Your Electric Fence Ground Rods Supplier in China

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying electric fence ground rods
  • Use top brand and UV resistant plastics materials
  • Can offer you a full range of electric fence ground rod models

Your Professional Electric Fence Ground Rod Supplier in China!

Elife has a complete range of end-to-end design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions of electric fence ground rods for different applications.

Elife provides made to order electric fence ground rod varies in numerous sizes and length, guaranteed to be worked in any intended applications.

Elife is Your Premier Electric Fence Ground Rod Supplier in China

3-D tooling drawing

Elife has our own designers to develop plastic tooling for electric fence ground rod.

Top brands' plastic injection machine

We have injection machines with a dryer hopper for the electric fence ground rod.

Automatic injection machine

Elife has top brand automatic injection machines to manufacture electric fence ground rods.

Why Can Elife Be Your Premier Electric Fence Ground Rod Supplier in China?

Top brand plastic materials

We only use top brand plastic materials to manufacture electric fence ground rods.

Over 4 times inspection

We will have at least 4 times inspection for your electric fence ground rod order from outsourcing materials to final products.

The professional tooling development team

Elife has over 30-year experience in tooling Shifu(master) and professional tooling structure design teams.

Free sample available

We will offer you a free electric fence ground rod sample for your testing before formal order.

Elife Latest Catalog

Frequently Asked Question

When did you start your electric fence ground rod business?

We started the electric fence ground rod business in 2002. So we have over 15 years in manufacturing and exporting electric fence ground rods and we can help you assure you the reliable and stable quality of numerous electric fence ground rod orders.

Where have you exported your electric fence ground rod?

Elife has customers, who ordered electric fence ground rods, are from the USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, and more. Even some world top brands in the electric fence industry bought electric fence ground rods from Elife. So we can share the knowledge and experience of how we work with these brands. It will be help boom your business too.

What is your MOQ for electric fence ground rod?

Elife will have a reasonable MOQ for the electric fence ground rod at 1000 pcs for each model. If you need the special color of the electric fence ground rod,  the MOQ will be at least 3000 pcs.

Elife Electric Fence Ground Rod

Leading industry worldwide, Elife offers a huge inventory of electric fence ground rods to be delivered worldwide. If you are in need of electric fence ground rods for your business necessities, Elife is the best place to count on.

When choosing the right electric fence ground rods, make sure that this manufacturer pays more attention to the service and quality of the electric fence ground rods. In short, choose Elife!

Hot DIP Zinc Galv. Grounding Rod

We have been cooperating with the wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors in the electric fence ground rods business. In fact, most of the top-quality brands all over the world have relied on Elife electric fence ground rods.

Elife electric fence ground rod is a crucial component of any electric fence. It’s very important to have a proper grounding in order to have an effective pain barrier to animals.

Our electric fence ground rods can be about 6 to 8 feet to have an effective grounding system along with 20 VK insulated hook-up wire and ground rod clamps.

Copper Coated Electric Fence Ground Rod

Elife electric fence ground rods can be galvanized or copper. Both have outstanding features and characteristics to your applications.

The electric fence copper ground rod transports the electrical charge more effectively. But, it’s more expensive than the galvanized rod. Our electric fence ground rods are easy to install. You can install it anywhere you want.

In fact, we work hard just to provide you with the best home security with multiple features. It includes home automation items and perimeter anti-intrusion items.

Nowadays, Elife’s products and solutions are still well-known in the marketplace in different countries. So far, Elife company has a solid record of growth and expansion through the satisfaction of the client base.

Copper Clad Earth Rod

Since 2002, Elife is one of the biggest suppliers and manufacturers of electric fence ground rods in China. We offer durable and dependable electric fence ground rod products for all livestock and pet fencing needs.

For further info about electric fence ground rod or if you have any suggestions, reach out to Elife now for assistance. We have a professional sales team that is 24/7 available for a fast response.

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