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Your Premier Electric Fence Tension Spring Supplier in China

If you are looking for an electric fence tension spring supplier in China, Elife is a well-trusted versatile tension spring producer worldwide.

Vast experience handling an outstanding quality product with plenty of expert members.

Long-life electric fence tension springs at a variety of selections.

Elife Maybe Be Your Best Electric Fence Tension Spring Supplier in China!

Strict quality control system

We have a strict quality control system for electric fence tension spring.

Metal punching processing

Here shows your the punching machine for electric fence tension spring production.

Zinc coating

We have a strong request to apply zinc coating for the steel electric fence tension spring to improve its weather resistance.

Why Can Elife Skyrocket Your Electric Fence Tension Spring Business?

Top brands choose Elife

Top brands choose Elife electric fence supplies, including electric fence tension spring.

High class galvanized steel

We use high class galvanized steel to manufacture electric fence tension spring .

A strict quality control system

We will have at least 4 times inspections for your order before shipment.

Label your brand

Elife allows you to label your brand on electric fence tension spring packing to boost your brands in your markets.

Free samples available

We can offer you some free samples of electric fence tension spring before formal order.

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Frequently Asked Question

When did you start your electric fence tension spring business?

We started the electric fence tension spring business in 2002 and thanks to high quality and best service, so Elife can have the long term cooperation with the customers who come from more than 20 countries.

Where have you exported your electric fence tension spring?

We exported electric fence tension spring to USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and more. Some of them are the top brands or companies in the world market. So we can share the knowledge on how we work with these big fish once we started the business with you soon.

What is your payment term of electric fence tension spring order?

Elife has two types of payment terms for the electric fence tension spring business. For the sample order, we accept western union or paypal. We prefer TT 40% as a deposit and 60% before shipment for the formal fence wire tensioner order.

Do you have any customers in our country?

Please let us know your country name. And we will check if we have customers in your country or not. If yes, we cannot disclose their name to you as we have the NDA agreement with our customers.

What is your MOQ for electric fence tension spring?

For the first order of electric fence tension spring, you are allowed to buy 1000 pcs/order at MOQ.

Electric Fence Tension Spring

Elife electric fence tension springs are made of complete selections. You can get your ideal electric fence tension spring sizes, styles, types, and more that will fit your final field applications. It is perfect for the retail business since many farmers need it.

Elife electric fence tension springs are versatile for fencing. It is applied to the end of the fence to provide perfect connections post to post. Our electric fence tension springs have great expansion service in field applications long life span, It is made of suitable materials like steel available in corrosion and rust resistance even in any weather condition outside.

Elife electric fence tension springs are great with high tensile wires. You can get electric fence tension springs perfect for 2.5mm wires, 2.65, and more wire sizes. Elife electric fence tension springs are able to support over 200kg wires. We offered it a long life warranty let test the quality products at your desired amount.

We will support any applications you need. At the farm field, Elife electric fence tension springs have perfect selections that suit different purposes. You can install electric fencing for different types of animals. Our electric fence tension springs can surely support electric fencing durability.

Elife electric fence tension springs allow larger spacing from the post. This is a lesser maintenance field application.

An Elife electric fence tension spring has 2 gauges available in different sizes perfect for durable fencing. Stainless steel, galvanized, heavy-duty, customized, and more choice to provide full support to your farm and other business purposes.

In over 20 years, Elife gains the best reputation which makes us one of the leading electric fence tensions springs suppliers and manufacturers in China. We ship our electric fence tension springs in over 20 countries worldwide.

Our faster response will help you get the best satisfaction. Excellent service from the start of your process to your business success.

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