Your Leading Electric Fence Posts Supplier in China!

  • Over 15-year experience in manufacturing and supplying electric fence posts
  • Use top brand and UV resistant plastics materials
  • Can offer you a full range of electric fence posts models

Your Leading Electric Fence Posts Supplier in China

Elife has been supplying electric fence posts since 2002, and so we know what your electric fence posts needs.

Elife can custom any types of electric fence posts with different materials, lengths, and packing as your request.

Please contact Elife sales for a constant quote of electric fence posts now!

Elife is your premium and trustable electric fence posts supplier in China!

3-D tooling design

We have our own tooling design team to have plastic tooling design for electric fence posts.

Top brand injection machine

We use top brand injection machines to manufacture electric fence posts.

Injection machine with auto-loader

Elife has injection machines with auto-loaders for electric fence posts.

Top Rated Electric Fence Posts

Elife can supply you a full range of electric fence posts, including step-in post, fiberglass electric fence post, and pigtail posts and more.

Why Can Elife Be Your No.1 Choice for Electric Fence Posts Supplier in China?

Started electric fence supplies since 2002

We have more than 15 years in manufacturing and exporting electric fence supplies.

Super quality galvanized steel spike

Plastic electric fence posts are equipped with high class galvanized steel spike and can last for a longer time.

Over 4 times inspection

We will have at least 4 times inspection for your electric fence posts order from outsourcing materials to final products.

The professional tooling development team

We own tooling Shifu(master), with over 20-year experience and a professional tooling structure design team.

Free samples available

We can promise you free electric fence posts samples before formal order.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is warranty time for your electric fence posts?

As we use high quality and UV stable PP to manufacture electric fence posts and so we are promising our electric fence posts can have at least 3 years warranty.

Can you custom electric fence posts for us?

Yes, we can custom electric fence posts with different lengths, plastic materials and features as your needs. What you need to do is send us the drawings or actual samples of electric fence posts. Each year, we will have some new OEM  electric fence products projects development, so you can count on us.

What is your payment term of electric fence posts?

At Elife, you will have two key payment terms. One is for sample electric fence posts order, we will prefer Western Union or Paypal. The other is for formal electric fence posts order, we accept T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment.


Do you have any customers in our country?

Please let us know your country name. And we will check if we have customers in your country or not. If yes, we cannot disclose their name to you as we have the NDA agreement with our customers.

What is your MOQ for electric fence posts?

For our standard electric fence posts, you are allowed to have a MOQ at 1000 pcs per order. If you need the special color of electric fence posts,  the MOQ will be at least 3000 pcs.

Electric Fence Posts

And Elife can offer you a full range of electric fence posts, including step-in post, fiberglass electric fence posts, and pigtail posts and T post.

Besides electric fence posts, you can also find electric fence posts insulators from Elife too. And meanwhile, we can offer you almost all other electric fence supplies, like chargers, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit and more.

And so, Elife will be your one-stop-shop of electric fence posts supplier in China.

Step in the post is one of the top-selling electric fence posts for a portable electric fence.

And Elife can supply you with these kinds of electric fence posts, including three lengths, such as 100cm, 120cm, and 150cm.

The electric fence posts are made of UV resistant and heavy-duty plastic to excellent durability and extreme weather resistance.

Thanks to the molded clips of the electric fence posts, you do not need to buy the extra electric fence insulators for this type of electric fence posts.

Since the electric fence posts has one step, it is easy for the farmers or ranchers to install them onto the ground.

Fiberglass electric fence posts is a maintenance free electric fence posts.

These electric fence posts are made of fiberglass and manufactured with advanced technology, so they have some special features including “rust-free,” “lightweight”, “no-conductive,” and many more.

The most important point is that these kinds of electric fence posts have very competitive prices.

So each month, we have a 2x 20GP container of the electric fence posts ship out.

T post, U post, and Y post are 3 typical metal electric fence posts from Elife.

And the metal electric fence posts are made of high-quality reel steel (Q235) and the surface of the electric posts are coated with special zinc.

