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  •  More than 15 years in the electric fence ribbon business
  • We can offer you an electric fence ribbon up to 50mm
  • Select high-quality HDPE filaments and #304 stainless steel conductors

Your Premier Electric Fence Ribbon Supplier in China

Elife Electric fence ribbon provides a flexible fencing option. The ribbon is made from high quality and UV stable PE filaments that make it last longer in the sun.

Our electric fencer ribbon is made from 304 stainless steel conductors that increase the electric fence ribbon conductivity and strength.Also, the electric fence ribbon is corrosion resistant.

At Elife, we are a professional electric fence ribbon manufacturer in China for over 15 years. We manufacture electric fence ribbon for you, from non-conductive woven strands laced with metal threads for transmitting voltage around the fence.

As a professional electric fence ribbon manufacturer, Elife is your first choice of electric fence ribbon supplier in china.

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Your Leading Electric Fence Ribbon Supplier in China.

Electric Fence Ribbon Production Line

Elife equipped with modern machines for manufacturing your electric fence ribbon orders.

Electric Fence Ribbon Quality Control

According to IS90001, Elife has a strict quality control strategy for manufacturing electric fence ribbon for you.

Custom Electric Fence Ribbon for You

Elife allows you to have a customized electric fence ribbon to give your customer the best solution.

Why Elife Will Be Your No.1 Electric Fence Ribbon Supplier in China?

UV Resistant Material

Elife selects high-quality UV stable plastic material for manufacturing your

electric fence ribbons.

Chooses #304 Stainless Steel Material

Elife selects high-grade #304 stainless steel to manufacture heavy-duty electric fence


More Than 15 Years Of Experience

Elife has been making and supplying high-quality electric fence

ribbons since 2002.

In-depth Selection Of Raw Material

Elife uses its own selection criteria to choose a premium-quality electric fence

ribbons’ raw material.

4x Detailed Inspection

Elife uses stringent measures when inspecting orders to ensure that your

customers get faultless and high-quality electric fence ribbons.

These measures include inspecting the outsourced materials as well as the

final electric fence ribbons for at least 4 times.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can You Provide Customized Electric Fence Ribbons?

Yes, Elife provides customized electric fence ribbons. You can place your

order today to get ribbons of various sizes, diameters, strands, conductors,

colors, or any other specification.

Do you have an original sample of ribbons that you’d like?

If so, you can

send it over to us to save your time by speeding up the manufacturing


You can place test requirements such as resistance tests, breaking strength

tests, aging tests, etc. for your customized order. Our engineers and quality

control managers are capable of researching, manufacturing, testing, and

inspecting your electric fence ribbons.

Elife prefers preparing verified samples for you before finally approving the

formal order.

Are Electric Fence Ribbons Made From Stainless Steel?

Yes, Elife  uses #304 stainless steel metal wire for production of

ribbons. #304 stainless steel has a robust tensile strength, lower resistance,

and anti-rust properties.

When you start using your electric fence ribbons in the field, they’ll show a

longer shelf life as well as enhanced connectivity. Elife believes in

providing quality products for you.

Our engineers highly recommend buying fence ribbons that are

manufactured from #304 stainless steel material.

What Is The Standard Warranty Duration Of High-class Electric Fence Ribbons?

Elife guarantees you that the premium-quality electric fence ribbons have a

warranty duration of a minimum of three to five years.

The warranty duration is calculated based on different factors as listed


Check them out:

It is calculated based on the standard environmental conditions rather than

adverse weather conditions. These adverse weather conditions may include

extremely hot or cold environments, high salt content, or high water content,


Can I Place An Order To Receive A Free Sample Of Electric Ribbons?

Yes, you can get a free sample of electric fence ribbons.

Elife performs numerous sample tests before shipping your trial order of

electric fence ribbons.

In case, your requested sample is in stock, we will send it over to you as

soon as possible. However, if it is out of stock, we will need some additional

time to manufacture it for you.

You will, however, have to pay for the cost of manufacturing the requested


Electric Fence Ribbon Supplier

Electric Fence Ribbon Collection

Elife makes electric fence ribbons in various widths from 8mm to 50mm with conductor strands from 3 to 12. Also, the electric fence ribbon comes with varying spool lengths from 100m, 200m, 250, 400m, to 500m. So, you have the freedom to choose the length you want from ELife.

