Your Electric Pig Netting Supplier in China!

  • 20 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • Advance electric pig netting production
  • Cost-effective Solution

Elife is Your Premier Electric Pig Netting Supplier in China!

Elife is a premier electric pig netting manufacturer that is capable to supply worldwide.

Elife can ensure perfect features, more options, and specifications of electric pig netting.

We can also customize your electric pig netting according to your specifications.

Your Professional Electric Pig Netting Supplier!

Electric Fence Netting Manufacturing

We always have the QC staff for the electric fence netting production line.

Electric Fence Netting Manufacturing

Elife Production manager has more than 10 years in manufacturing electric fence netting.

Electric Fence Netting Manufacturing

Each month, we will have the training lessons for the manufacturing of electric fence netting.

Why Can Elife Be Your Premier Electric Pig Netting Supplier?

Select UV stable HDPE

Elife selects UV treated HDPE filaments for your the electric fence netting.

Super Quality # 304 stainless steel conductors

Your electric fence netting is made of high-quality stainless steel conductors.

More than 15 years of history

Elife supply and export electric fence netting since 2002.

Strictly inspection measurements

From raw materials purchase to final electric fence netting, Elife always does at least 4 times inspection before shipment.

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Frequently Asked Question

Do you apply UV for electric fence netting?

Yes, we always apply UV for electric fence netting.So that we can ensure our electric fence netting always has great durability and weather resistance too.

Can I what is your MOQ for electric fence netting?

We can accept MOQ 200 pcs for first order at our standard electric fence netting.

Can we have a one electric fence netting sample for testing?

Yes, sure. But all electric fence netting sample need to be paid.

Electric Pig Netting

Get a high-quality yet cost-saving price electric pig netting only in ELife. We have vastly experienced engineers that will assist to manufacture electric pig netting as per your specifications. In fact, Elife is known as China’s top manufacturer and supplier of electric fence supplies for nearly 20 years.

Regarding pigs, they are easy to control with electric pig netting due to their very little hair and large, wet noses. The pigs are smart enough to learn quickly to respect and avoid such an electric fence.

10/24/12 Electric Netting for Pig

Elife electric pig netting is commonly used as a subdivision or perimeter fence for pastured pigs. It allows the pig to pasturage orchards, fields, and gardens after harvest.

Elife electric pig netting is also replaces welded wire panels that do not easy to move, heavy, and more expensive per ft.

You can avail of our Elife electric pig netting in different sizes, guaranteed the best specifications for your pig fencing system. ELife electric pig netting is very easy to install and use.

Our electric pig netting is highly visible, economical, and hard-wearing, ideally suited for your pig fencing system. We assure you that our pig fencing net can cater to your needs.

Elife is a leading electric fencing manufacturer and supplier in China, offering the best quality of custom and standard electric pig netting. Here in Elife you can find a thousand electric pig netting for your personal use or business.

Elife can customize your electric pig netting as request. We can manufacture electric pig netting according to your specifications. Just send us your requirements and our expert team will work precisely to your specifications.

Whether you need electric pig netting, electric fence netting for sheep, electric fence netting for goats, etc., you can count on our team. And as a leading one-stop shop for electric fence supplies, ELife is currently offering almost all of the electric fence supplies.

In the meantime, we can offer a wide range of electric fence chargers, electric fence conductors, electric fence insulators, gate handles, electric fence reels, electric fence tester, electric fence solar power, and accessories.

Elife is a popular manufacturer of custom and standard electric pig netting, ready to ship worldwide. We have a complete range of production lines and machines for electric pig netting production.

No matter how big or small your orders, we can accommodate your needs.

Contact Elife now for high-quality, affordable, and reliable electric pig netting.

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