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Since 2002, hundreds of customers has been buying electric fence polytape from Elife and they are happy for our quality and service always.

And at Elife, all types of electric fence polytape, with 10mm to 50mm, is available and these polytapes are great ideal for containing horses, cattle, deer, and other livestock.

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Your Leading Electric Fence Polytape Supplier in China.

Electric Fence Polytape Manufacturing Line

We own high-tech machines for your electric fence polytape orders.

Electric Fence Polytape Quality Control

Over 15 well trained QC staffs have the 3-5 time random quality checking when the electric fence polytape manufacturing.

Electric Fence Polytape Orders

Elife will shrink electric fence polytape by 200m/roll or 400m/roll  or as your order needs any time.

WhyCan Elife Be Your Best Electric Fence Polytape Supplier in China?

UV Stable PP Plastic Filaments

The electric fence polytape is made up of high-quality UV stable Polypropylene plastic filaments.

Bypass The Use Of #202 Stainless Steel

Elife uses corrosion proof premium-quality #304 stainless steel instead of #202 stainless steel to manufacture the conductors of electric fence polytape.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control team members ensure the quality of electric fence polytape by 4-times in-depth inspection before departure of orders

Leading Brands trust Elife

Most of the leading brands have been trusting Elife to purchase electric fence polytape since 2002

Obtain Free Sample For Testing

You can get 5 meters long free electric fence polytape sample to test its quality and performance from Elife.

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Frequently Asked Question

How Much Delivery Time Is Required For On-time Delivery Of Electric Fence Polytape?

The delivery time for sample order and formal electric fence polytape order is different.

The delivery time for sample order is minimum 5-7 working days after confirmation of order by customers. However, if the requested electric fence polytape sample does not exist in our current product range, we will take more time to deliver sample order.

The delivery time for formal order of electric fence polytape is 20-30 working days once you have confirmed the order details. The purchase of raw materials, production of polytape, packing of product, and testing of polytape are also included during delivery time.

Is It Possible To Get Free Label Printing Service Along With Electric Fence Polytape Order?

Yes, you can avail this service. However, it is advice-able to consult your designer to provide artwork file in PDF, AL or PSD format to our engineers for label printing. The final artwork design is sent to you before formal electric fence polytape printing for your approval. To get professional color printing services, please mark changes in the file. Or else, we will use standard color style for label printing of electric fence polytape.

What Is The Standard Warranty Time Of Electric Fence Polytape?

The standard warranty time offered by us is at least 3-5 years. In case, you are looking for a longer shelf-life, please inform us. Our R&D, Q&A, and Financial personals will double-check your requirements to analyze either it is workable or not. If it is workable, our team members will advise you to increase the financing to get high-quality electric fence polytape.

Can I Get Customize Electric Fence Polytape For My Brand?

Yes, you can get customized electric fence polytape available with different conductors, colors, strands, and many other specifications. Elife requires authorization letter from your brand with your stamp and signature to ensure protection of your brand. We require your permission to produce customized polytape for your brand through authorization letter

Is It Possible To Work As A Dealer For Your Electric Fence Polytape?

Yes, you can work as a dealer for our electric fence polytape. However, we confirm whether we have any dealer in your country market or not? If no dealer is working in your country, we grant permission after a detailed inspection. Our team members will perform evaluation of your company according to dealer cooperation rules and regulations. Once our lawyers complete the process of evaluation of your company, we give you authorization to work as our dealer. We provide full support to our dealers regarding prices and sales in the market.

Electric Fence Polytape

Elife choose hgith quality #304 S.S for electric fence polytape conductors. For this reason, our polytape has the lower resistance and higher anti-corrosion ability.

Furthermore,our electric fence polytape is consist of durable plastics with UV proection and o that our polytape has a great wheather resistance, compared with other companies’.

Besides stainless steel conductors, Elife have Tinned cooper wire, stainless steel and copper wire mixed conductors and new alloy conductors for electric fence polytape.

You can choose any type of conductor for your polytape orders as to your needs.

So Elife can work as your professional supplier of electric fence polytape supplier in china.

Well trained QC team at Elie, will ave a various inspections for electric fence polytape before the shipment.

These tests are for electric fence polytape conductor numbers, color, length, outlooking, resistance and breaking strength.

So that Elife can ensure you almost 100% quality polytape for your order anytime.

Elife can offer you standard and customized electric fence polytape and so please advise us your detailed requirement for polytape width, conductor materials, spool length and more.

