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The portable system of electric fence conductors is referred to as polywire, polyrope, and polytape. Elife electric fence conductors transmit electricity that deliver shock to animals when they touch them.

This way, intruders or animals will avoid coming into contact with the electric fence conductors in the future.

Polywire is the best Elife electric fence conductor for cattle. The fence conductor is made from high-grade stainless steel and comes with UV resistant PE filaments.

These make the electric fence conductors have high conductivity. Also, the conductors are more resistant to the weather.

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Your Leading Electric Fence Conductors Supplier in China.

Electric Fence Conductors Manufacturing Line

Elife set up several modern electric fence conductors manufacturing lines and so we can meet your requirements both in high quality and fast delivery time.

Electric Fence Conductors Quality Checking

Our QC staff always do the random checking time and time when manufacturing electric fence conductors orders for you.

Electric Fence Conductors Ready for Packing

You are allowed to label your band on each roll of electric fence conductors from Elife.

Top Rated Electric Fence Conductors

You can have standard and customized Electric Fence Conductors here.

WhyElife Can Be Your No.1 Electric Fence Conductors Supplier in China?

UV resistant material

Elife selects high-quality UV stable plastic material for electric fence conductors

Chooses #304 stainless steel material

Elife utilizes #304 stainless steel to manufacture heavy-duty electric fence conductors

More than 15 years of experience

Elife is manufacturing and supplying high-quality electric fence conductors since 2002

In-depth selection of raw material

Elife has its own selection criteria to choose premium-quality electric fence conductors’raw material

4 times detailed inspection

Elife performs 4 times detailed inspection of every order from outsourcing material to final electric fence conductor manufacturing

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Frequently Asked Question

Are electric fence conductors made from stainless steel?

Yes, Elife utilize #304 S.S metal wire for the production of conductors. #304 stainless steel has strong breaking strength, lower resistance, and anti-corrosion properties. When you apply electric fence conductors in the field, it shows longer shelf life and enhanced connectivity. Elife believes in providing quality products. Our engineers only recommend buying fence conductors that are manufactured from #304 stainless steel material.

Can you provide customized electric fence conductors?

Yes, we provide customized electric fence conductors. You can place an order to get conductors of various sizes, diameter, strands, conductors, color, and any other specification. In case, you have an original sample of conductors, it is better to send that sample to us. We will consider it a standard and speed up the manufacturing process. You can place test requirements such as resistance test, breaking strength test, aging test, and many others for your customized order. Our engineers and quality control managers have the capacity to research and develop it accordingly. We prefer preparing verified samples for you before the final approval of the formal order.

What is the standard warranty duration of high-class electric fence conductors?

Elife ensures that premium-quality electric fence conductors have a warranty duration of a minimum 3 -5 yrs. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned warranty duration is calculated based on standard environmental conditions rather than extreme weather conditions such as extreme hot or cold environment, high salt content, or high water content.

Can I place order to receive a free sample of electric fence conductors?

Of course, all the clients can get free sample of electric fence conductors. Elife performs various sample tests before the shipment of trial order of conductors. In case, your requested sample is present in our stock, we will send you immediately. However, if it does not exist, we will take time for manufacturing of it. Moreover, you pay the cost of the requested sample.

Electric Fence Conductors

If you want electric fence conductors for horses, choose Polytape. As a professional manufacturer of electric fence conductors in China, Elife crafts Polytape from #304 stainless steel cable.

It comes with 20 cables of UV stable PE filaments. This gives Elife polytape remarkable anti-rust capability. Also, it safeguards against fading when exposed to the sunlight.

Polyrope is the toughest electric fence conductor. At Elife, the top rated electric fence rope is made from stainless steel 0.25mm thick and composed of UV stable 30 strands. So, you can use rope electric fence conductors for big and strong animals such as bulls.

Even after prolonged use, this type of electric fence conductor won’t lose tension.

With Elife, you have a skilled electric fence conductor supplier in China. We deliver custom and high-quality electric fence conductors such as polyrope, polytape, and polywire.

Contact us for your electric fence conductors with custom PE strands, color, and spool length. Alternatively, you can send a sample 50cm long to us. We will then send the custom electric fence conductor sample in 7 to 10 business days.

At Elife, you can get quality electric fence conductors together with rope and tape. Also, you can include your brand’s name on the electric fence conductors.

This way, you will grow brand awareness within your market to attract more sales and profit. With Elife, you get a leading supplier of electric fence conductors in China.

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Electric Fence Conductors: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you are looking for high quality and reliable electric fence conductors.

Or, you’d like to learn more about electric fence conductors.

Whichever the case, this guide has all useful information that will help you buy the best electric fence conductors.

Keep reading.

What is an Electric Fence Conductor?

An electric fence conductor is one of the main parts of the electric fencing system that will carry the electric current.

It will create a barrier between a particular enclosure by delivering electric shocks thus keeping intruders away.

Electric fence conductor

Electric fence conductor

Which Quality Standards Must the Electric Fence Conductors Adhere to?

Electric fence conductors must adhere to specific quality standards to ensure that they are safe and of very high quality.

