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  • Use high-duty HDPE for making the body of electric fence reel
  • Offer you 3:1 geared electric fence reel
  • Custom any electric fence reel as your request

Your Leading Electric Fence Reel Supplier in China

Elife is a leading electric fence reel supplier in China and we can supply you with high-quality electric fence reel.

That is why the world top brands choose Elife’s electric fence reel, including electric fence polywire reel and geared electric fence reel.

Elife can custom any types of electric fence reel as your special needs.

Please email the Elife sales team for a quick quote of electric fence reel now!

Elife is Your Premium Electric Fence Reel Supplier in China!

3-D tooling design

We set up a professional team to build plastic toolings for electric fence reel.

Injection machine with auto-loader

We have top brand injection machines with auto-loaders, to manufacture electric fence reel.

Top brand injection machine

Here is a close view of top brand injection equipment for electric fence reel.

Why Can Elife Be Your First Choice for Electric Fence Reel Supplier in China?

Over 15-year experience

Elife has more than 15 years experience in animal electric fence supplies industry.

The world top5 brands’ choice

The world top 5 brands choose Elife’s electric fence reel.

High quality and UV stable plastics

All Elife electric fence reels are made of high quality and UV stable plastics.

Strict inspection system

We conduct at least 4 times inspection for your order before shipment.

Free samples available

We can provide you 1x pcs free electric fence reel sample.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is made of inner gear of electric fence reel?

The inner gear of an electric fence reel is made of Nylon. So the gear are more wearable and durable and you use electric fence reel to wind up or unwind up polywire or polytape for much longer time.

Do you sell spare parts of electric fence reel?

Yes. Sure! We can sell electric fence spare parts to the customers, whoever orders our electric fence reel before. If you only want to buy electric fence reel spare parts, the order is not acceptable right now.

What is your payment term of electric fence reel?

Elife has two types of payment term for electric fence reel order. For the sample order, you are requested to pay by western union or paypal. But for the formal electric fence reel order, we prefer T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment.

Do you have any customers in our country, who ordered electric fence reel from Elife?

Please let us know your country name. And we will check if we have customers , from your country, ordered electric fence reel or not. If yes, we will let you know but we cannot disclose their name to you as we have the NDA agreement with our customers. Once you started an electric fence reel business with us, we will also keep the secret business from third parties.

What is your MOQ for electric fence reel?

We can allow you to buy 200 pcs of electric fence reel at the first order and once you have the good sale of our electric fence reel in your market, you will increase your order quantity of electric fence reel. We definitely believe it.

Electric Fence Reel

Elife takes PVC for the big handle of electric fence reel and Nylon for inner gear.

Why does Elife use various plastic materials for one electric fence reel?

We know the characteristic of each material, so we choose the various plastic materials according to the different parts of electric fence reel requirements.

For the metal parts of the electric fence reel, Elife uses galvanized steel. It ensures the electric fence reel remains rustproof.

Elife can be your premium electric fence reel supplier in China.

Elife has three typical types of electric fence reel, including 3:1 geared electric fence reel, 1:1 heavy-duty electric fence reel, and economy polywire electric fence reel.

Elife geared electric fence reel has a 3:1 gear ratio.

Meaning, when the handle of geared electric fence reel turns once, the ribbon will rotate 3 times.

When consumers use such an electric fence reel to re-roll long length of electric fence polywire, polytape or polyrope, it will save too much time and make the portable electric fence installation process faster.

Such Elife geared electric fence reel can hold up 660 Ft of electric fence polytape or 1640 Ft of polywire.

Elife electric fence reel is designed to put up on an electric perimeter fence by the metal hook of the insulated handle.

Moreover, Elife geared electric fence reel has a lot of features, such as insulated rubber gate handle, polywire for easy grip, a wire guide for easy winding, free of tangle and handle hook, 3:1 gearbox for winding your electric fence conductor 3x faster, UV resistant reel for long-lasting use and special replaceable & reversible hub for easy maintenance.

Economy electric fence reel can hold 1640 Ft polywire. It has the same capacity as the top brand classic electric fence reel.

And economy electric fence reel has several featured parts, including insulated rubber handle with the robust hook, and quality bobbin for easy replacement.

