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  • Custom any electric fence solar panel as your needs

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Elife is a professional electric fence solar panel supplier in China.

Our electric fence solar panel follows a strict manufacturing process, including solar cells sorting, soldering cells, cutting solar cells, arraying and laminating materials, installing junction box, EL testing, quality testing, and packing.

We can OEM/ODM any types of electric fence solar panel with different solar cells, frame size, watts as your special needs.

Please contact the Elife sales team for a quick quotation for the electric fence solar panel now!

Elife Can Skyrocket Your Electric Fence Solar Panel Business!

Automatic soldering

We have automatic robots to electric fence solder solar panel cells.

Solar frame fixing

We have an electric fence solar panel frame fixed by both human labors and robots.

Robot worker

We have robots to replace some workers to manufacture electric fence solar panels.

Why Can Elife Be Your No.1 Electric Fence Solar Panel Supplier in China?

Use top brands and high quality solar cells

Elife uses top brands and high-quality solar cells to manufacture electric fence solar panels to ensure superb quality for your order.

Meet EU quality standard

Our electric fence solar panel can meet strictly EU quality standard request.

Waterproof junction box IPX 4

We fix waterproof junction box for electric fence solar panel for your order (waterproof grade IPX4)

A full range of electric fence solar panels

Elife can offer you a full range of electric fence solar panel from 0.3 W-360W to meet various solar electric fence chargers needs.

Strictly inspection system

We always do at least 4 times inspection for your order before shipment.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is warranty for electric fence solar panel?

Well, we have a warranty year from 5 to 20 years, depending on different grades of electric fence solar panel cells and the quality requirements. You can trust us since all customers buy our electric fence solar panel to power their single electric fence charger or home appliances.

Can you provide electric fence solar panel with the bracket?

Yes, we can custom any electric fence solar panel brackets as you needs. As we know you need to fix an electric fence charger to the solar panel. And so the bracket must be attached to the solar panel to support the whole solar electric fence charger system.

What is your payment term of electric fence solar panel order?

Elife has two types of payment terms for electric fence solar panel orders. For the samples order, you can pay us by western union or paypal. But for the formal electric fence solar panel order, we prefer T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment. Till now, 100% of our customers accept our payment term.

Do you do EL test for electric fence solar panel?

Yes, sure! We will have the EL test for each electric fence solar panel orders before shipment as we have to assure each pcs of electric fence solar panel enjoy the best working performance. And if you need it, we will be able to send you the EL test report for your electric fence solar panel orders.

What is your top rated electric fence solar panel?

By 17 years of experience in electric fence solar panel business, we know most of our customers demanding for 5W,10W,15W,20W,30W,50W and 60W, to power their electric fence chargers. So if you have the same needs, you can count on us. If you need more powerful electric fence solar panel, up to 300 W, we can also offer them to you, no problem.

Electric Fence Solar Panel

Roberts manufacturing solar panel

For the key process of electric fence solar panel production, we apply the high-tech machines or robots, including solar cell-sorting machines, automatic soldering robots, solar cell cutting machines, modern automatic laminators, automatic framing machines, and EL Testers.

So, Elife ensures every piece of electric fence solar panel is qualified, and there are no substandard or fake panels in your order.

Elife will be your reliable electric fence solar panel supplier in China.

Elife can supply you with electric fence solar panel, made of the high-efficiency monocrystalline cell(efficiency rate up to18%) or polycrystalline cell (efficiency rate up to 21%) so that electric fence solar panel can provide high conversion rates from sunlight to electric power.

So, they can charge the battery fast and quickly, even when sunlight is limited.

And Elife electric fence solar panel is equipped with a lightweight anodized aluminum frame, which can withstand wind up to 2400Pa and snow loads up to 5400 pa.

And Elife electric fence solar panel, built with waterproof junction box(waterproof grade IPX4), allows your customers to use the solar panel outside for a longer time.