The quality standards that every electric fence conductor must adhere to are:

  • ASTM
  • Security Fences and Gates Quality Standards (GS)
  • CE Quality Standards

The above quality standards will ensure that the electric fence conductors conform to safety, environmental as well as health standards.

What are the Uses of an Electric Fence Conductors?

Electric fence conductors form part of electric fence barriers that will keep the occupants in an enclosure safe.

The conductor has the ability of carrying an electric charge of varying voltages according the electric fence rating.

It will deliver an electric shock in case an intruder gets in contact with the electric fence conductor.

Which is the Best Material for Making Electric Fence Conductor?

You can make electric fence conductors out of different types of conductive materials.

The main types of materials that you can use to make the electric fence conductors include:

Electric fence wire

Electric fence wire

· Copper or Tinned Copper Materials

Copper is the best material that you can use as an electric fence conductor.

It is capable of delivering about 40 times of electric current in comparison to other materials such as stainless steel.

You will use copper especially when you are fencing a very long fence line.

It is, however, not a strong material and is also prone to other factors such as oxidation thus limiting durability.

· Stainless Steel Materials

It is a common material that you will use in your electric fence due to is conductivity and high tensile strength.

Apart from that, it is stainless and will not corrode easily thus having very high durability levels.

Despite the above benefits, stainless steel is the least conductive type of conductor that you can use.

· Aluminum Materials

You can also use aluminum as your electric fence conductor because it offers about four times the conductive power of steel.

Despite the fact that it might cost more than stainless steel, you are sure that it will last long as it does not corrode.

· Poly Fencing Materials

You can use the poly fencing materials to make electric fencing conductors especially for temporary fencing.

It provides very high levels of visibility, decreased weight and incorporates the above conductive materials to increase conductivity.

How Does an Electric Fence Wire Compare to an Electric Fence Rope?

Electric fence wires and electric fence ropes differ in terms of thickness or width.

Electric fence wire

Electric fence

Electric fence ropes are often thicker or wider with a greater diameter than the electric fence wires.

Due to increased thickness and width, electric fence ropes have better visibility properties in comparison to electric fence wires.

Despite that difference.

You can use similar conductive materials to make both electric fence wires and ropes.

These electric fence solutions offer very low resistance to wind and are not prone to sagging.

What is the Difference Between an Electric Fence Tape and an Electric Fence Rope?

Well, you can determine the difference between the electric fence tape and rope by looking at the width.

Electric fence tape

Electric fence tape

Electric fence tapes are wider in comparison to the electric fence rope hence exhibit better visibility properties.

The conductor materials that you will use to make electric fence tapes and ropes are also similar.

Electric fence tapes are prone to sagging as they offer great resistance to wind.

On the other hand, electric fence ropes do not sag because they offer very little resistance to wind.

Which Accessories should you Install Alongside Electric Fence Conductors?

Electric fence conductors will work best in collaboration with other electric fencing accessories.

The accessories that you will use alongside electric fence conductors include:

  • Electric Fence Battery
  • Electric Fence Solar Panel
  • Electric Fence Charger
  • Electric Fence Connectors and Insulators
  • Electric Fence Gates and Spring Gates
  • Electric Fence Testers
  • Electric Fence Poles

Do You offer Customization Services for Electric Fence Conductors?

Absolutely, we offer customization services for electric fence conductors according to your specifications.

All you have to do is provide us the following details:

  • Type of materials for the electric fence conductors
  • Thickness of the electric fence conductor
  • Design of the electric fence conductor in terms pf polywires, polyropes or polytapes
  • Number of strands on the electric fence conductor among other key details

What is the Installation Process of Electric Fence Conductors?

You will install the electric fence conductors by going through the following simple steps.

Step One: Installing the Support Accessories

First you will install all the support system which includes the electric fence poles, insulators and connectors.

Depending on the type of electric fence pole, you may have to dig into the soil to create a proper anchor.

After that you will install the electric fence insulators and connectors which will hold the conductors.

Step Two: Installing the Electric Fence Conductors

With the help of an electric fence reel, you will begin the installation of the electric fence conductors.

You can either have the reel with you as you move or place them at the point where the fencing commences.

You will move along the fencing posts pulling and unwinding the electric fence conductor from the reel.

With the help of a partner, you will attach the electric fence conductor to the electric fence insulators and connectors.

Finally, you will tighten the electric fence conductor before you attach it to the electric fence charging system.

How many Lines of Electric Fence Conductors Should You Have on an Electric Fence?

The number of lines of electric fence conductors will vary according to the type of electric fence conductor and pole heights.

Taller electric fence poles will require more electric fence lines to make them more effective.

Apart from that, you will require very few lines of electric fence conductors if the electric fence conductor is thick.

For instance, you can install 4 or 5 electric fence tapes depending on the height since they are wider.

Can You Install More Than One Electric Fence Conductor at a Time?

Yes, it is possible to install more than one electric fence conductor line at a time.

All you have to do is have an electric fence reels for every electric fence conductor line.

You can mount the electric fence reel on an ATV or a pole and then pull all of them at once.