It also has replaceable and durable plastic bushings for smooth winding of polywire and polytape.

If you want an electric fence reel with a better price but great quality, we recommend Elife 1:1 heavy-duty electric fence reel.

It has the galvanized steel frame and UV resistant heavy-duty plastic reel. And the electric fence reel has a special locking ratchet system.

Moreover,1:1 heavy-duty electric fence reel has a capacity of 660 Ft of electric fence polytape or 1640 Ft of polywire. And such electric fence reel has special hub users can easily replace with the new one.

Elife is one of the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of electric fence reel in China since 2002. We offer reliable and durable electric fence reel products for all livestock and pet fencing needs.

Since 2002, Elife has been a leader in electric fencing, we are providing an almost full range of electric fence supplies for farms, homes, and ranches in the decades and they are including Electric fence chargers, Insulators Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fence Posts, Gate handle, Geared tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit and more.

Elife electric fence reel is resilient, durable and backed by an exclusive year limited warranty. Our electric fence reel makes wire installation convenient and easy.

They are ideal for rotational grazing and small pastures. This electric fence wire reel is also ideal to prevent being tangling of the fence wire.

Elife electric fence reel can mostly hold up to 1620 feet of poly wire or aluminum/steel wire and can hold up to 656 feet poly tape.

If you need a larger amount to store then Elife will suggest looking at the reel with support stand or larger reel. All of this can cater to Elife.

Elife electric fence reel is made up of strong steel components. We have galvanized steel frame electric fence reel which insulates the wire and built strong from the spool.

They also come with a strong steel locking system which ensures the gear stays in place. Thus, it will keep the wire taught and nice and as well as prevent from becoming loose.

Moreover, the electric fence reel from Elife comes with steel handle and crank in order to make the work easier.

All Elife electric fence reels are made with high-quality plastic with mounting bracket and brake. If you need to have a surplus of electric fencing conductor then Elife electric fence reel is ideal to keep the fence in reserve.

Just unwind and store it on a reel when moving the fence. It is also perfectly suited for moving the boundaries or strip grazing to accommodate extra animals.

At Elife, we offer our highest capacity of electric fence reel. It comes with a detachable drum made from strong plastic with strap and metal support strand.

This support stand can carry the reel off the ground in the field. Our electric fence reel ensures the fence tape doesn’t unwind because it has a brake.

Since 2002, Elife can provide support services, inspection, and custom electric fence reel packaging. All electric fence products manufacturing in Elife follows up ISO 9001 regulation and rules.

For more than 15 years of effort and development, we became a great influence grown to be a corporation in the field. We engaged in providing our clients with excellent quality and one-stop service for electric fence reel products with competitive prices and fast delivery.

Here at Elife you can get various types of electric fence reel to support your business. Make Elife as your biggest supplier and manufacturer for your electric fence solutions.

In all fairness, Elife has co-operated with hundreds of clients throughout the world.

For more information about electric fence supplies and product purchase or if you have any suggestions, reach out to Elife now for assistance. Our professional sales team is 24/7 available for a fast response.

Electric Fence Reel: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, I will show you how to choose an electric fence reel.

So, if you want to learn more, or import electric fence reel, read this guide.

What is Electric Fence Reel?

Electric fence reel is a device that you will use to wind and unwind an electric fence wire, rope or tape.

 Electric fence reel

Electric fence reel

What is Electric Fence Reel used for?

You will use an electric fence reel to make the handling of electric fence wires, ropes and tapes easier.

Here are some of the activities that you can perform using the electric fence reel.

· Winding the Electric Fence Ropes, Wires, and Tapes

With the electric fence reel, you will have easy time winding the electric fence wires, ropes and tapes.

· Unwinding the Electric Fence Ropes, Wires and Tapes

Apart from that, you will also use it to unwind the electric wires, ropes and tapes in case of an excess.

· Ensuring Maximum Control

You will also enjoy maximum control of the electric fencing material by using the electric fence reel.

Some of the electric fence reels come complete with gears thus help in controlling the amount of electric fencing materials.

· Storage of Electric Fencing Material

You will use the electric fence reel as a storage unit for the electric fencing material such as wires, ropes and tapes.

