Your Premier Fiberglass Fence Post Supplier in China!

  • Over 10 years in manufacturing and exporting fiberglass fence post
  • Use world top brand fiberglass materials
  • UV treatment fiberglass fence posts for the best weather resistance

Your Premier Fiberglass Fence Post Supplier in China!

Elife is your premier fiberglass fence posts supplier in china.

Fiberglass fence posts are also called fiberglass fence poles or fiberglass rods. And Elife fiberglass fence posts are made of high-grade fiberglass and manufactured by advanced Pultrision technology and compression molding technology.

We can custom any types of fiberglass fence posts with different diameters, lengths, colors as your needs.

Please contact us for a constant quotation for fiberglass fence posts right now!

You Can Have Top 4 Thick Fiberglass Fence Posts at Elife

Elife can offer you the full range of thickness of fiberglass fence posts to build up your temporary fence system and they are 3/8″,1/2″, 11/16″, and 7/8″.

Yes, we are able to manufacture any thickness for your own fence project at any time.


Fiberglass Fence Post Dia
Fiberglass Fence Post Application

Elife Fiberglass Fence Post Best Used For?

With over 10 years in business, Elife can offer you high quality and UV-resistant fiberglass fence post for you and you can use it for temporary fencing, gardening, agriculture, boundary marking, or livestock & pet containment.

Contact us for your special project or business right now.

Why Elife Fiberglass Fence Post?

15+ Years in Business

Choose China Top 5 Fiberglass materials suppliers like Jushi, Taishan, Chongqing International

Organize and Run the Factory according to ISO9001 Standard

Elife Fiberglass Fence Post Hardness as the steel but only 1/3 of its weight

UV Treatment and offer you a longer weather resistance

Up To 20 Years Warranty

Elife Quality Fiberglass Fence Post

Elife is Your Leading Fiberglass Fence Post Supplier in China.

Fiberglass fence post manufacturing

Fiberglass fence posts are ready for cutting into various lengths as customers’ needs.

Sharpen points

Here you can see sharpen points for fiberglass fence posts.

Fiberglass fence post steel frame

For safety delivery, we will use steel frames to load fiberglass fence posts.

Top Rated Fiberglass Fence Posts

With the metal point, you can easily drive the fiberglass fence post into the hard ground without any extra tools.

As your needs, Elife can be manufacturing your fiberglass fence post with the pencil points or no points.

For some electric fence builder requests, Elife developed the fiberglass fence post with several plastic insulators and you can have a quick fence installation.

In a hot and humid place, you need your fiberglass fence post to last for a longer time. So Elife applies such a special coating for your post order.

Save your cost, you can have the fiberglass fence post with such economy metal clips, fit to dia 10mm,12mm fiberglass rods in the market.

You can have the customized color for fiberglass fence posts at Elife and such as green, yellow, white, orange and more.

USA customers work with Elife to develop this unique fiberglass fence posts with double pedals. You can step on the pedal and drive the posts into the hard ground quickly and easily.

You can screw Fiberglass Fence Posts with Iron plates in the hard ground with simple screw drivers.

You will have this high-quality fiberglass fence post  with 5 removable insulators and no need to buy extra insulators any more.

This Big Foot Fiberglass Step-In Post helps lady farmers to set up the electric fence system easily and quickly.

This step in fiberglass fence posts are well sold in USA market and some customers order 50,000 t0 100,000 pcs in one order.

This is a newly designed fiberglass fence post. You can have the removable insulators as you need.

White Fiberglass Fence Posts are the most famous rods for building up electric fence systems in the market.

Why Can Elife Be Your Fiberglass Fence Post Supplier in China?

Over 2,000,000 pcs sold out each year

We exported over 2,000,000 pcs fiberglass fence posts every year.

Use world top brand fiberglass materials

Elife only chooses world top brand fiberglass materials to ensure super quality fiberglass fence posts.

UV treatment for fiberglass fence posts

We have UV treatment for fiberglass fence posts to increase products’ weather resistance ability.

Custom any fiberglass fence posts

We can custom any types of fiberglass fence posts as your request.

Elife Latest Catalog

Frequently Asked Question

What is your top rated fiberglass fence post?

