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Your Premium Electric Fence Connectors Supplier in China

Polytape & polyrope connectorsElife offers you a full range of electric fence connectors for your needs.

The electrical fence connectors include electrical fence rope connector with wing nut, heart clip set, polytape clamp line to line connector, and many more.

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Elife Maybe Be Your Best Electric Fence Connectors Supplier in China!

Quality Control

We have strictly quality control system according to ISO90001

Metal punching processing

We have more than 10 sets of punching machine for processing metal materials

Zinc coating

For improving the anti-rust ability , we always have high-class zinc coating treatment for electric fence connectors

Why Elife can skyrocket your electric fence connectors business?

Top brands choose Elife

Top brands choose Elife electric fence supplies including electric fence connectors

High class galvanized steel

We use high class galvanized steel to manufacture electric fence rope connectors

20&40mm polytape connectors available

We can supply you 20mm and 40mm electric fence polytape connectors

Label your brand

Elife allow you to label your brand on electric fence connectors packing to boost your brands in your markets

Free samples available

We can offer you some free samples of electric fence connectors before a formal order

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Frequently Asked Question

When didi you start your electric fence business?

We started the electric fence business in 2002 and thanks to high quality and best service, so Elife can have the long term cooperation with the customers who come from more than 20 countries.

Where have you exported your electric fence connectors?

We exported electric fence connectors to USA, Germany, French, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and more. Some of them are the top brands or companies in the world market. So we can share the knowledge on how we work with these big fish once we started business with you soon.

What is your payment term of electric fence connectors order?

Elife has two type of payment terms for electric fence connectors business. For the sample order, we accept western union or paypal. For the formal electric fence connectors order, we prefer TT 40% as a deposit and 60% before shipment.

Do you have any customers in our country?

Please let us know where are you from? And we will check if we have customers in your country or not. If yes, we cannot disclose their name to you as we have the NDA agreement with our customers.

What is your MOQ for electric fence connectors?

For the first order of electric fence connectors, you are allowed to buy 1000 pcs/order at MOQ.

Electric Fence Connectors

Poor connections can lead to electrical fence problems. Therefore, it is important to choose quality electric fence connectors.

The electrical fence rope connector is one of our best-selling electrical fence connectors. Elife electrical fence rope connector is made from high quality 304 stainless steel; therefore, it can last for more than 5 years.

Elife also has an electric fence rope connector made from galvanized steel, which is available at a competitive price.

Also, Elife has three models of electric fence connectors, ideal for 4mm polyrope, 5mm polyrope, and 6mm polyrope.

All these make Elife your premium electric fence connector supplier in China.

We have an electric fence connector, named heart clip set and they come in 150cm length. They can make electrical connections between 3 lines of electrical fence polywire, galvanized steel wire, electric fence rope or electric fence tape up to 100mm.

Another electric fence connector, bolt connector, is available in Elife too. It is used to connect electric fence galvanized wire together.

You can also find an electric fence connector as a tape clamp line to line connector. It can form an electric connection between 2 lines of electric fence rope or electric fence tape up to 40 mm.

You may need the electric fence connector to make the connection between two lengths of electric fence tape. Its professional name is an electric fence tape joiner.

Electric fence tape joiner is made of stainless steel with very low resistance, making an ideal conductive connection from one polytape to another polytape.

Such electric fence connectors are suitable for 20mm or 40mm electric fence tape.

You should not try to join the electric fence tape with a knotting method. So electric fence connectors are very important when building an electric fence system.

The galvanized electric fence tape connector is suitable for electric fence tapes up to 40mm. And you can use this electric fence connectors to join the electric fence tape without any extra tools.

The electric fence using such electric fence tape connectors can support heavy loads and keep perfect conduction in the electric fence line.

This kind of electric fence connector is called an electric fence tape connector. Such electric fence connectors are made of one piece of metal, so they are very durable.

This conductive electric fence tape connector can ensure the current flows from each strand of steel to a point it joins electric fence tape, up to 40mm.

Please do not make the electric fence tape knots as the knots do not permit current to flow, which can prevent the normal functioning for some time.

It is important to choose high-quality electric fence connectors since they will ensure a good connection to the electric fence system.

Elife offers a high-quality electric fence connector for your fencing needs. We have range of electric fence connectors for poly tape, poly wire, electric fence rope, and many others.

The electric fence connectors from Elife are very reliable. In Elife factory, galvanized connectors are available. It is best suited for rope and cord up to 6 mm in diameter.

