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  • UV resistant plastic house
  • Fiberglass PCB board
  • Manufactured according to EU standard

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Elife has three popular models of electric fence chargers, including mains electric fence charger, battery-powered electric fence charger, and solar-powered electric fence charger.

Our electric fence chargers feature ultra-low impedance design so that they can work in tough conditions.

More over Elife can supply ou electric fence charger for residenial electric fence.

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Elife can skyrocket your electric fence charger business

Electric fence charger house injection
PCB checking of electric fence charger
PCB soldering for electric fence charger

Why Elife can be your trustable electric fence charger supplier in china?

3 Top-rated electric fence charger available

Including mains, battery and solar-powered electric fence charger

Strictly selected Materials

Strictly selecting the key parts of an electric fence charger according to EU customers’ quality standard

Quality control strategy

Over 4 times inspection from outsourcing materials to the finished electric fence charger

Flexible MOQ

Flexible MOQ requirements for your trial order of electric fence charger

Can label your brand

Allow you to label your brand and log on electric fence charger gift boxes

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Frequently Asked Question

What is your electric fence charger warranty?

At least 2-3 year

Can you provide electric fence charger sample for testing?

Yes, we can provide you one pcs electric fence charge sample, but you need to pay for it.

What is your payment term of electric fence charger order?

T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment

Do you supply batteries for electric fence charger?

Yes, We have 6V and 12V battery for electric fence charger

Do you provide solar panels for electric fence charger?

Yes, we have solar panel for electric fence charger, including 5W,10W,15W,20W,30W,40W,50W up to 300W for your choice.

Elife Electric Fence Charger

Elife uses heavy-duty and UV resistant plastic material to make the electric fence charger housing for exceptional weather resistance. Our electric fence charger PCBs are fiberglass to withstand high voltage.

For stable quality and performance, Elife electric fence charger transformers are EU approved for stable and consistent performance.

We use an anti-exploding capacitor for Elife electric fence charger.

Elife ensures every electric fence charger has superior quality. This makes Elife your trusted electric fence charger supplier in China.

For battery-powered electric fence charger, the input voltage is 12V DC and the output voltage is up to 12KV.

Elife battery-powered electric fence chargers are designed to meet most portable electric fence charging needs.

Our battery-powered electric chargers have energy storing capacities ranging from 1.0J to 5.0j.

And, Elife battery-powered electric fence charger has a working length of 200m to 20000m.

For a small solar-powered electric fence charger, its input voltage is 12V DC and the output voltage is up to 10KV.

This kind of electric fence charger has various energy storing capacities such as 0.3J, 0.5J,0.8J, and 1J. It is great for small and portable electric fence systems too.

Our standard electric fence charger battery has the following in the packing list:

1 x Electric fence charger

1 x Lead-out cable (red) to connect electric fence charger to fence

1 x Earthing cable (green) to connect an electric fence charger to the earthing system

1 x Electric fence charger user manual

1 x Box packaging/ 5 x carton packaging

Elife will be your premium electric fence charger supplier in China.

Elife electric fence charger is suitable for various types of livestock controller including electric fence of sheep, cattle, poultry, dogs, opossums, and many others.

It is also the best fit for the garden, forest, plant protection, preventing the animals from destroying the fruity garden and vegetable garden.

Help save your time and environment with Elife electric fence charger! It is an ideal choice for a portable fence system even without the main power.

Elife electric fence charger can be powered up to 1 KM of a particular electric fence.

The electric fence charger from Elife provides portable power for rotational strip grazing and short-term control in remote areas.

Elife electric fence chargers are lightweight, easy to install, and a small volume of compact design which makes excellent portability. Our electric fence charger can be installed anywhere you want.

Elife electric fence charger comes with the pulse generator. This could generate a periodic output and high voltage pulse.

Elife is a premier supplier and manufacturer since 2002. We are the leading manufacturer of electric fence system perimeter protection.

Elife is committed to providing the best electric fence solution which is user-friendly and cost-effective to our customers.

So far, Elife has a stable record of expansion and growth through the satisfaction of the client base.

For over 15 years in the industry, we been working hard to provide our customers with the best home security with various features. It includes perimeter anti-intrusion and home automation items.

Until the present day, Elife’s solutions and products are consistently well-known in the market in different countries.

Moreover, our electric fence products served millions of populations throughout the world. And Elife can offer you almost all electric fence supplies like Electric fence chargers, Insulators, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fence Posts, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit and more.

Elife factory is a fully comprehensive and integrated research & development, procurement, and production company.

You can trust Elife as your number one supplier of electric fence charger because we have been in business since 2002. Through years’ experience in foreign trade and working hard with our customers, we have been earning the customer’s trust.

