Elife Will Be Your
Leading Pigtail Insulators Supplier ?

  • Robust metal core inside
  • Made of high grade and UV stable plastics
  • Meet EU customers’ quality standard

Elife Can Give You Great Support in Your Pigtail Insulators Business!

Elife is your leading pigtail insulators supplier in China.

Elife pigtail insulators, also named offset pigtail insulators, have robust inner metalcore and they are made of high-grade polypropylene. So Elife pigtail insulators are very strong.

We can custom any types of pigtail insulators as your needs.

Please contact us for a quick quote for pigtail insulators now!

Elife Can Boom Your Pigtail Insulators Business!

Injection machine with auto loader

We have injection machines with auto-loader, to manufacture electric fence pigtail insulators.

3-D plastic tooling drawing

We have our own tooling development team to build up plastic tooling for electric fence pigtail insulators.

Top brands' injection machine

We own top brands’ injection machines for electric fence pigtail insulators.

Top Rated Pigtail Insulators

Elife can offer you pigtail insulators in green, white, black color and we can also custom any color of pigtail insulators for you

Why Can Elife Be Your Professional Pigtail Insulators Supplier in China?

High-Class Zinc Coating

We have hight class zinc coating for the metal spike of pigtail insulators.

More choice for color

Allow you to have more choice for the plastic hook color of pigtail insulators.

A strict quality control system

Elife always conduct at least 4 times checkings or inspections for your order before shipment.

Custom service available

We can customize any type of pigtail insulators as your needs.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can we have a sample of pigtail insulators before formal order?

Yes, You can. And we are able to offer you a free sample of pigtail insulators. But you need to pay the freight charge from china to your office. Anyway, if you have the formal pigtail order in the future, we can allow you to deduct the freight charge of samples from the formal order amount.

What is your payment term of pigtail insulators?

Elife has two types of payment terms. One is for sample pigtail orders, we only accept Western Union or Paypal. For the formal order, we prefer to TT 40% as a deposit and 60% before shipment. All our customers now are happy to follow this payment term for each orders.

Can we have our own label on pigtail insulators packing?

Yes, sure! But you need to give us one authorization letter to allow us to use your brands for manufacturing pigtail insulators for you.  And moreover, we will have the MOQ for the label brand pigtail and other electric fence products. Please let us know your needs or contact us to advise which pigtail insulators you want to start with now!

What is your MOQ for pigtail insulators order?

Usually, we can accept 500 -1000 pcs x pigtail insulators as MOQ . But they must be in our standard plastics and packing way. If you need label your brands, we will have a special MOQ for it. As print factory has their MOQ printing for each label or private packing. Please contact us for knowing more about MOQ policy at Elife now.

What is your trade term for pigtail insulators order?

90% of all our customers prefer to have FOB trader term but some like  CIF. So you can decide the trader term of pigtail insulators order according to your needs.


Pigtail Insulators

And Elife pigtail insulators are suitable for electric fence polywire, polyrope, or polytape up to 40mm.

Elife will be your leading pigtail insulators supplier in China.

Elife can provide you with more color choices for the plastic hook of pigtail insulators, including white, orange, green, black, and many other colors.

And the plastic hooks of pigtail insulators are made of high-duty and UV resistant materials.

So,Elife pigtail insulators can last longer, compared to common quality pigtail insulators in the market.

The metal pole of pigtail insulator is coated with class 3 grade zinc for a longer service lifespan, and it will not rust.

Elife engineers collect and consider customers’ ideas and feedback before deciding on the new pigtail insulators structure, outlook, and design.

So, Elife can supply you with top-rated pigtail insulators.

Elife pigtail insulators have 40cm long arm, and they can keep the fence away from the electric fence post so that the animals cannot lean across the electric fence.

It also has inner self-drilling screws so you can screw pigtail insulators directly into the wood post without pre-drilling.

This makes, Elife pigtail insulators very popular in the market. And we believe that Elife will be your premier pigtail insulators manufacturer in China soon.

If you are finding reliable pigtail insulators that match your electric fence wire and fence post styles then consider to source in Elife.

We have various pigtail insulators that are available in our factory. We can provide you all the electric fence you needed most.

Elife pigtail insulators we offer are a popular option for wooden post fences and electrifying non-electric fences.

This pigtail insulators can be used with cord or tape and can be installed by stapling the wooden post and driving a pre-drilled hole. Elife pigtail insulators can hold an electric wire in any existing fence.

At Elife, we have a pigtail insulators for every line such as poly rope, poly tape, and stranded wire. Elife pigtail insulators are best suited for nailing in wooden posts. It can be removed from wooden and you can reused it.

Our pigtail insulators are made with high-tensile galvanized wire and coated with a long-life UV-stabilized polymer plastic. All of our pigtail insulators are very rugged, easy to install and allows to slide freely the wire.

