. If yes, we will let you know but we cannot disclose their name to you as we have the NDA agreement with our customers. Once you started an polywire reels business with us, we will also keep the secret business from third parties.

What is your MOQ for polywire reel?

For the first order you are allowed to order 200pcs polywire reels. But when the next order, the MOQ of polywire reels will return to normal at 500pcs.

Polywire Reel

For economic polywire reel, it is made of fully galvanized steel, heavy-duty and UV resistant plastic materials. So, consumers can use it for a longer time and the polywire reel will not break when they’re dropped on the ground.

Compared to  3:1 geared polywire reel, this simple polywire reel cannot beat it with the polywire rolling or unrolling speed.

But the price of economic polywire reel is much competitive in the market.

To help you save on the buying cost, Elife design offers perfect alternatives.

For geared polywire reel, it has an insulated rubber gate handle for easy grip, a red wire guide for easy rolling and unrolling.

And Elife geared polywire reel has 3:1 gearbox for winding your electric fence conductor 3 times faster than the traditional polywire reel. And thanks to the UV resistant reel, our polywire reel will serve you for a longer time.

Elife polywire reel can hold up both electric fence plowire and polytape:

  • 2.3mm electric fence polywire, one polywire reel can hold 1000 meters.
  • 12mm electric fence polytape, one polywire reel can hold 350 meters.
  • 40mm electric fence polytape, one polywire reel l can hold 60 meters.

Elife has a flexible MOQ for polywire reel order.

For the trial order, you are allowed to buy 150-200 pcs in one order, mixing with other electric fence accessories.

If the order quantity is more than 500 pcs, Elife will provide you with free polywire reel label printing service.

And Elife can label your brand on each polywire reel, helping you grow your brand in the market.

Well, if you can accept Elife label on each polywire reel and distribute Elife branded polywire reel in your market, we will have a 2% discount off the total polywire reel order.

And we believe that Elife will be your No.1 polywire reel supplier in China soon.

Elife is a trusted provider of wide range fencing reel for poly wire in China since 2002. We can offer polywire reel which connects to a reel stand for the multiwire fence.

Elife polywire reel is designed for a portable fence. Installing Elife polywire reel can last for a long time. Our polywire reels are durable and easy to use.

Elife polywire reel comes with functional features such as transport lock and heavy-duty gearbox for setting up a simple fence. it is designed for attaching easily to the fence for its large galvanized hook feature.

This polywire reel is the best option for winding the standard length of portable fences. Elife poly wire reel comes has a wire guide for winding tangle-free.

Moreover, the top engineers in Elife have constructed our strong, light in weight, and quality poywire reel for poly wire. Elife polywire reel is designed for use on often move portable fences.

In our factory, we have UV resistant hub polywire reel and durable zinc coated for polywire reel frame. All of our polywire reel we deal are all reversible hub and easy maintaining replaceable hub.

At Elife, we can provide you the best polywire reel which guarantees great advantageous features.

Elife company represents the new polywire reel version for poly wire. We have conducted advanced design and some technical improvements to our polywire reel.

The appealing style and specific attention on the wire quality and this well establish polywire reel products are more unique and functional. Moreover, it is best for long erection on temporary fence.

Furthermore, Elife offers a rust-resistant polywire reel for poly wire. This is made from durable plastic. It has a steel post-tread-in for temporary fencing and strip grazing.

Elife polywire reel can hold various lengths of the wire. Moreover, you can get high-quality fencing reel for poly wire with smooth reel action at a competitive price. Elife polywire reel for poly wire is fabricated for a budget-friendly choice.

Elife manufacturing factory in China constructed a strong and robust polywire reel along with our expert and skilled professional team to ensure its long life.

For that reason, polywire reel products proven to be a popular solution for all-electric fence system needs for farmers around China and foreign customers.

Since 2002, Elife is a professional manufacturer and supplier of polywire reel solution which exported around the world. In Elife, you are rest assured that you are getting the best quality and right solution for your polywire reel.

Moreover, Elife is not only a provider of polywire reel. We can supply more than 500 series of electric fence products such as electric fence insulators, gate handle, standard tape reel, geared  fence reel, fence testers, polywire, tape, rope, solar panel, fence posts, ground rods, wire tightener, fence energizer and so on. this polywire reel we offer will definitely extend the life of the poly wire.

If you have a question or any suggestion about our polywire reel products, just keep in touch with Elife. Our professional sales team is always available for a quick response.

Polywire Reel: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you choose a high-quality polywire reel for your electric fence.

It analyzes every aspect you must consider before investing in a new polywire reel such as types, standards, material, benefits, and quality specifications, amongst others.

Keep reading to be an expert in polywire reel system

What is a Polywire Reel?

Polywire reel is a device that you will use in the process of rolling and unrolling the electric polywire.

How many Types of Polywire Reels are there?

When shopping for an electric fence polywire reel, there are two different types that you can choose from.

The two types of polywire reels that you can choose from include:

  • Economic or Standard Polywire Reel
  • Geared Polywire Reel
  • Heavy Duty Polywire Reel

How Does a Standard Polywire Reel Compare to a Geared Polywire Reel?

