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Pigtail Posts Supplier in China!

  • UV stable and heavy-duty plastic loop
  • High class galvanized steel spike
  • Can custom any height of pigtail posts

How Can Elife Benefit Your Pigtail Posts Business In the Future?

Elife is a professional pigtail posts supplier in China.

Our pigtail posts are made from UV resistant materials and have a better weather resistance.

We can custom any types of pigtail posts as your needs.

Please contact the Elife sales team for a quick quote right now!

Your Leading Pigtail Posts Supplier in China!

Tooling fabrication work

We will have much refining work for plastic tooling of pigtail posts to ensure a super quality.

Top brand injection machines

Elife have Top brand injection machines to manufacture pigtail posts.

UV stable plastics

We will use heavy-duty and UV stable plastics for pigtail posts.

Why Can Elife Be Your Premium Pigtail Posts Supplier in China?

Over 15 years’ experience

We have more than 15-year experience in exporting pigtail posts.

Use top quality steels and plastics

Elife uses top quality steels and UV stable plastics to manufacture pigtail posts.

24/7 online service

We are promising you a 24/7 online service for your inquiry or questions.

Free sample available

We can provide you a free sample of pigtail posts for your testing quality

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Frequently Asked Question

When did you start your electric fence pigtail posts business?

We started the business in 2002. Till now, Elife has 17 years in electric fence pigtail posts business. Due to the reliable quality and best service, we obtained the customers from more than 20 countries. 5 of them are world top brands in the business. So Elife will be your trustable pigtail posts supplier in china.


Where have you exported your pigtail posts?

We exported pigtail posts to the customers who are from USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil and more. And thanks to our unbeaten quality and service, Elife helps customers grow their pigtail posts business greatly.

What is your payment term of pigtail posts order?

We have two types of payment term. For sample pigtail posts order, we prefer to western union or paypal. And for the formal order, we always accept TT 40% as a deposit and 60% before shipment. For this payment term, all our present customers are happy with them.

Is your pigtail posts made of UV stable plastics.

Well, we have UV stable plastics for the loop of pigtail posts. For the pole, we use galvanized steel. And so Elife pigtail posts are durable for setting up portable electric fence systems.

What is your MOQ for pigtail posts?

You are allowed to have a MOQ 1000 pcs for pigtail posts at the trial order. When you put Elife pigtail posts in the market, it will certainly bring you more sales than before. At that moment, you may be request us double or triple times pigtail posts, compared to the first order quantity.

Pigtail Posts

With step-in design and galvanized steel spike, farmers or ranchers install the pigtail posts into the ground easily –step on the foot, hold the pigtail posts and push it.

Thanks to Elife engineers and designers, the pigtail posts have the UV-stabilized plastic loop, and they have super insulation.

Farmers or ranchers can easily insert polywire, polyrope, or narrow plolytapes going through the insulated plastic loop of pigtail posts.

Elife top-rated pigtail posts have a total length of 100cm and steel spike diameter 6.5mm.

The pigtail posts come in different colors such as white, green, black, orange, or yellow, depending on your choice.

20 or 30 pcs pigtail posts are packed in one export carton. Elife can also customize any export cartons for your pigtail posts order.

Elife can be your reliable pigtail posts supplier in China.

We allow you to have a flexible MOQ for pigtail posts and leads time.

And for one sample pigtail posts, you will only need 5 – 7 working days.

For the mass production of pigtail posts, the lead time is 25-35 working days depending on your order quantity and requirements.

For the payment terms of pigtail posts sample order, Elife accepts T/T, Western Union or Paypal.

Elife can provide several shipping ways for your pigtail posts orders, including by sea, express, and air too.

Elife is your premium pigtail posts supplier in China.

If you are looking for the best and reliable pigtail posts, then consider to source on Elife.

In our factory, we have a wide variety of electric fencing pigtail posts to meet your needs.

Elife pigtail posts that insulated loop on top will make the wire insertion quick and simple.

This kind of post accommodates poly wire, poly tape, steel/aluminum wire, and all poly ropes.

Elife steel pigtail posts are the best ideal for any farming conditions.

Our pigtail posts are designed with UV protected plastic insulation in order to prevent shock.

It has a galvanized body which able to prevent the post from corroding.

Our pigtail posts have a pointed foot which makes installation easy.

This will stand on any tough grounds.

Elife electric fence pigtail posts can be used any type of poly tape or poly wire in accordance with the farming needs.

