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  • UV resistant plastic filaments
  • Top-quality #304 stainless steel and alloy conductors
  • Custom any electric fence rope as your special needs

Elife Can Skyrocket Your Electric Fence Rope Business!

Elife is your premier electric fence rope supplier in china since we start electric fence business in 2002.

Electric fence rope(it is also called polyrope), poly wire, poly tape are three basic electric fence wires for building an electric fence system.Elife electric fence rope is made of UV resistant plastic filaments and high-grade #304 stainless-steel wire.

We can custom any types of electric fence rope with different conductors, plastic filament, roll length, color and more, as your needs.

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Your Most Trustable Electric Fence Rope Supplier

Polyrope production

Electric fence rope production line

Ready for packing

Electric fence rope is waiting for packing now

Quality checking

Elife QC has a random quality spot inspection in electric fence ropes production line every 1 hour

Top Rated Electric Fence Rope

Elife can offer you electric fence rope with diameter, up to 9mm

9mm, 6 strands of 0.20mm S.S

8mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.15mm S.S

4mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.20 mm S.S

6mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.30 mm S.S

6mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.20 mm S.S

6mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.30 mm Cu

6mm, PE Rope 3 strands of 0.20 mm S.S and 3 strands of 0.20 mm Cu

5mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.20 mm S.S

5mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.15 mm S.S

3mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.30 mm S.S

3.5 mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.20 mm S.S

5 mm,PE Rope 4 strands of 0.20 mm S.S

6 mm,PE Rope 3 strands of 0.20 mm S.S

3.5 mm,PE Rope 5 strands of 0.20 mm S.S

8 mm,PE Rope 6 strands of 0.20 mm S.S

Why Can Elife Be Your Premier Electric Fence Rope Supplier?

UV Treatment plastic materials

Elife choose heavy-duty and UV treated plastic for the electric fence rope

High-quality # 304 stainless steel

Use high-quality #304 stainless steel for the conductors of electric fence rope

Over 15 years’ experience

Since 2002, Elife started to manufacturing and supplying electric fence rope

At least 4 times inspection

From outsourcing materials to final products, we will have at least 4 times inspection for your electric fence rope order.

Quick delivery time

20-30 working days after electric fence rope order details confirmed

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Frequently Asked Question

What is warranty time for your electric fence rope?

For our Standard electric fence rope, we can promise you the warranty time is 3- 5 years. But this warranty time is under the common environment instead of an extreme condition, like salty, extreme hot and cold places.

Can you custom electric fence rope for our needs?

Yes, we can custom any electric fence rope with different diameters, conductors, strands, color, length and more as your needs. And you just need to send us the samples of electric fence rope, we can manufacture the same as your samples. Moreover, it’s better to let us know your testing requirements, we will do the actual tests for new customized electric fence ropes. Only newly made samples and tests, both meet your demands, we can go on the order production for you.

What is your payment term of electric fence rope?

We have two types of payment terms for both samples order and formal orders. For samples order, we prefer to get the payment by western union or PayPal. For the formal order, we always proceed  T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment. Till now, our customers are happy with this payment term.

Can I have free sample of electric fence rope?

Yes, Sure! We totally agree to do the sample testing before the trial order of the electric fence rope. And so we will provide you  5 meter long electric fence rope, free of charge but you are requested to pay the courier cost from our office to your company. If you need a spool polyrope and if we have the one roll in stock, we can give you free one roll for your testing, no problem. If we have not one roll sample ready, we need to reproduce electric fence rope, we need to charge you for it.

What is your MOQ for electric fence rope?

Well, as you know that in our factory, we always produce the electric fence rope according to the customers’ orders and we have no stock of them. So the MOQ is a must for the factory running. If you own the factory, you will know the condition. For electric fence rope, we will have the MOQ for electric fence rope at 200 rolls for standard models. If you want the customized electric fence rope, MOQ is at least 500 rolls.