Elife electric fence ribbon stands out for various reasons. Our electric fence ribbon is wider compared to the wire fence which provides a visual deterrent for animals. You can use it for horses thanks to its visibility which reduces the likelihood of panic and injury.

Electric Fence Ribbon Manufacturing-3

Like the conventional wire-based electric fence, Elife electric fence ribbon sends a mild, corrective shock up on contact. Besides using it on horses, you can use it for cattle, sheep, and other livestock.

Also, you can use it to protect farmland and crops. What’s more, you can use Elife electric fence ribbon to protect your garden or pool. Electric fence ribbon is also used in some national parks to safeguard wild animals.

Electric Fence Ribbon manufacturing

Compared to the traditional electric fence, electric fence ribbon is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use. It is perfect for your temporary fencing needs.

You can easily install and repair an electric ribbon fence. Elife electric fence ribbon is durable, with high conductivity and long warranty.

The stainless steel strands are laced into the a rustproof plastic ribbon. Electric fence ribbon can be installed anywhere even on uneven ground and around corners.

Are you looking for a special electric fence ribbon that’s hard to find in the market for your project? At Elife, you can order any type of electric fence ribbon that meets your specifications.

For a custom electric fence ribbon order, you can choose the width, spool, breaking strength, color, and conductors among others. All you need to do is to let us know the details or provide us with a sample.

We will then provide you with a working electric fence ribbon sample for testing in 7 working days.

Elife can supply almost everything you require to build an electric fence on your property.

Apart from manufacturing electric fence ribbons, Elife manufactures a full range of other electric fence supplies,like insulators, electric fence posts, electric fence tester, and electric fence solar power, and much more.

Using items designed for electric fence makes it easy for you to assemble the fence.

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Electric Fence Ribbon: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you are looking for the best electric fence ribbon on the market.

Or, you want to learn more about the electric fence ribbon.

That’s why this guide answers all questions you have been asking about electric fence ribbons.

Let’s dive right in.

What is an Electric Fence Ribbon?

Electric fence ribbon is a tape like fencing option with non-conductive polyethene woven materials.

It is available in different widths and has conductive metal lace threads which conduct enough electric voltage on the fence.

Electric fence ribbon

Electric fence ribbon

How Much Does an Electric Fence Ribbon Cost?

The cost of the electric fence ribbon usually varies according to a number of different factors.

Some of the factors that affect the cost of electric fence ribbons are:

Size of Electric FenceRibbon

You will look at the size of the ribbon in terms of width and length of the ribbon.

The wider and longer the ribbon is, the higher the cost of the electric fence ribbon.

Quality of Electric Fence Ribbon

Of course, high-quality electric fence ribbons will cost you more than the low-quality electric fence ribbon.

This is especially because high quality electric fence ribbons have high quality materials which are costly to acquire.

Generally, you should budget for between 25 and 150 US dollars before you shop for the electric fence ribbon.

Which Sizes of Electric Fence Ribbons Do You Supply?

Well, the sizes of electric fence ribbons vary depending on your fencing installation requirements.

You will look at the size of an electric fence ribbon in terms of width and length of the ribbon.

We manufacture different sizes of electric fence ribbons that will fit different fencing options.

The most common electric fence ribbon sizes range between 10 mm to 40 mm in width.

The size of the conducting materials also range between 0.15 mm to 0.45 mm in diameter.

Of course, the wider the electric fence ribbon, the more the number of strands on the ribbon.

Apart from that, you can also customize your electric fence ribbon to any width or length that you need.

Why Should You Import the Electric Fence Ribbon from China?

You should consider importing your electric fence ribbon from China due to a number of reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider China as your shopping destination.

High Quality Products

China produces very high-quality electric fence ribbons by using high quality materials from different suppliers.

As the manufacturers support OEM business, you will acquire durable electric fence ribbons to serve you for longer periods.

Wide Variety

You will also have a wide range of electric fence ribbons to choose from as they produce different varieties.

You can also get in touch with the Chinese manufacturers and order custom made electric fence ribbons.

Proper Infrastructure

China has one of the best transport and communication infrastructure in the world.

You can order your electric fence ribbons through online communication networks and transport it via the good transport network.

Affordable Pricing

You are sure of getting very high-quality electric fence ribbons from China at affordable prices.

In addition to that, you can benefit from massive discounts in case you purchase them in bulk.