So these types of electric fence posts are weather-resistant and long-lasting.

For T post, Elife can provide you with various specifications, including weight from 0.925lbs/ft to 1.33lbs/ft and length at 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7’, 8′ and 9′.

You can count on Elife as your professional electric fence posts supplier in China.

If you are on the hunt for the best electric fence posts, then consider Elife.

We have a wide range of electric fence posts to cater to your needs. With Elife electric fence posts, the user can swiftly fence in any outdoor area.

Organize your fence perimeter by installing Elife electric fence posts and sprint your fence line connecting them.

Elife designed electric fence posts with electric fencing in intellectual capabilities.

Elife electric fence posts may be used for assembling perimeters for construction zones, crowd control, and property marking.

Moreover, they can serve as plant or vegetable stakes and even hold decorations.

All Elife electric fence posts are constructed with durable steel and polypropylene.

Out top engineers produced this electric fence posts to last a long time.

Our electric fence posts are easy to remove and install.

For reliability and ease of use, each electric fence posts featuring a step-in flange.

It includes an anti-rotation spike.Elife electric fence stakes comes with 8 molded clips.

Thus, it can hold a fence line at several points providing ultimate adaptability.

Using long-lasting polypropylene which reinforced with a steel I-beam and ribbed, this electric fence posts is the most durable post on the market.

Elife electric fence posts are completely constructed as one piece and add to its strength.

As a result, the electric fence posts we offer is reliable and sturdy.

You can install the electric fence posts easily.

You can just pick a post’s location with its steel-tip base and guide it into the ground.

After that, you can make rapidly push your foot on the flange step-in and set firmly in place.

However, the electric fence posts can hold its place and remain secure through the built-in anti-rotation spike.

Elife electric fence posts have multiple uses. Our skilled team have designed this post to hold the electric fence line.

Elife electric fence posts is ideally suited to hold poly wire, poly tape, poly rope or wire.

Also, they can be used as crowd control fencing, construction zone netting, to mark property circumference, hold light-strings for decorations and even plant stakes.

Elife has a complete resource to manufacture a long-life and rust resistance electric fence posts.

For over 15 years, people and companies, whether big or small, are trusting Elife as a reliable manufacturer and supplier.

Whether you have horses, sheep, cattle or other livestock, Elife can always provide you with excellent quality electric fence posts that ensure safety to those things you have cared of.

In order to provide you the best quality electric fence posts, our professional team carefully chooses a high-grade and premium quality materials.

By manufacturing electric fence posts, Elife takes advantage of our modern technology and advanced manufacturing equipment.

Through this, you can assure that we are a reliable manufacturer.

We are also an OEM electric fence posts supplier and manufacturer and we can OEM step in posts, fiberglass posts, pigtail posts and more other electric fence posts for you.

Thus, at Elife, you can assure that you can find the best electric fence posts that will suit your needs.

If you need further information about our electric fence posts, contact us immediately!

Electric Fence Posts—Your Ultimate FAQ Guide

For you to install your electric fence you must have fence posts. These electric fence posts give support to fence wire so you can create a barrier for your livestock.

It’s important to have the proper fencing around your premises to keep livestock in and to keep wildlife out.

To assist you, we’re giving you a comprehensive guide on electric fence posts so you know exactly which ones you need to put up your barrier.

Continue reading to find more information on post type, materials and the benefits of these products.


What are Electric Fence Posts?

Electric fence posts are the foundation of your barrier. These products are long rods that you push into the ground so that you can rig up your fencing. It’s important that these posts are sturdy so that your barrier doesn’t buckle, especially when animals rub up against it.

How Do You Use Electric Fence Posts?

Electric fence posts have sharp tips at the base. These sharp ends allow you to stick the posts into the ground easily. Once your fence posts are in the ground you can start rigging up your electric wiring to create a barrier.

The number of electric fence posts you buy will determine the length of your fence. If you want a longer fence then buy more posts to create a sturdier barrier. Short fencing will require fewer fence posts.

What are the Benefits of Electric Fence Posts?