Electric Fence Rope

Our electric fence rope has greater conductivity and excellent anti-corrosion properties in harsh environmental conditions.

Besides the traditional electric fence rope, Elife can make the electric fence rope with fiberglass and coated PVC.

It makes electric fence rope tougher and resilient. You can let us know your special requirements, Elife can customize any types of electric fence rope for you.

Elife can supply qualified electric fence rope with following specifications:

  • Tensile strength of electric fence rope‎: 120-670KG ‎
  • Number of conductors‎for electric fence rope: ‎3-15
  • Number of plastic filaments for electric fence rope: 60-240
  • The actual diameter of electric fence rope: 3.5mm, 4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm or more
  • Conductor material of electric fence rope: ‎stainless steel, aluminum, tinned Cu and more.
  • Standard length of electric fence rope: 200m/roll, 300m/roll,400m/roll,500m/roll, 800m/roll and many more.
  • Elife can customize any electric fence rope as per your detailed specification.

After over 15 years in the electric fence supplies industry, Elife knows quality products guarantee the company’s prosperity and growth.

Elife strictly chooses raw materials supplier for the electric fence rope.

Before Elife begins to work with a new raw material vendor, we subject their material to a rigorous test by making trial electric fence rope.

After their electric fence rope material passes the first quality test, we will continue to sign a long-term agreement with them.

And at that moment, their electric fence rope materials can be used to manufacture formal electric fence rope orders for Elife’s customers.

For our QC team, we send them for training every one or two months to ensure they can guarantee the quality of electric fence rope.

Moreover, Elife always conducts spot-checking or inspection at least 4 times for your electric fence rope order.

It begins from the point we outsource materials to end products.

After the final product is ready, we also proceed to the final inspection of the electric fence rope before shipping according to the strict AQL standard.

That is why Elife has never received quality complaints about electric fence rope from customers since 2002.

So you can count on Elife to be your trusted electric fence rope supplier in China.

The Elife electric fence rope which used in electric fencing can get in a variety of conductivity, lengths, and tensile strengths.

At Elife, you can find the best electric fence rope which fits your requirements for your property’s electric poly fencing.

Elife is a premier 6mm electric fence rope manufacturer in China for more than 15 years. Our 6 mm electric fence rope has better conduction than regular tape.

Thus, it can outcome in more power on your fence. The 6mm electric fence rope is made from quality polypropylene.

Since visibility of the fence is important, 6mm electric fence rope is perfect for horse fencing. Even for an electric rope, 6mm electric fence rope has a breaking strain.

Our electric fence rope or tape has a breathable and sturdy feature to prevent regular tensioning.

The electric fence rope from Elife is suitable for permanent fences. All of our products have extra strength because the edges have a strong side wire.

Elife electric fence rope ensures power from the beginning to end. Elife electric fence rope is best suited for a medium length electric fencing.

Moreover, electric fence rope is considered for permanent cattle and horse fencing over 500 meters. Our electric fence rope for horses is suitable for keeping predators out.

Moreover, they are woven and does not stretch which extends 30% of life. This kind of electric fence rope for horses provides extra safety for the animals.

Elife electric fence rope or tape is easy to install.

The Elife electric fence rope prevents a lot of stretching due to its braided design. This electric fence braided rope ensures a long life.

They have a soft-touch cord that provides safeness to animals. Elife electric fence braided rope can provides optimum conductivity.

Elife electric fence rope comes with a white-finish rope which suitable for simple fencing. Every Elife electric fence rope is rustproof, robust, versatile and long-lasting.

The rope, made of meshed PP threads plastic, is easy to work with and particularly pliable. The Elife electric fence rope has verified its value in practice and has been a best seller for years.

Elife will provide you the highest quality electric fence rope as well as more extra benefits to our customers and partners.

With our excellent manufacturing process, modern production equipment, good quality electric fence product, and strict management.

