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  • Industrial grade ABS house
  • Fiberglass PCB board
  • Can meet EU Regulation

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Elife uses fiberglass PCB board and UV resistant plastic covers for its electric fence energizer. So, you can rest assured the electric fence energizer is water-proof and can work in adverse weather conditions. The quality of our electric fence energizer meet the stringent EU standards.

What’s more, the electric fence energizer has unique LCDs.

As a leading manufacturer of electric fence energizer in China, we are dedicated to providing you strong and reliable products. The design of Elife electric fence energizer meets all your different needs. Our electric fence energizers is suitable for security and livestock.

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Your Great Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturer in China.

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Electric Fence Energizers PCB Testing
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WhyElife Is Your Professional Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturer?

Classic 3 types of electric fence energizers

Containing mains, battery, and solar-powered electric fence energizers.

Severely selected raw materials

Elife selects the key parts of an electric fence energizers according to EU safety regulation.

The value controller scheme

The outside material should be inspected 4 times finished by the electric fence energizers.

Flexible MOQ Available

Elife allows you to have an electric fence energizers with flexible MOQ, as per order.

You Can promote your brand easily

We allow the customer to tag or label their brand on the electric fence energizer gift boxes.

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Frequently Asked Question

May I know your electric fence energizer warranty?

Typically, our electric fence energizers provide 1-2 year warranty since the delivery date of the product.

Can you tag our brand for the electric fence energizers?

Of course, we can label your brand for each electric fence energizer’s demand. The brand authorization letter is compulsory for your order booking.


Can you provide solar-powered electric fence energizers?

Surely we have one typical electric fence energizer that is run by the solar panel.

For your electric fence energizer, what is your MOQ?

You are allowed to order livestock electric fence energizers at 50 pcs for trial order.


Can you custom electric fence energizers for your project?

Of course,we can custom electric fence energizer for you. But you need to advise us of detailed drawings and testing standards of electric fence energizer you want. The engineers are professional and they work for the 3D drawing for the mock electric fence energizer in the working days of 7-10. We make sure to develop the mockup samples testing quickly else if the drawing is approved.

Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturer

Electric Fence Energizer

Elife electric fence energizer are perfect for you to keep animals secure. It is ideal for pony and horse paddocks. These energizers can be used for cattle, dairy, pigpen, sheep, dog, rabbit, and poultry enclosures. The electric fence energizer keeps out predators like cats and foxes.

Besides, you can use Elife electric fence energizer to power your residential electric fence.

Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturing-3

Elife is a reliable electric fence energizer manufacturer that relies on industry-leading and world-class technology. We manufacture electric fence energizer for mains electricity, solar-powered and battery-powered energizers.

The electric fence energizer has a low impedance and can deliver power over miles of electric fence. Thanks to low impedance, these electric fence energizer avail more joules that keep your fence hot even under vegetation.

The warranty you get for Elife electric fence energizer gives you peace of mind. Also, electric fence energizer have lightning protection.

With over 15 years in the manufacturing of electric fence material, Elife understands the importance of a reliable energizer. That’s why we manufacture and sell high-quality electric fence energizer approved for use in Europe. So, Elife delivers you a professional electric fence energizer.

Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturing-2

Thanks to the compact size of Elife electric fence energizer make them perfect for your mobile use. You can easily electrify pet fences or divide pastures without a fuss.

The energizers provide stable output for miles under optimal conditions when you using steel wire or electric fence ribbon. Elife strong electric fence energizer will power through weeds. Even when you have extreme vegetation along the electric fence that makes the energizers work harder.

The Elife electric fence energizer comes with a standard two-prong outlet. Our battery-powered electric fence energizer provides unparalleled value. The straightforward connections ease the process of setting up and getting the energizers up and running.

Extra heavy-duty casings for these energizers make sure you have a trouble-free experience as you use the energizers in adverse weather.

Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturing-1

Elife manufactures reliable fence energizers you can trust for all your electric fence needs. At Elife, we also customize electric fence energizer to include your brand label.

You can request a sample to test our product before buying it.

The electric fence energizer is easy to install and comes with a carry handle. Besides electric fence energizer, Elife manufactures other electric fence products such as posts, insulators, polywire, conductors, gate handles, tester and connectors.

By eliminating the middle man, Elife offers you, quality electric fence energizer, at a lower price.

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Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for electric fence energizer manufacturers.

Or, you want some information about electric fence energizer.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about electric fence energizer manufacturers.

What are the uses of Electric Fence Energizer?

Electric fence energizer

Electric fence energizer

You can use the electric fence energizer to convert battery or mains power into high voltage pulse.

It is capable of releasing the pulse on an insulated fence installation once almost every second.

It is capable of switching on and off at intervals of every minute thus preventing fatalities under normal conditions.

How do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers support OEM Business?

Original equipment manufacturers benefit from the manufacturing of electric fence energizers by being the main suppliers.

In other words, the original equipment manufacturers make the main parts of the electric fence energizers.

They use very high-quality materials to make the best parts of the electric fence energizers.

After that, the main electric fence energizer manufacturers outsource these parts from the part manufacturers.

