Your Professional Electric Fence Polywire Supplier in China!

  • Over 15 years  in electric fence polywire business
  • Use UV resistant PE filaments
  • Choose top-quality #304  steel conductors

Your Premier Electric Fence Polywire Supplier in China!

Elife engineers design electric fence polywire to work under high tension and so you can use the polywire for temporary fence, portable fence, rotational grazing. You can also have it for containing horses, cattles, goats, pigs and other livestocks too.

Elife electric fence polywire is made of UV stable and heavy-duty PE plastics and so that our polywire can last much longer time without color fading off.

As a result, Elife electric fence polywire can have 2-3 years warranty since the order shipment. So Elife can be your best supplier for electric fence polywire.

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Your Leading Electric Fence Polywire Supplier!

Electric Fence Polywire Production

Elife own 8 complete electric fence polywire production line for your urgent order.

Electric Fence Polywire Quality Control

Elife set up a strict QA system and conduct over 4 times inspection when manufacturing your electric fence polywire order.

Electric Fence Polywire Order Packing

You are allowed to request your label for each electric fence polywire rolls.

Top Rated Electric Fence Polywire

You can have a full range of electric fence polywire at Elife any time.

Why Elife Is Your Premier Electric Fence Polywire Supplier?

UV Resistant Plastic Material

Elife select durable and UV stable polypropylene material to produce electric fence polywire

Utilize #304 Stainless Steel

Elife uses corrosion-proof #304 stainless steel to manufacture conductors of electric fence polywire

Trusted Quality Experience For 15 Years

Since 2002, Elife started to manufacture durable and high quality electric fence polywire

Strict Monitoring System For Selection Of Raw Materials

Elife has its own selection criteria for choosing raw materials of electric fence polywire for all suppliers

4-Times Detailed Quality Inspection

We conduct 4-times in-depth quality inspection from outsourcing material to final electric fence polywire order shipment

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Frequently Asked Question

How Much Delivery Time Is Required For On-Time Delivery Of Electric Fence Polywire?

The delivery time for on-time delivery of electric fence polywire varies for sample and formal order.

Elife takes 5-7 working days for on-time delivery of sample after confirmation by you. In case, your requested polywire does not exist in our current product range, we will take additional time to deliver your order.

The standard time for on-time delivery of formal order of electric fence polywire is 20-30 working days after confirmation of order by you. We include the purchase of raw material, manufacturing, packing, and testing of order during delivery time.

Do You Provide Additional Free Label Printing Service Besides Electric Fence Polywire Order?

Yes, Elife provides this service. Nevertheless, you need to send us the artwork file in PDF, AI, or PSD format after discussing with your designer.We will send the final artwork file for your final confirmation before the printing was done.You can mark any desirable changes in the file. Additionally, if you need a professional color printing service, please inform us about your specifications. Apart from that, we will follow the standard color printing guidelines.

What Standard Warranty Time For Electric Fence Polywire Is Offered By Elife?

The standard warranty time for electric fence polywire is 3-5 years. However, if you want enhanced shelf-life and durability, please mention your specifications. Our R&D, Q&A, and Financial officials double-check your specifications to analyze either it is possible or not. In case your requirements are workable, our financing team members will advise you to increase the manufacturing prices to meet your requirements.

Does Elife Manufacture Customized Electric Fence Polywire for our brand?

Yes, Elife provides this service. You can have customized electric fence polywire  in your specified style, color, size, or other measurements. Anyhow, Elife requires an authorization letter with a stamp and signature from your brand. This authorization gives us permission to manufacture customized electric fence polywire with your brand.

Should We Work As A Dealer With Elife For Electric Fence Polywire?

Yes, Elife provides this opportunity. However, we need to analyze either any dealer is working in your country or not. In case, no dealer is working in your market, we start a step-wise evaluation process. Our professional lawyers start the evaluation of legal dealer’s corporation requirements. Once, we authorize your company, we will grant permission to your company to work as our dealer for electric fence polywire. Elife provides complete support to dealers about price values and sales in your market.