In our present-day, Elife is exporting electric fence products (including electric fence insulators, electric fence polywire, electric fence tape, electric fence rope, fence posts, gate handle, tape reel, fence tester, solar power and more)for more than 200 countries and areas throughout the world.

In facing the market, Elife company is counted on a strong unity, leadership & workforce to exceed the challenge.

Whether you are finding a functional electric fence rope for your business, then consider Elife company.

Our factory is equipped with a skilled and expert team to supply your needs. Our top engineers are familiar with the best application when it comes to fence construction.

At Elife, we will be your best business partner!

For more information about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Electric Fence Rope: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You’re probably here because – you are looking for high-quality electric fence rope.

Or, you need more information about electric fence rope.

Whichever the case, this guide has all the information you’re looking for, such as features, installation process, specification, and types of electric fence rope, amongst others.

Keep reading:

What is an Electric Fence Rope?

Electric fence rope is a type of electric fence wire with numerous braided conductive wires for carrying electric charge around the fence.

 Electric fence rope

 Electric fence rope

What is Electric Fence Rope used for?

You can use the electric fence rope to secure an enclosure thus preventing unwanted exit or entry into the enclosure.

Here are some of the things that you can perform using the electric fence rope.

· Providing Enough Security

Electric fence ropes will secure your property within an enclosure by keeping the intruders away through electric shocks.

It will also ensure no exit from the enclosure through electric shocks thus keeping the animals within safe.

· Marking Territory

Electric fence ropes are usually thicker in size thus more visible than the electric fence wires.

Due to its visibility, it will help in marking proper territory thus keeping the unwanted away from that particular establishment.

Which Types of Electric Fence Ropes are there?

We provide quite a number of electric fence ropes with different types of materials to meet your fencing requirements.

Here are the main types of electric fence ropes that you can choose from:

 Stainless steel electric fence wire

 Stainless steel electric fence wire

· Stainless Steel Wire Electric Fence Rope

This type of electric fence rope is strong and durable with stainless steel wire as the main type of material.

It is also capable of conducting and channeling the right amount of electric current through to the right point.

· Cu Wire Electric Fence Rope

You will use numerous strands of cooper as the main material for making the electric fence rope.

It also has very high tensile strength and will serve you for a very long time at minimal maintenance cost.

· Cu SS Electric Fence Rope

The main material for making this type of electric fence rope is S.S and Cu thus making it very strong.

Apart from conducting electric current efficiently, it is capable of withstanding push and pull pressure.

· Alloy Wire Electric Fence Ropes

Alloy conductors can offer electric fence ropes with similar conductivity as a copper conductor but the prices are much cheaper.Sunc electric fence rope also enjoys the great anti-oxidant and anti-aging performance too.

What are the Benefits of Electric Fence Rope?

Electric fence ropes take less effort, time, as well as cost in comparison to other types of electric fence systems.

Here are the main advantages of using electric fence ropes that you will definitely enjoy.

 Electric fence rope

 Electric fence rope

· Easy and Economical

You will purchase electric fence ropes at affordable cost coupled with other benefits such as low installation and maintenance costs.

Apart from that, you can easily follow the installation manual and install the electric fence rope easily by yourself.

· Reliable and Safe

You can depend on the electric fence rope to keep you and your property safe within the fence enclosure.

It has the capability of delivering a short and very precise electric shock to create psychological and physical distance.

· Long Lasting and Durable

You will also use the electric fence rope for a very long time because it is very strong and durable.

It has very thick and strong parts that can withstand heavy pull and push pressure thus maintaining durability.

Is Electric Fence Rope UV Resistant?

Absolutely, electric fence ropes are usually UV resistant thus keeping them safe from excess exposure to sunlight.

It is the reason why you can have an electric fence rope in sunny conditions for years without worrying UV destruction.

How long will Electric Fence Rope Last?

Electric fence ropes are very durable and will last for more than 3-5 years under proper care and maintenance.

You can be sure of a very long period of service from the electric fence ropes due to the high tensile strength.