In that case, the electric fence energizer supports the original equipment manufacturers businesses.

Besides, they also help in the entire design process.

Which Materials do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers use?

The main material for making electric fence energizers is high grade plastic materials.

You will use high grade plastic materials because it is strong enough to prevent the casing from breaking or cracking.

Apart from that, the plastic material is a good insulator and will not allow electric current shocks.

In addition to that, plastic is water proof and will not allow the entry of water into the device.

Finally, high grade plastic is also weather proof and will not damage even under direct sunlight or rain.

Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers offer Warranty?

Absolutely, electric fence energizer manufacturers must offer you with a valid warranty for a particular period.

The warranty will cover you against any form of damage that might rise due to negligence of the manufacturer.

The warranty will state the areas which the manufacturer is liable for over a certain time period.

In case you have a problem, you can contact the manufacturer who will assess the energizer to determine cause of problem.

If it qualifies as one of the manufacturers negligence, you will receive free service and maybe a complete replacement.

How many Types of Electric Fence Energizer are there?

There are three different types of energizers that you can use in your electric fence installation.

Here are the three main types of electric fence energizers that can fit your electric fence installation.

AC Fence Energizers

Just from the name, you will note that the AC fence energizer uses alternating current to provide power to the fence.

It is the most common type of energizer you will find and you can use it for large electric fence installations.

Large electric fence installations mean that you can use the AC electric fence energizer to power up 200 miles of fence.

It will, however, require a reliable source of power such as the 110 V or 220 V to power up such huge installations.

DC Fence Energizers

The direct current or battery – operated electric fence energizers are most suitable for the remote locations.

You will use this kind electric fence energizer for areas that do not receive sufficient electric supply.

It depends on different types of batteries such as 12-volt, 4-volt, or D-cell batteries to provide it with enough power.

You must also charge the batteries on a regular basis to ensure that there is constant power supply.

Solar Power Electric Fence Energizer

You will use the solar power electric fence energizer in areas where there is no supply of electricity.

You will also need a battery to help in the storage of power that the energizers need to convert.

Apart from that, you will also need a solar panel to collect solar power and charge the batteries.

Which Quality Specifications Must Electric Fence Manufacturers adhere to?

There are particular specifications that electric fence energizer manufacturers must adhere to.

These specifications are both national depending on the country and international.

The international electric fence energizers quality standards manufacturers adhere to are:

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Standards
  • CE Quality Standards
  • GS Quality Standards

Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Supply Both Low and High Impedance Energizers?

Horse electric fence energizer

Horse electric fence energizer

Yes, electric fence energizer manufacturers supply both high and low impedance energizers.

You can either choose the low impedance or the high impedance electric fence energizer depending on your requirements.

Low impedance electric fence energizers will allow an increase of joules on the entire fence line.

It implies that this type of fence is capable of remaining hot even with interference from weeds and vegetation.

On the other end, high impedance fence energizers will provide enough power that is capable of burning the vegetation.

It will allow the power to leak into the vegetation which usually comes in touch with the fence lines.

It is not the safest type of energizer you should consider as it might cause a fire.

What Selection Manual Do Electric Fence Energizers Manufacturers Recommend for Choosing Electric Fence Energizers?

Well, you must be very careful when selecting a good electric fence energizer for your electric fence installation.

Here, there is a clear manual that you will follow to help you make the right choice.

· Source of Power

You can either choose the AC or DC electric fence energizer depending on the source of power.

In areas with proper electric supply, you will use the AC electric fence energizers.

In remote areas with shaky electric power supply, you will use the DC electric fence energizers.

· Length or Size of the Fence

You will also choose an electric fence energizer by looking at the size or length of the installation.

Here, you will use the AC electric fence energizer for large fence sizes and DC for the small fence installations.

· Type of Control

In this case, you will also look at the type of animal you would like to control using the electric fence installation.

There are horses that will require more power to control while others will need very little power to control.

In other words, you will use the AC electric fence energizers for controlling animals which require higher power controls.

For instance, you will use the Ac electric fence energizer to control horses as they require more electric fence power controls.

Which Accessories Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Supply Alongside Electric Fence Energizers?

Electric fence energizer manufacturers supply quite a number if accessories that you will need in the installation of electric fences.

Here are the main accessories that you can get alongside the electric fence energizer.

· Electric Fence Battery

You will need an electric fence battery especially if you are using the DC electric fence chargers.

It will help in the storage of power before the power is converted to pulses that produce electric shock.

Electric fence battery

Electric fence battery

· Electric Fence Posts

The electric fence posts are capable of holding the electric fence installations such as the electric fence wires.

In other words, it acts as the main support system for the electric fence installations and devices.

Electric fence post

Electric fence post

· Electric Fence Wires

You will also have the different types of electric fence wires such as tapes, wires, and ropes alongside electric fence energizers.

They act as the main path for the electric fence pulses that come from the electric fence energizers.

Electric fence wire

Electric fence wire

· Electric Fence Connectors

You will also have the electric fence gate among other key installations such as connectors and spring gates.

Apart from that, you will have the electric fence connectors, electric fence reels and insulators among others.