This is designed for keeping a livestock safe away from the new fence and used on an existing fence. Furthermore, Elife pigtail insulators are used to insulate or restore broken tops on many treading posts types.

The electric fence pigtail insulators from ELife comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. We have pigtail insulators that best suited for wooden posts, fiberglass posts and metal posts.

In China, our offered electric fence insulators are popular in the market for its easily installed along with insulator spinner. And they are including T post insulators, offset insulators, corner insulators, gate insulators, screw in insulators, insulators for wire, insulators for tape, post insulators, wooden post insulators and more.

So you can final amost all electric fence insulators at Elife right now.

The Elife pigtail insulators are required to insulate the current fences to stop running down the grounding system and wooden posts.

Moreover, the Elife pigtail insulators allow working well with twine, narrow tape, rope, and wire. It is particularly designed for connecting conductors on wood posts.

In China, Elife is a professional trader and manufacturer who specializes in the development, design and electric fencing products production. In addition to this, Elife has a lot of dependable factories that been working with us for more than 15 years.

In fact, Elife pigtail insulators products are all compliant with international quality standards. Thus, it is widely appreciated in a variety of numerous markets around the world.

Since 2002, Elife becomes one of the leading pigtail insulators supplier and manufacturers and specializes in series of electric fence products such as poly rope, poly wire, poly tape, tester, gate handle, tape reel,charger, insulator, solar power many others.

It can be available in a various specification that is broadly used on garden and agricultural fence.

Moreover, ELife is excellent at quality control, new product development, design, and productions. The raw material used in our pigtail insulators is mostly imported from premier domestic and overseas suppliers.

Our industrial unit is well equipped with production lines and professional machines. Apart from it, we provide OEM/ODM service as you request.

At Elife, we seek for our client’s satisfaction. For more details about our pigtail insulators or other electric fence supplies, kindly email us freely. Our professional sales team is always present for the swift response!

Pigtail Insulators-Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are looking for buying high-quality pigtail insulators for your garden or livestock, you will get all-in-one information in this article. The pigtail insulators are used to hold electric fence wires, polyrope, polytape, and posts with a high-degree of performance.

What Are Pigtail Insulators?

The pigtail insulators are made from premium quality high-tensile galvanized steel and coated with UV resistant plastic material. The insulators are durable, efficient, and robust.

You can screw such insulators directly into wooden poles without pre-drilling. You can use pigtail insulators for polywire, polyrope, and polytape having a diameter up to 40 mm.

The insulators can be installed at livestock sides, garden, and farmland.

The 40 cm long arm of pigtail insulators keeps the electric fence away from electric post in erected position. Hence, animals cannot cross electric fence.

What Is The Purpose Of Pigtail Insulators?

  • The pigtail insulators are used to replace broken tops or insulation of many types of posts.
  • You can use such insulators on the top of the existing  fence system.
  • Pigtail insulators are for holding polywires, polytape, polyropes, and other electric fence wires.
  • You can use pigtail insulators to protect livestock from a new fence or you can install them on the existing fence.

Can I Get Customized Pigtail Insulators At Affordable Price?

Yes, absolutely. You can get customized pigtail insulators at surprisingly affordable rates. You can share your details about size, shape, color, and design to get customized insulators.

The customized pigtail insulators work best with wooden post, fiberglass posts, and metal posts. The professional engineers firstly design a computerized model.

Once you validate the design, the manufacturing starts.  A high-quality UV stable polypropylene material is used to coat the pigtail insulators.

Moreover, the metal pole is coated with class 3 grade zinc that makes insulators corrosion proof. You can any color of your choice to customize the plastic hook of pigtail insulators.

What Are Top Trending Pigtail Insulators?

Many varieties of pigtail insulators are available. You can get any type of insulators that is suitable for your project. However, the selection criteria are based on the specs you are looking for.

The inner self-drilling screws make insulators ready to install. Moreover, you can easily remove insulators from wooden posts to reuse it.

All types of insulators work well with posts, polywires, polytapes, twine, or polyrope. You can broadly use insulators in garden or livestock farms. Some of the top rated insulators are as follow:

  1. Heavy-duty pigtail insulators
  2. Premium quality offset pigtail insulators
  3. Highly efficient pigtail insulators

What Is The Material Of Pigtail Insulators?

The pigtail insulators are made from high-quality material that is durable and efficient. The plastic hooks of insulators are made from UV resistant polypropylene material.

This property makes insulators long-lasting and resistant to environmental changes. Even you can use insulators in an extremely cold or extremely hot environments.

The class 3 grade zinc coating on metal poles is corrosion proof and withstand climatic changes. The high quality pigtail insulators are robust and do not break quickly.