Apart from that, it is also resistant to corrosion thus increasing the high level of durability on the electric fence ropes.

How do you Test Conductivity of Electric Fence Rope?


Testing the conductivity of an electric fence rope is like testing the sting that the electric fence rope will supply.

You can test the conductivity of the electric fence rope by looking at the materials for making the electric fence rope.

You will tell the conductivity of the material by looking at the ohm ratings of that particular material.

In that case, you will follow the simple maxim for detecting the conductivity of the electric fence ropes.

Here is the maxim that will show you just how conductive your electric fence rope is:

  • Low resistivity or low ohm per meter equals high current flow thus very high conductivity
  • High resistivity or high ohms per meter equals very low current flow this low conductivity

What are the Features of Electric Fence Rope?

Electric fence ropes come complete with a number of different features that enable it to function properly.

Here are the main features of the electric fence ropes.

· Conductive Materials

Electric fence ropes basically consist of electric conductive materials woven together to make a rope.

These conductive materials have the capability of allowing the flow of electric current through the electric fence rope.

It is also capable of delivering a sting to anything that will come in contact with the electric fence rope.

· Heavy in Weight

Electric fence ropes are also very heavy in weight in comparison to the electric fence polywires.

This is due to the numerous numbers of electric fence p0py wires and conductive materials that make the rope.

· Proper Visibility

Electric fence ropes are also thick in nature as a result of the numerous conductive materials for weaving the rope.

The more the number of woven conductive materials the thicker the electric fence rope thus better visibility.

· UV Resistance

Electric fence ropes also have UV resistance features that protect it from the degradation of the UV sun rays.

· Corrosion Resistance

Additionally, electric fence ropes also have great resistance to corrosion with high-quality stainless steel wire that keeps it well protected.

How do you Manufacture Electric Fence Rope?

You can manufacture your electric fence rope by using different types of conductive materials.

For instance, you can use stainless steel wires as the main material for making electric fence ropes.

First, you will have to obtain all the raw materials that you need for the electric fence rope.

After that, you will pick the materials and weave them together thus forming a permanent rope.

Basically, the manufacturing process of electric fence ropes is weaving of the conductive materials into a rope.

Additionally, you must ensure that the coat has primary features that will prevent UV destruction on the electric fence rope.

With the conductive materials and a series of plastic threads, you can proceed to weave the electric fence rope.

What Material is Electric Fence Rope made of?

Electric fence rope

Electric fence rope

You can make the electric fence rope using different types of conductive materials and plastic filaments.

The conductive materials will be responsible for enabling a smooth flow of electric current through the electric fence rope.

Some of the conductive materials that you will use include copper, stainless steel,  Cu, and alloy wire among other conductive materials.

Additionally, a series of plastic materials will also come in handy when making the electric fence ropes.

These plastic materials will make the electric fence rope flexible with the ability to bend around corners.

It will also provide it with extra support thus making the electric fence rope stronger and more visible.

How much does Electric Fence Rope Cost?

You can purchase your electric fence rope at varying prices depending on the type of electric fence.

Apart from that, the size of the electric fence rope you are using will also determine the cost.

The higher the quality and length of the electric fence rope, the more money you will pay.

Generally, the cost of electric fence ropes usually varies between 50 to 150 US dollars per spool.

What is the Length of Electric Fence Rope?

The length of the electric fence rope that you will need will depend on the size of the enclosure.

The bigger the enclosure that you need to fence, the longer the electric fence rope that you need.

The length of the electric fence rope will also depend on the price.

For instance, you can have a roll of 1312 feet of electric fence rope for about 50mUS dollars.

What are the Available Color Options for Electric Fence Rope?

There are quite a number of color options for electric fence ropes available for you to choose from.

It is, however, important that you choose a bright color that is properly visible to the naked eye.

This will prevent incidents of electric shocks as you will be able to see the fence from a distance.

Different colors of electric fence rope

 Different colors of electric fence rope

Are there Quality Standards for Electric Fence Rope?

