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Your Premier Polytape Connectors Supplier in China

Elife gained a good reputation in providing the best poly tape connector that ensures outstanding connection to carry any electric fence power loss.

Elife poly tape connectors are guaranteed to provide water-proof, underground, and safe connection in-between ground cables.

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Your Leading Polytape Connectors Supplier in China.

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WhyCan Elife Be Your Best Polytape Connector Supplier in China?

Quality Assurance

Our quality control team members ensure the quality of poly tape connectors by 4-times in-depth inspection before going of orders

Leading Brands trust Elife

Most of the leading brands have been trusting Elife to order poly tape connectors since 2002

Obtain Free Sample For Testing

You can get 5 meters long free poly tape connectors sample to test its quality and performance from Elife.

Flexible MOQ

Flexible MOQ requirements for your trial order of electric fence charger

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Frequently Asked Question

How Much Delivery Time Is Required For On-time Delivery Of Poly Tape Connectors?

There is a difference between the delivery time for sample orders and formal poly tape connector order.

The delivery time for sample order is minimum 5-7 working days after confirmation of order by customers. While the delivery time for a formal order of poly tape connector is 20-30 working days once you have confirmed the order details.

Is It Possible To Get Free Label Printing Service Along With Poly tape Connector Order?

Yes, you can avail of this service. However, it is advice-able to consult your designer to provide artwork files in PDF, AL, or PSD format to our engineers for label printing. The final artwork design is sent to you before formal poly type connectors printing for your approval. To get professional color printing services, please mark changes in the file. Or else, we will use the standard color style for label printing of poly tape connectors.

What Is The Standard Warranty Time Of Poly tape Connector?

The standard warranty time offered by us is at least 3-5 years. In case, you are looking for a longer shelf-life, please inform us. Our R&D, Q&A, and Financial personals will double-check your requirements to analyze either it is workable or not. If it is workable, our team members will advise you to increase the financing to get high-quality poly tape connectors.

Can I Get Customize Poly tape Connector For My Brand?

Yes, you can get a customized poly tape connector available with different conductors, colors, and many other specifications. Elife requires an authorization letter from your brand with your stamp and signature to ensure the protection of your brand.

Is It Possible To Work As A Dealer For Your Polytape Connector?

Yes, you can work as a dealer for our polytape connector. However, we confirm whether we have any dealer in your country market or not? If no dealer is working in your country, we grant permission after a detailed inspection. Our team members will perform evaluation of your company according to dealer cooperation rules and regulations. Once our lawyers complete the process of evaluation of your company, we give you authorization to work as our dealer. We provide full support to our dealers regarding prices and sales in the market.

Polytape Connectors

Sourcing for the right poly tape connector for your business?

Elife knows that finding the best poly tape connector is not always easy.

But this offer may be good news for you.

Elife team offers a dependable and simple solution for poly tape connectors that will surely suit the needs of your customers.

Polyrope to Polyrope Connector

Elife poly tape connector is a solution to connect one strand poly tape to another.

Working in China, Elife is the best poly tape connector manufacturer and supplier that offers quick and easy to connect poly tape.

Our poly tape connectors are best using for horses, temporary fencing, rotational grazing, equine fence kits, etc.

They are highly visible to animals, lightweight, convenient to install and repair, and will not rust.

As a leading poly tape connector manufacturer in China, Elife designed a reliable poly tape connector that is widely used for connecting the poly tape to poly tape on your electric fence.

2-inch Polytape to Polytape Connector

Our Elife poly tape connectors establish a safe electrical connection to your applications.

In China, Elife is a very popular poly tape connector supplier.

More and more clients around the world preferred Elife poly tape connectors for their perfect electrical contact.

Guaranteed by our skillful designers, Elife poly tape connectors provide dependable and resilient mechanical connection, which connects to the end of the tape.

Poly tape connector manufacturer and supplier only provides durable Elife poly tape connector, which securely connects electric fence wire.

Durably constructed, Elife poly tape connectors are manufactured from premium grade raw materials.

Polytape to Energizer Connector

You can have our poly tape connectors with a stainless-steel nut clamp.

If your customers want to build a reliable poly tape fence, then Elife poly tape connectors are the ideal solution.

Our poly tape connectors are robustly made, all guaranteed easy to handle and install.

Elife, a reliable poly tape connector manufacturer for almost 20 years will be your one-stop-shop poly tape connector provider.

Elife poly tape connectors can be galvanized.

This galvanized poly tape connector is best suitable for numerous sizes of the tape.

At Elife, you will see that every Elife poly tape connector can be attached easily with a spanner.

Polyrope to Polyrope Connector

What’s more, our workmanship and assortment of the materials we used to produce poly tape connectors ensure the long-life functioning of the product.

Elife has been a world-leading poly tape connector distributor to different industry businesses worldwide.

Elife gained a good reputation in providing the best poly tape connector that ensures outstanding connection to carry any electric fence power loss.

Elife poly tape connectors are guaranteed to provide water-proof, underground, and safe connection in-between ground cables.

Our team is specifically manufactured a high-quality poly tape connector for any types of cable as well as for easy fitting.

All of our poly tape connectors exceeded international quality standards.

Polytape to Polytape Connector

Our company, Elife, has more than 20 years of involvement and history in manufacturing poly tape connectors and other electric fence wire solutions.

We are a team of devoted staff and engineers, constantly producing an extensive product line of poly tape connectors to ship worldwide.

Elife is your ONE-STOP source for the best poly tape connectors! Don’t forget any of Elife latest products!

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