What are the Benefits of Using the Electric Fence Ribbon?

There are quite a number of benefits that you will enjoy by using the electric fence ribbons.

Here are some of the benefits of using the electric fence ribbon.

High Levels of Durability

Electric fence ribbons exhibit high durability levels with maximum tensile strength to withstand push and pull forces.

Apart from that, the electric fence ribbon is also corrosion and weather resistant thus increasing its durability.

Better Visual Appearance

Electric fence ribbons are wide in terms of width thus increasing the visibility of the ribbon.

Apart from that, it is available in a wide array of bright colors that reflect light thus increasing the visibility.


In addition to the above benefits, you can easily purchase the electric fence ribbon at an affordable price from different manufacturers.

What are the Limitations of Using the Electric Fence Ribbon?

Despite the numerous benefits, there are particular limitations of using the electric fence ribbon.

Here are the main limitations that you may experience.

Tendency of Sagging

Electric fence ribbons are heavy in terms of weight and may sag on the fence thus making it look bad.

Apart from that, it offers great wind resistance which makes it sag further and affects its efficiency.

Is the Electric fence Ribbon Weather Resistant?

Absolutely, electric fence ribbons are weather resistant.

Implying that the electric fence ribbon is capable of withstanding UV rays from the sun.

It is also capable of withstanding rainy conditions as the insulated material is water proof.

Such properties reduce the chance of corrosion thus making it an important installation for the outdoors.

Which is the Best Material for Making the Electric Fence Ribbon?

Electric fence ribbon

Electric fence ribbon

The best materials that you can use to make the electric fence ribbons is polyethene filament and a conductor material.

Polyethene is the best material that offers the best insulation properties to the electric fence ribbon.

It is also light in weight and readily available raw material that you can use to make electric fencing ribbons.

Apart from polyethene, you will also use different types of conductor materials depending on the type of fence.

The main types of conductor materials you can use include copper, stainless steel and aluminum among others.

How Many Strands Do You have on an Electric Fence Ribbon?

The number of strands in an electric fence ribbon will vary according to the width of the electric fence ribbon.

Implying that the wider the electric fence ribbon, the more the number of strands you will find on the ribbon.

Here are a few examples that will make you understand it better:

  • 12 mm wide electric fence ribbons usually come with 4 strands of stainless-steel measuring 0.15 mm
  • 10 mm wide electric fence ribbon can have 4 strands of stainless-steel measuring 0.30 mm
  • 12 mm electric fence ribbon can have 6 strands of stainless-steel measuring 0.15 mm

You can also dictate the number of strands and thickness of electric fence ribbons for custom electric fence ribbons.

Can You Join Different Electric Fence Ribbons?

Yes, you can join different electric fence ribbons to one another.

You will, however, need a connector that will join the two parts together while maintaining its efficiency.

What are the Quality Specifications for Electric Fence Ribbon?

Electric fence ribbon manufacturers often ensure that they maintain high quality levels during the manufacturing process.

When purchasing electric fence ribbons, you have to make sure that it adheres to the following quality specifications.

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Specifications
  • GS Quality Specifications
  • CE Quality Specifications

How do you Install Electric Fence Ribbon?

The installation process of the electric fence ribbon is quite a simple process that you can do by yourself.

Here is a step by step process that will guide you through the entire electric fence installation process.

Step One: Preparation Stage

First, you will have to prepare all the materials that you need for the installation process.

Apart from that, you will measure your farm area, dig holes and install the electric fence posts.

After that, you will connect the electric fence insulators or connectors to the posts.

In this case, you can choose to use connectors with clamps that will hold the electric fence ribbons in place.

Step Two: Installing the Electric Fence Ribbon

As soon as the electric fence connectors are tight in place, you will proceed with the installation of the ribbons.

You will connect the open end of the electric fence ribbon to the first post and secure it tightly to the post.

Depending on the number of strands, you will have to connect the ribbons accurately to the posts above one another.

With the help of a reel, you will unwind the electric fence ribbon as you move along the fence line to the end.

As you unwind, your assistant will connect the ribbon to the connectors and clutch them tightly to secure them well.

You will repeat the same process on all the strands on the electric fence and then secure it on the final post.

Which Accessories Do You Install Alongside Electric Fence Ribbon?

There are quite a number of accessories that you can install alongside the electric fence ribbons.

