Your Premier Fiberglass Stakes Supplier in China!

  • In fiberglass stakes business more than 15 years
  • Use world top and high-quality fiberglass materials
  • UV treatment fiberglass stakes for any extreme weather

Your Best Fiberglass Stakes Supplier in China!

Elife is an ideal partner when you’re looking for fiberglass stakes suppliers. Thanks to years in the business and the wide range of options Elife offers, leading distributors pick Elife as the global market leader in fiberglass stakes suppliers.

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Elife is Your Leading Fiberglass Stakes Supplier in China.

Fiberglass Stakes Manufacturing- Pultrusion Ready
Fiberglass Stakes Manufacturing-Cutting Process
Fiberglass Stakes Manufacturing-Sharpen Point

Why Should Elife Be Your Reliable Fiberglass Stakes Supplier in China?

Elife Ships Over 2,000,000 Pcs Sold Out Each Year

We export over 2,000,000 pcs of fiberglass stakes annually.

Elife Uses World-Class Brand Fiberglass Raw Materials

Elife only chooses world-class brand fiberglass materials to ensure that you get high-quality as well as long-lasting fiberglass stakes.

Enhanced Extreme Weather Resistance

Elife uses UV treatment for fiberglass stakes to enhance its products’ adverse weather resistance performance.

Manufacturing of Custom Fiberglass Stakes

We can manufacture custom fiberglass stakes for you at your request. Contact us today for more details.

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Frequently Asked Question

What Type Elife’s Fiberglass Stakes Rank Highest?

Elife’s high ranking fiberglass stakes are the  3/8′ fiberglass stakes and 1/2′  fiberglass.

Here’s the best part:

Elife can manufacture custom fiberglass stakes which vary in diameters, dimensions, colors, etc.

Contact us today to place your order. You won’t regret it!

What Is Elife’s Annual Production Capacity Of Fiberglass Stakes?

We have an impeccable sales history.

We’ve sold over 5,000,000 fiberglass stakes. In addition to that, we ship approximately 300,000-500,000 fiberglass stakes monthly.


What Are the Payment Terms for Fiberglass Stakes?

Elife accepts two kinds of payment methods for your Fiberglass stakes orders. You can pay via Western Union or TT for sample orders.

However, for the formal orders, we highly recommend payment be made via TT. You’ll be required to pay 40% of the total cost upfront as a deposit. You’ll then clear the remaining 60% before shipment.


 How Long Does the Delivery of My Order Take?

We’ll deliver your fiberglass stakes within 15 to 30 working days upon confirming your order.

However, this will only be applicable if your fiberglass stakes exist in our product range or their quality level is met.

Can I Order One Fiberglass Stake Sample?

Yes. You can order a single fiberglass stake sample for free.

However, you’ll have to excuse the delivery rate from China to your desired delivery address.

Features and Benefits of Fiberglass Stakes

Fiberglass Stakes for Tomatoes

You benefit when using fiberglass stakes suppliers like Elife. From our company you get fiberglass stakes that are produced with high-grade fiberglass. Elife also uses state of the art technology such as Pultrision technology as well as compression molding.

The result is a strong post that’s still flexible so it won’t easily break. Elife’s posts are extremely lightweight, making them easy to work with and carry where you need them.

White Fiberglass Posts

Elife’s processes result in quality fence posts that will last a long time. The UV treatment is an added feature that gives you peace of mind your posts won’t easily degrade in harsh weather conditions. With Elife as your fiberglass stakes suppliers your posts won’t rot.

One of the reasons why Elife can be seen as one of the best fiberglass stakes suppliers in the world is because of the diverse options you can pick from.

With Elife fiberglass stakes suppliers you can pick from many different colors and there are various types of points to pick from, including plastic, pencil and metal points. Step in posts are popular options and you can decide what type of pedal you prefer.

You have the option of customizing your posts to your needs with Elife Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers. We can cut them the size you want and different diameters are on our product list.

Fiberglass Fence Stakes Application

Fiberglass Stakes Applications

Clients use Elife fiberglass stakes for farming purposes, to protect their gardens or for wildlife conservation. By combining it with the right fencing components, you have a secure barrier and at Elife you can buy all your fencing products from one supplier.

Our product range includes electric fence chargers as well as different conductors like polywire and electric fence tape. You can make fencing easy by investing in an electric fence reel and once you’ve used switches, tensioners and connectors to complete your fence, use one of Elife’s fence voltage testers to make sure it will work effectively.

You can even purchase your warning signs from Elife, making us the most practical of fiberglass stakes suppliers because you find everything in once place.

Fiberglass Stakes Packing

The Benefit of Using Elife as Your Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers

Elife became a trusted company in the fiberglass stakes suppliers industry because we always make sure to deliver on time. We also have an impressive production capacity, manufacturing over 2 million fence posts in a year.

When you use Elife as fiberglass stakes suppliers we want you to have peace of mind about your purchase. That’s why we offer custom options and you can ask for a free sample before you place your order.

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For your own benefit, partner with the best fiberglass stakes suppliers in the world. You’ll have peace of mind about quality, price and delivery. Contact Elife today for a quote.

Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about fiberglass stakes suppliers.

So, if you’re looking for a supplier you can trust read this guide.

What other Accessories do Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers offer?

Fiberglass stakes suppliers offer different types of electric fence accessories other than the fiberglass stakes.

Here is a list of the electric fence accessories that you can purchase from fiberglass stakes suppliers.

Electric fence stakes

Electric fence posts

Yes, fiberglass stakes suppliers offer a warranty for all the products that they supply.

You will receive a warranty as a form of insurance in case a problem arises on the products you receive.