And meanwhile, you can obtain customized electric fence polytape as your specific needs for your own project at any time.

If you need know more about electric fence polytape, please contact Elife sales team right now!

Electric Fence Polytape: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers every aspect of electric fence Polytape such as benefits, design, sizes, color options, material type and quality standards, among other aspects.

Now, before importing electric fence Polytape from China, read this guide.

What is an Electric Fence Polytape?

Electric fence polytapes are wide fencing wires that consist of different conducting wires and plastic filaments making a wire mesh.

Electric fence polytape

Electric fence polytape

How Many Sizes of Electric Fence Polytapes are There?

There are numerous electric fence polytape sizes that you can choose from depending on your application.

You will look at the size of the electric fence polytape by looking at the gauge or the thickness of the polytape.

The most common gauge size that you can always consider is the 14-gauge electric fence polytape.

Apart from that, the thickness of the polytapes will range from 12mm, 14mm, 20mm and 40 mm.

The electric fence polytape conductors also have a diameter ranging from 0.15mm to about 0.45 mm.

The length of the electric fence polytape will vary according to particular specifications ranging from 100 to 500 m/roll.

We can also customize the size of the electric fence polytape to fit your applications.

What are the Benefits of Using the Electric Fence Polytape?

There are numerous benefits that you will experience from using the electric fence polytape.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience by using the electric fence polytape.

· Wide Variety of Electric Fence Polytape

You have the freedom of choosing any type of electric fence polytape that you feel fits your application.

Electric fence polytapes are available in different sizes and colors that will fit your applications.

· High Durability Levels

You will use the electric fence polytapes for a long time before replacing them as they have long durability durations.

This is because they are corrosion resistant and also ultra violet rays resistant thus increasing its durability.

· High Tensile Strength

The materials for making electric fence polytapes are very strong and can withstand great stretching forces without breaking.

· Proper Visual Aspects

Electric fence polytapes have the best visibility properties due to the thickness as well as the bright colors.

This will make allow the animals to see it from a distance and avoid reaching it thus securing them in the enclosure.

· Portability

You can also use the electric fence polytape for temporary fencing allowing you to move them from one place to another.

It is also very flexible and you can easily install them at different positions within your compound.

Do You Have Color Limitations for the Electric Fence Polytape?

Blue elctric fence polytape

Blue electric fence polytape

Green electric fence polytape

Green electric fence polytape

We do not have color limitations for electric fence polytapes.

You can choose any color that you want for the electric fence polytape as long as it is bright enough.

How Does an Electric Fence Polytape Compare to an Electric Fence Polyrope?

Electric fence polytapes are wider in comparison to the width of the electric fence polyrope.

Electric fence polyrope

Electric fence polyrope

The number of strands in electric fence polyropes are fewer than the number of strands on electric fence polytapes.

In other words, electric fence polytapes have higher rates of conductivity in comparison to the electric fence polyropes.

Due to the high number of strands in electric fence polytapes, you should expect them to have higher tensile strength.

Despite the numerous advantages of electric fence polytapes, it comes with the sagging problem.

Electric fence polyropes, on the other hand, do not have the sagging issue and will remain in stable condition for long.

It happens because the electric fence polyropes have lower wind resistance in comparison to electric fence polytapes.

Which is the Best Material for Making the Electric Fence Polytape?

You will make the electric fence polytape using polyethylene and different types of conductive materials.

The best type of conductive materials that you will use to make electric fence polytapes include:

  • Stainless Steel Wires
  • Copper Wires
  • Aluminum Wires
  • Tinned Copper Wires
  • Mixed Conductor Wires or Materials
  • Alloy Conductor Materials

In addition to that, you will need the insulating material which in most cases is a polyethylene monofilamentproduct.

What is the Difference Between the Electric Fence Polytape and Electric Fence Polywire?

Basically, as you compare the electric fence polytape and the polywire, you will realize the main difference to be the width.

Electric fence polytapes are often wider than the electric fence polywires thus conducting more electric power.

Electric fence polywire

Electric fence polywire

Still on the width, electric fence polytapes are more visible in comparison to the electric fence polywires.

In addition to the bright colors on the polytape, you are capable of seeing the electric fence polytape from a distance.

Finally, electric fence polytapes are stronger and have higher wind resistance in comparison to electric fence polywires.

Due to the electric fence polytape thickness, width and weight, it is susceptible to hanging or sagging.

