Your Leading Electric Fence Parts Supplier in China!

  • Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing electric fence parts
  • Top 5 electric fence  brands choose to work with Elife
  • Custom any types of electric fence products for your own brands


Elife Maybe Be No.1 Electric Fence Parts Supplier in China.

Since 2002, Elife has been in supplying and exporting electric fence parts. Elife can supply you almost all electric fence parts, including electric fence polywire, polytape, polyrope, insulators, gate handles, step in post, tape reels, fence testers, solar power and other electric fence parts.

As we are proud to have more than 300 electric fence parts references for meeting your needs in the electric fence business. Elife must be your first choice for electric fence parts suppliers in China.

Due to the strong cost, quality and delivery control at Elife, 128 customers, from more than 20 countries, buy electric fence parts from us. 5 of them are world top brands in the electric fence industry. We believe Elife is able to boom your electric fence parts business in the future.

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Elife is Your Professional Electric Fence Parts Supplier in China!

More than 100 Electric Fence Insulators Model References

Custom any types of electric fence insulators for you.

Low Resistance and UV Stable Electric Fence Polywires

Custom polywires, polyropespolytapes and braided polywire as your needs.

100cm, 120cm and 150cm Step In Posts Electric Fence

OEM/ODM any step in fence posts and fiberglass posts for your own brands.

Over 10 Electric Fence Gate Handles References

Custom electric fence gate handles for your brands.

Top Sale Geared 3:1 Electric Fence Reel

3 typical electric fence reels for your choice.

Electric Fence Digital Voltmeter With Battery Inside

Elife electric fence tester can detect the voltage up to 9900V.

5W-300W Electric Fence Solar Panels
Livestock Electric Fence Charger

Livestock electric fence charger and security fence energizers available.

Mini Galvanized Electric Fence Wire Tensioner

Why Elife Can Be Your Premium Electric Fence Parts Supplier in China?

15 years OEM/ODM experience

We have more than 10 OEM/ODM successful cases each year.

Top brands’ and UV Stable Plastic materials

Elife only manufactures electric fence parts with top brands’ and UV Stable Plastic materials.

3 key inspections before shipment

Elife will conduct at least 3 times inspection before shipments, including, IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (Input process quality control), and OQC (Outgoing quality control).

Free samples available

Elife will offer you free samples of electric fence units for your testing.

Electric Fence Polywire Specification

Model #DesctriptionSpecificationBreaking load&


Master Ctn
FB601PolyiwreDia.2mm,3 strands of 0.15mm s.s condutors42KG
200m per spool
40 spools per carton
Carton Meas.41*33*33Cm
N/G KG:16/17
FB602PolyiwreDia.2mm,3 strands of 0.20mm s.s condutors78KG
200m per spool
30 spools per carton
Carton Meas.45*27*33Cm
N/G KG:16.2/17
FB604PolyiwreDia.2mm,6 strands of 0.15mm s.s condutors72KG
200m per spool
30 spools per carton
Carton Meas.45*27*34Cm
N/G KG:16.2/17
FB605PolyiwreDia.2mm,6 strands of 0.20mm s.s condutors65KG
200m per spool
20 spools per carton
Carton Meas.46*20*33Cm
N/G KG:13.6/14.6
FB603PolyiwreDia.2mm,9 strands of 0.15mm s.s condutors72KG
200m per spool
20 spools per carton
Carton Meas.45*20*33Cm
N/G KG:12.5/13
FB616PolyiwreDia.2mm,9 strands of 0.20mm s.s condutors80KG
200m per spool
16 spools per carton
Carton Meas.38*38*33Cm
N/G KG:13.5/14.5
FB606PolyiwreDia.2.5mm,4 strands of 0.20mm s.s condutors75KG
200m per spool
20 spools per carton
Carton Meas.51*21*33Cm
N/G KG:14.5/15.5
FB607PolyiwreDia.2.5mm,6 strands of 0.15mm s.s condutors70KG
200m per spool
20 spools per carton
Carton Meas.51*21*33Cm
N/G KG:14/15
FB608PolyiwreDia.2.5mm,6 strands of 0.20mm s.s condutors80KG
200m per spool
20 spools per carton
Carton Meas.51*21*33Cm
N/G KG:16/17
FB609PolyiwreDia.3mm,9 strands of 0.15mm s.s condutors90KG
200m per spool
16 spools per carton
Carton Meas.45*45*33Cm
N/G KG:15.4/16.4

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Frequently Asked Question

What kind of tests will Elife do for electric fence parts order?