We have to say that 3/8′ fiberglass electric fence posts and 1/2′  fiberglass electric fence posts are our top selling specifications. By the way, Elife can custom any fiberglass fence posts with different diameters, length, color and more. Please contact us and let us know your needs now.

What is your annual production capacity of fiberglass fence post?

Checking our sales history , we found that 5,000,000 x fiberglass fence posts were sold. And each month we will ship out 300,000-500,000 pcs.

What is your payment term of fiberglass fence posts?

We have two kinds of payment term for Fiberglass fence Posts Order. For sample order, we allow you to pay by Western Union or TT. But for the formal fiberglass fence post order, we prefer to TT 40% as a deposit and 60% before shipment.

Can I know your delivery time of fiberglass fence posts?

Elife can promise you the fast delivery time of fiberglass fence posts order at 15-30 working days upon order details confirmed. But the ordered fiberglass fence posts must be the basis on the existed product range or quality level.

Can we have one fiberglass fence post sample?

Yes, sure! You can have one or two pieces of fiberglass fence posts samples, free of charge. What you need to do is to bear the delivery rate from china to your office.

Fiberglass Fence Posts

Elife fiberglass fence posts have the following top 7 features:

Fiberglass fence posts will not rust or rot

Fiberglass fence posts have super lightweight

Fiberglass fence posts are easy to handle

Fiberglass fence posts are flexible

Fiberglass fence posts are non-conductive

Fiberglass fence posts have sharpened points for easy driving

Fiberglass fence posts are easy to install and remove.

So Elife can be your professional fiberglass fence posts supplier in China.

Elife can also offer you a full range of fiberglass fence posts (diameter ranging from 3mm to 32mm), and our top-rated fiberglass fence posts include:

3/8′ fiberglass fence posts




1/2′ fiberglass fence posts



Elife can also customize any fiberglass fence posts according to your requirements for diameter, length, color, UV treatment, and more.

Elife has professional and advanced production machines for fiberglass fence posts from Japan or Taiwan, and the annual production capacity of fiberglass fence posts is up to 200 T to guarantee fast delivery.

Fiberglass fence posts have thousands of industry application, and hobby uses.

Some of the applications of fiberglass fence posts include plant tree fiberglass nursery stakes, fiberglass tree stakes, fiberglass driveway marker posts, fiberglass snow stakes, and many more. So, Elife should be your No.1 fiberglass fence posts supplier in China.

Elife packs 50 pcs of fiberglass fence posts in a bundle and 8000 pcs in one steel pallet 120*120cm (only for export).

We still have the export carton box and wooden pallet packing for fiberglass fence posts.

But the wooden or steel pallets are the first choice for fiberglass fence posts for 90% of customers.

Using this packing, Elife ensures fiberglass fence posts are safe during the long-time sea delivery from China to your country.

When buying Elife fiberglass fence posts, we strongly propose you buy the double fiberglass fence post clips, made of stainless spring steel or galvanized spring steel. It will skyrocket your fiberglass fence posts business in the future.

These fiberglass fence post clips are designed for fiberglass fence posts, and so they can hold the fiberglass fence posts tightly.

So they cannot slide up and down from fiberglass posts, and this kind of fiberglass fence posts clips can hold the polywire and polyrope in the right position.

To install fiberglass fence posts onto the hard ground, Elife has developed one steel cover for the point of fiberglass fence posts.

The steel cover is made of galvanized steel, 30g weight, and 18mm length.

So if your ground is hard, we strongly propose you buy this type of fiberglass fence posts with metal cover.

Our commitment makes Elife your leading and trustable fiberglass fence posts supplier in China.

If you are hunting for the best fiberglass fence post, then consider Elife manufacturing factory.

Elife is a reliable supplier of variables in fiberglass fence posts. We provide you all fiberglass fence posts you needed most.

We provide it all to cater your needs. Assemble your perimeter by installing Elife fiberglass fence posts.

The top engineers in Elife have ideally constructed this fiberglass fence posts for permanent or temporary fencing and rotational grazing. Our fiberglass fence posts guaranteeing a 10-year warranty against yellowing and splinter.

In China, Elife fiberglass fence posts are highly demanded in the market for its durability, light in weight and easy to use.