Also, it helps us meet our client’s expectations. Furthermore, our range of electric fence charger products is accordance to quality international standards.

Elife electric fence charger is widely used in numerous markets around the world.

Whether you are looking for a functional and elegant electric fence charger for your business, for home or if you are needing to ensure the security of your property, Elife is the best choice!

We have friendly staff to provide you the advice you need. All of our engineers are familiar and highly trained with the best application in fence construction.

Our support teams and quality system guarantee you smooth project management.

Contact Elife for more details.

Electric Fence Charger: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for an electric fence charger, then this is the guide you have been looking for.

It has all information you are looking for about electric fence charger.

Whether you want to learn about the benefits, specifications or verify quality, you will find all that information here.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Electric Fence Charger?

Electric fence charger is the source of the electric current which flows through the electric fence.

You can also identify them as the fencers or the energizers with a variance in the amount of current it produces.

 Electric fence charger

Electric fence charger

What is Electric Fence Charger used for?

Basically, you will use the electric fence charger to provide the current that the electric fence requires.

The current from the electric fence charger will provide the shock that will keep the intruder from the confinement.

It is also responsible for regulating the amount of current that flows through the electric fence.

What is the Best Electric Fence Charger?

You will choose the best electrical fence charger by looking at the kind of application for the electric fence charger.

This means that there are numerous types of electric fence chargers that work best for different applications.

With proper access to AC power supply, you will get the best type of electric fence chargers.

AC electric fence chargers are the best and will work more efficiently in comparison to other chargers.

Apart from that, you will also ensure that the electric fence charger has low impedance.

Low impedance chargers are the best because they have low resistance to the flow of electric currents.

What is the Recommended Joule for Fence Charger?

Electric fence charger

Electric fence charger

Well, the measure of the electrical current passing through the electric fence will vary depending on the application.

Implying that, you will have to consult first before you determine the Joule for your electric fence charger.

In that case, you will need about one joule from the electric fence charger for every mile of the fence.

You must, however, note that the bigger the joules of the electric fence charger, the better it will be.

This will only apply up to the point where the whole system reaches the point of the injunction.

How long do Electric Fence Chargers Last?

Electric fence

Electric fence

Considering the durability of the electric fence charger, you will look at the durability of the battery within the charger.

An electrical fence charger is as good as the battery within the electric fence charger.

For instance, let us have a look at the solar-powered electric fence charger.

The lead-acid battery that you will use in the solar-powered electric fence charger will last about 3 years.

What are the Benefits of Electric Fence Charger?

Electric fence chargers are responsible for providing the electrical charge that your electrical fence requires.

Apart from that, here are some of the advantages of using electric fence chargers.

· Conserve Energy

Electrical fence chargers usually conserve electrical energy by providing proper control on the number of energy requirements.

It will o0nly provide the amount of electric current the fence requires thus reducing wastage of energy.

· Easy to Find

You can easily access the electric fence charger from your local distributor since they are readily available.

This makes it very easy for you to replace them in case of a malfunction or end of the service period.

· High Levels of Durability

Electric fence chargers are usually highly durable and will serve you for a longer period.

You need, therefore, to maintain it well to provide it with proper service and maintenance for proper durability.

· Effective

Electric fence chargers are also very effective and will never let you down in terms of providing proper security.

With proper maintenance, you will be sure of having everything under control due to the effectiveness of the charger.

· Low Cost of Maintenance

You will spend very little on the maintenance of the electric fence chargers as the spare parts are readily available.

Apart from that, the maintenance intervals are also far apart thus establishing the best maintenance routine.

How much Energy do Electric Fence Charger use?

A typical electric fence charger uses will use about 33 watts of power within 245 hours.

Implying that, your electrical fence charger will use about 1.023-kilowatt hours within 31 days.

How can you Choose Electric Fence Charger?

 Electric fence charger

 Electric fence charger

The electric fence charger is the most significant part of your electric fence system.

You need to have the best electrical fence charger for your electric fencing system.

Since the best electric fence chargers vary with the application, here are some of the features to look at.

· Source of Power

Here, you will look at the source of power for your electric fence charger.

The best electric fence charger usually has an AC source of power since it is very reliable.

In case you are in a remote location, consider using a solar panel or DC power for the electric fence charger.

·         Fence Line

In this case, you will have to look at the type of fence line you have as you choose the best electric fence charger.

Polytape or polyropes will work best with electric fence chargers that have very low impedance.

This is because they have higher resistance and will draw more power in comparison to the steel wire fence.

· Number of Strands

Here, you will look at the number of strands in terms of the number of strands on the electric fence rope.

To get the right electric fence charger, you will divide the number of strands by distance rating of the father.

After that, you will choose the best charger which has proper mileage ratings that suites the number of strands.