Here are seven benefits that electric fence posts can offer farmers or anyone who wants to create a perimeter around their premises:

  • They keep fences sturdy
  • Wind doesn’t affect the fence so much
  • Step-in posts make setup easy
  • Posts create a visible barrier along with the wire you use, thanks to the color of the posts
  • It keeps animals from pushing the fence over
  • Lightweight posts make it easy to carry the pieces around and put up a fence
  • You can put up a fence on any terrain and even over rough ground or a ravine because the posts keep the fencing in place

What Types of Electric Fence Posts Can You Use?

As mentioned before there are five types of electric fence posts that you can use:

Each one is suitable for various barriers.

These electric fence posts come in various colors and lengths to suit customers’ requirements.

Can You Use Pigtail Electric Fence Posts in Farming?

High-quality pigtail posts are commonly used on farmlands to create a barrier for horses and sheep. Furthermore, these posts are suitable for dairy farms.

Why are Step-in Electric Fence Posts so Popular?

Many people prefer step-in electric fence posts because they’re easy to install. You don’t even need tools, because you simply press on the unit’s bottom to press it into the ground. What’s more, these posts are portable so you can change the way your barrier is set up easily. Step-in fence posts are highly durable and cost-effective.

Why is UV Stabilization Important in Electric Fence Posts?

Elife’s electric fence posts are all UV resistant. It’s important that we use materials that can withstand the harsh UV rays of the sun. The UV stabilization ensures that the posts won’t crack, melt or bend when exposed to UV rays for long periods of time.

Can Electric Fence Posts be Customized?

If you want customized electric fence posts Elife can assist you. We can make the lengths you require, for example, so you can create a higher barrier for horses or cattle. Make the posts shorter if you want to create a barrier for small animals such as pigs.

You have a choice of various colors so pick the one that will increase the visibility for your electric fencing system. Select the type of material you want such as fiberglass, metal and UV plastic. Send us your order and we will make your electric fence posts the way you want.

How to Identify Quality Electric Fence Posts

As mentioned before, high-quality electric fence posts must be UV resistant to endure the harsh rays of the sun. Furthermore, the posts must be flexible so they don’t bend or break under pressure especially when an animal pushes against them.

The points of the electric fence posts must be sharp so you can easily push them into the ground. These points must never go blunt so you can use them more than once. The clips must be durable and easy to use. Posts must be able to work on various terrains.

How Long can Electric Fence Posts Last?

At Elife our products are highly durable so they have a long service life. However, to give you peace of mind we offer warranties on our electric fence posts. For pigtail and plastic step-in posts we offer a warranty of 3 to 5 years. Our fiberglass posts have a warranty of between 15 and 20 years.

What Type of Fencing can You Use with Electric Fence Posts?

Electric fence posts can accommodate any type of rope such as polywire, traditional wire and polytape. The clips on our posts make it easy for you to rig wires of various diameters. The clips will hold the wire in place and it will allow you to make adjustments to customize the tension of the barrier.

How do You Attach Fence Wire to Electric Fence Posts?

There are fence posts that have unique attachments so you can set up your fencing. Here’s how you can set up your fencing according to the type of electric fence posts you’re using:

  • Pigtail: These electric fence posts have loops that you can thread your rope directly through. These posts accommodate any rope thickness and materials.
  • Fence post clips: These attachments have smaller holes and allow you to tighten your rope & hold it in place.
  • Insulators: This electric fence post attachment is similar to a clip. It has a smaller hole that you thread your wire through to hold it in place.
  • Molded eyelets: Molded eyelets come in various diameters to accommodate the thickness of your wire. These eyelets are part of the posts so you can thread your wire through it easily and you don’t need any additional expenses on parts.

What Accessories Should You Purchase With Electric Fence Posts?

