Your Electric Fence T Post Supplier in China

  • Over 15-year experience in manufacturing and supplying Electric Fence T Post
  • Use top brand and UV resistant plastics materials
  • Can offer you a full range of Electric Fence T Post models

Your Professional Electric Fence T Post Supplier in China!

Elife has multiple solutions for electric fence T post.

We, Elife is the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of electric fence T post in China for over 18 years. Let Elife help you boom your business!

Elife is Your Premier Electric Fence T Post Supplier in China

3-D tooling drawing

Elife has our own designers to develop plastic tooling for Electric Fence T Post.

Top brands' plastic injection machine

We have injection machines with dryer hopper for electric fence t post.

Automatic injection machine

Elife has top brand automatic injection machines to manufacture electric fence t post.

Why Can Elife Be Your Premier Electric Fence T Post Supplier in China?

Top brand plastic materials

We only use top brand plastic materials to manufacture electric fence t post.

Over 4 times inspection

We will have at least 4 times inspection for your electric fence t post order from outsourcing materials to final products.

The professional tooling development team

Elife has over 30-year experience in tooling Shifu(master) and professional tooling structure design teams.

Free sample available

We will offer you a free electric fence t post sample for your testing before formal order.

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Frequently Asked Question

When did you start your electric fence t post business?

We started the electric fence stakes business in 2002. So we have over 15 years in manufacturing and exporting electric fence t post and we can help you assure you the reliable and stable quality of all electric fence t post order.

Where have you exported your electric fence t post?

Elife has the customers, who ordered electric fence t post, are from USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and more. Even some world top brands in electric fence industry bought electric fence stakes from Elife. So we can share the knowledge and experience of how we work with these brands. It will be help boom your business too.

What is your MOQ for electric fence t post?

As you know that electric fence stakes have 100-150cm length and so if we need to manufacture electric fence t post for you, we have to replace the tooling with the long and heavy electric fence stakes tooling, which will cost a lot of time and workers. So we will have a reasonable MOQ for electric fence t post at 1000 pcs for each model. Thanks for your mutual understanding!

Elife Electric Fence T Post

Having a hard time sourcing for the best electric fence T post for your business or personal application? Then you must find a trusted, reliable manufacturer to produce your electric fence T post.

It’s better to choose a manufacturer that can manufacture electric fence T post according to your specifications. In short, choose Elife. Find out why Elife electric fence T post.

Plastic Electric Fence T Post

Elife manufacturing factory has professional and well-trained designers to manufacture the best electric fence T post you need.

Aside from well-trained designers, we also have the latest precision processing. It produces very smoothly and producing a worthwhile electric fence T post.

Actually, there are multiple choices of electric fence posts for your fencing needs here in Elife. Besides the electric fence T post, you can also find fiberglass electric fence post, step-in post, and pigtail post.

As a leading electric fence T post-manufacturer and supplier in China, we are capable to offer you all electric fence supplies that you may need.

We have electric fence post insulators, chargers, poly wire, poly tape, fence tape reel, solar power kit, and so much more.

Elife electric fence T posts are manufactured with high glass fiber with our latest technology. So, our Elife electric fence T post has some advantageous features such as high stability, break-resistance, and many more. What’s more, our electric fence T post is coated with an oven-baked enamel for rust-resistance.

Electric Fence T Post for Farm

Also, Elife electric fence T post is rugged. You can easily drive electric fence T post into any area. Here in Elife, you can find an electric fence T post designed for both garden and lawn & agricultural fencing.

Depending on your applications Elife can supply different lengths of electric fence T post. Available lengths for Elife electric fence T posts are 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, and so on. Choose the best one for your fencing needs.

Elife can provide you different specifications for electric fence T post, including weight from 0.925 lbs/ft to 1.33 lbs/ft. The good thing in Elife is that you can obtain Elife electric fence T post at very competitive prices.

In China, Elife is the leading manufacturing company, supplying a multiple choice of custom and standard electric fence T post that will surely meet your preferences and liking.

Black Electric Fence T Post

All in all, Elife will be your one-stop-shop for electric fence T post manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a complete resource to make your electric fence T post, guaranteed rust resistance, and long life.

For more than 18 years, we are trusted by most individuals and companies – big or small. So, what are you waiting for? You can also count on us for your electric fence T post needs.

For more information about the electric fence T post, please make us a call now!

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