Your Premier
High-Tensile Fence Insulators Supplier In China

  • 25 years in manufacturing high-tensile fence insulator
  • Use heavy duty and UV resistant plastic materials
  • Fully customized high-tensile fence insulators

Your Premier High-Tensile Fence Insulators Supplier in China!

Elife is a one-stop-shop high-tensile fence insulators solution that saves your values.

Elife high-tensile fence insulators are one of our most valuable products in the market.

We manufacture Elife high-tensile fence insulators according to our goals like exceptional condition and customer fulfillment.

Partnership with Elife is the best choice, ever!

Elife Your No.1 High-Tensile Fence Insulators Supplier in China

Tooling design

We have our own tooling design for High-Tensile Fence Insulators

Injection machine

Top brand and modern plastic injection machine for High-Tensile Fence Insulators

Close view of injection machine

Close view of injection equipment for High-Tensile Fence Insulators

Why Elife Can Sky-rocket Your High-Tensile Fence Insulators Business?

Top 5 world-famous brands’ choice

Top 5 world-famous brands buy High-Tensile Fence Insulators from Elife

Refuse to use recycle plastics

We only use the top brand and virgin plastics to manufacturing High-Tensile Fence Insulators

Use UV resistant plastics

Elife always use UV resistant plastic materials for all High-Tensile Fence Insulators

A strict quality control system

We will have at least 4 times inspection for your order before shipment

Free samples available

Elife can offer you some free High-Tensile Fence Insulators for your doing field testing before formal purchase order.

Elife Latest Catalog

Frequently Asked Question

Can you custom High-Tensile Fence Insulators for us?

Yes,Sure! We can custom any types of High-Tensile Fence Insulators with different plastics and outlooks as your needs. Please just send us drawings or samples, we will be able to develop one new High-Tensile Fence Insulators from 3D drawing to the final products in 45-65 working days. As we have over 15 experience in OEM/ODM High-Tensile Fence Insulators for customers.

Where have you exported your High-Tensile Fence Insulators ?

Elife exports High-Tensile Fence Insulators to the USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and more than 20 countries. Due to the durable quality and best services, the top five brands in the world choose Elife High-Tensile Fence Insulators and label them with their own brands. By this way, our customer’s sales turnover increases up to 35% each year.

Do you use UV resistant plastics for manufacturing High-Tensile Fence Insulators?

Yes, we definitely use UV-resistant plastics for manufacturing High-Tensile Fence Insulators, and moreover, we have enough UV powder in the plastics materials so that Elife High-Tensile Fence Insulators can have a much longer-lasting time, compared with the common High-Tensile Fence Insulators with less or no UV stable materials.

Can we become your distributors in our country?

Please let us know where are you from? And we will check if we have distributors in your country or not.  In order to have the market protection,   Elife has strict requirements for distributor candidates. So if you want to be our dealer, you need to present some commercial information to us and our top management will conduct a full evaluation and then decide whether we can authorize the distributor to you or not.

What is your MOQ for High-Tensile Fence Insulators ?

We have different MOQ requirements for customers. If you order existed models of High-Tensile Fence Insulators with standard packing, our MOQ is 3000-5000 pcs according to electric fence insulators models you will choose. If you need to order the existed models with your own label, MOQ will be higher than the standard ones, as the printing factory has the printing quantity requirements.  If for the new electric fence insulators models with new tooling, we need to evaluate the project and then advise you MOQ request soon.

High-Tensile Fence Insulators

Searching for the best high-tensile fence insulators manufacturer and supplier for your project?

Here in Elife, we offer a wide range of high-tensile fence insulators just for you. Elife is the best solution!

Elife is more than 25 years in manufacturing and supplying high-tensile fence insulators in China.

The most well-known material to fabricate a high-tensile fence insulator is glass-filled nylon.

Black Corner Insulator

Here in Elife, you can get a high-tensile fence insulator with the best quality and advantages.

And to satisfy your needs, we do not only manufacture high-tensile fence insulators.

Elife manufactures almost all electric fences for your electric fence system.

We offer electric fence chargers, electric fence conductors, electric fence posts, electric fence reels, electric fence tester, and many more.

Elife maintains thousands of standard high-tensile fence insulator sizes comes in various specifications.

We also manufacture custom high-tensile fence insulators to meet your needs. Just send us your specifications for customized high-tensile fence insulators.

High Strain Insulator

Elife high-tensile fence insulators are designed to maintain the top performance of your electric fence system.

Our high-tensile fence insulators are popular and highly appreciated for their solid and reliable performance.

And also, the high-tensile fence insulator we offer has no metalcore to prevent short-circuiting.

It is more reliable than porcelain versions.

Elife has a complete range of high-tensile fence insulators designed to hold the electric fence high tensile wire, polyrope, polywire, polytape, without losing the strength power through the post.

Elife can supply you with top-quality high-tensile fence insulators that meet your requirements.

Screw-in Insulator

Elife makes certain that the high-tensile fence insulator is prepared correctly and carefully in the right export package or based on your demands.

More than a thousand available options of high-tensile fence insulators in Elife! Guaranteed durable and ergonomic features.

We continue to manufacture efficient high-tensile fence insulators for your business at a lower cost.

We manufacture high-tensile fence insulators precisely and fully customizable for your projects` completion.

Hurry and make a call now for an affordable and top-quality high-tensile fence insulator in Elife!

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