Elife can provide you with a full range of electric fence solar panels from 0.3 W-360W that can meet most electric fence charger power needs.

Since Elife has been in the electric fence industry for more than 15 years, we know your electric fence solar panel needs for an electric fence system, including battery, Solar Charge Controller and other solar power accessories.

Elife recommends you use 10 watts electric fence solar panel for every 1 output joule of your electric fence energizer, 20watts electric fence solar panel for 2 output joule of electric fence controller and the others follow this rule for every 10 watts electric fence solar panel for each 1 output joule of electric fence charger.

Yes, Elife can also customize electric fence solar panels according to your special needs.

That is why more than the world’s top 5 brand customers choose Elife electric fence solar panels.

Some are from the European market, and for this reason that our electric fence solar panels are manufactured according to IEC, CE, and GS safety and quality standards.

Also, Elife electric fence solar panels can conform and meet ROHS regulations and standards too.

Elife will be your premium electric fence solar panel supplier in China.

Elife electric fence solar panel is all for charging the electric fence battery and providing the power for electric fence charger.

Solar Cell division photographed Thursday 3/10/11 © 2011 SolarWorld /

Elife can supply you with the accessories of electric fence solar panel, including solar panel cable, crocodile clip, solar panel bracket, solar charger waterproof box, solar charge controller, and solar deep cycle battery.

So Elife will be your one-stop electric fence solar panel supplier in China.

Elife applies a power output check for all-electric fence solar panels to confirm the power output before the electric fence solar panel leaves the factory.

Elife requests for flash test for electric fence solar panel to measure maximum power (Pm(W),) the open-circuit voltage (VOC), current at maximum power point (IMP), short circuit current (ISC), voltage at maximum power point (VMP) and the fill factor (FF).

And this test is done under standard testing conditions (STC) to ensure the electric fence solar panel has the best working performance.

You can trust Elife will be your reliable electric fence solar panel supplier in China.

If you are looking for always working energizer, environmentally friendly and generates free energy, then go solar! Elife has a wide range of electric fence solar panel to suit your needs.

Electric fence solar panel we offer accommodates an energizer with united solar panel and separate solar panel as well that can be compound perfectly with energizers.

Our electric fence can ensure a dependable way to remain your property protected. At the same time, it can come a significant cost due to it contributes to the energy bills.

That is why Elife electric fence solar panel is such the best option because you are able to use it forever and at the same time-saving electricity cost.

Moreover, they are also run basically on the sun’s energy.

Elife has a wide range of electric fence solar panel which are perfect to ensure the electric fence system is working finest at all times.

All electric fence solar panel we deal is easy to use and install. It can offer a flexible installation option, from round posts to Y-posts, t-posts, and flat surfaces.

This post mentions are also available in Elife. You can precisely place it anywhere which essential for your purposes, whether to keep it from wandering off or livestock protection from external threats.

This well-made model electric fence solar panel comes with adjustable mounting to ensure that it can stay firmly in the place no matter what.

Also, our offered products are suitable for a broad range of fencing options and can work for many weeks even without exposure to sunlight.

When it comes to livestock animals which are small like pigs, chickens, and rabbit, our electric fence solar panel is best suited due to its wide mile range.

At the same time, it is practical for medium-sized fences and it does have dimensions to remain large predators at bay.

Moreover, if you are looking for the best performance but affordably priced electric fence solar panel, then look no further than a durable model from ELife.

We have this electric fence solar panel available with sealed 12-volt battery powers. This kind of electric fence features low impedance technology.

With imposing long lifespan, Elife electric fence solar panel is all you need for your weed-rich and large yard.

Our range of Elife electric fence solar panel is best for a mid-range option to keep the small animals. Installing this Elife electric fence solar panel is easy.

No need for any experience or special expertise to do so. Plus, our offered products are backed by a 1-year warranty.

Whether you are looking for a practical and functional electric fence solar panel for your yard, business or other fencing needs, Elife brand is the best choice.