Return upright and flex upon impact without weakening post foundation.

Elife fiberglass fence posts are constructed from high strength glass fiber together with a very durable resin.

For that reason, this kind of fiberglass fence posts can transmit strength to the rod and gives outstanding corrosion resistance properties in alkaline environments and harsh chemicals.

Our skillful and knowledgeable team is fabricated Elife fiberglass fence posts with a protective coating. So, it can stop splintering and yellowing of the product.

Elife fiberglass fence post is designed to light in weight. However, it can flex upon impact and is durable.

This fiberglass fence posts remove tracking down shorts and replacing damaged insulators at the fence. All of this will not rust or rot.

Moreover, due to its high visibility rods, our fiberglass fence posts can be used in the winter because it is designed for portable grazing. It can be also used as a line marker.

Elife fiberglass fence posts are fabricated using modern machinery guaranteed by our professionals. It is designed with UV-stabilized in order to resist weathering.

The offered products are praised and highly demanded among our customers for its excellent design, strong construction, and other advantageous features.

Furthermore, we can offer these fiberglass fence posts in various sizes and technical requirements as per request.

From development and production, Elife has been an integrated company to services and sales of electric fencing products.

We stay in cooperation with specialized engineering and key university construction companies. In fact, all products in Elife have achieved an advanced level in the international and been exported worldwide.

At Elife, you can save time, money and no more headaches! Since 2002, we are specializing in manufacturing, marketing and developing fiberglass fence posts products.

In our company, we can also offfer you a full range of electric fencing system supplies, including Electric fence chargers, insulators, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fence Posts, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit and more.

Moreover, Elife has been expanded the worldwide markets and we focus on the domestic market as well.

In China, we are the company that has to focus on quality, integrity and innovating products. We guarantee you that we always provide excellent quality services and products to you.

For the best quality fiberglass fence posts we offer for our clients, our team carefully selects a premier and high-class quality material.

Elife takes advantage of advanced manufacturing equipment and modern machinery to manufacture fiberglass fence posts.

Besides, We can also provide you step in post, pigtail posts and other electric fence posts too.

For more details, contact us now!

Fiberglass Fence Post: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about the fiberglass fence post.

So, before you import fiberglass post for electric fence, read this guide.

What are the Benefits of Fiberglass Fence Post?

Fiberglass fence posts are the best thing that could ever happen to your electric fencing solutions.

Here are some of the reasons or benefits of using the fiberglass fence post for your electric fence.

Fiberglass fence post

 Fiberglass fence post

· Solid-core and Strong Design

Fiberglass fence posts stay attractive and strong with a solid core design that prevents it from breaking easily.

It has a solid fiberglass rod core reinforcement thus giving it great strength in comparison to other fence posts.

· Proven Performance on Durability and Strength

Fiberglass fence posts have amazing superiority and do not break that easy in comparison to other types of fences.

It has very high resilience and resistance to forces that may break it or corrode it thus increasing its durability.

· High Resilience to Prevent Bends

Fiberglass fence posts have the ability to withstand any type of force that you will apply on them.

It will neither break nor bend and often resumes the original standing straight position after bending attempts.

· Long Lasting Built-in Colors

It comes complete with colored resins that permeate the whole post thus providing long-lasting colors.

It has UV protective color resins coupled with innovative encapsulating veils hence preventing UV deterioration.

Apart from that, there are also a wide variety of colors that you can choose for your fiberglass fence.

· Light in Weight

Despite the high tensile strength, fiberglass fence posts are often very light in weight making them very easy to handle.

· Higher Code Standards Adherence

Fiberglass fence posts exceed the recommended quality standards thus providing very high-quality types of fiberglass fences.

Is there any Material that can Replace Fiberglass Fence Post?

Well, there are materials that you can use to replace fiberglass fence posts.

You must, however, be very careful with the type of materials you choose.

This is because the materials do not have the same strength, durability, and resilience performance of fiberglass posts.

Some of the materials that you can use in place of fiberglass include:

· High-quality Carbon Spring Steel

You will use this material in place of or together with fiberglass to ensure high tensile strength of fence posts.

