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  • Offer you all kinds of polytape up to 50mm width
  • UV stable and high conductive polytape for your fence
  • Custom any types of polytape as your needs

Your Premier Polytape Supplier in China

Elife is a premier polytape supplier.

For  the production of polytape for you, Elife always uses UV stable PE filament and high quality 304 stainless steel.

Hence from Elife, your polytape can have a much longer lifecycle and greater conductivity.

Furthermore, stainless steel conductors are also created your polytape rust struggle while you use it for the outside electric fence system.

You can send us an inquiry for a free polytape sample now.

Your Leading Polytape Supplier in China.

Four Professional Polytape Manufacturing Line

Elife applies high-tech machines for your polytape orders.

Strictly Polytape Quality Control

Elife set up a series of quality control measurements for your polytape order each time.

Polytape Orders Packing

Elife worker wraps your polytape rolls with 100m, 150m, 200m, 250m,400m or 500m as your order needs.

Why Can Elife Be Your Best Polytape Supplier in China?

UV radiation stable plastic material

The filaments of polytape are manufactured from UV stable PP plastic material

Ruled out #202 stainless steel wire

Elife has ruled out the use of #202 S.S metal wires and utilize #304 S.S metal wire for the production of polytape conductors

4 times quality control inspection method

Elife performs at least four times quality control monitoring tests before shipment of polytape order

Leading brands select polytapes from Elife

Several leading brands have been purchasing polytape from Elife since 2002.

Order free sample

You can request Elife to send you 5 m length free sample order of  polytape to check quality and performance

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Frequently Asked Question

How much time is required for delivery of polytape order?

The delivery time of sample and formal polytape order is different.

On average, Elife takes 5 to 7 days for fast shipment of sample order after your approval of order. Moreover, if your desired sample is not available on stock, our manufacturers will require more time to complete the order.

Similarly, Elife requires 20 to 30 days for quick shipment of official order of polytape after confirmation received by you. Additionally, purchase of raw material, manufacturing, packing, quality testing, packaging, and delivery is also included in that duration.

How can I get free label printing service for my polytape order?

Elife offers free label printing service for your polytape order. However, our engineers request you to provide label printing design in PDF, ASI, or PDI file once consulting your personal designer.

When final artwork is completed, we send it to you for approval. You have freedom to mark professional color printing option and additional changes. Otherwise, our engineers will use standard printing tools for label printing.

May i know what is your polytape warranty time?

Elife’s polytape has warranty time of 3-5 yrs. Although, you demand longer shelf-life, please inform our engineers with your specifications.

Our R&D, Q&A, and Financial persons double-check the provided dimensions to verify either it is possible or not. If we can increase shelf-life, our engineers will request you to upgrade the manufacturing cost to get high-class polytapes.

Is that possible to order custom polytape for our brand?

Yes, it is possible. Elife has capacity to manufacture customized polyatpes under different options of color, width, strands, conductors, and many other specifications.

Elife ensures the protection of your brand and requests you to provide a verification letter with official stamp and sign. Elife allows its engineers to manufacture customized polytapes after receiving authorization letter by your company.

Can I work as a distributor of Elife’s polytape in my country?

Elife allows you to work as a distributor of its polytapes in your country after checking whether any dealer is working in your country’s market or not.

In case, no dealer is working in your existing market, Elife starts the evaluation process under dealer corporation requirements.

Once our lawyers check your credibility, Elife gives you an authorization letter to work as a dealer in your country with full support of pricing value and sales.

Polytape Supplier

Another name of Elife polytape is an electric fence tape that is used for movable and temporary fence systems. We are a professional polytape supplier working in china for 15 years.

Elife is your leading polytape supplier that gives you a list of different polytape with width up to 50mm. You can see the famous color of the polytape at the Elife market such that white, blue, orange, green, and other.

According to your need such that for short or long distance, we provide you a polytape with a spool of 100m, 200m, 250m, 400m, and 500m too.

Polytape Manufacturing-3

You can use Elife polytape to make a moveable and short-term electric fence for keeping your horse, cattle, sheep, and other livestock.

Furthermore, an electric polytape fence can be disgusting some undesirable animals from your pet enclsoure, pond, pool, or crops. In a few places, you can put polytape in rotational grazing fence also.

The polytape brand of New Zeeland and Europe take much amount but give you lower profit from it. Elife is a type of brand in which you can pay half or one-third cost as you buy from the famous branded polytape with the same quality level.

Moreover, Elife permits you to label your brand on each polytape order, also provides you more opportunity to earn profit and you can raise your brand at the same as well.

Sometimes the superior polytape is needed for your project but you can’t find such polytape in the market. Also, Elife can offer you a custom polytape service.

Polytape manufacturing

You just need to send us your polytape model for checking and examine by our engineer and we can get the new polytape model ready within 7-10 operational days.

You are able to obtain a compete range of electric fence products instead of polytape at Elife brand.