It featuring footsteps on the side to firmly press the post into the ground.

Elife steel pigtail posts are pointed spike metal posts and plastic pigtail top for holding electric fences.

Our pigtail posts come up with various lengths which makes them perfect for strip grazing horses and cattle.

When putting it into the ground, there is less risk of bending and breaking due to its foot mount designed.

All of our offered pigtail posts products are constructed with UV stabilized plastic and high-class spring steel.

Easy to install and highly adaptable post which can be used in permanent and portable fence.

It is mostly used to hold poly tape, poly rope, and poly wire.

Also used for a temporary fence. In Elife, we can do different size for your pigtail posts as per request.

In China, we are a professional manufacturer of the electric fence system. And so we can also offer you the other electric fence products, like Electric fence chargers, insulators, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fiberglass Posts, Step in Posts, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit. and more.

So you can trust Elfe as your electric fence partner in China.

We can offer you the widest choices of pigtail posts whether you need steel pigtail posts or metal pigtail posts.

We have own brand and most of our products are well known all over the world based on reasonable price and high-quality product.

It will be a great honor to Elife if you become one of our dealers.

Elife also provides OEM/ODM services for pigtail posts and other electric fence supplies.

For that reason, we can follow your requirements for quality and specification.

Our top engineers carefully choose first-grade materials for our pigtail posts.

We follow strict purchasing processes and rules.

We have been over 15 years on experiencing fence post design and quality control according to your requirements.

Moreover, we have a comprehensive resource to construct a rust resistance and long-life pigtail posts.

For more than 15 years, most of the companies and customers, whether small or big, are trusting Elife company as a trusted supplier and manufacturer in China.

If you are sourcing from Elife, we can assure that you are getting the right and the best pigtail posts that you need.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our friendly staff is available 24/7 for a quick response.

Pigtail Posts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about pigtail posts such as types, standard length, cost, uses, advantages, and installation process among other aspects.

Therefore, before choosing pigtail posts for your electric fence, read this guide.

What is a Pigtail Post?

Pigtail post is an electric fencing post that you can use to easily and quickly roll fence lines to new positions.

 Pigtail electric fence post

 Pigtail electric fence post

What is the Importance of Adding Colors on the Pigtail Post?

There are quite a number of reasons why you should consider adding colors to the pigtail post.

Here are the main reasons why we add colors to the pigtail fence.

· Improve Visibility

Adding bright colors on to the pigtail fence will increase the visibility of the pigtail fence.

Bright colors reflect more light thus increasing visibility to the eyes.

It also creates a perfect distinction between the pigtail post and other types of electric appliances on the fence.

· Aesthetic Value

Adding color to the pigtail fence will also improve the aesthetic value of the entire fencing system making it more attractive.

How Many Types of Pigtail Posts are there?

Pigtail posts are available in different designs and lengths that you can choose from.

The top-rated types of pigtail posts that you can purchase include:

  • High class galvanized steel spike of Pigtail Posts
  • UV-stabilized plastic loop of Pigtail Posts
  • Easy Step-In Pigtail Posts
  • Steel Pigtail Posts for Portable Fence
  • Metal Pigtail Posts
  • Electric Fence Pigtail Posts
  • Step-in Pigtail Posts
  • 3 Yellow Pigtail Posts

What is the Standard Length of the Pigtail Post and Steel Spike?

Well, almost all the pigtail posts that we produce are available in 100 cm lengths.

The pigtail posts have steel spike diameters of 6.5mm.

You should, however, note that the sizes of the pigtail posts vary according to the customer’s demand and application.

What are the Features of Pigtail Posts?

Pigtail posts are made of different parts that you must consider before committing to purchase.

The main features of the pigtail post include:

Electric fence pigtail post

Electric fence pigtail post

· Steel Spike of different Diameters

This is the main part of the entire pigtail post that supports the entire structure.

It is the part that will also anchor the pigtail post to the ground after a successful installation process.

· Pigtail of Different Sizes

The pigtail is a feature that will help in changing the position of the polywire, polyrope, and polytape.

It is available in different sizes depending on the size of the electric fence materials you are working on.

· Step-in Hook

You can easily identify the pigtail hook as the protrusion on the lower part of the post.

The hook will help in the successful installation of the electric fence pigtail post.

All the above features have proper corrosion resistance as well as UV resistance.

How much do Pigtail Posts Cost?

The cost of purchasing pigtail posts often varies from one type of pigtail post to another.