Elife electric fence connectors provides perfect electrical contact. This is fabricated and manufactured to ensures a resilient and reliable mechanical connection linking the ends of ropes.

The classification of the material and workmanship promise a long functioning life. The electric fence connectors from Elife are not difficult to attach using a spanner.

Our top engineers fabricated our electric fence connectors using high-class quality material to ensures durably and securely connects electric fence rope and cord.

When it comes to building wire fences, electric fence connectors are the best tool. Elife recommended you to use electric fence connectors which are reliable and simple solutions.

Elife electric fence connectors come with a robust clamp with stainless-steel nut. It is easy to handle and quick to install.

Elife can provide you the right electric fence connectors with a secure and good connection to control power loss in the electric fence.

Our expert and skilled designers have fabricated the electrical fence connectors through our advanced technology. It is designed for easy fitting and suitable for all types of cable.

Our electric fence connectors are precisely produced to ensure and maintain good electrical conductivity. Also, for connecting the two lengths of rope or cord in a fence.

Moreover, Elife manufactured a stainless steel electric fence connector for long life span. All products we deal here in Elife is warranty guaranteed.

Our electric fence connector for poly wire is not fitted for stranded wire. However, it is designed a simple but reliable choice for securely joining conducting material.

This practical and small galvanized metal needs a little speedy turn of screwdrivers. Thus, it creates a tough and durable mechanical connection. It can guarantee good electrical contact.

All electric fence connectors from Elife are thoroughly galvanized to ensure that they will last.

With our vast experience and knowledge in this industry, Elife has been one of a well-known manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of electric fence connectors in China.

Moreover, you can get our electric fence connectors in the cheaper market rate. All-electric fence connector products in Elife are in compliance with quality international standards.

Moreover, Elife electric fence connectors is easily availed in our factory in various capacities and specifications.

In China, Elife company is the top-quality manufacturer and supplier of electric fence connectors since 2002.

Besides electric fence connectors, Elife also can offer you a full range of electric fence supplies like Electric fence insulators, chargers, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fence Posts, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit and more.

So Elife will be your trustable electric fence products supplier in China.

It is fabricated beneath the inspection of experienced professionals by using excellent assured pieces acquired from well-founded market dealers.

For more details about or electric fence connector products, just keep in touch with Elife manufacturing factory. We provide you one stop shop solution for your fencing needs.

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Electric Fence Connectors: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for high quality electric fence connectors, this guide outlines all the critical aspects you should know.

It covers electric fence connector kit, material, benefits, and conductor type, among others factors.

What are Electric Fence Connectors?

Electric fence connectors are devices that you will use to join two or more parts of an electric fence conductor.

For instance, you can use the polytape electric fence connector to join two parts of an electric fence polytape.

Electric fence connector

Electric fence connector

What Does the Electric Fence Connector Kit Consist Of?

Electric fence kit connectors consist of different parts depending on the type of electric fence connector.

The electrical fence rope connector consists of heart clip sets, crocodile clamps, and wing nuts among others.

How Many Types of Top-Rated Electric Fence Connectors Do You Supply?

We supply quite a number of electric fence connectors that you can use for different connections.

Here are some of our top-rated electrical fence connectors that you can choose from.

  • Polytape electric fence connectors
  • Electric fence connectors (join buckle)
  • Polytape electric fence connectors
  • Electric fence wire connectors
  • Electric Fence Connector for Line to Line
  • Electric Fence Connector for Metal Wire
  • Electric Fence Connector for Polytape
  • Electric Fence Connector-Crocodile Clamp

Which Materials Do You Use to Make High Quality Electric Fence Rope Connectors?

Well, we use different types of materials to make the electrical fence connectors.

The main materials that we use are 304 stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Depending on the type of electrical fence connector, you will have some with plastic materials.

These materials are corrosion and UV resistant and will last for a very long time.

How Long Does an Electric Fence Rope Connector Last?

The durability of the electrical fence connectors is often very high due to the high tensile strength materials.

Apart from that, we have the materials that are corrosion and weather resistant thus can survive bad weather conditions.

What is a Heart Clip Set Electric Fence Connector?

Heart clip set electric fence connectors are the connectors that you will use to make proper connections between 3 lines.

You can use it in making connections between 3 lines of different conductor materials such as polytapes, polyropes and polywires.