In our factory, our friendly staff can provide the advice you need. Moreover, our professional and expert team are highly trained and familiar with the best application in fence construction.

In addition, all of the electric fence solar panels we offer are highly demanded and appreciated with most customers. You can get our high-quality electric fence solar panel at very affordable prices.

Moreover, if you are looking for other electric fence supplies, like Electric fence chargers, Insulators, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fence Posts, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, and more. You can also go to buy it from Elife too.

If you are interested in our products, kindly contact Elife now!

Electric Fence Solar Panel—Ultimate FAQ Guide

Thanks to modern technology it’s so much easier to power up your electric fence these days! Don’t let the remoteness of your fence or the lack of infrastructure be a problem. Simply add an electric fence solar panel and your fence is complete.

It is important to pick the right electric fence solar panel. You don’t want a safety hazard on your property or have too little power running through the fence.

That’s why we advise you to read on, get the answers most people need and become an instant expert on the topic. If you need to source electric fence solar panel products as a retailer, we’ll help you make the right decisions.

What is an Electric Fence Solar Panel?

An electric fence solar panel is an effective power source. You can use it to provide an electric fence with electricity. The solar panel turns sunlight into electricity.

This means you don’t need a traditional source of power for your electric fence to work.

Electric fence solar panels are usually compact and portable. This makes them easy to use wherever you need a power source on your premises.

How to Manufacture Electric Fence Solar Panel

There’s a cell classification to ensure the unit contains the correct solar cells of the highest quality. This can be Grade A, B, C or D.When you manufacture an electric fence solar panel, you need to be extremely careful.

You don’t want the panels damaged because of mishandling and each part of the unit is essential to its functioning. In most cases the manufacturing process of an electric fence solar panel is as follows:

  • Workers or robots weld the cells and then there’s a laying up process.
  • An EL (electroluminescence) test helps to identify cracks or other defects so those panels can be taken out of production.
  • The cells are laminated.
  • Manufacturers perform another EL test to ensure the cells are still intact.
  • Now they place the cells in a frame.
  • The manufacturer adds wiring so the electric fence solar panel can be used in a circuit. The wires must channel the power to the rest of your fence.
  • To improve durability, there’s a curing process.
  • Workers clean the units.
  • The manufacturer performs an I-V test to monitor its performance.
  • Units that pass all the tests are packaged and will then be ready to ship.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Fence Solar Panel?

The reason an electric fence solar panel is a popular option in electric fencing are for these reasons:

  • It’s more affordable than powering a fence with electricity from the grid. You generate your own power, so you don’t increase utility costs. You’ll save money and power when you replace your connection to the grid with a solar unit.
  • In many cases, an effective fencing structure with an electric fence solar panel can save you power compared to using traditional electricity sources.
  • You can install an electric fence solar panel almost anywhere. All you need is the proper setup. There’s no need for cabling running from the power grid. That empowers you to set up an electrified fence anywhere on your premises, in remote areas or even in your garden at home.
  • An electric fence solar panel is a user-friendly option that consumers and the agricultural industry can use.
  • It’s easy to connect to a circuit and it doesn’t require much upkeep.

What is an Electric Fence Solar Panel Made of?

Your electric fence solar panel contains an high tech design with the following layers and components:

  • The solar cells: These silicon conductors produce the electricity after absorbing sunlight. The cells have anti-PID properties. PID (Potential-induced Degradation) can take place where there’s a current leak. Quality cells have anti-PID properties to prevent this.
  • Back panel: The panel at the back provides structure and protection. It prevents weather and moisture from affecting the panel. It also offers insulation.
  • EVA: To protect the cells there are EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) layers. The cells are laminated with this product.
  • Frame: Here is another item that provides structure to the electric fence solar panel and makes it more weather resistant. Elife uses Hanlong and Guanguye frame brands that ensure optimum durability. It’s often put through a sandblasting oxidation process for strength and longevity.
  • Welding: The welding must provide low resistance but be extremely efficient.
  • Junction box: You need a safe container where all the photovoltaic cables come together and get connected. This is the junction box and it must be water resistant and must dissipate heat. The glue filling type is a common favorite.
  • Glue: Many parts are glued together. To keep them in place and last long the glue must be of optimal quality.
  • Tape: An electric fence solar panel also contains tape that must stay adhesive for years to come.
  • Glass: A layer of glass rests on top of the laminated solar cells. You’ll find different types such as 91.6% coated and 93.6% coated. This refers to its transparency and you can pick according to your preference.