·  Rigid PVC Materials

You can also use the timeless rigid PVC materials to make the fiberglass electric fence.

It has very high tensile strength together with very high resistance to corrosion and electric conductors.

Apart from that, they have high flexibility for absorbing strong impact and bouncing back to original position.

· Steel Post Materials

You can also use steel posts to make your electric fence but you must have proper insulators to prevent shock.

Steel post materials have very high tensile strength and are heavier thus capable of withstanding impact without bending or breaking.

· Wooden Post Materials

Here, you will use thick wooden posts that are stronger and heavier to absorb excess impact on them.

It also has very high insulating properties thus suitable for your electric fence installation.

It is, however, prone to rotting and thus requires you to maintain it well to prevent rotting.

· Vinyl Post Materials

You can also use vinyl material to make the electric posts but you will have to include inserts that will increase the stability.

It also has proper insulation properties thus making it a good option for electric fence installations.

· Concrete Post Materials

Well, concrete is a very strong material with high durability levels that can withstand constant impact.

Apart from that, it is often a permanent installation for permanent electric fences.

What are the Disadvantages of the Fiberglass Fence Post?


Fiberglass electric fence post

 Fiberglass electric fence post

· Availability

Fiberglass fence posts are usually not readily available and you have to make plans to order them in advance.

Not all the fencing material suppliers are up to date with the fiberglass fence posts and others do not market it well.

· Splintering with Age

As time passes by, the fiberglass posts would often splinter due to old age or being beat by numerous environmental factors.

Since it is susceptible to UV light, it might breakdown over time and lose the original strength prompting you to replace them.

But do not worry, usually, the fiberglass fence post will last more than 10 or 15 years if under the right maintenance!

Which Designs of Fiberglass Fence Posts are there?

There are numerous designs of fiberglass fence posts that you can choose from for your fence.

Apart from that, you can also come up with your own fiberglass fence design.

The most common fiberglass post designs are round or square fiberglass electric fence posts.

How do you Choose Fiberglass Fence Post?

Well, when choosing the fiberglass electric fence post, you will look at specific features of the fence.

The main features that you need to pay close attention to include:

· Quality of the Fiberglass Fence Post

You will look at the quality of the fiberglass fence post in terms of how quite a number of factors.

Implying that high-quality fiberglass electric fences have more endurable factors in comparison to low-quality fiberglass electric fence posts.

· Cost of the Fiberglass Fence Post

You will look at the cost of the fiberglass electric fence post in order to give you proper budgeting space.

Apart from that, you should note that high-quality electric fence posts will cost more than low-quality electric fence posts.

· Durability of the Fence Post

Make sure that you go for high-quality electric fence posts that have very high levels of durability.

Purchasing highly durable fiberglass fence posts will also eliminate frequent maintenance and replacement costs.

· Design of the Fiberglass Fence Post

Here, the design of the fiberglass electric fence post will purely depend on the application of the electric fence post.

You can also decide to come up with your own design of the fiberglass electric fence post.

· Dimensions

Here, you will be looking at dimensions of the fiberglass electric fence post in terms of size, shape, weight and volume.

You are in charge of determining the dimensions of the fiberglass electric fence post that you need.

Are there Quality Standards for Fiberglass Fence Post?

Absolutely, there are quality standards that the fiberglass fence post must adhere to.

These quality standards will protect you from exploitation as they will get very high-quality products.

Additionally, it will ensure that you are safe from any danger that may arise from using fiberglass electric fence posts.

The quality standards that you need to look for include ASTM, BOCA, ANSI, and ICC- APSP.

How much do Fiberglass Fence Post Cost?

You will pay varying costs for the fiberglass electric fence posts due to a number of factors.

For instance, high-quality fiberglass fence posts will cost more than the low-quality fiberglass fence posts.

Additionally, the design of the fiberglass electric fence posts will also have an effect on the cost.

What’s more, the more fiberglass fence posts you purchase, the higher the cost.

Generally, the overall cost of fiberglass fence posts ranges between 60 to 120 US dollars or even more.

What is Fiberglass Fence Post used for?

Electric fence post

Electric fence post

You will use the fiberglass electric fence post to provide support to the electric fence cables.