How Much Does an Electric Fence Polytape Cost?

Since there are quite a number of electric fence polytapes, you should expect the cost to vary.

The variation in terms of cost is as a result of the different types as well as quality of the electric fence polytapes.

The higher the quality of the electric fence polytape, the higher the cost of the electric fence polytape.

You will pay between 50 to 200 US dollars for different types of electric fence polytapes.

How Many Electric Fence Polytapes Should You Install on an Electric Fence?

The number of electric fences polytapes that you will install will depend on the size of the area to fence.

The bigger the area you intend to fence, the more the number of electric fences polytapes you will need.

Apart from that, the height of the pole will also determine the number of electric fences polytapes to use.

In many cases, standard electric fence posts usually require between 3 and 4 strands of electric fence polytapes.

What is a Heavy Duty Professional Electric Fence Polytape?

Heavy duty professional electric fence polytapes have more electric fence strands and the ability to deliver more electric fence shock.

For instance, you can have a heavy duty professional electric fence polytape with 6 highly conductive copper materials.

Apart from that, this type of heavy-duty electric fence polytape will be capable of delivering about several times more shock.

You will use this type of polytape in interior paddocks to contain heavier animals such as cattle and horses.

How Does a Turbo Charge Electric Fence Polytape Compare to a Paddock White Electric Fence Polytape?

Electric fence polywire

Electric fence polytape

Turbo charge electric fence polytapes have turbo conductivity with more conductive materials strands.

The increase in numbers of electric fence conductive materials makes it 48 times more conductive.

It is, therefore, more capable of carrying more electric charges over a longer distance.

Paddock white electric fence polytape does not have such a huge amount of electric fence conductive materials.

It is, therefore, not capable of carrying as much current as the turbo charge electric fence polytape.

Which Specifications Should You Look at When Purchasing an Electric fence Polytape?

Every electric fence polytape has particular specifications that you must have a look at before committing to purchase.

Here are the key specifications that you will pay very close attention to:

· Type of Conductor Materials

There are different types of conductor materials such as copper, tinned copper, stainless steel and aluminum.

You will choose among the above types of conductor materials that you will use in your electric fence polytape.

Apart from that, you will also look at the diameters as well as number of strands the electric fence polytape has.

· Width of the Electric Fence Polytape

You will also decide on the most appropriate width which ranges from 8 to 40 mm.

· Spool Length

The spool length will also vary depending on the length or size of the area you intend to fence.

The most common spool lengths that you can choose from are 200m, 250m, 400m and 500m among others.

· Color of the Electric Fence Polytape

There are different colors that you will choose from including orange, red, and white among other brighter colors.

Do You have Specific Types of Electric Fence Polytape Posts?

Yes, we do have specific types of posts that you will use in installing the electric fence polytapes.

These posts are stronger and also have wider connectors that will fit the width of the electric fence polytape.

They are often stronger to withstand the weight of the electric fence polytapes without lodging or breaking.

The best materials for these posts are usually plastic, wood, or even metal as long as it has insulating materials.

Which Type of Tensioners Will You Use on the Electric Fence Tape?

The triangular tensioner is the best type of tensioner that you can use on the electric fence tape.

Due to the perfect wide loops, it is capable of securing the electric fence polytapes.

It also has minimal interruptions to the flow of electric current through the electric fence polytape.

Electric fence tensioner

Electric fence tensioner

Is it Possible to Repair Damages on the Conductive Materials of the Electric Fence Polytape?

Yes, you can repair damages on the electric fence polytape materials by cutting off the section with damages.

After that, you will use electric fence polytape connectors to connect the separate pieces together.

It will save you a lot of money to repair the electric fence polytapes than expecting to purchase a new one.

What is the Process of Installing an Electric Fence Polytape?

Well, you can install your electric fence polytapes by going through the following step by step procedure.

Step One: Anchoring the Posts

You will dig the ground deep enough to create a proper anchor for the electric fence polytape posts.

After that, you will fit every post in the holes and then cover them with enough soil to ensure it anchors well.

Apart from that, you can use the electric fence post with a foot peddle for pushing it into the ground.

Step Two: Installing Insulators and Connectors

As soon as you secure the posts in the soil, the next step involves placing the connectors and insulators.

You will place the insulators and connectors on the electric fence post and tighten them well.

Most of the insulators and connectors have anchoring properties that will help in holding them on to the post.