These fence products consist of insulators, posts, gate handles, polywire, polyrope, testers, tape reel, and others. We provide you a fully facilitated platform for purchasing your

If you need an assessment of polytape, please contact us quickly.

Polytape – Your Ultimate FAQ Guide

In the old days, people didn’t have many choices when it came to building their electric fencing. There were standard products such as ceramic insulators, steel wire and wooden posts to build barriers.

Now people have an array of choices including polytape, polywire and various accessories when building an electric fence.

Polytape is a popular choice when it comes to selecting a conductor to build electric fences. So today we’re going to give you a complete guide on polytape. Continue reading to find out more about this innovative conductor.

What is Polytape?

Polytape is flat ribbon-like fencing that’s woven with conductive metal strands. These strands transmit volts of electricity around a perimeter. Furthermore, the strands of polyethylene filament are woven in with the metal to create the ribbon-like polytape.

What are the Differences between Polytape and Polywire?

There are many people who prefer polytape over polywire. So what’s the difference between the two conductors? Polytape conductors are flat and come in various widths. Additionally, polytape is light and flexible. Polywire is thin strands of wire woven together and it’s easy to splice & tighten on fence posts.

Most people prefer to use polytape conductors for electric fences because they’re more aesthetically pleasing.

Figure 1 - Polytape conductor

Figure 1 – Polytape conductor

How do You Use Polytape?

Polytape is easy to work with. All you have to do is select the type of posts you want to use to create your barrier. You can use any type of posts but the best products to use would be step-in posts because they’re quicker to install.

Subsequently, you’ll need clips for your fence posts before you start installing your polytape. Simply put the clips where you want them on your posts and then run your polytape through them to make your fence.

Polytape comes in rolls so you can run the line from one post to the next easily.

After threading your polytape you can then hook up your charger to the fence so there is a voltage running through the barrier.

What is Polytape Made Of?

Polytape is an outdoor product. This means the polytape must be able to withstand any weather conditions. Fortunately, the polytape from Elife is woven with UV stabilized polyethylene filaments.

In between these filaments are high-grade stainless steel strands that conduct electricity.

The stainless steel strands inside the polytape are non-corrosive so they can withstand heavy rainfall and they won’t rust.

Figure 2 - Polytape production

Figure 2 – Polytape Production

How is Polytape Made?

There is an extensive manufacturing process when it comes to making polytape. The stainless steel strands undergo quality checks before manufacturing.

Plastic bean mixture is added to a machine which draws out the wire. This plastic wire becomes the filament for the polytape.

The stainless steel and plastic filament are then woven together to make the polytape in various widths and lengths & made into large 1000m to 2000m rolls. These large rolls are then split into smaller rolls between 200m and 500m.

Elife does quality checks on the polytape before packing and shipping the cartons to customers.

How Does Polytape Work?

There are strands of stainless steel running through the polytape. Some polytape products are woven with four to eight stainless steel strands. These steel strands are conductors that the electric current runs through when the polytape is connected to an energizer.

Once the polytape is powered up, if an animal or person touches the fence it will send an electric pulse to shock them. This will deter people or animals from crossing the barrier.

What are the Benefits of Polytape?

Here are a few benefits of polytape:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to set up, so almost anyone can use it
  • Durable design that ensures you have a long-term investment
  • Made from UV resistant materials to prevent damage when out in the sun for a long time
  • All-weather resistant
  • Easy to splice the tape
  • Polytape has high visibility which makes it a more effective barrier
  • The polytape is flexible so it won’t break when someone or an animal pushes against it

If you want a barrier that’s practical and doesn’t make your landscape look messy then you need polytape. It looks neat and they are more visible than other types of conductors.

What Types of Polytape are Available?

At Elife there are many types of polytape products for you to pick from. If you want high visibility pick polytape that’s white, green, blue or orange. What’s more, the polytape at Elife come in various widths. The top-selling widths are 12mm, 20mm and 40mm.

There are various lengths to select from too. If you have a small to medium premises pick a spool of polytape between 200m and 250m. For larger areas select spools of polytape between 400m and 500m.

Polytape with a thinner width will have less stainless steel conductor strands. Typically, thinner polytape has three stainless steel strands and thicker widths have six or nine conductor threads.

Simply pick the type of polytape you require or ask Elife to custom make your product for you.

Figure 3 - Polytape Type

Figure 3 – Polytape Type

Does the Number of Strands Inside Polytape Impact Effectiveness?

More stainless steel strands inside polytape create more powerful conduction. Polytape with eight strands will offer more conductivity than products with four threads.

Therefore polytape that has more strands will create a greater shock which is ideal when you want to control larger animals on a farm.

You may want to select polytape that has more stainless steel conductor strands if you want to block off a larger area. Longer fences require more power and conductivity to work effectively.

Therefore pick polytape with at least nine conductor strands if you’re making a barrier that’s more than 820ft.

Which Industries Commonly Use Polytape?

The length, width and durability of polytape make it ideal to use for any type of industry. Here are five common industries that can use polytape to make electric fences.