Electric Fence Polywire

As we know you often use electric fence polywire for horses outdoor and anti-rust ability is very important for the polywire.

Elife apply quality Stainless steel to electric fence polywire conductors.

For this reason, our wire is corrosion resistance and has higher conductivity. It is great for you to build up portable electric fence system.

In the market , 660 ft rolls and 1320 rolls of electric fence polywire are best sold. And the customers also prefer 6 strands and 9 strands of conductors for polywire.

You can get all types electric fence polywire. Especilally you can have customized polywire as what you need in conductors, spool length, color and more. So Elife is your professional supplier an partner of electric fence polywire.

Over 15 years in business, our electric fence polywire were exported to more than 20 countries. Till now, we almost never receive quality complaints from our customers. So you can trust us as your reliable electric fence poywire supplier and partner in china.

Electric Fence Polywire: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you to evaluate and choose electric fence polywire.

It has everything you’re looking for about electric fence polywire such as material type, accessories, color options, and features, amongst others.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is an Electric Fence Polywire?

Electric fence polywire is a strand of conductive wire materials that you can use in electric fencing.

Electric fence polywire

Electric fence polywire

What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Fence Polywire?

Electric fence polywires have numerous benefits which include:

· Proper Visibility

Due to the many colors of the electric fence polywire , you can easily see the polywire from a distance.

· Low Wind Resistance

Polywires have very low wind resistance thus allowing the wind to pass through efficiently and avoids sagging the polywire.

· Light in Weight

It is light in weight thus giving you easy time to transport it from one place to another.

· Rotational Use

You can also use the polywire more than one this making it suitable for temporary electric fence installations.

It is also weather and corrosion proof thus increasing the life span of the electric fence polywire.

· Easy to Install

You will have a very easy time splicing, and tightening the electric fence polywire during the installation process.

Apart from that, repairing the electric fence polywire is also a very simple process.

Which Accessories Will You Install alongside the Electric Fence Polywire?

Polywires will work efficiently alongside other accessories that complete the whole electric fence circuit.

The accessories that you will install alongside electric fence polywires include:

Electric fence polywire

Electric fence polywire

· Electric Fence Post

You will use the electric fence post as the main anchorage system for the whole electric fence installation.

It will hold the electric fence wires and connectors in the right place.

· Electric Fence Connectors

The electric fence connectors will connect the electric fence polywire to another electric fence polywire.

Apart from that, you will use the electric fence connectors to anchor the electric fence polywire to the post.

· Electric Fence Chargers

The electric fence charger will provide the electric fence polywire the appropriate electric current or charge.

· Electric Fence Battery

The electric fence battery will store the electric charge or power thus ensuring enough supply for a long period.

· Electric Fence Gate

The electric fence gate is an installation that you can open and close at will to allow entry and exit off the enclosure.

· Electric Fence Solar Panel

The solar panel will convert solar power into electric current which you will use to charge the electric fence polywire.

What is The Best Material for Making the Electric Fence Polywire?

The best materials that you will use to make the electric fence polywires include an insulation materials and conductor materials.

Here are the main types of conductor materials that you can use to make electric fence polywires.

  • Stainless steel materials
  • Aluminum Materials
  • Copper Materials
  • Tinned Copper Materials
  • Mixed alloy Materials

Apart from the conductive materials, you will use polyethylene materials to make the insulating materials.

Which factors Determine the Cost of the Electric Fence Polywire?

The main factors that drive the cost of electric fence polywires up or down include:

· Quality of Electric Fence Polywire

The rule of thumb states that the higher the quality of the electric fence polywire, the higher the cost of the polywire.

This is because high quality electric fence polywires use high quality materials to make the electric fence polywires.

· Number of Polywires

I this case, the higher the quantity of electric fence polywires you purchase, the higher the amount of money to pay.