Additionally, the quality of material is monitored through multiple quality tests to ensure working. All these parameters synergistically enhance the shelf-life of pigtail insulators.

How To Install Pigtail Insulators?

You can easily install pigtail insulators in livestock, garden, farmland, or agricultural land. You need a few tools to install insulators.

You can quickly install pigtail insulators by stapling the wooden post. The inner metal screws are readily available to install insulators on wooden posts without pre-drilling.

The correctly installed pigtail insulators firmly hold the electric wire, polytape, polyrope, or posts in any existing fence.

On treading posts, you can install insulators to insulate or restore the broken top. Hence, erectly installed insulators hold conductors on the opposite side of wooden posts. Even you can remove insulators from site of installation for future use.


How To Manufacture Pigtail Insulators?

The pigtail insulators are manufactured under the supervision of professional engineers.

In the first step, the 3-D plastic tooling design software plot the design of pigtail insulators. Usually, an injection machine with autoloader is used for the manufacturing of high-quality insulators.

The injection speed is monitored routinely. Initially, high-quality molten plastic is added into molds.

The injection and camping units ensure the right amount of molten material added. The molted plastic is cooled and hardened into desired shape.

The specs such as metal poles are added along with this. Additionally, multiple quality tests are run to test the quality of pigtail insulators.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pigtail Insulators?

  •        You can easily install insulators on existing electric fence wires.
  •       The metal spikes have high-degree of zinc coating that makes insulators rust-free.
  •       The plastic hooks are made from UV stable plastic material that can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  •        The pigtail insulators require no or less maintenance that makes insulators durable and long-lasting.
  •       The pigtail insulators allow the wires to slide freely.
  •        The pigtail insulators are safe to use and meet international manufacturing standards.

How Long Do Pigtail Insulators Last?

The pigtail insulators are durable and work efficiently up to many years without losing strength. The durability of insulators depends on the manufacturing material.

You need little or less maintenance for pigtail insulators. The high-quality propylene material can bear the changing conditions efficiently. As metal poles are coated with zinc, they are resistant to corrosion.

The zinc galvanizing process acts as a barrier to protect steel poles. This thin layer is also durable for several years.

The premium-quality PP fibers are resistant to degradation or deformation by applying force or heat. You can even check durability by running several quality tests on pigtail insulators.

What Are The Quality Control Parameters To Ensure The Quality Of Pigtail Insulators?

Elife quality team members verify the quality of pigtail insulators before shipment. Usually, you can use three different parameters to determine the quality of pigtail insulators.

Material inspection:

The resilience and durability of pigtail insulators depend upon the material used. You can inspect the material at every stage. The material of high-density polypropylene and zinc coated metal poles is tested to check performance.

Tooling inspection:

The design, characteristic features, and efficiency of pigtail insulators depend on the close monitoring of tooling machines. You can maintain top-quality features by deeply monitoring whole tooling making steps.

Injection operation inspection:

The quality and strength of the plastic are determined by analyzing every stage of an injection operation. All four stages of clamping, injection, cooling, and ejection are monitored deeply to ensure high-quality of pigtail insulators.

What Is The Cost Of Pigtail Insulators?

The cost of pigtail insulators depends on the material and manufacturing cost. However, you can buy high-quality insulators with excellent performance parameters at extremely affordable rates.

Typically, you can purchase insulators within a range of 7 to 36 USD. Additionally, the price of per bag of insulators varies from country to country as shipment charges vary.

Never compromise on the quality of pigtail insulators to get excellent benefits. You should select the right type of insulators from a certified company.

However, the price of customized pigtail insulators depends upon your requirements. You can get additional information by visiting the website.

What Types Of Tests Are Performed To Ensure The Working Of Pigtail Insulators?

You can monitor the quality of pigtail insulators by running four different quality tests. Each test determines the performance and working capacity of insulators.

Anti-aging test:

You can check the long-term working capacity of pigtail insulators by anti-aging test. The results predict the lifetime working of high-quality PP material.

Anti-corrosion test:

You can check the corrosion proof properties of zinc coated metal spikes by this test. This test determines the capacity of metal spikes to resist certain environmental conditions like salt, water, humidity, and temperature.

UV resistance test:

You can monitor the capacity of PP material of pigtail insulators by this test. This test determines the capacity of PP material to resist UV radiations under specific laboratory conditions.

Tensile strength test:

You can check the strain and tensile strength properties of pigtail insulators by this test. This test determines force required to break the high-tensile fibers of plastic.

What Additional Accessories Would You Prefer To Buy Along With Pigtail Insulators?

You can buy many other accessories when you are buying pigtail insulators. All the accessories work synergistically to improve the performance of electric fence system.

You can purchase customized accessories at cost-effective rates. The key accessories of electric fence system include:

For additional information, you can send queries to shoot us a message here.




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