It will provide the holding point for the clippers where you will anchor the electric fence cables.

With that information, you can, therefore, use the fiberglass efence posts in the following applications.

  • Plant Tree Fiberglass Nursery Stakes
  • Fiberglass Tree Stakes
  • Fiberglass Driveway Marker Posts
  • Fiberglass Snow Stakes
  • Agricultural Field Fencing Posts
  • Livestock Yard Fencing Posts

Why should you Import Fiberglass Fence Post from China?

You should import fiberglass fence posts from China as China has numerous companies providing best solutions.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider importing your fiberglass fence posts from China.

· High-Quality Fiberglass Fence Posts

In support to the OEM business, China uses original raw materials straight from the original supplier to make the posts.

You will be sure of getting very high-quality fiberglass electric fence products from China that meet durability requirements.

Apart from that, Chinese manufacturers conduct a triple inspection on the fiberglass fence posts during the production process.

· Competitive Pricing

Well, when it comes to price you are sure of getting average pricing from all the manufacturers that suite the produce.

Due to one factor or another, you will get suppliers that will offer you discounts in terms of personal preferences.

· Proper Logistical Practices

China has some of the best logistics when it comes to doing business making them a shopping destination for fiberglass fence posts.

Additionally, you will find doing business in China very easily and smoothly due to the rules that promote export.

· Wonderful Infrastructure

China also boasts of having very good infrastructure ranging from machinery, transport, communication and hospitality services.

This makes the shopping experience as well as manufacturing very efficient and saves on time as well.

What Determines the Number of Fiberglass Posts for Electric Fence?

You will determine the number of electric fence posts by looking at the area where you need to fence.

With that in mind, you will also look at the spacing between every post you place for fencing.

In many cases, the spacing between every post is usually 80 to 100 feet apart.

You can also consider the fact that you can use about 50 fiberglass fence posts per mile of your total fence area.

Which Accessories do you need alongside Fiberglass Fence Post?

Fiberglass fence posts require other accessories to complement its function.

Some of the accessories that you need alongside the fiberglass fence post include:

 Electric fence post

Electric fence post

· Electric Fence Cable

This can either be the electric fence wire, rope, or tape that conducts the electric current flowing through the device.

· Fiberglass Post Clippers

You will also need clippers that will hold the electric fence cable in the right place thus acting as an anchor.

Other accessories that you will use alongside fiberglass fence posts include:

  • Electric fence chargers
  • Gate handles
  • Fence tape reel
  • Fence testers
  • Solar power kit

How do you Install Fiberglass Fence Post?

You can install the fiberglass fence posts by going through the following simple steps.

· Step One: Determining the Fence Area

First, you will have to identify the area where you would like to fence using the fiberglass electric fence posts.

This involves doing proper measurements of the area and doing the proper calculation on the number of posts.

· Step Two: Drilling Holes to the Ground

After carefully determining the number of fiberglass fence posts you need, you will drill the holes in the ground.

Make sure that the number of holes you drill coincides with the number of posts you need to put up.

· Step Three: Fitting the Ends and Corner Fiberglass Fence Posts

Here, you will begin the installation process by taking care of the corner and end posts first.

This will male it easier to establish a straight-line fiberglass fence around the enclosure.

Ensure that you get to reinforce the fiberglass fence posts with proper anchors to prevent toppling over.

· Step Four: Fitting the Fiberglass Fence Posts

Finally, you will fit all the other fiberglass fence posts within their holes and reinforce them as well.

What is the Average Lifespan of the Fiberglass Fence Post?

You will use the fiberglass fence posts for a very long time without thinking of a replacement.

The durability will also depend on the type of fiberglass fence post that you are using.

High-quality fiberglass fences will last for a longer period than low-quality fiberglass fence posts.

On average, the lifespan of a fiberglass fence posts usually lasts about an entire lifetime.

It also comes with a warranty that will last about the same period.

Are there Size Limitations for Fiberglass Fence Post?

 Fberglass electric fence post

 Fiberglass electric fence post

Well, fiberglass fence posts are available in different sizes according to the application specifications.

Implying that you can also decide on the size of the fiberglass fence post that you need.

All you have to provide is the length, and diameter of the fiberglass electric fence post.