In general, the cost of electric fence polywires will range between 15 to 150 US Dollars.

How Many Types of Electric Fence Polywires are There?

There are quite a number of electric fences polywires that you can choose from.

The main types of electric fence polywire that you can choose from includes:

· Woven Electric Fence Polywire

This is a combination of more than one electric fence wire to make a union of electric fence wires.

It has different wire knots around every intersection of another wire thus the woven appearance.

· Stainless Steel Electric Fence Polywire

This type of polywire uses stainless steel wire which will last for a very long time before you replace it.

It is weather and corrosion resistant thus increasing its level of durability.

· Aluminum Electric Fence Polywire

This type of electric fence polywire has the ability to carry electric charge 4 times better than stainless steel.

It is also corrosion resistant and for that reason will definitely cost you more than other types of polywires.

· High Tensile Electric Fence Polywire

It has very high tensile strength and will not break easily when you apply excess amount of pressure or force.

It is suitable for controlling bigger animals such as cattle and horses within a particular confinement.

Which Features Should You Consider When Choosing Electric Fence Polywires?

Choosing an electric fence polywire can be a daunting task that might consume a lot of time.

Well, to avoid going through that torture, here are particular specifications to pay close attention to.

Electric fence polywire

Electric fence polywire

· Type of Materials

You have to decide on the best type of materials that will suite your application before making a choice.

As soon as you decide on the most appropriate material beforehand, choosing a polywire will be easy.

· Size of the Electric fence Polywire

Here, you will decide on the dimensions of the electric fence polywire including width, thickness and spool length.

· Color of the Electric Fence Polywire

You have to decide on a particular color which will increase the visibility of the electric fence polywire.

Which Details do you need to Customize Electric Fence Polywire?

To make the customization process simple, we will require particular details about the polywire from you.

Here are the main details that you will provide to allow us customize the electric fence polywire.

  • Type of material which may be stainless steel, aluminum, copper, or tinned copper among others
  • Dimensions of the electric fence polywire in terms of spool length, diameter, and width of the polywire.
  • Tensile strength of the materials
  • Color of the polywire

How Does the Electric Fence Polywire Compare to the Electric Fence Polytape?

Electric fence polytape

Electric fence polytape

Electric fence polywires are often thinner in comparison to the electric fence polytapes.

This feature makes them less resistant to wind in comparison to the electric fence polytapes.

For that reason, electric fence polywires are less likely to sag which is quite common for electric fence polytapes.

Despite the above benefits, electric fence polywires have low tensile strength than the electric fence polytapes.

What is the Difference Between the Electric Fence Polyrope and the Electric Fence Polywire?

The most notable difference separating the electric fence polywire from electric fence polyrope is thickness.

Electric fence polyrope

Electric fence polyrope

Electric fence polyropes have wider diameters in comparison to the electric fence polywires.

In other words, you can identify the electric fence polyrope as a combination of numerous polywires.

Implying that the materials for making the electric fence polyropes are similar to that of making electric fence polywires.

Due to the numerous numbers of wire strands, polyropes have very high tensile strengths.

How Does the Electric Fence Braided Wire and Electric Fence Polywire Compare?

Apart from the thickness of the braided wire, the manufacturing process will also differ.

Braided electric fence wires uses the same materials as that of electric fence polywires except for the weaving process.

You have to weave or braid the different types of materials to make the braided electric fence wire.

Braided electric fence wire

Braided electric fence wire

What are the Best Conditions for Storage of Electric fence Polywire?

After using and uninstalling the electric fence polywire, you need to clean them first.

After that, you have to ensure that they are dry enough before storing them in clean a dry place.

After cleaning, you will use an electric fence reel to help in rolling the electric fence in a perfect shape.

This will prevent tear and wear on the electric fence polywire thus increasing the overall durability.

Ensure that you raise them above the ground using pallets to keep it away from the cold temperatures of the ground.