As Elife manufactures electric fence parts, following to EU standard, the Elife always have the resistance test, tensile test and anti-aging test for electric fence polywire, polytape, polyrope.

If you have a special quality or testing needs, you can also let us know. And we will conduct the testing for your electric fence parts order by your rules, no problem. All that we do is to provide you the quality electric fence parts and grow your brands in the markets too.

Why is your electric fence equipments price higher than other ones?

Please note the following our replies:

As  our mission to help our customers move down buying costs for all-electric fence parts, we don’t believe in an over-priced strategy.
And moreover, we have been striving to do our best to have the price as low as we can do, without sacrificing quality.
For instance, our critical components are bought from the top brands’ companies. Beyond that, we improve the competitiveness of manufacturing costs by actively seeking the best possible component options and manage supply chain logistics.
We hope that by giving the best support on a price to you, we could help ease your capital pressure and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship together.

What is your main materials for polywire or polytape conductors?

Elife only uses high-quality #304 stainless steel conductors for the electric fence polywires, polytapes. After 15 years experiene in manufacturing electric fence conductors, we found the #304 stainless steel wires are best conductors for electric fence parts like polywire and polytape. As it can have the lower resistance and better anti-corrosion ability for electric fence polywires and polytapes.

How do you ensure electric fence parts quality?

You deserve the highest quality contract manufacturing and packaging services every single time.
This is why our industry-leading quality system extends throughout the supply chain—from product receipt to final delivery—at every stage of our facility.
This ensures quality products and timely delivery you can count on.

Does Elife manufacture electric fence insulators with recycled plastic materials?

No, Never! Elife always choose  high quality and UV resistant plastics to manufacture electric fence insulators and other plastic electric fence parts, including electric fence polywire, polytape, insulators, gate handle, posts, tape reel and  more.Although the recycled plastics can decrease the factory cost and make us get more profit. But We trust the quality electric fence parts can win long term cooperation instead of one-time business. So we refuse to use recycled plastics in our factory.

Elife Electric Fence

Elife electric fence parts have the 9 key categories, including Electric fence chargers, insulators, Fence Posts Gate handle,Fence tape reel,Fence testers,Solar power kit and other electric fence accessories.

All plastic parts of electric fence parts are made of high quality and UV stable plastics. So that Elife Can assure the electric fence parts in super quality.

Elife is your best electric fence parts suppliers in China.

As Elife started with an electric fence parts business with one German customer, who had a possible order a ring screw-in insulator x 200,000 pcs.

The customer has 3 vendors candidates, but we finally obtain the order. You must want to know why? There are 3 reasons for behind it.

Polywires collection

Firstly, when we got the electric fence insulator sample and our engineers made a full analysis of it and raised improved suggestions in design structure, materials, and manufacturing in 12 hours. 90% of them were accepted by the customer.

Secondly, we strictly followed the road map for new project development and finally sent one tooling electric fence insulator sample ,15 working days before the original plan.

Last but not least,  when the final cost of electric fence unit is more than what customer request, but in order to meet the final quality standard, we do not sacrifice the quality to take the lower level plastics and we inform it and let the customer know our points.

Finally the customer went with our proposal. For this reason, we not only got the first electric fence insulator order 200,000 pcs but also win the continuous orders year by year. Our customers always says Elife is their trustable electric fence parts suppliers in China.

What Elife do for assuring the electric fence  parts order quality for you? We had set up a strict quality control system from outsourcing materials to the final electric fence parts,inluding IQC,IPQC and OQC.

IQC , it named incoming quality control, Elife will have the inspection for all plastics, stainless steel and other raw materials before manufacturing the electric fence parts.

IPQC, it means InPut Process Quality Control, we had set up the key checking points in the production line to avoid the fake electric fence parts flowing into the next step.

OQC, we calls it as Outgoing Quality Control.

Elife will do the 100% checking for all finished electric fence parts before shipment.

By this way, Elife can assure you will have almost no complaints about our electric fence parts quality.  Elife will be your leading electric fence parts supplier in china.

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