The reel will maintain the fencing material in place while preventing it from any form of damage during the storage period.

What are the Components of Electric Fence Reel?

 Electric fence reel system

 Electric reel system

An electric fence reel is capable of working very efficiently with the help of the various components.

Here are the main components that make up an electric fence reel.

Electric Fence Reel Insulated Rubber Handle

You will use the insulated rubber handle to prevent you from shock or bruises on your hands.

It provides the perfect condition that will enable you to comfortably wind or unwind the electric fence materials.

Robust Hook

You will depend on the robust hook to control the amount of electric fence rope, tape, or wire that you are releasing.

Plastic Casing

This is the part of the electric fence reel which covers the two exterior ends of the electric fence reel.

It will prevent the electric fence ropes, tapes or wires from spilling off from the sides of the reel.

Holding Frame

This is a metal frame to which the hook attaches itself and also holds the entire electric fence reel in place.

Locking Ratchet System

This is a special part of the electric fence reel that will lock the reel and render it unable to release the fencing material.

You will also use it to unlock the reel thus allowing it to release the fencing ropes, tapes, and wires.

What’s more, you will also use the locking ratchet system to lock the gear of the electric fence reel.

How does Electric Fence Reel Work?

Well, the electric fence reel is quite a simple device that you can operate by yourself as you install electric fences.

Here is a step by step procedure on how the electric fence reel works.

Electric fence reels

Electric fence Reels

Step One: Hooking the Open End of Electric Fence Material

First, you will hook the open end of the electric fencing materials to the electric fence connectors on the post.

You have to make sure that the connector holds the electric wire, rope or tape firmly with no chance of release.

Step Two: Unwinding the Electric Fence Materials

After that, you will release the locking ratchet system to allow the electric fence reel the freedom of rotating.

This will also release the handle thus making it loose for you to operate as you wish.

Apart from that, you must also ensure that you release the hook from holding the electric fencing material.

With that in place, you will have the freedom to rotate the handle and release the electric fence materials.

One rotation of the electric fence reel handle is capable of releasing 3 times the amount of material from the reel.

Step Three: Winding the Electric Fence Materials

There are cases when you will release too much electric fencing wire, tape, or ropes from the electric fence reel.

In such a case, you will rotate the handle in the opposite direction to roll the electric material back to the reel.

You can control the rolling and unrolling of the electric fence materials by using the gear on the electric fence reel.

The robust hook will put a halt on the release of the electric fencing materials as you perform other fencing activities.

What is Gear Ratio in Electric Fence Reel?

The gear ratio in the electric fence reel is 3:1.

Implying that when you turn the handle of the electric fence reel gear once, the ribbon rotates three times.

How does Geared Electric Fence Real compare to Standard Electric Fence Reel?

Well, you can choose to use the geared electric fence reel or standard electric fence reel.

Both electric fence reels do the same job of rolling and unrolling the fencing materials such as wires, ropes and tapes.

The greatest difference is that one has a gear that will control the whole process while the other does not.

The geared electric fence reel will have more control on the release of electric fence ropes, tapes and wires.

On the other hand, you will have a difficult time in controlling the release of the electric fencing material.

This is because the standard electric fence reel does not have a gear to control the reel operations.

Additionally, you can set the geared electric fence reel to work at particular intervals or ratios.

What are the Benefits of Electric Fence Reel Stand?

You will use the electric fence reel stand to make the fencing experience easier and simpler.

It will hold on to the reel allowing you to pull the electric fence material from the reel without fear of lodging.

It is a very simple device that you can use just by following the instructions without supervision or training.

Apart from that, the installation process of the electric fence reel is quite simple and less costly.

Why do you need Reel System for Portable Electric Fence?

Electric fence reel system

Electric fence reel system

You will need a electric fence reel system for a portable electric fence to make the winding and unwinding process simple.

Since the fence is portable, you will have to move from one place to another when the right time for moving comes.

In that case, you will need an electric fence reel to help you unwind the electric fence cable very easily.

As soon as you reach your location, you will also unwind the electric fence cable easily as you install the fence.

Electric fence reels will also make the transporting of the electric fence cables very easy and convenient for you.