Implying that the fiberglass stakes suppliers offer high quality products that do not exhibit any form of damages.

In case of a damage on the products, you have the insurance to call for repair or replacement of the product.

You must, however, remember that the warranty has a limitation in terms of time and will expire after that period.

How does Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers in China Support OEM Business?

Fiberglass stakes suppliers in China support original equipment manufacturers businesses.

The suppliers outsource the finest raw materials from the original manufacturers.

In so doing, they help in supporting the business of the original equipment manufacturers.

You will also receive high quality products assembled by the fiberglass stakes suppliers.

What Sizes of Fiberglass Stakes do Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers offer?

Most of the fiberglass posts that you will purchase from fiberglass stakes suppliers have a standard length.

The variation, however, comes in terms of diameter which ranges from 3 mm to 32 mm.

The top-rated fiberglass stakes that we supply are of the following sizes:

Different sizes of electric fence post

Different sizes of electric fence post

  • 3/8′ fiberglass fence posts
  • 3/8′(10mm) x4ft (1.22m)
  • 3/8′(10mm) x4.5ft (1.37m)
  • 3/8′(10mm) x5ft (1.52m)
  • 1/2′ fiberglass fence posts
  • 1/2′(12mm) x4ft (1.22m)
  • 1/2′(12mm) x5ft (1.52m)

Apart from the above dimensions, you can also customize your own dimensions for the fiberglass stakes.

We will offer you the best design assistance possible to ensure that you get the best out of your design.

What Color Options can you get from Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers in China?

Well, you can get all the color options for your fiberglass stakes supplier in China.

In other words, we do not have limitations when it comes to the colors for your electric fence fiberglass stakes.

Among the colors that you can choose from are yellow, orange, white, blue, red, violet, black and even white among others.

Why should you Import fiberglass posts from Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers in China?

China is the main hub of manufacturing fiberglass stakes for your electric fence projects.

You should consider importing your fiberglass stakes from China because of the following reasons.

· High Quality Products

Chinese fiberglass stake suppliers or manufacturers outsource high quality raw materials from different suppliers.

In support of OEM business, the fiberglass stakes manufacturers ensure that you get the highest quality of products.

· Affordable Cost

China is the manufacturing hub with high-quality machines and plenty of manufacturers for the fiberglass stakes.

Due to the high quantity of supply, you are sure of getting the best prices for the fiberglass stakes.

Apart from that, you will have flexible terms of payment that will definitely fit your payment requirements.

· Wonderful Customer Service

While shopping in China, you will enjoy the ambiance that is associated with shopping in China.

They have wonderful customer care who will assist and accommodate all your shopping requirements.

· Great Infrastructure

In addition to the above benefits, your shopping experience will also be as smooth as possible owing to good infrastructure.

You can either shop online or make use of the great transport system in the country to visit the suppliers.

· Variety of Products

You will also enjoy the freedom of choosing on any type of fiberglass stakes design that suits your application requirements.

In addition to that, we can customize the fiberglass stakes according to your requirements within a short time.

How do you get Best Prices from Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers?

Fiberglass stakes suppliers often have a particular fixation in terms of their prices but they are flexible.

One of the things that would have a great impact on their pricing is quantity of the purchase.

Most suppliers would be impressed by purchases in bulk and would offer you a good discount.

Apart from that, you should also do a proper background check on different suppliers.

With that kind of information, you will have knowledge on the supplier that offers the best prices.

What Material Grade do Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers use?

Fiberglass stakes suppliers use the highest quality grade to make the electric fence fiberglass stakes.

This type of material has very high tensile strength and will not break easily especially under pressure.

Apart from that, the materials are weather resistant and will not succumb to rainy or sunshine conditions.

It has UV resistance properties that protects it from the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays from the sun.

In addition to that, the fiberglass stakes materials are corrosion resistant and will not rust under any conditions

How do Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers Control Quality?

Fiberglass stakes suppliers control quality by adhering to the international quality standards.

The main international quality standards that fiberglass stakes suppliers adhere to are:

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Standards
  • CE Quality Standards
  • GS Quality Standards

In addition to that, the fiberglass stakes suppliers use very high-quality raw materials from different suppliers.

It will ensure that you get the best or highest quality of electric fence fiberglass stakes.

Do Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers offer Free Samples?

Absolutely, fiberglass stakes suppliers offer free samples for you to test before making an order.

You will, however, carter for the cost of sending the free sample for your inspection.

What Installation Process do Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers Recommend?

Well, the installation process of the fiberglass stakes is one of the simplest processes.

Fiberglass stakes have sharp pointed ends that make it quite easy for you to penetrate the ground.

Apart from that, they have a leg press allowance that you can step on to push the rod inside the ground.

The process begins with proper measurements of the whole area that you would like to fence.

After that, you will determine the space intervals and points of installing the fiberglass stakes.

Finally, you will proceed with the installation by pushing the fiber glass stakes into the ground.

Will Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers help in Shipping?

Yes, fiberglass stakes suppliers will assist you in shipping from China to your destination.

You will get in touch with your supplier and organize for transport as part of the purchasing package.

Depending on your budget, the fiberglass stakes suppliers will organize for transport to your destination.

The responsibility of the shipping can either be between you or the supplier depending on your agreements.

What Quality Standards do Fiberglass Stakes Suppliers Recommend?

Fiberglass stakes

Fiberglass stakes

Fiberglass stakes suppliers adhere to the international quality standards when manufacturing the fiberglass stakes.

Here are the main international quality standards that the fiberglass stakes suppliers adhere to.

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Standards
  • CE Quality Standards
  • GS Quality Standards

Elife offers perfect solution for all your electric fencing needs.

For electric fence accessories or inquiries, contact Elife team now.

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