Electric fence connector

Electric fence connector

· Electric Fence Solar Panels

You will need the electric fence solar panel to trap the energy from the sun and power up the electric fence.

It will work alongside electric fence energizers by providing it with the power which the energizer converts into pulses.

Electrical fence solar panel

Electric fence solar panel

· Electric Fence Tester

You will use the electric fence tester to test the amount of power that flows through the electric fence installation.

It will help you in controlling the amount of pulses that flows from the energizers to the electric fence.

Electric fence tester

Electric fence tester

Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Supply Weather Resistant Electric Fence Energizers?

Yes, electric fence energizer manufacturers supply weather resistant electric fence energizers.

The manufacturers ensure that they use plastic materials that can withstand the effects of any weather condition.

It is capable of withstanding UV rays from damaging the whole machine.

In addition to that, it is waterproof and will not allow the entry of water into the device.

Implying that you can install the electric fence energizer outside the building.

The weather resistance properties will increase the durability of the electric fence energizers.

Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Provide Samples for Testing?

Absolutely, electric fence energizer manufacturers provide sample at your convenience for testing.

You will have to get in touch with the electric fence energizer suppliers and request for a sample.

We will supply you with a sample to your expense so that you can test it according to your requirements.

We also welcome feedback on the performance of the electric fence energizer samples for improvement.

What Payment Terms Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Have?

Well, we welcome different payment terms for our customers to explore.

You can pay for the electric fence energizers in cash or is not you can pay through bank transfers.

Apart from that, you can also use the freedom of paying a deposit as we custom make your energizers.

After that, you will complete your full payment before we deliver the products to your destination.

How Many Joules Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Recommend for Electric Fence Chargers?

Well, the joules that electric fence energizer manufacturers recommend for electric fence installations will vary considerably.

This will depend greatly on the type of electric fence installation that you have and the animals you intend to control.

Despite that, the typical recommendation for the electric fence energizers is one joule for every mile of the fence.

You should note that the higher the number of joules the better it will be until it reaches induction point.

In case the joules are too high, induction will occur thus powering the gates as well as the neutral wires.

You should also know that any number of joules nearing 7000 will definitely cause an induction.

What Duration Period do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Guarantee?

Electric fence energizer manufacturers guarantee you a period of 2 to 3 years depending on the type of energizer.

Electric fence energizers that are expensive often have a longer duration of guarantee.

Despite the guarantee duration periods, we believe in producing the best energizers in the industry.

In addition to that, the guarantee period will only work for specific things only if the manufacturer is liable.

Which are there Components of Electric Fence Energizers?

The electric fence energizers have different components that help in the changing of energy to pulses.

These parts work in conjunction with one another to ensure that the electric fence energizers work well.

Here are the main parts of the electric fence energizer.

· Outer Cover

The outer cover acts as the main shell that protects all the other parts inside the electric fence energizer.

It is weather proof and will not allow any form of damage to befall the electric fence energizer.

It is also a good insulator that will prevent electric shocks on the operators.

· Terminals

The terminals act as the main joining ports of the electric fence energizer to other electric fence accessories.

The terminals have different charges such as positive and negative charge so you have to be careful.

· Converter

The converter is responsible for converting electric power into pulses on the fence that will produces shock effect.

It will control the amount of energy that will pass through the electric fence installation at every second interval.

· Control Panel

Modern electric fence energizers have a control panel that will allow you to comfortably program the device.

Apart from that, you can depend on it to control and monitor all the electric fence energizer processes.

How Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Size Electric Fence Energizers?

Electric fence energizer manufacturers size electric fence energizers according to size of the farm or electric fence.

The bigger the fence, the bigger and more sensitive the electric fence energizer that you will use.

Apart from that, you can also size the electric fence energizer according to the amount of power flowing through.

Which Troubleshooting Procedures do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers Recommend?

Well, the electric fence energizers can develop complications whenever you are operating them.

You can identify the source of the problem by simply troubleshooting the device.

Here are some of the problems you might encounter.

1) Lack of Proper Flow of Power

The electric power may fail to flow adequately to the electric fence energizer.

This is because the electric fence connections or terminal might have loose connections.

You can sort this by tightening the connections and replacing the connectors with better ones.

2) Low Pulses on the Fence

The pulse on the fence can be too low due to problems with the converter.

You can sort this out by replacing the converter or cleaning it on a regular basis.

Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturer offer After Sales Support?

Yes, we offer after sales services to our customers for purchasing the electric fence energizers.

We help in the process of testing and transportation.

Apart from that we can also educate you on the best practices for using the electric fence energizers.

In case of any questions, you can get in touch with us for technical support.

We can also offer maintenance services and replacements under the warranty agreement.

Do Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturers in China offer Flexible MOQ?

Yes, our minimum order quantity requirements are very flexible depending on your demands.

The type of electric fence energizers that you order will determine the minimum order quantity.

What other Electric Fence Supplies do you offer?

We offer quite a number of other electric fence supplies for you to order,

Here are the other supplies that you can order from us.

As a trusted electric fence energizer manufacturer, Elife can customize electric fence accessories according to your specific requirements.

Contact us today for competitive price and reliable electric fence energizers.

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