The average cost of purchasing the pigtail post will range between 2 and 16 US dollars per post.

What are the Uses of the Pigtail Post?

You can use the pigtail post to perform quite a number of applications on the electric fence.

Here are the main functions of the electric fence pigtail post.

· Providing Support

You will use the pigtail post to provide enough support to the electric fencing materials such as wires, ropes, and tapes.

· Aligning them in Position

It will also align the electric fencing material such as wires tapes and rope in the right position.

This will help in eliminating the possibility of electric fencing material (wires, ropes, and tapes) from hanging out of position.

What are the Advantages of Using the Pigtail Post?

The pigtail posts come with numerous benefits that will keep you at peace and the fence safe.

The main benefits of using the pigtail post include:

· Light in Weight

Pigtail posts are very light in weight making it simpler to move from one place to another.

It also makes it easy to install with the help of the step-in hook.

· High Levels of Durability

Manufacturers use materials that have very high tensile strength and UV and corrosion resistance.

These properties increase the life span of the electric fence pigtail post.

Which Accessories Do You Need Alongside the Electric Fence Pigtail Posts?

In an electric fencing system, there are numerous accessories that you can use alongside electric fence pigtail posts.

The main accessories that you will use include:

What is the Best Material for making the Electric Fence Pigtail Post?

As a manufacturer, you can use different types of materials to make the electric fence pigtail post.

The best materials that you can use in making the electric fence pigtail posts include:

· Galvanized Steel

You can use galvanized steel to make the electric fence pigtail post.

Galvanized steel has high tensile strength and will not break easily.

Apart from that, galvanization of the steel makes it resistant to agents of corrosion.

· UV Stabilized Plastic

You can use UV stabilized plastic materials to make the loop on the electric fence pigtail post.

It is capable of withstanding the adverse effects of the UV rays thus increasing durability.

Which Types of Fencing Wires Can You Use with the Electric Fence Pigtail Posts?

You can use all types of electric fencing wires with the electric fence pigtail posts including:

  • Electric fence polywire
  • Electric fence polyrope
  • Electric fence polytape
  • Electric fence braided wire

Pigtail post

Pigtail post

How can you Control the Quality of Pigtail Posts?

You can control the quality of the electric fence pigtail post by adhering the international quality standards. ‘

The international quality standards that you must adhere to include:

  • ISO certification quality standards
  • CE certification quality standards
  • EU certification quality standards (RoHS Quality Standards)

Apart from that, there is a three-step inspection procedure that the electric fence pigtail post must pass through.

This includes inspecting the process of acquiring the raw materials to use in making the electric fence pigtail post.

Apart from that, you must also confirm that the manufacturing process of the pigtail posts adheres to right specifications.

Finally, you will inspect the quality of the final product before you package and transport to various destinations.

What is the Use of the Sidestep on the Pigtail Posts?

The sidestep on the electric fence pigtail post is an extension that you will step on to anchor the pigtail post.

It will help you to easily push the electric fence pigtail post into the ground thus creating a very strong anchor.

Do You Offer Fiberglass Electric Fence Pigtail Posts?

Absolutely, we offer a fiberglass electric fence pigtail post upon your request.

You must, however, note that the fiberglass electric fence pigtail post will cost you more than the others.

This is because the fiberglass material is highly durable and also a very rare kind of material to find.

Can you customize Pigtail Posts for our Project?

Absolutely, we can customize the pigtail post to suit your project requirements.

All you have to do is provide the requirements that you want on the pigtail and we will deliver.

This includes providing proper dimensions as well as proper design through our customer support system.

How Do You Install an Electric Fence Pigtail Post?

Well, the installation process of the electric fence pigtail post is quite simple.

You can easily install the electric fence pigtail post without hiring an expert by doing the following:

Step One: Identifying the Location

First, you have to get the right point where you would like to install the electric fence pigtail post.

Step Two: Installing the Pigtail Post

After that, you will place the electric fence pigtail post at the location and then use your foot to push.

It will pierce into the ground thus creating a firm foundation and support for the electric fence wires.

Which Precautions should you Observe when Installing Pigtail Posts for Electric Fence?

When installing the electric fence post, you have to be very careful.

First, you have to ensure that the electric fence is off and no power is flowing through the fence.

Apart from that, you must have proper protection such as insulating glo0oves that will protect your hands.

Depending on what you want Elife offers a range of electric fence posts.

Contact us now for high quality and competitive prices on electric fence accessories.

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