Well, before you choose on the type of polywire reel, here is a comparison between the two types.

You should, however, note that geared polywire reel works at a higher speed than the standard polywire reel.

· Simple or Economic Polywire Reel

The economic or simple polywire reel has a constant speed that will go hand in hand with your speed.

Implying that you will control the speed of rotating the polywire reel in a bid to roll or unroll the polywire.

 Simple polywire reel

Simple polywire reel

· Geared Polywire Reel

The geared polywire reel has a gearbox that will control the speed of rolling and unrolling the electric polywire.

Implying that you will set the gear at which you want to roll or unroll the polywire thus determining the speed.

Apart from the differences, there are particular similarities between the standard and geared polywire reels.

Both types of reels use the same material to make the structure or the body of the polywire reel.

 Geared polywire reel

 Geared polywire reel

How Do You Connect More than one Polywire Reel Together?

In an electric fencing system, you may choose to have 3 or more strands of polywire on the electric fence.

You will have to connect the 3 or more polywire reels together to give you an easy time in fencing.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow when connecting three polywire reels together.

Step One: Fixing the Reel Fixing Post

First, you will have to fix the reel fixing post at the beginning of the fencing post.

Ensure that you anchor the reel fixing post adequately to make it strong.

Step Two: Fitting the Polywire Reels

After that, you will proceed to the second step where fit the polywire reels in the reel fixing post.

It involves marking the points where you will place the reel fixing post with adequate spacing between them.

The spacing between the polywire reels will determine the spacing between the poly wires on the fence.

At the marked points, you will place every polywire reel ensuring that they hold firm.

What are the Parts of the Electric Fence Polywire Reel?

Polywire reels work best by incorporating and coordinating all the parts together.

Here are the parts of the electric fence polywire reel.

· Gearbox

In case you are looking for a geared polywire reel, ensure that it has a gearbox.

The gearbox has the components that can either reduce or increase the speed of rolling and unrolling the polywire.

· Insulated Handle

You will use the insulated handle of the electric fence polywire reel to move it from one place to another.

The handle has a rubber insulator that will protect you from the effect of a shock especially in a live connection.

· Wire Guide

The electric fence polywire reel has a wire guide which will control the path of the electric fence polywire.

It will prevent the electric fence polywire from entangling during the rolling and unrolling process.

· Robust Hook

The robust hook will help in controlling the quantity of electric fence polywire that it releases from the reel.

· Locking Ratchet System

This is the lock system that will restrict the movement of the electric fence polywire from leaving the polywire reel.

· Holding Frame

This is the main steel frame that supports the entire structure of the polywire reel and maintains its shape.

· Plastic Casing

The plastic casing acts as the boundary that prevents the polywire from falling apart from the sides of the reel.

Which Materials are Polywire Reel made from?

As a manufacturer, you will use different types of materials to make the polywire reel.

The materials that you will use in making the polywire reel include:

· Heavy Duty Plastic Materials

You will different types of heavy-duty plastic materials that have varying grades to make the polywire reel.

You must ensure that the plastic materials have UV resistance on them to protect the materials from damage.

· Galvanized Steel Materials

You will use galvanized steel to make the frame of the polywire reel.

It must have a high tensile strength that will support the entire structure of the polywire reel.

Apart from that, it must have corrosion-resistant properties that will prevent it from rusting and subsequent damage.

· Rubber Materials

The handle of the polywire reel must have rubber materials that will block the flow of the electric current.

The rubber will act as an insulator that will protect you from the effects of an electric shock.

Which Features Make the Polywire Reels Weather Resistant?

You can leave the polywire reel hanging on the fence for long periods without fear of damage from weather elements.

This is because the materials have weather-resistant properties such as:

· UV Resistance

UV resistant properties will protect the polywire reel plastic materials from damage especially from the effects of the sun.

· Corrosion Resistance

Polywire reels also have corrosion-resistant properties that will protect it from the agents of corrosion such as water and oxygen.

What is the Gear Ratio of the Geared Polywire Reel?

The geared polywire reel has a ration of 3:1 that helps in controlling the speed of rolling and unrolling the polywire.

The gear ratio is an indication that the geared polywire can roll and unroll polywire three times faster in one rotation.

How Much Does the Polywire Reel Cost?

The cost of the geared polywire reel will vary from one type of polywire to another.

For instance, you will note that the standard polywire reel will cost less in comparison to the geared polywire reel.

In general, you can purchase any type of electric polywire reel at a cost ranging between 10 to 100 US Dollars.

Can You Use the Electric Fence Polywire Reel to Hold Up Electric Fence Polytapes?

Absolutely, you can use the electric polywire reel to hold up the electric polywire tape.

You must, however, adjust the size of the polywire guide to a size that can fit the polytape.

Apart from that, you must also note that the polywire reel will hold more polywire than polytape.

This is because the electric polytape is bigger in size than the size of the electric polywire.

What is the standard Length that an Electric Polywire Reel Can Hold?

The length of polywire that an electric fence polywire reel can hold will depend on the size of the polywire.