In order for your electric fence to work properly you’ll need various accessories to set up a barrier. This includes:

  • Clips: These clips help you thread your wire through the electric fence posts to create a sturdy barrier.
  • Energizer: The fence must have an energizer to provide power and control the electric pulse of the barrier.
  • Fence tester: Testers allow you to inspect your electric fence for problems. With the device you can locate where the electric fence’s issue is coming from so you can repair it.
  • Conductors: The conductors in your electric fence allow the electric current to flow through the fence. This can be electrified wires, tape or rope.
  • Insulators: This is a type of material that an electric charge doesn’t flow through such as the clips on your electric fence posts or the handle to a gate.

What Types of Electric Fence Posts are the Best?

The type of electric fence you need will depend on the type of enclosure barrier you want to create. It will also determine the durability you require and the ease of the installation.

Each comes with benefits. Pigtail electric fence posts are the quickest and easiest to set up. Fiberglass posts are highly durable so they can withstand any weather conditions. Polypropylene is lightweight and also easy to install.

What is the Best Electric Fence Post Spacing?

The recommended space for electric fence posts is 80ft to 100ft apart or approximately 50 rods per mile. The spacing should be between 40ft and 60ft apart if you’re installing your posts on rugged terrain, or the fence may go slack very easily.

Why is Flexibility Important with Electric Fence Posts?

Sturdy electric fence posts are important to hold the tension of the barrier wire. On the other hand, your posts shouldn’t be stiff because they can snap or crack under pressure. Elife electric fence rods are flexible.

Therefore when an animal pushes up against them and then walks away and releases pressure, they will first bend & then simply rebound back into place.

How do You Install Electric Fence Posts?

The different types of electric fence posts allow you to install them in three ways: by hand, hammer or foot pedal:

  • Step-in posts have a foot pedal at the bottom of the rod that allows you to drive the stick into the ground using your leg. When you step on the pedal it will push the post into the ground easily which eliminates the need for hammers.
  • To install fiberglass fence posts without a foot pedal you’ll need a rubber hammer. Strike the top of the rod to drive it into the ground. There are ones that have foot pedals to help you install them without a hammer.
  • Alternatively, simply use your hands to drive in metal and plastic posts.

How Much Does Electric Fence Posts Cost?

A set of 10 fiberglass step-in electric fence posts cost about $60. Steel posts cost $45 for a pack of 10 and plastic electric fence posts are around $40 for 25 of them.

What Color Electric Fence Posts are the Best?

Trees and grass can camouflage some fence post colors. White electric fence posts are a popular choice because of their high visibility. On the other hand, you can select various colors for aesthetic reasons such as green, yellow, orange, blue and black.

How do Different Types of Electric Fence Posts Points Benefit You?

Plastic electric fence posts with points won’t corrode in the ground. The plastic makes it easy to wash the dirt off the bottom of the rods too. Metal posts have sharper points so you can stick them in the ground easily without forcing them. Sharp points make installation quicker and hassle-free.

How do You Find the Best Electric Fence Posts Supplier?

Electric fence posts suppliers will offer a range of products for you to pick from. Furthermore, they’ll have reviews on their products so you can see people’s experience with their fence posts. The company must be a registered service provider and they must offer high-end products.

Research the company to see if they deliver their electric fence posts on time. The quality of the material must also be exceptional and the company must conduct checks during manufacturing.

Elife has as much as four inspections during the manufacturing process.

How do You Import Electric Fence Posts from China?

First you must select the type of electric fence post you want to buy. Ensure the product you want to import is allowed in your country. Then simply calculate your landed cost before placing your order.

When you purchase your fence posts from a Chinese supplier, request a quote. Ensure the company agrees to ship under FOB (Free on Board) terms.

Then all you have to do is arrange the cargo transport of your electric fence posts. You’ll receive your tracking number after your order is complete so you can prepare for the arrival of your product.

When your product arrives in your country make arrangements with customs so you can receive your items.


Without electric fence posts, you can’t create a strong barrier to keep your animals inside the premises and protect them from potential threats in the area.

Electric fence posts from Elife are an affordable way to create a parameter around your property.

To find the type of electric fence posts for your requirements, simply visit the Elife website to browse through the many products offered.

Or if you want your posts to be custom made, contact us today via email or telephone to give us your specifications. We’ll make your electric fence posts exactly how you want them.

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