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Your Preferred Electric Fence Leads Manufacturer in China

Elife can fully support your electric fence leads related business.

We can offer our top rated electric fence leads with economical cost.

Wide benefits are what you can look forward to, when you include our electric fence leads on your business.

Elife are always willing to assist your huge quantity orders.

Elife is Your Top Electric Fence Leads Supplier in China

3-D tooling drawing

Elife has our own designers to develop plastic tooling for electric fence leads.

Top brands' plastic injection machine

We have injection machines with dryer hopper for electric fence leads.

Automatic injection machine

Elife has top brand automatic injection machines to manufacture electric fence leads.

Why can Elife Boost your Electric Fence Leads Business?

Strict Quality Inspection

Elife performs levels of product review. The IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (Input process quality control), and OQC (Outgoing quality control).

Expert in Supplying Electric Fence Leads

We have been in the supplying industry for over 15 years.

Offer Free Samples

Elife provides 1 piece free sample of electric fence leads for you to check and test for yourself the quality and performance of the said product.

Customized Your Prefered Brand

We process labelling your preferred brand for electric fence leads after your approval.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is your payment term for an electric fence leads?

-Elife conducts two types of payment terms for purchased electric fence leads. We can make it by Western Union or PayPal. Almost all of our customers accept our payment terms.

What is your MOQ for an electric fence lead?

–We offer electric fence leads with MOQ at 200-1000 pcs.

Where have you sold electric fence leads?

-We exported electric fence leads to clients from the USA, German, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Argentina, and more. And some of them are world top brands in the electric fence insulator leads.

What type of quality tests are performed on electric fence leads to ensure performance?

Elife performs an electric resistance test, tensile strength test, and anti-aging test to test the material, performance, and durability of electric fence leads.

Are electric fence leads UV stable?

Yes, electric fence leads are UV stable. Elife chooses premium-quality and UV resistant PE fibers to manufacture durable ropes. The UV stable leads have longer shelf-life as compared with standard leads manufactured by competitors in the market.

Electric Fence Leads

Are you looking for the best quality and effective electric fence leads for any of your specific applications? Elife is the perfect supplier you can always count on. We are your best solution for your electric fence leads and other related product business.

electric fence leads

We have a wide selection of types of electric fence leads in order for you to have it for any of your applications. Elife has been serving and supplying different kinds of electric fence accessories to 20 countries since 2002 including electric fence leads.

As your professional manufacturer of electric fence leads, we can provide all your needed supply of electric fences. It may be electric fence insulators, step in post, electric fence handle, electric fence testers, electric fence charger and others.

Our offered electric fence leads are formed exactly based on its purpose. You can have your customized electric fence leads capacities depending on your requirement applications. We are ready to accommodate your demands and inquiries about our electric fence leads.

electric fence leads

These electric fence leads are made up of high-standard materials that assures you enduring and long lasting service. By checking it 4 times, ensure you the best quality and performance of the electric fence leads to your project.

Elife is your reliable source of numerous electric fence leads that are valuable to your  farm and securing your animals from danger. This electric fence lead is the one that connects the energizer to the fence wire and to the ground system.

We are not just providing you high-quality electric fence leads but also assist you until you receive your orders.  We have a professional team that is assigned to take care of your electric fence leads orders. We are open for your anytime questions and inquiries.

electric fence leads

Elife is the best company you can always trust on for your regular supplies of electric fence leads for your business. Our offered types of electric fence leads are available with a negotiable price. We have large production of all your needed electric fence leads that surely support your business.

Elife intends to satisfy you with our products and services. You will never be stressed on processing your ordered electric fence leads in Elife. We are responsible for your benefits with our offered electric fence leads and other related products.

Please feel free to communicate with us anytime!

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