Which Features should you Consider when buying Geared Electric Fence Reel?

When purchasing an electric fence reel, there are particular features that you need to look at.

The features that you will look at include:

· Insulated Rubber Handle

Electric fence reels must also have insulated rubber handles that will protect you from electric shock.

It will also come in handy when you wind and unwind the electric fence cables from the electric fence reel.

· Wire Guide

You must also have a wire guide on the electric fence reel to help in guiding the electric fence cable.

This will make the winding and unwinding process of the cables very easy and free of tangles.

· Gear Box

It must also have a gear that will control the speed of winding and unwinding the electric fence cable from the reel.

· UV Resistance

Your electric fence reel should also have materials that are resistant to UV rays to increase the durability.

Why should you Import Electric Fence Reel from China?

You should consider importing your electric fence reel from china because of a number of factors.

Here are the reasons that should compel you to import electric fence reels from China.

· Easy Transportation

You will be able to transport your cargo from China very easily due to the efficient transport network system.

China has very good transport netw    ork with efficient rail, road, sea and air transport systems at your disposal.

·         Support OEM Business

Chinese manufacturers use high-quality products from specific suppliers who supply high quality products.

With such products, you will get high-quality electric fence reels as the Chinese companies continue supporting OEM businesses.

· Numerous Suppliers

You will enjoy the privilege of meeting numerous suppliers who will offer you a wide variety of electric fence reels.

The cost of the electric fence reels is also competitive as the suppliers have proper regulations on the price.

· Wonderful Hospitality

You will also get a chance to enjoy the hospitable nature of the Chinese manufacturers who will help you whenever possible.

They can also provide design assistance in case you are looking for custom electric fence reels.

Which Material is Electric Fence Reel made of?

You will make the electric fence reel out of very simple but durable materials.

Here are the main types of materials that you will use in making the electrical fence reel.

 Electrical fence reel system

Electric fence reel system

· Rubber Insulators

You will use rubber insulators on the handle of the electric fence reel.

Rubber is soft, non-conductive, and durable as well thus allowing you to work comfortably without shocks.

· Galvanized Steel

You will also use galvanized steel materials to make the handle of the electric fence reel.

Galvanized steel has very high tensile strength thus capable of withstanding the frequent pull and push forces.

Apart from that, galvanized steel is corrosion resistant thus preventing the formation of rust.

· Plastic

You will use plastic materials of very high quality to make the cover of the electrical fence reel.

It is a durable material that can withstand frequent pressure from within and also from outside the reel.

How do you use the Portable Electric Fence Reel?

Using a portable electric fence reel is quite an easy process.

You will use it in the fencing of permanent electric fences just by mounting it on a portable device.

In this case, you can mount it on an ATV and then mount the electric fence cable on the electric post.

As you drive along the electric fence posts, the portable reel will rotate and release the electric cable.

You will, therefore, connect the electric cables on the connectors as you move along.

You can have more than one portable electric fence reel on the ATV in case you are placing multiple stands.

What should you Consider in Electric Fence Reel Holder?

In an electric fence holder, there are specific factors that you need to consider before purchasing.

Here are the main factors that you need to pay very close attention to.

· Durability of the Materials

You should consider how long the materials for making the electric fence reel holder will last.

In that case, the longer the durability period the better the electric fence reel holder.

· Ease of Use

It is also important to look at how easy it will be for you to learn how to use the electric fence reel holder.

· Portability

There are situations when you will need to move the electric fence reel holder from one place to another.

In that case, you must think about how you will be moving the electric fence reel holder from place to place.

How much does Electric Fence Reel Cost?

The cost of the electrical fence reel will vary according to the type and size of the electric fence reel you need.

Geared electric fence reels tend to cost more than the standard electric fence reel.

This is because of the additional features such as the gear.

Generally, the cost of an electric fence reel will range between 10 to 80 US Dollars per piece.

Are there Quality Standard Specifications for Electric Fence Reel?

Yes, there is quality standard specifications for the electric fence reel.

These quality standards will protect you as the consumer from exploitation by unscrupulous suppliers.

Apart from that, it will assist in keeping you safe from electric faults that may harm you.