Step Three: Installing the Polytapes

After that, you can unroll the electric fence polytape using the electric fence polytape reel.

Electric fence reel

Electric fence reel

Depending on the number of strands, you will tie the strands at the corner post and then pull the reel.

As this happens, the electric fence polytape will unroll along the posts.

With the help of an assistant you can attach the polytapes to the electric fence post.

Finally, you will tighten the electric fence post and secure them to the electric fence post using the connectors

Is it Possible to Determine the Conductivity of the Electric Fence Polytape?

Yes, it is possible to determine the conductivity of the electric fence polytape.

This is possible when you look at the resistance level of the electric fence polytape materials.

Most manufacturers label the packages with the resistance levels of the electric fence polytapes in ohm/m.

Having knowledge on the type of materials for making the electric fence polytapes will place you at an advantage.

For example, the resistivity of copper and stainless steel is(1.68×10−8) and (6.90×10−7) respectively.

How do you Choose Quality Electric Fence Polytape?

To choose high quality electric fence polytapes, there are particular factors you have to look at.

The main factors to look at include:

· Quality of Materials

High quality materials such as top brand plastics have perfect UV resistance with PE materials.

· Quality of Electric Conductivity

You will also choose the electric fence polytapes with materials that have high levels of electric conductivity.

· Tensile Strength

The materials for making the electric fence polytapes must also have very high tensile strength to withstand tension.

· Corrosion Resistance

Finally, it must also be weatherproof and have perfect corrosion resistant properties to increase its durability.

How do you Manufacture Electric Fence Polytape?

Basically, the manufacturing process of the electric fence polytape involves a weaving process of the materials.

The main conductive material such as stainless steel often is weaved with polyethylene materials.

So, the first step is to put polyethylene bean into the machine and heat it and then draw out plastic filament.

The color of the electric fence polytape will depend on the color of the electric fence polyethylene materials .

After that, you will use a machine that will weave the conductive materials and PE filaments into a particular pattern.

The number of electric fence conductive materials that you will use will depend on your specification.

Finally, the weaving process will lead to and neat and uniform electric fence polytape.

Is your Electric Fence Polytape UV Resistant?

Absolutely, the electric fence polytapes that we supply have very high resistance to ultra-violet rays.

We use special materials that makes the electric fence polytape materials weatherproof thus increasing durability.

Do You Provide Custom Made Electric Fence Polytapes?

Yes, we provide custom made electric fence polytapes.

We will make the custom electric fence polytapes according to your specifications which include:

  • Type of electric fence conducting material such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and tinned copper.
  • Diameter or thickness of the conductive materials.
  • Length of the electric fence polytape.
  • Color of the electric fence polytape
  • Gauge of the electric fence polytape conductive material

How Many Strands of Electric Conductors are There in the Electric Fence Polytape?

The number of strands of the electric conductors will depend on how thick and wide you want the electric fence polytape.

The more the number of electric fences polytape conductor strands, the thicker or wider the polytape will be.

Electric fence polytape

Electric fence polytape

Which Types of Electric Fence Conductors Do You Use to Make the Electric Fence Conductors?

The most common type of electric fence polytape conductors is stainless steel.

Stainless steel makes the best electric fence polytape conductor due to the following reasons.

  • It has very high tensile strength
  • It is an excellent conductor of electric current
  • It is also corrosion and ultra violet rays resistant.

Apart from stainless steel, you can use copper as another excellent conductor but it is usually very expensive.

Other conductive materials that you can use include aluminum wires as well as tinned copper wires.

How Do You Test an Electric Fence Polytape?

You will test the electric fence polytape through every step in the manufacturing process.

This begins right from the point where you will outsource the raw materials.

Here, you will check on the quality of the stainless steel and polyethylene before purchasing them.

Secondly, you will check on the production process which involves inspection of the thread drawing and tape weaving processes.

After that, you will test the conductivity of the final polytape product by passing an electric current through it.

You will test the amount of electric current flowing through the electric fence polytape using an electric fence tester.

Finally, you will inspect the final process which involves inspecting the packaging process to ascertain proper working conditions.

We also allow other testing companies to come in and test the integrity and functionality of the electric fence polytapes.

We do that in respect to the AQL testing standards among other quality testing standards in the market.

In this particular case, you will perform the following tests on the electric fence polytapes:

  • Tensile Strength Test
  • Anti-aging Test
  • Resistance Test

At Elife, we have the best quality electric fence Polytape that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

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