Here are different sizes of electric polywire and the length that will fit a polywire reel.

  • 1000 meters of 2.3 mm polywire can fit a standard size polywire reel.
  • 350 meters of 12 mm polywire can fit a standard size polywire reel.
  • 60 meters of a 40 mm polywire can fit a standard size polywire reel.

Do You Provide Label Printing Services on the Electric Fence Polywire Reels?

Absolutely, we do provide label printing on the electric fence polywire reels at an extra fee.

You will provide us with the brand name and logo that you desire on the polywire reel and we will deliver.

Why Should You Use the Electric Fence Polywire Reel on the Temporary or Portable Fences?

Well, since you will move the temporary electric fence from one place to another, you must have the polywire reel.

Having the polywire reel on a temporary electric fence makes it easy to roll the fence and allow you to move.

Once you reach your new location, you will unroll the polywire easily using the electric fence polywire reel.

What are the Functional Features that an Electric Fence Polywire Reel Have?

The functional features that you must look at in an electric fence system polywire reel include:

Electric fence polywire reel

 Electric fence polywire reel

· Portability of the Electric Fence Polywire Reel

You should consider having an electric fence polywire reel that you can move with from one place to another.

Most electric fence polywire reels are subject to installation on temporary fences, thus making portability an important factor.

· Ease of Use of the Electric Fence Polywire Reel

It is important to have an electric fence polywire reel that you can easily use without too many technical hitches.

· Durability of the Electric Fence Polywire Reel

You should spend your money on an electric fence portable reel that will serve you for a longer period.

This will eliminate the maintenance expenses that usually arise in case the polywire reel is of low quality.

What Are Some of the Top-Rated Electric Fence Polywire Reels that Elife Offers?

Elife offers quite a number of different types of electric fence polywire reels of excellent and verifiable quality.

Among the best polywire reels that you can purchase from Elife include:

  • Best electric fence reel
  • Geared electric fence reel
  • Heavy-duty electric fence reel
  • Blue Electric Fence Reel
  • Elife Economic Electric Fence Reel
  • Elife Green Electric Fence Reel
  • Elife Green Electric Fence Reel
  • Green Electric Fence Reel
  • Green Geared Electric Fence Reel
  • Green Simple Electric Fence Reel
  • Heavy Duty & Geared Electric Fence Reel
  • Light Blue Electric Fence Reel
  • Pink Electric Fence Reel
  • Purple Electric Fence Reel
  • Purple Simple Electric Fence Reel
  • Red Simple Electric Fence Reel
  • Wire Roller Electric Fence Reel

What is the Significance of the Lock System on the Electric Fence Polywire Reels?

The lock system on the polywire electric fence reel will lock the entire reel.

It will make it impossible for you to wind or unwind the polywire using the polywire reel.

What are the Benefits of Using the Electric Fence Polywire Reel?

There are numerous advantages that come with using the electric fence polywire reel.

Some of the benefits that you will enjoy by using the electric fence polywire reel include:

· High Durability Levels

The electric fence polywire reel has very tough materials that can withstand the adverse effects of the weather.

These properties make the electric fence polywire highly durable in comparison to others.

· Versatility

Electric fence polywire reel is available in different types of designs and colors that you can choose from.

· Easy to Use and Maintain

The electric fence polywire will not give you a hard time to learn the basics of using it.

It is easy to maintain because it has durable materials and you have to do is lubricate the moving parts.

What should you Consider when Buying Polywire Reel?

When purchasing the electric polywire reel, you should consider specific details including:

· Dimensions of the Electric Polywire Reel

You will have to purchase the size of the polywire reel that you feel very comfortable using.

· Type of Materials

In this case, there are specific types of materials that the electric fence polywire real must-have.

The materials must be heavy-duty plastic and galvanize stainless-steel.

· Color of the Polywire Reel

Here, you will purchase the polywire reel that has the color that will interest you and fit your applications.

· Durability of the Polywire Reel

Durability is a great factor to consider as that will determine how long you will use the electric fence polywire reel.

Are there Specific Quality Specifications for Polywire Reels?

Yes, there are specific quality standards or specifications that the polywire reel depends on.

These standards will ensure that you purchase the right type and quality of the electric polywire reel.

The main quality specification of the electric polywire reel are:

  • GS Quality Standards
  • CE Quality Standards
  • RoHS Quality Standards
  • ISO Quality Standards

Do you Supply Colored Electric Fence Polywire Reels?

Yes, we do supply electric fence polywire reels that have different colors.

You will have to let us know about the color of the electric fence polywire that you need.

How Does a Standard Electric Fence Polywire Reel Compare to Multi-purpose Electric Fence Polywire Reels?

Standard electric fence poly wires are quite different from the multi-purpose electric fence polywire.

One of the greatest differences between the two is the fact that the multi-purpose electric fence polywire has a brake.

Apart from that, you can have more than one polywire on the multi-purpose electric fence polywire reel.

On the other hand, the standard electric fence polywire reel does not have a brake that controls the polywire movement.

Depending on the type of polywire reel you need, Elife offers a perfect solution for all your electric fence needs.

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