Absolutely, there are quality standards for electric fence ropes that you have to adhere to.

The main quality standards that will protect you as a consumer include:

  • ISO certification quality standards
  • CE certification quality standards

Which accessories do you need to Install Electric Fence Rope?

When installing an electric fence rope, there are multiple accessories that you need to have in place.

Here are the main accessories that must be available for the installation of the electric fence.

How can you Install Electric Fence Rope?

Well you can install an electric fence rope by going through the following step by step process.


Step One: Fitting the Posts

First, you will dig the holes where you will fit the posts that you intend to use for fencing.

As you dig the holes you have to ensure that you have proper spacing between the holes for uniformity.

After that, you will fit the poles within the holes and secure them properly until they are firm on the ground.

Step Two: Fitting the Electric Fence Insulators

The next step in the entire process is fitting the electric fence insulators on the poles.

Depending on the type of insulators, you will either drill it in the post using screws or nails.

As soon as you complete the installation of the insulators, you will proceed to fix the electrical fence ropes.

Step Three: Fitting Electrical Fence Ropes

Here you will unwind the electrical fence rope as you move from one pole to the next pole.

As that goes on, you will fit the rope loosely on the electrical insulators until you cover the whole area.

After that, you will tighten the electrical fence rope as you snap it tight on the electrical fence poles.

At the end of the connection, you will cut it and tie the note with extra allowance in case of repairs.

Step Four: Connecting the Electrical Fence Energizer

You will also have in place the other accessories such as the electric fence energizer to give enough power.

Fixing the energizer will also mean fixing all the other accessories at the right point such as the corners of the fences.

Earthing your fence is also a critical installation step to avoid unwanted shocks on the electric fence installation.

Make sure that you test the electrical fence rope installation before you summarize on the installation.

How can you Tighten Poly Rope Electric Fence?

It is very important to tighten the poly rope electric fence to prevent loose ends and sagging from different ends.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to tighten your poly rope electric fence.

 Electric fence rope

 Electric fence rope

  • At the end post of your installation, you can pull as much slack as possible using your hand.
  • After that, you will use your assembled tension kit to loop the rope and then hook it onto the rope.
  • Remember that you will also have to hook the S – hook on the rope to make the tightening easier.
  • Subsequently, you will place the clamp on the braid and then follow it with an attachment to the S – hook.
  • As soon as that is secure, you will begin to tighten it further using your hands until it is tight enough.
  • Secure the electric fence rope well, before you remove the tensioning kit without affecting the tightness.

How do you Hook up Electric Fence Rope?

In case you need strong and permanent hookups on your electric fence rope, you can go through the following steps.

First, you will have to turn off the electric power supply on the fence to avoid electrocution or shocks.

You must ensure that the power is completely off by using a voltage tester on the electric fence rope.

With the gloves securing your hands, you will get the crimping sleeves on one end of the electrical fence rope.

After that you will bring the other end to the crimping tool and then squeeze it together to form a permanent hook.

You can test the integrity of the hook by pulling and applying enough tension on the hooked electrical fence rope.

 Hooking electric fence rope

Hooking electric fence rope

What is the Average Warranty Period for Electric Fence Rope?

The average warranty period of the electric fence rope will often depend on the type of electric fence rope.

High-quality electric fence ropes usually more guarantee and therefore longer warranty periods.

On the other hand, low-quality electric fence ropes have fewer warranty periods.

On average, you will have a warranty ranging from3 to 5 years depending on the type of electric fence rope.

Can you Splice Electric Fence Rope?

Absolutely, you can splice the electric fence rope using crimping sleeves that are capable of conducting an electric current.

You will use the crimping sleeves to establish another connection between the electric fence ropes.

It will connect the new side with the other side and then allowing the electric fence wires to touch.

This will lead to a re-establishment of the electrical connection in the entire fencing system.

How do you Rewind Electric Fence Rope?

