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High-Tensile Wire Supplier in China!

  • Easier handling during installation
  • Post spacing up to 16.5 feet
  • OEM any high-tensile wire for your brands

Elife Can Skyrocket Your High-Tensile Wire Business

Elife, the professional high-tensile wire manufacturer for 18 years, will provide all kinds of excellent quality high-tensile wire for your needs.

Elife has been striving for 18 years in supplying good quality high-tensile wire and fast customer support.

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Why Can Elife be Your Premier High-Tensile Wire Supplier?

Over 15 years’ experience

Over 15 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying high-tensile wire

Over 4 times inspection

From outsourcing materials to final products, Elife will make over 4 times inspection for your high-tensile wire order.

Quick delivery time

20-30 working days after high-tensile wire order details confirmed

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Frequently Asked Question

What is warranty time for your high-tensile wire?

We can promise you a 3-5 year warranty high-tensile wire since your buying time. As we manufacture high-tensile wire with a higher carbon steel. That is why we have more than 128 customers, who come from over 20 countries.

Can you custom any high-tensile wire?

Yes, sure. Elife is able to custom any type of high-tensile wire with different diameters,  conductors, roll length and more. Please let us know your needs for the strands, diameter, strands, conductor materials, or more.

What is your payment term of high-tensile wire?

Elife has two types of payment terms for high-tensile wire orders. For the samples order, you can pay us by western union or PayPal. But for the formal high-tensile wire order, we prefer T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment. Till now, 100% of our customers accept our payment term.

Can I have a free sample of high-tensile wire?

Yes, we will provide you 5-meter-long high-tensile wire for free. What you need to do is to pay the freight cost from china to your office. So why not contact us for free high-tensile wire samples now?

What is your MOQ for high-tensile fence wire?

If you worked with the factory, you probably know that if you need to keep the stable product quality and there is a must for enough production at the beginning. That is why we need to have a limit for high-tensile wire MOQ.  And here we are promising the high-tensile wire MOQ at 200 rolls (40000 meters).

High-Tensile Wire Manufacturer

Looking for a reliable high-tensile wire for your business or project? In China, Elife is the most popular and the best high-tensile wire manufacturer.

Elife is a reliable high-tensile wire manufacturer and supplier all over the country.

We have the most advanced production line and over 18 years of manufacturing experience.

Elife high-tensile wire is made out of higher carbon steel, approximately 0.28%.

High-Tensile Wire for Highway Fence

There are so many advantages when you rely on Elife, the leading high-tensile wire manufacturer in China.

  • Very low maintenance
  • Longer-life
  • Easily electrified
  • More secure
  • Looks neater
  • Safe for livestock
  • Standard class 3 galvanizing

Due to a fewer post used and smaller diameter wire, this product, Elife high-tensile wire will reduce your overall costs.

You can use Elife high-tensile wire with post spacing up to 16.5 ft.

Since Elife high-tensile wire is stronger, it is very suitable for controlling any type of livestock including hogs, cattle, horses, sheep, deer, goat, and many more.

There’s more! Elife high-tensile wire is lighter weight. It means easier handling when installation.

Elife high-tensile wire remains compact for years. Even there’s a tree falling, our high-tensile wire is designed to spring back to shape once the tree is removed.

PVC Coated High-Tensile Steel Barbed Wire

If you’re looking for the best material for fences, Elife high-tensile wire is the solution.

Elife, the leading high-tensile wire manufacturer in China provides 4mm to 12mm high-tensile wire diameters.

Many industry businesses worldwide had relied on a high-tensile wire manufacturer in China – Elife.

Their unique features and advantages mentioned above make them ideal in many areas like large bridges, tall buildings, overhead roads, storehouses, large span industrial buildings, dams of reservoirs, gymnasiums, atomic reactor, hydropower stations, airports, nuclear power stations, etc.

Elife, the professional high-tensile wire manufacturer for 18 years, will provide all kinds of excellent quality high-tensile wire for your needs.

Galvanized High-Tensile Wire

Elife has been striving for 18 years in supplying good quality high-tensile wire and fast customer support.

We believe that within 18 years of experience in manufacturing high-tensile wire, Elife is capable to be your best partner and assist your boom your brand market.

Elife also customs high-tensile wire that can save your tooling costs.

For more information about Elife high-tensile wire, please ask a quote today. You’ll get an immediate reply within 8 hours.

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