What are the Uses of the Electric Fence Tape Clamp Line to Line Connectors?

Electric fence tape clamp line to line connectors are suitable for making connections between 2 lines of electric fence ropes.

Apart from that, you can use it to make connections between two lines of electrical fence tapes up to 40 mm.

Electric fence clamp line

Electric fence clamp line

Do the Electric Fence Connectors Conduct Electric Current?

Yes, electric fence connectors are made out of materials that are capable of conducting electric current.

Ideally, the electric fence connectors are suitable for completing the circuit between two different conducting materials.

It is the reason why the electric fence connectors must be capable of conducting electric current.

How Much Do Electric Fence Connectors Cost?

You will spend varying amounts of money to purchase different types of electric fence connectors.

The variation is as a result of different types of electric fence connectors that you can use for different purposes.

For instance, the cost of electric fence connectors for polytapes vary from the electric fence connectors for polyropes.

Generally, you will spend between 5 to 20 US dollars depending on the type of electric fence connector you purchase.

Why Should you Import the Electric Fence Connectors from Elife?

Elife is among the best electric fence connectors manufacturers in China and also the world over.

You should consider purchasing your electric fence connectors from Elife because they ship all over the world.

Apart from that, they use high quality materials to make the electric fence connectors thus increasing its durability.

In addition to that, Elife conducts 4 quality inspections on the electric fence connectors manufacturing process.

You also have the freedom of ordering custom electric fence connectors from Elife to fit your applications accordingly.

This includes proper labeling of the electric fence connectors with the logo of your brand.

What’s more, Elife will send free samples of electric fence connectors to your location upon your request.

How Does the Electric Fence Connector Manufacturers Support OEM Business?

Electric fence connector manufacturers are the biggest supporters of OEM business.

They outsource high quality electric fence connector materials from the best suppliers in the industry.

In the outsourcing process, electric fence connector manufacturers support the manufacturers of the original equipment.

They help in the design work and branding where necessary.

What are Some of the Accessories that You Will Use Alongside the Electric Fence Connectors?

Your electrical fence connectors will work best in the presence of other accessories in the electric fence system.

The accessories that you will use alongside electric fence connectors include:

  • Electric fence conductors such as polytapes, polyropes and polywires.
  • Electric Fence Chargers
  • Electric Fence Batteries
  • Electric Fence Insulators
  • Electric Fence Gates and Spring Gates
  • Electric Fence Solar Panels

What are the Benefits of Using the Electric Fence Connectors?

You will use the electric fence connectors for different purposes due to advantages they present.

Here are the main benefits of using the electric fence connectors.

· High Durability Levels

You will use electric fence connectors for a very long time because they are highly durable.

It has materials that are corrosion and UV ray resistant that make them highly durable.

· Low Cost of Acquisition

You will spend an insignificant amount of money to purchase an electric fence connector because it is cheap.

You will get high quality electric fence connectors at very affordable prices in the market.

· Easy to Install and Maintain

The installation process is very simple and you can easily manage it by yourself.

Apart from that, you will spend less energy and time in the maintenance process of the electric fence connectors.

What are Off-set Electric Fence Connectors?

Offset electric fence connector

Offset electric fence connector

Off-set electric fence connectors make a connection away from the electric fence post.

It gives an additional distance from the wall and the edges of the electric fence installation.

The distance between them is responsible for prevention of chewing as well as rubbing between the connections.

How Do You Install an Electric Fence Connector to an Electric Fence?

You can install the electric fence connectors quite simply by going through the following steps.

In a situation where you want to connect two electric fence polyropes, you will use the polyrope connectors.

Here, you will assemble all the tools and equipment you need and begin by loosening screw and nuts.

After that, you will insert the polyrope between the lose space on the electric fence connector and then tighten it.

You will repeat the same connection on the other side of the electric fence polyrope and tighten it as well.

In the long run, you will establish a complete connection between the two sides of the electric fence polyrope.

What is the Function of the Clamp on the Electric Fence Connectors?

The clamp on the electric fence connectors is responsible for holding the connector to the conductor.

It also has conductive materials that are capable of transmitting enough electric current between the connections.

Do You Have a Warranty for the Electric Fence Connectors?

Yes, we believe that we manufacture the best electric fence connectors in the industry.

It is the reason why we have a warranty so that in case of a fault, we can do complete replacements.

At Elife, we offer high quality and reliable electric fence connectors to meet your specific business needs.

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