Here are the main types of accessories that you can install alongside electric fence ribbons.

How Do You Control the Quality of the Electric Fence Ribbon?

We control quality of the electric fence ribbon by ensuring that we use high quality materials.

We outsource high quality materials from different suppliers thus supporting original equipment manufacturers business.

Apart from that, we do thorough inspection of the entire manufacturing process almost 4 times.

This is to ensure that the we make the best out of every step in the manufacturing process.

In addition to that, we adhere to the local and international quality standards to the letter.

Do You Have Color Limitations on the Electric Fence Ribbons?

Different colors of electric fence ribbon

Different colors of electric fence ribbon

No, we do not have color limitations when it comes to choosing electric fence ribbons.

We ensure that you get the color of electric fence ribbon that you need as long as it is bright and visible.

What is the Warranty Period for the Electric Fence Ribbon?

The warranty period for the electric fence ribbon usually runs from 2 to 3 years depending on the type of ribbon.

High quality electric fence ribbon has a longer warranty period because we believe it will not cause any problems.

Do You Supply the Turbo Electric Fence Ribbon?

Yes, we do supply turbo electric fence ribbons as well.

This type of electric fence ribbon has turbo conductivity with more strands of electric conductive materials.

It has 48 times more conductivity in comparison to the other types of electric fence ribbons

You will use it to create more shock as it carries more power over very long distances.

How DO You Choose a Good Electric Fence Ribbon?

You will choose the electric fence ribbon through proper analysis of your electric fence requirements.

Here are some of the factors that you will have to consider when choosing a good electric fence ribbon.

· Size of the Electric Fence Ribbon

You will look at the size of the electric fence ribbon in terms of width and length that you need for the fence.

· Number of Strands

Here, you will decide on the number of conductive material strands that you will need on the electric fence ribbon.

· Type of Materials

You will also choose the type of conductive materials that you would like to have on your electric fence ribbon.

This will depend greatly on the requirements of the electric fence applications and the budget you are working with.

· Color of Materials

Well, there are no color limitations so you have the freedom of choosing any color of electric fence ribbon you need.

How Does Electric Fence Ribbon Compare to Electric Fence Tape?

There is a very close resemblance between the electric fence ribbon and the electric fence tape.

To avoid confusion, you should know that the electric fence ribbon is wider or thicker than the tape.

Electric fence ribbons also have particular similarities such as color to the electric fence tapes.

The conductive materials for making electric fence ribbons are also similar to those of making electric fence tapes.

What is the Difference Between the Electric fence Ribbon and Electric Fence Rope?

The electric fence ribbon is often wider in comparison to the electric fence ropes.

Implying that the electric fence ropes have fewer conductive and insulating materials than the electric fence ribbons.

Due to the width, the electric fence ropes do not have sagging imitations like the electric fence ribbons.

In addition to that, electric fence ribbons have higher tensile strengths than the electric fence tapes.

This is because it has more strands thus making it stronger and more resistant to pull and push forces.

How Will You Check the Conductivity of the Electric Fence Ribbon?

You can check the conductivity of the electric fence ribbon by looking at the type of conductive materials.

Different conductive materials have different conductivities with copper being the most conductive of all the materials.

Apart from that, you can use the electric fence tester to determine the conductivity of the electric fence ribbon.

Do You Have Particular Electric Fence Posts for Electric Fence Ribbons?

You should consider using very strong electric fence posts that can withstand the weight of the electric fence ribbons.

The fencing post for the electric fence ribbons must also have proper insulation properties to prevent leaking of power.

The best type of electric fence posts for electric fence ribbons is the fiber electric fence posts.

Apart from that, you can use the thick wooden electric fence posts that have very high strengths.

Can You Repair the Conductive Materials on the Electric Fence Ribbon?

No, you cannot repair the conductive materials on the electric fence ribbons.

All you can do is cut of the broken conductive materials from the electric fence ribbon and then connect the two parts.

You will, however, need a connector that will help in connecting the two parts of the electric fence ribbon together.

What other Electric Fence Supplies do you offer?

We offer every part of the electric fence supply that you might need for your electric fence installation.

Here are the main supplies that we supply.

Depending on your specific needs, Elife offers a range of high performance electric fence ribbons at competitive prices.

Feel free to contact Elife team for any questions or inquiries about electric fence accessories.

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