In case you have excess electric fence rope or you have a mistake at hand, you will have to rewind the rope.

You can rewind the electrical fence rope by using the electrical fence reel up to the desired end.

 Rolling electric fence role in reel

 Rolling electric fence rope in reel

What is the Best Electric Fence Rope for Horses?

The best electrical fence rope for horses must possess particular features such as proper visibility of the rope.

Implying that it must be of the right width as well and color that the horse can see from a distance before crossing.

The best width for electrical fence ropes for horses ranges between 3.5 mm to 10 mm thick.

Additionally, you should use very bright colors on the electrical fence rope to increase visibility.

What Determines the Type of Electric Fence Rope for Specific Uses?

When looking for electric fence ropes for specific uses, there are particular features that you will look at.

Here are the main things that will determine the type of electric fence ropes for specific uses.

· Conductivity or Resistivity

Here, you will look at the amount of shock that the electrical fence rope provides according to the intended use.

· Width of the Electrical Fence Rope

You will also have to choose the electrical fence rope by looking at the width and relating to the specific uses.

Heavy applications will force you to use thicker electrical fence ropes in comparison to others.

How does Electric Fence Rope Work?

Electrical fence ropes work by discharging enough shock that will scare the intruder.

You will connect to the electrical fence rope to an electrical power source: an energizer.

After that, you will power it on and allow the electrical current through the electric fence rope.

The electrical power source will also go through a particular power regulator that you have to program.

Make sure that you program the regulator according to the application of the electrical fence ropes.

This will allow just enough shock on the intruder that will keep them away but not lead to ant fatalities.

How does Electric Fence Tape, Electric Fence Rope, and Electric Fence Wire Compare?

You can choose to use the electrical fence tape, electrical fence rope, or electrical fence wire.

Your choice of electrical fence device will depend on the type of application.

Here is a comparison between the three types of electric fences to influence your decision.

· Thickness of the Electrical Fences

The three types of electric fences have varying thicknesses with the electrical fence tape being the thickest.

After the electrical fence tape, we have the electric fence rope and finally the electric fence wire.

· Applications

You will use the electrical fence tapes, wires, and ropes for different applications due to their features.

For applications that require proper visibility, you will go for thicker fences such as electric fence tapes and ropes.

· Type of Materials

Electrical fence wires usually consist of one basic material which is the conductive wire such as stainless steel.

On the other hand, you will use a series of different materials to make the electrical rope and electric fence tape.

How do you Choose Electric Fence Rope Connectors?

When purchasing electrical fence connectors, there are particular features that you have to look at.

 Electric fence rope

Electric fence rope

· Size of the Connectors

You will choose the particular size of connectors according to the size of the electrical fence ropes you are using.

· Conductivity

You must also choose a connector that is capable of conducting enough power through the electrical fence ropes.

What is the Best Electric Fence Rope Tensioner?

The best type of electric fence rope tensioner is one that will exhibit the following properties.

· Safety

You must choose the right type of electric fence rope tensioner that will ensure you are safe from harm.

· Reliability

It must also have perfect reliability with proper conductivity and minimal interruptions if any.

· Resilience

Apart from that, the electrical fence tensioner must also be resilient with high levels of durability.

How does Electric Fence Rope Reel work?

You will use an electric fence reel to unwind and rewind electrical fence ropes to their original positions.

It has a handle that you will use to control the speed of unwinding the electric fence rope in a particular direction.

You will also rewind the electric fence rope by rotating it in the opposite direction.

This will ensure uniform rewinding and unwinding of the electrical fence rope.

Why should you Import Electric Fence Rope from China?

You should consider importing your electric fence rope from China because of the following reasons.

· Competitive Pricing

China has numerous suppliers who offer competitive prices for electrical fence ropes.

You will also have a very easy time finding a supplier in China through online platforms and trade shows.