Figure 2 576252928

What Typical Types of Electric Fence Solar Panels are Available?

You get two main groups of electric fence solar panels, namely polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels.

In each of these categories you’ll find a range of options, based on the wattage of the electric fence solar panel:

  • Polycrystalline panels: 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 50W, 60W, up to 300 W
  • Monocrystalline panels: 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 50W, 60W,up to 300W

You can also refer to the types as poly or mono electric solar panels.

You’ll pick the wattage level according to your power needs.

Figure 3 Shutterstock 86717779

Poly Electric Fence Solar Panel vs Mono Electric Fence Solar Panel?

The difference between poly and mono electric fence  solar panels relates to the design. The design also affects how the panels perform.

A mono electric fence solar panel will often have a better conversion rate. This is because this type is made from single crystal silicon bars.

This provides more room for electrons to move around in, so they’re very efficient. One drawback with monocrystalline manufacturing is the amount of wasted silicone you’re left with at the end of production.

In contrast, a poly electric cell contains silicon that is actually different fragments melted into one unit. Manufacturers then cut wafers from this and create panels with them.

Now there are multiple crystals in a solar cell. This prevents electrons from moving around freely and this impacts efficiency & conversion rate.

You can see a mono electric fence solar panel will be more valuable because it’s more efficient. It makes sense then that this type is also more expensive than poly electric panels.

The design difference also affects how the solar panels look. A monocrystalline solar panel will seem darker and black, rather than the blue surface of a polycrystalline one.

How to Identify a Quality Electric Fence Solar Panel

If you’re setting up a fence you need it to be durable and trustworthy. Here are characteristics of quality electric fence solar panel products:

  • Manufacturing: Find out how it’s made. You need to know the manufacturer uses quality checks during the production process. Also ask about the quality of each material such as the silicon cells, the glass and the frame.
  • Frame: You need a strong frame that will protect the cells, even for years ahead.
  • Standardization: Your new electric fence solar panel must meet quality standards. Also look for ratings that tell you how well it will perform in extreme conditions. An IPX rating tells you how waterproof your new panels will be.
  • Warranties: Enquire about the manufacturer’s warranty offers. Trustworthy manufacturers such as Elife offer 2-year warranties on an electric fence solar panel. This gives you a long time of service without any replacement costs.
  • Grading: Solar panels will contain cells of a certain grade. Grade A is the best and won’t have any visible damage or flaws, even if you look closely. They are the most powerful and you’re guaranteed a higher power output. Grade B may have minor defects, but they will still operate well. They will be slightly cheaper than Grade A panels. Other grades such as Grade C or D will start showing a dip in power production. This is because of them having more defects. Pick the best possible grade you can get so you have a better chance of high power output. Elife uses Grade A solar cells to ensure top of the range performance.

How Long can an Electric Fence Solar Panel Last?

Each solar panel is unique and you need to consult the manufacturer about its lifespan. However, an industry standard for an electric fence solar panel is a lifespan of 25 years. Of course, you need to look after your equipment to ensure you get this value for money.

What Is an Electric Fence Solar Panel Sun to Electricity Conversion Rate?

Your electric fence solar panel will have a solar cell efficiency. This describes the conversion rate which is the amount of energy from the sunlight that the cells can turn into electricity.

In most cases you can expect a conversion rate of 15%. Quality solar panels with Grade A cells may be able to produce a rate as high as 22%. The highest rate ever recorded is 47.1%.