Can You Use the Electric Fence Polywire More than Once?

Yes, you can use the electric fence polywires more than once due to the high levels of durability.

Electric fence polywires are highly durable and you can use them for a very long time.

It has excellent corrosion and UV resistance properties thus making it highly durable.

How Do You Prevent Arching when Installing the Electric fence Polywire?

Splicing of the electric fence polywires often lead to arcing of the electric fence polywires.

You can prevent this by fixing the splicing issue on the electric fence polywire.

First you must switch off the power supply to prevent you from the shocking effect of electric current.

After that, you will wrap a 24-inch regular fence wire around the splice to create a uniform path.

Finally, you will switch on the power on the electric fence.

Can You Use the Electric Fence Polywire on a Permanent Electric Fence Polywire?

Originally, the electric fence polywire is the most suitable material for making temporary fences.

You can, however, use the electric fence polywire for permanent installations because of its high durability levels.

Is your Electric Fence Polywire UV Stable?

Yes, electric fence polywires are ultra violet stable and can withstand high intensities of ultra violet rays.

This will, in turn, increase the durability of the electric fence polywires.

Can you Label our Brand for Electric Fence Polywire?

Yes, we can customize your electric fence polywire with your own initials or brand.

You will, however, pay a higher price for that customization feature on the electric fence polywire.

We can also offer that service free of charge if you purchase the electric fence polywires in a huge bulk.

How Many Colors are Available for the Electric Fence Polywire?

There is no limitation in the colors of electric fence polywires that you can have.

We offer a wide array of bright colors that you can choose to increase visibility and aesthetic value of the fence.

How Can You Determine the Right Quality of the Electric Fence Polywire?

You can determine the right quality of electric fence polywires by looking at the quality of various things.

Here are the main features that you will look at when determining quality of electric fence polywires.

  • Quality of the Materials
  • Conductivity of the Materials
  • Tensile Strength of the Materials

To determine the above factors, you need to perform particular quality tests on the electric fence polywires.

The tests that you will perform include:

  • Tensile Strength Quality Test
  • Anti-aging Quality Test
  • Resistance Quality Test

What is the Manufacturing Process of Electric Fence Polywires?

The manufacturing process of the electric fence polywire is a very simple process.

It involves outsourcing the best types of raw materials from different suppliers all over the world.

After that, we will inspect the quality of the raw materials before melting them into liquid form.

After that we will add particular chemicals that will improve the corrosion and UV ray’s resistance.

As soon as you add and mix these chemicals, you will shape the materials into wire strands.

You can weave them together to increase the thickness of the electric fence polywire.

Finally, you will dress it up using an insulator material such as polyethylene materials.

How does the Electric Fence Polywire Work?

The main function of the electric fence polywire is to conduct electric current.

In that case, after successful installation and connection of electric fence polywires, you will power it on.

Power will flow from the solar power and then converted into electric energy.

The battery will store the electric energy and produce it to the electric fence charger.

It happens that when you get in touch with the electric fence polywire, you get a shock.

It implies that the electric fence charger will increase the output of the electric shock pulse.

In turn the electric shock pulse will shock you to stay away from the fence.

Where Can you Use the Electric Fence Polywire?

Electric fence polywire

Electric fence polywire

You can use the electric fence polywire to enclose an area where you need to control movement.

You can use it within the agricultural farms to control movement of animals during paddocking.

It will also come in handy in your private residence where you need to control unnecessary people movement.

It also sets boundaries between private property and the pubic thus ensuring high security.

Can the Vegetation along the Electric Fence Polywire Cause a Short Circuit?

Yes, the vegetation along the electric fence polywire can cause a short circuit on the electric fence.

It does this by draining the power from the electric fence charger thus leading to a short circuit.

It is the reason Why you need to control the weed density along the electric fence polywires.

For all your electric fence polywire needs, Elife is here to support you – talk to us now.

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