Your Premier Metal T Post Supplier in China!

  • Over 10 years in manufacturing and exporting metal t post
  • Use world top brand materials
  • Best weather resistance

Your Premier Metal T Post Supplier in China!

Elife has a wide array of metal t post to supply your needs.

Arrange your fence circumference by installing Elife metal t post and sprint your fence line connecting them.

Get affordable metal t post now!

Elife is Your Leading Metal T Post Supplier in China.

Metal t post manufacturing

Every metal t posts are ready for cutting into different lengths as per your specifications.


Sharpen points

Here you can see sharpen points for metal t posts.

Metal t post steel frame

For safety delivery, we will use steel frames to load metal t posts.

Why Can Elife Be Your Metal T Post Supplier in China?

Over 2,000,000 pcs sold out each year

We exported over 2,000,000 pcs metal t posts every year.

Use world top brand metal materials

Elife only chooses world top brand materials to ensure super quality metal t posts.

UV treatment for metal t posts

We have UV treatment for every metal t posts to increase products’ weather resistance ability.

Custom any metal t posts

We can custom any types of metal t posts as your request.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is your annual production capacity of metal t post?

Examining our sales history, we found that 5,000,000 x metal t posts were sold. And each month we will ship out 300,000-500,000 pcs.

What is your payment term of metal t posts?

We have two kinds of payment terms for metal t Posts Order. For sample order, we allow you to pay by Western Union or TT. But for the formal fiberglass fence post order, we prefer to TT 40% as a deposit and 60% before shipment.

Can I know your delivery time of metal t posts?

Elife can ensure you the immediate delivery time of metal t posts order at 15-30 working days upon order details confirmed.

Can we have one metal t post sample?

Yes, sure! You can have one or two pieces of metal t posts samples, free of charge. What you need to do is to bear the delivery rate from china to your office.

Metal T Post Suppliers

Looking for the best metal t post suppliers for your business or project? Elife is the best choice!

We have over 18 years in manufacturing metal t post in China. Here at Elife, we assure you that you will find the right solution for your fencing needs.

Elife is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of any kind of electric fence post in China including this metal t post.

Besides metal t post, we can also offer you our high-quality step-in post, pigtail post, fiberglass electric fence post, and more.

Hence, Elife will be your best one-stop-shop of metal t post supplier in China.

Metal t post supplier in China can provide you with three different lengths including 100 centimeters, 120 centimeters, and 150 centimeters.

Galvanized Metal Fence Post

Elife metal t post is made up of high-quality reel steel or Q235.

So, this type of metal t post provides excellent weather resistance and extreme durability.

This Elife metal t post is suitable for both lawn and agricultural and garden fencing.

Thanks to the anchor plate, our metal t post provides greater stability.

Elife, a leading metal t post supplier and manufacturer, provides an oven-baked enamel metal t post for rust resistance below and above the ground.

It is easy for the ranchers or farmers to install Elife metal t post onto the ground since this kind of post has one step.

Elife, a professional metal t post supplier and manufacturers, provides different specifications for metal t post such as length ranging from 3 to 9 inches and weight from 0.925lbs/ft to 1.33lbs/ft.

Metal T Post for Framing

If you are hunting for the best metal t post, Elife is the best answer.

And Elife has a wide array of metal t post to supply your needs.

Arrange your fence circumference by installing Elife metal t post and sprint your fence line connecting them.

There are many advantages and features when installing Elife metal t post.

Our metal t post can be used for assembling perimeters for crowd control, construction zones, and property marking.

Elife metal t post is not just serving as vegetable or plant stakes but also hold decorations too.

Elife metal t post-manufacturer in China ensures to produced metal t post to last a long time.

Actually, metal t post has a lot of uses. Together with our top engineers, metal t post suppliers and manufacturers have designed this kind of post to hold the electric fence line.

Studded Metal T Post

You can use our metal t post for holding poly tape, poly wire, poly rope, or wire.

For over 18 years, individuals and companies, whether small or big, are preferring metal t post supplier and manufacturer from Elife.

Whether you have sheep, cattle, horses, or other livestock, we can always cater to you with superior quality metal t post, guaranteed safe to the things you cared about.

Elife manufactures metal t posts by utilizing modern techniques and the latest manufacturing equipment.

If you need further information about our metal t post, contact us immediately!

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