Your assistant will follow behind you to hook the electric fence conductor on the electric fence insulators and connectors.

How Much Voltage Should Run Through an Electric Fence Conductors?

At any given time, the fence conductors must maintain a minimum of 4500 V.

This may vary especially when one gets in contact with the electric fence conductor.

You will realize that the voltage usually increases especially when the conductor delivers an electric shock.

Do You Supply Electric Fence Conductors of Different Sizes?

Yes, we do supply electric fence conductors of varying sizes depending on your application requirements.

It implies that the electric fence conductors that we make have different diameters, and lengths.

We can also customize a special size of electric fence conductors at the request of our customers.

How Much Do Electric Fence Conductors Cost?

The cost of electric fence conductors will vary according to the type of electric fence conductor.

For instance, copper electric fence conductors will cost more than the stainless steel or aluminum conductors.

Apart from that, the size of the electric fence conductor will have a huge effect on the overall cost of conductors.

On that note, most suppliers set the price range at between 30 to 60 US dollars for 200-meter conductive materials.

How many Types of Electric Fence Wire Conductors are There?

Electric fence wire conductors are available in four main types or materials including:

Electric fence conductor

Electric fence conductor

  • Tinned Copper or Copper Materials
  • Stainless Steel Materials
  • Aluminum Materials
  • Alloy Wire Materials

Which Types of Electric Fence Rope Conductors Do You Supply?

The main types of electric fence rope conductors that we supply include:

  • Stainless steel wire
  • Copper wire
  • Stainless steel wire+ copper wire
  • Alloy wire

Do You Have Different Types of Electric Fence Tape Conductors?

Yes, we have different types of electric fence tape conductors.

Just like the other electric fence poly materials, we use the same types of electric fence conductors.

The main types of conductors in electric fence polytapes are copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and allow wires,

We also have a mixture of different types of conductors such as copper and stainless steel on the electric fence polytape.

Can an Electric Fence Conductor Cause Fire When in Contact with Dry Vegetation?

Yes, electric fence conductors can cause fires especially when it produces sparks of fire.

The sparks of fire will jump from the electric fence installation and on to the dry vegetation.

In case that happens, then there is a possibility of a fire outbreak.

What are the Benefits Using the Electric Fence Poly Tape Conductors?

Electric fence polytapes are also very common in particular farms due to the following benefits.

  • It is wider in length and capable of delivering high electric power charges and shocks
  • The width and the bright colors will also increase the visibility of the electric fence polytape.
  • It is highly durable with corrosion and UV ray’s resistance
  • Due to the robust nature, it is capable of withstanding high tensile forces

How Many Width Sizes of Electric Fence Polytape Conductors are There?

Electric fence polytapes are available in different sizes with varying width sizes.

The wider the electric fence polytape, the higher the number of strands within the particular polytape.

The top selling widths of polytapes are the 12 mm, 20 mm and the 40 mm polytapes.

What are the Advantages of Using the Electric Fence Polywire?

You can opt to use the popular electric fence polywire because of the benefits.

Here are the main advantages of using the electric fence polywire:

  • It is very easy to maintain in terms of repair
  • Polywires are available in different colors and sizes thus increasing the visibility.
  • Installation process of electric fence polywires is very simple
  • They are also light in weight allowing you to move them easily from place to place
  • It also has corrosion and weather proof properties thus increasing the durability levels.
  • It is the most affordable type of electric fence conductor in comparison to others.

Which Safety Specifications Should You Adhere to When Using Electric Fence Conductors?

It is very important to stay safe when you are handling the electric fence conductors.

You can ensure your safety by following particular safety precautions such as:

  • Disconnecting the power from the electric fence when handling the fence to prevent shock
  • Wearing the right protective gear when handling the electric fence.
  • Maintaining the vegetation along the electric fence conductor installation at very low heights.
  • You must also maintain a minimum of 4500 V of power running through the electric fence conductor.
  • On the same note, the electric fence conductor must not have electric charge beyond 10,000 volts.
  • Impulse energy on the electric fence conductor should never go beyond 5 Joule under physical contact.
  • Ensure that you use necessary electric energy and do not exceed the set limits.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Choosing an Electric Fence Conductor?

When choosing an electric fence conductor, there are particular factors to look at.

The main factors that you should look at include:

· Effectiveness of the Conductor

Here, you will look at the effectiveness of the conductor in terms of the farm size and the application.

You must note that not all the electric fence conductor materials are suitable for every application.

· Durability of the Conductor

In this case, you must ensure that your electric fence conductor serves you for a very long time.

You can do this by ensuring the electric fence conductor is corrosion and weather proof.

Apart from that, you will make sure that the electric fence conductors have very high tensile strength.

· Type of Fence

Here you should know whether the electric fence you intend to install is temporary or permanent.

Poly electric fence materials or conductors are the most suitable types of fences for temporary fencing.

· Length of the Fence

Basic types of electric fence conductors are the most suitable types of conducts for short fences less than 500 meters.

Longer fences will require pro-conductors such as copper or tinned copper to deliver the electric current efficiently.

For questions or free consultations about electric fence conductors, Elife team is here to help.

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