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Electric Fence Polyrope Supplier in China!

  • Elife Supply Electric Fence Polyrope Since 2002.
  • Only Use  Super Quality Stainless Steel Wire for Conductors
  • Custom Any Electric Fence Polyrope for Your Own Projects.

Your Premier Electric Fence Polyrope Supplier in China.

Elife is providing premium-quality fence ropes for over 15 years.

Our team members know about every single detail to provide the best electric fence polyropes based on different field trials. Hence, Elife can be your trusted and professional electric fence polyrope supplier.

128 customers from more than 20 countries and top 5 brands also trust Elife to buy high-quality fence ropes.

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Your Best Electric Fence Polyrope Supplier in China

Strictly Quality Control

Elife Always Checks Each Steps  When Manufacturing Your Electric Fence Polyrope Orders.

High Tech Weaving Machine

Elife Customized High Tech Weaving Machine for Manufacturing Electric Fence Polyrope Orders For You.

High Daily Production

Elife Has Daily Production of 500,000 Meters Electric Fence Polyrope, Ready For Your Big Orders Anytime.

Why Elife Is Your No.1 Electric Fence Polyrope Supplier?

More Than 15 Years of Trusted Experience

Elife has been providing high-quality electric fence polyrope to thousands of customers since 2002.

Top-Quality #304 S.S

Elife always has durable #304 S.S for manufacturing electric fence polyrope.

Expert and Dedicated Team Members of An Average 40 Years of Age

Our professional engineers are working with Elife for at least 15 years to produce super-quality electric fence polyrope.

Get Free Test Sample

Elife provides free test sample of electric fence polyrope to check quality and performance before placing formal order.

Customized Electric Fence Polyrope as Per Specifications

Elife provides customized electric fence polyropes according to your requirements about conductors, color, spool length, and many other specifications.

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Frequently Asked Question

What types of conductors of electric fence polyrope are available?

The conductors of electric fence polyropes are made from different materials including stainless steel wire, copper wire mixed with stainless steelwire, and alloy wire.

Is it possible to achieve a lower resistance of electric fence polyrope?

Yes, it is possible to achieve a lower resistance of electric fence polyrope. Elife engineers add more strands of conductors with plastic filaments of electric fence polyrope. The high number of strands lowers the resistance of rope.

What type of quality tests are performed on electric fence polyrope to ensure performance?

Elife performs electric resistance test, tensile strength test, and anti-aging test to test the material, performance, and durability of electric fence polyrope.

What is the best sold electric fence polyrope of Elife?

The top rated electric fence polyrope of Elife has characteristics of 6 mm diameter and 6 strands of 0.15 mm stainless steel. Our loyal customers prefer to manufacture it with white color and 200 m spool length. However, you can provide specific dimensions to get your customized electric fence polyrope.

Are electric fence polyropes UV stable?

Yes, electric fence polyropes are UV stable. Elife chooses premium-quality and UV resistant PE fibers to manufacture durable ropes. The UV stable ropes have longer shelf-life as compared with standard ropes manufactured by competitors in the market.

Electric Fence Polyrope

Elife’s electric fence polyrope is perfect to protect farmland, gardens, or agricultural area from crossing of cattle, horses, or intruders. You can fix it temporarily or permanently depending on your requirements.

Our excellent design of electric fence polyropes can offer high degree of safety to cattle or horses. Moreover, Elife is an affordable electric fence polyrope manufacturer to get high-quality products at competitive rates than market.

Elife chooses UV stable polypropylene plastic filaments and corrosion-proof #304 stainless steel wire to manufacture high quality electric fence polyrope.

These premium-quality materials offer high tensile strength and resistant to color degradation as compared with the same product you purchase from others.

Our electric fence polyrope manufacturers control quality by monitoring every stage of tech-savvy tooling injection machine. That’s why Elife is your creditable and affordable electric fence polyrope supplier in china.

You can buy our versatile electric fence polyrope with the following features:

  • High tensile strength
  • Resistant to photo-degradation
  • Prevents from premature failure of product

Moreover you will get the following benefits when you choose Elife electric fence polyrope:

As UV stable plastic and #304 stainless steel are corrosion-proof, UV resistant, and durable, you need less maintenance over time.

The robust electric fence polyrope has ultra-smooth finishing that protects from all kinds of environmental factors.

The UV stable PP material is resistant to photo-degradation and maintains the color of product over time.

The high-quality manufacturing materials provide durability of electric fence polyropes from 3 to 5 years. The UV stable PP plastic eliminates all dangers of premature failure of polyrope because it is low-volatile in nature and never melts even at high temperatures.

The high-quality PP material is resistant to break after applying external stress or alternating climatic conditions.

Similarly, the rust-proof stainless steel conductors also improve the performance of Elife’s electric fence polyrope over time.

All these parameters increase the conductivity of electric fence polyrope. ‑

Elife provides wide range of dimensions and superior material to meet your requirements. The degree of thickness of electric fence polyrope is intermediate between electric fence polytape and electric fence polywire.

Elife’s electric fence polyrope suppliers meet the following parameters of high-quality fence polyropes:

You can get electric fence polyrope ranges from 3.5 mm to 9 mm diameter or any customized diameter.

You can place order for strand size of polyropes ranges from 3 mm to 9 mm or any customized size.

You can choose different spool length of electric fence polyrope such as 150 m, 200 m, and 250 m or any customized length.

You have color choices such as orange, blue, white, or any other customized color for electric fence rope.

Elife offers different types of conductors made from stainless steel wire, copper wire, stainless steel mixed with copper wire, and alloy wire.

The braided design of electric fence polyrope prevents from excessive stretching and ensures a longer lifetime. Moreover, the braided polyropes offer optimum connectivity.

Elife not only offers standard electric fence polyropes but also you can order customized ropes suitable for your project. Elife takes 20-30 working days for fast-track delivery of formal order of electric fence polyrope after your approval.

Our electric fence polyrope manufacturers monitor every detail including purchase, production, testing, and packing. You can specify your needs about the following parameters:

  • Material of conductor
  • Color of electric fence polyrope
  • Diameter and size of rope
  • Number of strands of rope

The quality team members of Elife perform three different quality tests to ensure the quality of electric fence polyrope before shipment.

You can ensure elasticity, elongation, and tensile strength by breaking strength test. The breaking force applied at the room-temperature determines the yield strength of every single strand.

You can measure the degree of resistance, electric leakage, and conductivity of electric fence polyrope by electric resistance test. The strength of electric insulation is measured by applying high voltage at each strand.

You can test shelf-life of fence polyropes from anti-aging test. The exposure of UV or Xenon radiations to electric fence polyrope determines the degree of stability of PP polymer.

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