Here are the most common sizes of fiberglass fence posts that you can choose from.

  • 3/8′ fiberglass fence posts
  • 3/8′(10mm) x4ft (1.22m)
  • 3/8′(10mm) x 4.5ft (1.37m)
  • 3/8′(10mm) x 5ft (1.52m)
  • 1/2′ fiberglass fence posts
  • 1/2′(12mm) x 4ft (1.22m)
  • 1/2′(12mm) x 5ft (1.52m)

What are the Available Color Options for Fiberglas Fence Post?

There are numerous color options for the electric fence posts that you can choose from.

The most common colors are black, white, and beige among other colors.

We can also customize the fiberglass electric fence posts according to the color of your choice.

Are Fiberglass Posts suitable for Temporary or Permanent Electric Fence?

Absolutely, you can use the fiberglass fence post for temporary as well as permanent electric fences.

You can use it in agricultural applications such as rotational grazing of livestock from one field to another.

You can also use it permanently to fence an enclosure where you would plant crops that require proper protection.

What is the Minimum Number of Fiberglass Fence Post you can Import from China?

The minimum number of fiberglass fence posts that you can order from China depends on the supplier.

Different suppliers have different minimum order quantities that they agree to supply.

You can get a few bundles of fiberglass electric fence posts with 50 pieces.

You can also go for the steel pallet measuring 120 by 120 cm carrying about 8000 pieces of fiberglass fence posts.

What are the Available Lengths of the Fiberglass Fence Post?

Fiberglass fence posts are available in different lengths according to your applications.

Here are the most common lengths of fiberglass fence posts that you can choose from.

  • 4ft long fiberglass posts (1.22m)
  • 5ft long fiberglass posts (1.52m)
  • 6ft long fiberglass posts (1.82m)


Apart from the above length dimensions, you can also come up with your own length dimensions.

Which Types of Fiberglass Electric Fence Post do you have?

We offer different types of fence posts that will match your applications.

Some of the fiberglass electric fences that we offer include:

  • Fiberglass fence post with a metal point
  • Fiberglass fence post with a pencil point
  • Fiberglass fence post with a plastic insulator
  • Fiberglass Fence Posts with Coating
  • Fiberglass Fence Posts with Metal Clips
  • Fiberglass Fence Posts with Double Pedals
  • Fiberglass Fence Posts with Iron Plate
  • Fiberglass Fence Posts with Single Pedal
  • Big Foot Fiberglass Step-In Post
  • Step-In Fiberglass Fence Posts
  • White Fiberglass Fence Posts

What is Fiberglass Post Manufacturing Process?

You can also manufacture your own fiberglass electric fence post just by following these steps.

Here is a step by step procedure that you can follow when manufacturing your electric fence post.

Preparation Stage

First, you will begin the manufacturing process by preparing all the materials that you need.

In this case, you will need fiberglass and high-quality carbon spring steel as the main materials.

You will also make sure that the manufacturing machine is also in proper working condition.

Molding the Carbon Spring Steel

After that, you can begin the manufacturing process which involves molding the high-quality carbon spring steel.

Using the machine, you will mold the carbon spring steel in the shape and size that you need.

In many cases, you will leave the inner part of the post hollow for fitting other substances such as Fiberglass.

Fitting the Fiberglass

Here, you will fit the fiberglass material in the hollow part of the carbon spring steel.

You have to make sure that the fiberglass fits within the carbon spring steel properly.

After that, you will cover both ends of the fiberglass fence post before engraving the color.

Permeating the Color

Here, you will ensure that you place a permanent paint on the fiberglass fence post.

After that, you will perform the strength test on the fiberglass fence post before packaging.

Can you Customize Fiberglass Fence Posts for our Project?

Yes, we customize fiberglass fence posts according to your personal requirements.

Please let us know your needs for fiberglass fence posts such as dimension, length, color, and other special requirements.

With that in place, we will be able to look at the functionality and then proceed to make it for you.

At Elife, we strive to give you high quality and reliable fiberglass fence posts.

Even where you need plastic step-in post for your electric fence, we offer a perfect solution for you.

Contact Elife for all your needs in the fiberglass fence post.

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