The main quality standards for electric fence reel are:

  • CE quality standards
  • GS quality standards

What are the Benefits of Multi Strand Fences with Reels?

Multi-strand fences with reels have special systems such as brakes that allow you to fence with multiple strands at the same time.

Implying that you will pull all the strands of the electric fence just by walking away as you continue fencing.

This will make the fencing of an even larger area very convenient and easy.

Apart from that, you will save on a lot of time that you will use in performing other fencing activities.

What’s more it is a very cost-effective mode of fencing as you will not have to hire a lot of labor.

Are Electric Fence Reel Weather Resistant?

Absolutely, electric fence reels are made of materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The plastic material also has very good properties such as UV resistance to protect it from the effect of UV rays.

This increases the durability of the electric fence reel allowing you to use it for a long period.

Do Electric Fence Reels have a Locking Mechanism?

Absolutely, the electric fence reels have a locking mechanism that locks it up and prevents it from moving.

You will use the locking mechanism to lock the handle from rotating thus preventing further winding and unwinding.

How Many Reels do you need for Complete Electric Fence?

The number of reels that you will need will depend on the size of the fence that you would like to fence.

The bigger the fence coverage, the more electric fence reels you will need to save on time and increase efficiency.

For instance, when fencing a 10-acre piece of land with five lines of electric fence rope, you will need 5 reels.

You will need one reel for every line that you might mount on an ATV to help in moving them around.

Which Types of Electric Fence Reels does Elife offer?

Electric fence reels

Electric fence

Elife offers three main types of electric fence reels that you can choose from.

The main types of electric fence reels that you will get from Elife include:

  • 3:1 Geared Electric Fence Reel
  • 1:1 Heavy-duty Electric Fence Reel
  • Economy Polywire Electric Fence Reel

Apart from the three main types of electric fence reels, Elife also has other types of electric fence reels.

Here are the other types of electric fence reels with varying colors and specifications.

  • Geared electric fence reel
  • Heavy-duty electric fence reel
  • Blue Electric Fence Reel
  • Elife Economic Electric Fence Reel
  • Elife Green Electric Fence Reel
  • Elife Green Electric Fence Reel
  • Green Electric Fence Reel
  • Green Geared Electric Fence Reel
  • Green Simple Electric Fence Reel
  • Heavy Duty & Geared Electric Fence Reel
  • Light Blue Electric Fence Reel
  • Pink Electric Fence Reel
  • Purple Electric Fence Reel
  • Purple Simple Electric Fence Reel
  • Red Simple Electric Fence Reel
  • Wire Roller Electric Fence Reel

How do you Connect Electric Fence Reel Systems together?

To connect the electric fence reel system together, you will need three or more reels and reel fixing posts.

You will fix the reels on to the reel fixing post at the start of the fence.

It is also important to consider the end post of the electric fence system where you will tie off the fence.

You will also place the start as well as the end of the electric fencing next to each other.

Additionally, you must have the line to line connectors to allow an easy transfer of electric power through the system.

What is Unique about Multi-purpose Plastic Reel?

The most unique feature about the multi-purpose plastic reel is the fact that you can use it for numerous functions.

Apart from winding and unwinding the electric fence materials, you can also control the whole process efficiently.

Additionally, you can hook it over the electrical fence line during the fencing process.

It is also capable of maintaining the cleanliness of the excess fencing materials for you to reuse.

Can Elife custom new electric fence reel?

Absolutely, Elife welcomes all your custom designs for the electric fence reel.

At Elife, we will have a look at your design and test its functionality as well as efficiency.

If it works well, we will proceed with the manufacturing process of your custom electric fence reel.

Does electric fence reel fit both Polywire and Polytape?

Yes, the electric fence reel can fit the electric fence Polywire and well as the electric fence poly tape.

Since the electric fence poly wire and poly tape vary in sizes, the amount accommodated by the standard size reel will vary.

A standard size electric fence reel is capable of holding 660 ft of electric fence poly tape.

On the other hand, the same size electric fence reel is capable of holding 1640 ft of electric fence polywire.

As you can see, there are many things you should consider when choosing an electric fence reel.

At Elife, we design and manufacture high-quality electric fence reel.

Contact us for any inquires about electric fence systems.

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