Figure 4 396890791

How Do You Pick the Best Electric Fence Solar Panel for Your Purpose?

When you shop for an electric fence solar panel you need to consider all your needs. Firstly, determine how much power you’ll need for your specific fence.

If you’re powering a very long fence, pick a more powerful setup. This is because the power level will drop the further away it is from the source.

You can also consider your design options. If there’s a lot of shade and you only have a narrow sunlight area, buy a shape that will into that space, rather than a large square.

You can also consider foldable panels. This comes in handy if you need to transport or store them from time to time. When folded up, they’re easier to carry and there’s less chance of damaging the cells.

How Many Electric Fence Solar Panel Units do You Need?

All fences are different, so you need to work out how many electric fence solar panel units you need. Firstly, you must look at your fence design. Long fences require more power to ensure a high voltage throughout. This may require more solar panels at the start of your circuit. Alternatively, you can simply purchase a bigger solar panel that has a higher wattage rating. Elife offers solar panels with both low and high wattage levels.

How Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Work?

Your new electric fence solar panel contains silicone cells. They contain crystals and have the ability to transform the photons in sunlight. They change these units into a power format that you can use.

The electric fence solar panel generates DC power, but to use it in most circuits, it must be in AC power. This is why you often add an inverter to your fence setup.

The solar panel pushes the electricity into the rest of the circuit that you connect to it, such as the converter and battery. These items collect the converted energy so you can use it when you need it.

In the case of fencing, the power will run through the fence lines to produce a shock when someone or an animal presses against it.

Where can an Electric Fence Solar Panel be Used?

You can install an electric fence solar panel almost anywhere on your property. You simply need to make sure there is enough direct sunlight that falls on the solar cells. This is essential to get enough electricity to power your fence.

Can an Electric Fence Solar Panel Charge a 9V or 12V Solar Battery?

Each item in your fence circuit affects the outcome, so always buy the best possible products. For storing the electricity, a 9V or 12V battery works well for energizer power. An electric fence solar panel is ideal to charge these types of batteries.

How Much Power Will my Electric Fence Solar Panel Generate?

If you want to know how much power an electric fence solar panel will generate, look at the type you have. You need to consider the wattage rating. This tells you how much its output is every hour.

Multiply the wattage rating with the average number of bright sunlight hours the panel will get each day. This will tell you how many watts your panel will produce on a normal day.

In many cases it’s safe to say you’ll have a total of four or five hours full sunlight during the day. You can work out how much a 50W panel generates during 5 hours of sunlight.

For example, a 50W electric fence solar panel will produce more or less 250W on an average day. That is 0.25kWh (kilowatt-hours).

What Affects How the Electric Fence Solar Panel Generates Electricity?

The sun is the most important role player when it comes to electricity generation with an electric fence solar panel. You must consider what’s around the panel. Trees and plants can create shade and limit power production.

The weather also plays a role. For example, clouds can limit the amount of sunlight that reaches the cells.

Another factor that plays a role is how the light falls onto your electric fence solar panel. If you can ensure that sunlight falls directly onto the cells for a large part of the day, you’ll have a better outcome. If you live in the northern hemisphere, aim the panels south.

How Many Hours of Sunlight Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Need?

You don’t want your fence to stop working at times. To get proper service from your electric fence solar panel, you need 4 to 5 hours of direct sunlight.

This will ensure that the circuit works during the day and produces additional power which you’ll store in the batteries. This is how you make sure the circuit doesn’t run out of power during the night.

Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Work Without Direct Sunlight?

Your electric fence solar panel needs daylight in order to work. It turns the light into usable electricity. It’s not necessary for the sun rays to fall directly onto the cells in order for them to work.

So, even if the solar panels don’t face the sun throughout the day, it will still generate power. This is why it’s not necessary to keep on angling the solar panels towards the sun’s exact direction throughout the day.

However, it will work better and generate more power if there is direct sunlight. That’s why you must work out which direction will provide the most direct sun rays. Angle your panel in this direction.

Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Work when it Rains?

Rain isn’t always bad news when you work with an electric fence solar panel. It helps you maintain your panels because it will wash away dust and debris that can block the sun rays.

Unfortunately, where there’s rain you’ll often find thick clouds in the sky. If they block too much of the sunlight it can reduce the amount of power your electric fence solar panel produces.

Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Work with Moonlight?

An interesting fact is that your electric fence solar panel doesn’t necessarily stop working at night. Remember, the cells simply need light in order to operate.

So, the sunlight that reflects off the moon onto the earth can still turn into power via the solar panel. However, this will be very low amounts compared to what your system will generate during the day in bright sunlight conditions.

Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Drain Batteries at Night?

If the solar panel doesn’t generate power, it doesn’t push electricity in the direction of the battery. This can lead to the electricity flowing in the other direction, from the battery back into the solar panel.

It could drain the battery during the night. This is the reason you need accessories such as a controller. This prevents power from traveling from batteries to solar panels.

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Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Work in Winter?

Don’t assume your electric fence solar panel won’t work once it gets cold during winter. Remember, it’s about how much light reaches the solar cells, not how warm the panels are.

This means winter sun can lead to as much energy production through your solar cells as during summer.

Also, if winter in your area doesn’t have a lot of rainy weather, it can actually lead to better electricity production. This is because solar cells often show higher productivity when you keep them cool.

Is Electric Fence Solar Panel Waterproof?

Waterproofing is an important characteristic because your electric fence solar panel will be outside in the open. You can’t invest in equipment that will show damage when it gets wet. Quality electric fence solar panel products are waterproof.

To make sure the solar panel you pick is waterproof, look for ratings. One example is the IPX4 waterproof grade you’ll find on Elife products.

Figure 6 1055545082

Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Need Overcharge Protection?

When you work with electricity, a lot can go wrong. One possibility is overcharging the battery. This is why it’s important to use a charge controller. It manages the direction of the electricity flow. In addition it regulates to flow so it doesn’t overwhelm the battery.

The same controller also prevents the electricity from flowing back into the electric fence solar panel. This is to protect the panel and prevent the battery from draining.

How To Manage Electric Fence Solar Panel Quality

One of the attractions of an electric fence solar panel is its low maintenance feature. Rain and wind often help you keep it clean because it will remove dust & debris.

However, it’s important to do checks yourself as well. We suggest at least a yearly check but a good habit is to schedule general cleaning three times a year. If you know debris is common in your area or if you realize the power production drops, clean it with running water.

What are Electric Fence Solar Panel Compatible Accessories?

Your electric fence solar panel is only one part of an entire fence circuit. When you budget and shop for your fence, also consider the following accessories:

  • Solar charge controller: This controller regulates the flow of electricity between the panel and the battery.
  • Inverter: This will convert DC (direct current) into AC (power) which is a usable format of electricity.
  • Battery: This is where you store the electricity the panels generate during the day. When there’s no sunlight left there will still be power in the battery to push through the fence lines.
  • Stand: You must position your electric fence solar panel correctly and it shouldn’t move. For this you can use a specially designed stand.
  • Cables: This will connect the different parts of your circuit. Make sure to invest in quality products.
  • Crocodile clips: These run between the fence and your solar panel with its battery setup.
  • Fencing products: You can pick the type of fencing that works for your purpose. This can be polywire or the more visible polyrope. There’s also traditional electric fencing and netting.
  • Posts: Your fence needs to be sturdy and it shouldn’t sag. Use fence posts to keep the wires, netting or other conductive elements in place.
  • Ground rod: To complete the circuit of an electric fence, you need a connection with the ground and soil. Push a ground rod into the soil and connect your circuit to it.