  • Agriculture: To create a barrier around crops simply use polytape. An electric fence made with polytape will keep wild animals and people from getting to the crops.
  • Farms: Polytape, polywire or rope are common conductors used by farmers. This deters livestock from wandering off the premises and from grazing in certain areas.
  • Security: You can use polytape electric fences to block off an area that’s restricted.
  • Domestic: Build a polytape fence around your home for added security. This added security is useful if you live in an area where there are wild animals that roam freely.
  • Construction: There are many hazardous areas on a construction site. Use an electric polytape barrier to stop people from entering certain parts of the construction site.

What are the Best Posts to Use for Polytape?

You can use fibreglass or galvanized steel posts when creating a barrier with polytape. On the other hand, the best posts to use for polytape conductors are step-in posts. These posts are easy to install and you can use clips to attach the polytape to the poles.

What are the Best Insulators to Use for Polytape?

Here are three types of insulators you can use with your polytape:

  • Clip post fence insulators: These clips require no tools or mounting equipment. Simply clip the insulators on your posts and space them out how you want them. Make sure you select clips that are big enough to thread your polytape through.
  • T-post insulators: There are T-post insulators that are specifically designed for polytape and corner installations. T-post insulators come in various sizes and they make tightening polytape easy.
  • Claw electric fence insulators: This type of insulator resembles a claw that holds polytape in place. Claw insulators are ideal for temporary polytape installation.

Figure 4 - Polytape Insulator 

Figure 4 – Polytape insulator

How to Identify Quality Polytape

Before you buy your polytape you must first check the following specs:

  • Breaking load
  • Tensions of strands
  • Reusability
  • UV and non-corrosive properties

Ensure your polytape is durable and can withstand any weather conditions. The polytape color must also be able to withstand UV rays so it won’t fade over time.

How Long Can Polytape Last?

Polytape that comes with an extensive warranty are typically high quality products. Elife offers a 2 to 3-year warranty on all their polytape products.

Is Elife Polytape UV resistant?

As mentioned before polytape is an outdoor product so it must be able to withstand the harsh rays of the sun. This is especially true if you live in hotter climates. Filaments must never melt or tarnish when it comes in direct contact with the sun’s rays.

Fortunately, Elife polytape is made with UV resistant filaments that won’t crack, melt or snap even when exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Figure 5 - UV resistant polytape fence

Figure 5 – UV Resistant Polytape Fence

Does Elife Polytape Have Low Resistance?

At Elife we use high-quality stainless steel #304 strands that offer the lowest resistance for polytape. In other words, the low resistance of the steel provides a higher conductivity in our polytape products.

Can Elife Custom Make Polytape?

The advantage of going through Elife to buy your polytape is that the company can custom make products for you. So whether you need a specific length, color or width simply send your requirements to Elife so they can customize your polytape.

Figure 6 - Custom Made Polytape from Elife

Figure 6 – Custom Made Polytape from Elife

Is Polytape Temporary or Permanent Fencing?

Since polytape is so easy to work with you can use it for permanent or temporary fencing solutions. The insulator clips from Elife makes it easy for you to install or remove polytape whenever you need to.

Is Polytape Affordable?

Polytape is an affordable fencing solution. Depending on the length, width and the number of conductor strands you want you can expect to pay between $42 & $150 per reel. These are affordable prices especially for those who want to put up an electric fence on a budget.

How to Find the Correct Polytape Supplier

A quality polytape supplier will have an array of products for you to pick from. Additionally, they’ll offer speedy deliveries for time-sensitive projects.

Another way to check if a supplier offers quality polytape is if they do regular quality checks during manufacturing and before shipping.

To ensure you select the correct polytape supplier for you, check up on reviews from customers that have used products from the brand.

You want to pick a supplier that listens and assists their customers where they can. In other words, they must have excellent customer care procedures.

Furthermore, the polytape must be affordable and the supplier should offer customized products for your requirements. You can get all of this and more when ordering your polytape through Elife.

How to Import Polytape from China

Many people are still not sure how to import quality polytape from China. If you are unsure take a look at the following process:

  • Select the type of polytape you want off of the store
  • Check the cost of the item or ask the supplier to provide a quote if you’re ordering more than one reel of polytape
  • Ensure the product is permitted in your country before you order it
  • When you receive your quote calculate the landing cost of your polytape to ensure the price is within your budget
  • Check to see if the supplier offers Free Onboard Terms
  • Arrange for the supplier to send you your polytape
  • When the polytape arrives in your country arrange with customs to release your item
  • Make sure you’re available to receive your polytape package

Figure 7 - Import Your Polytape

Figure 7 – Import Your Polytape for Effective Barriers


To find the type of polytape you need simply visit the Elife website. You’ll have a choice of various polytape lengths, widths and colors for your barrier.

Opt for orange polytape for high visibility and products with more stainless steel strands if you want powerful conduction.

We hope you find the polytape you’re looking for on our site but if you don’t we can customize your product. On the other hand, if you have any questions about other Elife products don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to help you with what you need.


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