· High-Quality Products

Chinese manufacturers support OEM business by using a high quality product from different suppliers manufacture high-quality electric fence ropes

What Key Specification you need to Consider before you Purchase Electric Fence Rope?

As you purchase the electrical fence rope, there are specific details that you need to have a closer look at.

Here are the details that you must consider as you purchase your electrical fence rope.

· Materials

You should consider materials with different conductivity levels according to the application.

Apart from that, the materials must have PE and must be resistant to UV rays.

Make sure the conductor wire is stainless steel and corrosion resistance such as cheap 304 stainless steel.

· High Tensile Strength

Here, you will consider the tensile strength by confirming if it will fit the electrical fence rope applications.

What is Elife’s top Rated Electric Fence Rope?

Elife provides some of the best types of electrical fence ropes at the most affordable prices.

Here are some of the properties of top-rated electrical fence ropes that you can order from Elife.

· Conductor Materials

It comes complete with conductor materials such as stainless steel, copper, mixed conductors and alloy conductors.

· Conductors Strands

Apart from that, the electric fence rope has different strands ranging from 2-10 strands

· Rope Diameter

The diameter of the electrical fence rope also ranges between 3mm to 10mm.

· Color

It is available in different colors such as orange, white, and blue among others.

· Spool

The spool also varies with a wide variety of lengths such as 200m,250mm and 400m among others.

How Do You Package the Electrical Fence Rope?

You can package the electrical fence rope by going through the following steps.

  • Rolling the electrical fence rope on the reel and the cover with a film wrap.
  • After that, you will shrink the film wrap spool tape
  • Finally, you will place the rolls in the export carton in readiness for transportation.

Which Electrical Conductors are in Electric Rope?

There are four main types of electrical conductors that you will find in an electric fence rope.

Here are the main types of electrical conductors that you will find in electric fence ropes.

· Stainless Steel Wire

The advantages of using stainless steel wire as an electrical conductor include:

i. It has a smooth surface with a beautiful finish

ii. It is durable and will serve you for a longer period.

iii. It is also corrosion resistance thus fostering its beauty as well as durability

iv. It is also a high-intensity material with high tenacity as well as anti-fraying and anti-aging properties.

· Tinned Copper Wire Conductor

You can also choose to use tinned copper wire due to the following benefits:

i. It has a soft, shiny, and beautiful surface

ii. It also has very high levels of conductivity

iii. It is resistant to corrosion as well as anti-aging properties

iv. It also has very high levels of ductility

· Mixed Conductor

This type of electrical conductor has the advantages of both stainless steel and copper.

Some of the advantages include:

i. It has the very high tensile strength to withstand external pressure

ii. It also has very high levels of conductivity

iii. Additionally, this conductor is resistant to corrosion

iv. Apart from that, it also exhibits anti-aging properties

v. You can get the mixed conductor at very affordable prices

· New Material of Alloy Conductor

This type of new material or conductor exhibits the following properties:

i. High conductivity levels that are similar with copper

ii. It is cheaper in comparison to other types of conductors

iii. It has performing anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties

iv. You can use it as the perfect substitute to copper conductors

What kind of test do you do for electric fence rope?

There are three main types of tests that we perform on the electric fence ropes to ensure their integrity.

The main tests that you will perform on the electrical fence ropes include:

  • Tensile strength test
  • Anti-aging test
  • Resistance test

Can You Customize Electric Fence Rope?

Electric fence rope for horse

 Electric fence rope for horse

Absolutely, Elife can customize any electrical fence rope according to your specifications.

Implying that when you are making your order, you have to specify the following:

  • Conductor Materials
  • The diameter of the electric fence rope
  • Number of strands among others

Elife has been in the business of customizing electric fence ropes for different clients and brands in Europe and the USA among others.

Can Elife Offer Braided Electric Fence Rope?

Yes, you can order your braided electrical fence rope from Elife.

All you have to do is get in touch with our able customer care team always at your service.

At Elife, we offer the best electric fence accessories.

Please contact us for a quick quote now!

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