How to Install an Electric Fence Solar Panel

Installing your electric fence solar panel is very simple, but it does require some planning. This will ensure that you get the most out of your panels as well as your battery.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Pick a position: You need to install your electric fence solar panel where it will get the most direct sunlight. Walk around the area of your fence and look for a spot where trees and other objects won’t obstruct the sun’s rays.
  • Installation method: For some solar panels you need to install a post. The electric fence solar panel can hook onto this post so it’s lifted from the ground. This increases its access to sunlight. For this method, pick a spot outside the perimeter of your fence, so the solar panel isn’t in the way of animals inside your fence. When you use a post, give time for the soil to set before you hook on the electric fence solar panel. You don’t want it to fall over when the post moves a little. Alternatively, you’ll position your solar panel on its own stand on the ground. Certain panels come with sands installed.
  • Grounding the circuit: You need a grounding wire. This is a rod placed in the ground. Position your grounding rod and your solar panel close to each other. This way your connection wire isn’t very long, which makes it safer and there’s less chance of it getting damaged.
  • Connecting to the ground: Your ground rod connects to your electric fence solar panel’s charger with a ground wire. The ground terminal is clearly marked on the equipment. Run insulated wire from the ground rod to the solar panel’s charger. Use clamps to connect that wire to the grounding rod. Crocodile clips will be another option to use.
  • Connecting to the fence: The solar panel and its charger must connect to the fence as well. Run a wire between the live terminal and the fence. You can also use crocodile clips.
  • Waiting period: Leave your fence off for one to three days after installation. This will give enough time for the batteries become fully charged. This protects the batteries, preventing unnecessary problems in future.

How Long Does it Take to Install an Electric Fence Solar Panel?

Installing your new electric fence solar panel is very simple. It’s usually much easier and takes less time than setting up the fence itself. To simply put the electric fence solar panel in place can take as little as a few minutes.

Figure 7 443300170

How do You Test an Electric Fence Solar Panel?

Firstly, you can look for lights on your solar panel setup. Most chargers and batteries will have lights that indicate that the system is on.

You’ll know your electric fence solar panel works well when there’s current running through your fence. You can use a fence tester for this purpose.

Touch the tester to one of the fence wires and make sure the voltage rating is according to your expectation. Some voltmeters require you to touch one rod to the ground and the other to the fence. You can use multimeters too.

It’s important to test the fence in multiple points because voltage will drop the further you go from the solar panel and charger. Make sure there’s a high enough voltage throughout.

How Can You Make an Electric Fence Solar Panel Installation Safer?

Your solar panel itself can’t do a lot of damage, but when it’s connected to a circuit there are some dangers. Firstly, you need to prevent overcharging the battery by using a controller.

You also need to consider the quality of your circuit. Make sure the wire is durable and not frayed. The connections running from the solar panel, controller and battery to the fence must be of high quality so there’s no short-circuiting.

Also make sure people use the circuit with respect. Install warning signs near the battery and along the fence. Anyone that comes close must know there are live wires that they shouldn’t touch.

Can You Overcharge a Battery with an Electric Fence Solar Panel?

Your solar panel itself works automatically. It produces power based on the amount of sunlight that reaches the cells. Inside the electric fence solar panel there’s nothing stopping the power to flow from the panel to the battery.

This can become too much for the battery to handle and batteries can get overcharged.

This explains why it’s important to also invest in a controller when you set up your fence. The controller regulates the flow of power between the solar panel and battery. This prevents overcharging.

Figure 8 628419740

How Much Does an Electric Fence Solar Panel Cost?

You can decide whether you want to buy only a solar panel or a complete kit. You can also purchase each item separately or pick one unit that has a built-in solar panel, charger and battery. Such a buy can cost you anything from $150 to $500.

Figure 9 522046555

How to Choose the Best Electric Fence Solar Panel Supplier

An electric fence solar panel is a high-tech item and if one part is defective it can prevent it from working. Your suppliers must provide you with durable, high quality panels. You can ensure this by doing thorough research before deciding who you’ll do business with.

Discuss specific aspects of the production line with potential suppliers. A high-end manufacturer such as Elife will take time with sorting the solar cells. They pick only the best ones without any defects. This ensures a higher output.

Also ask about cutting and soldering the cells. This should be done with the utmost care so the silicone isn’t damaged. The soldering must be of a high quality because your electric fence solar panel must last for a long time, without any wires or parts coming loose.

The laminating materials must also be of good quality. These laminating layers protect the cells, so they must be durable enough to protect them during installation, bad weather and transportation.

Make sure it’s a certified business. You can also get feedback from clients by reading online reviews or finding out what employees say about the brand. When you order from China you can use the country’s business database to check details about registered companies.

Contact the customer care service with your concerns and see if they help you quickly. Also ask about their return policies to make sure you’ll get value for money. If your electric fence solar panel breaks you must know whether you’re allowed to ask for replacements.

Always consider the price you need to pay. The most expensive options may not be the best. The supplier may simply push its price up to make profit, while giving you low quality solar panel products.

Rather go for a reasonable price for quality products. Don’t simply pick the lowest price either. You don’t want to invest in a low quality electric fence solar panel, because it won’t last long.

With Elife, all these characteristics are of high importance.  The electric fence solar panel you receive will be one of the best on the market.

Does Your Electric Fence Solar Panel Have CE, GS Certificates?

When you purchase an electric fence solar panel, make sure it has the correct certification. You need a CE certification that will prove it passed the necessary safety tests of the EU. A GS certification shows the product also complies with requirements specifically relating to Germany.

Elife has all the necessary certifications in place.

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Do You Have A Solar Charger Controller for An Electric Fence Solar Panel?

Make sure you purchase all you need when you invest in solar panels products. For an electric fence solar panel you also need items such as a solar charger controller.

You can find this on Elife’s product list. It will ensure the battery doesn’t overcharge and it also helps control the voltage of the fence.

At Elife you can purchase all you need for an electric fence solar panel setup. This ensures the parts will be compatible, so it’s best to purchase everything from one vendor.

How to Import an Electric Fence Solar Panel from China

Thanks to modern technology and international shipments, it’s fairly easy to order and receive electric fence solar panel stock from China. Simply make sure that your paperwork is in order, which includes:

  • Purchase orders
  • Insurance documents for your stock
  • Bills of entry to the country
  • Licensing to import the solar panels and sell them

Also have documents about the type of solar panels you’re importing. If anyone asks questions you want to provide them with answers quickly.

When you plan for importing an electric fence solar panel from China, also consider the costs. You’ll have to spend money on import taxes and transportation. Make this part of your budget, so you don’t have surprise expenses that you can’t cover.

How to Ship Electric Fence Solar Panel

Solar panels are durable, but they contain fragile parts. You need to make sure that when you or your suppliers ship an electric fence solar panel, nothing will get hurt during transport.

Pack it in boxes or containers that won’t break under pressure or hard handling. The panels inside must not be able to move around if someone shakes the container. You don’t want panels or wires getting loose.

Ask your supplier about their shipping methods so you have a guarantee that your stock will arrive safely.

What are The Top Selling Elife Electric Fence Solar Panel Models?

For most people, you’ll find that a solar panel rated between 5W and 60W is sufficient for your needs. These are all effective as an electric fence solar panel. The more power you need the higher the wattage rating will be.

Can an Electric Fence Solar Panel be Customized?

Yes, you can order a custom electric fence solar panel. Elife has its own manufacturing plant. We can provide you with a specially made electric fence solar panel that suits your unique requirements.

At Elife we will need the following information for a custom unit:

  • The solar cell type you want. Do you want poly or mono electric panels?
  • What should your output voltage be?
  • Specify the frame size.
  • Provide details about accessories you need, such as a stand.


See how easy it is to add a dynamic power source to fencing? An electric fence solar panel is the smart investment for anyone who needs to add a fence at home, in the agricultural industry or elsewhere.

If you have more questions, please leave a comment and we’ll be glad to assist.

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