 Electric fence rope

 Electric fence rope

· Weed Population

The more weed coverage touching your electric fence, the more power the weeds draw from your electric fence.

In case you have more weed around the fence, the best electric fence charger must have low impedance.

This is because the low impedance electric fence charger will maintain more power on the electric fence.

· Area of Enclosure

Here, you must remember that there is a possibility of expanding the area of the enclosure.

In that case, the best electric fence charger must have a greater mileage rating for future expansion.

· Type of Control

You will require a stronger shock for live animals that are larger in size with more coverage of hair and fur.

Implying that you will need an electric fence charger with a very strong electrical charge.

What are the Components of Electric Fence Charger?

Electric fence energizer circuit

 Electric fence energizer circuit

Electric fence chargers consist of multiple parts that it depends on to provide the best electrical charge services.

Here are the main components that make up the electric fence chargers.

· Terminals

You will use the electric fence charger terminals to connect the charger to the supply system.

It is also the same point where you will connect other wires for charging the electric fence charger.

· Capacitors

It also comes complete with capacitors which will store the electric charge of the electric fence charger.

It consists of different types of conductors that will help in the storage and transmission of stored energy.

· Transformers

It also has transformers which will help in the transfer of the electrical energy from one circuit to the next circuit.

· Charger Casing

This is the part of the charger that will cover all the internal components of the electrical fence.

It will keep them safe from interference with other environmental elements such as weather conditions.

· Switches

The switch will enable the capacitor to release enough electric charge that will activate the shock on the fence.

How do Electric Fence Charger Work?

Electric fence chargers work by providing the electrical charge that you will require on the fence.

Here, let us have a look at how the capacitor electrical fence charger work.

First, you will make sure that the connection between all the components of an electric fence charger are in place.

After that, you will connect the system to a source of power and then power it on.

With the power moving through the electric fence charger, the capacitor will store some of the energy.

Meanwhile, some of the electric current will flow through the electric fence.

In case you touch the fence, the voltage will trigger a particular electronic switch on the electric fence charger.

The switch will then trigger the capacitor to release the stored electrical charge into the fence.

The electric charge from the capacitor will, therefore, trigger a shock on you prompting your withdrawal.

How can you Size an Electric Fence Charger?

You will size your electric fence charger by looking at the length of your electric fence.

The longer the electric fence you have, the bigger the electric fence charger that you will require.

This is because you will have to maintain a particular amount of voltage that will run through the electrical fence charger.

For instance, if you have 2 miles of fence having 5 lines of wire, then you will think of powering 10 miles of material.

In that case, you will need an electric fence charger that will power 10 miles while maintaining particular voltages.

Electric fence charger

Electric fence charger

Do Electric Fence Chargers have Limitations?

Yes, there are limitations to the electrical fence chargers depending on the type of charger in use.

Here are some of the limitations that you might experience using different types of electric fence chargers.

First, solar electric fence chargers depend on the sunlight and will not work in the absence of the sun.

It will work just as long as the rechargeable battery power can maintain.

Apart from that, you must always ensure that the solar power panels are clean from the accumulation of dust and other particles.

This will allow more sunlight onto the panel thus increasing the amount of energy on the rechargeable batteries.

How much do Electric Fence Charger Cost?

The cost of purchasing the electric fence charger will vary according to the type and size of the electric fence charger.

Bigger and more efficient types of electric fence chargers will definitely cost you more money.

In general, the average price range for electric fence chargers is between 60 to 400 US dollars.

How can you Verify the Quality of Electric Fence Charger?

You will verify the quality of electric fence chargers by looking at specific parts of the electric fence charger.

Here are some of the features that will establish the quality of electric fence chargers.

·  Type of Material

Every part of the electric fence charger has different materials.

You will ensure that the said parts have proper materials that are effective and durable at the same time.

The longer the durability and the more effective the materials, the higher the quality of the materials.

· Level of Conductivity

In this case, you will look at the amount of energy that the electric fence charger is capable of providing.

It should provide enough electric charge that is both safe and effective in providing enough security.

The more reliable the level of conductivity, the higher the quality of the electric fence charger.

What are the Quality Standards for Electric Fence Charger?

Electric fence chargers must maintain particular safety standards to ensure safety for the users.

The main safety regulation for electric fence chargers may vary according to region but here are the common regulations.

  • You must use the insulated cable as you connect the ground systems to the energizers
  • You must also maintain at least 133 ft distance of the earth away from other earth systems.
  • You must also connect every electric fence charger to its specific ground system.
  • Every electric fence must have only one electric fence charger
  • You must also avoid connecting the electrical fence chargers to the barbed wires.

Apart from the above safety regulations, you must purchase electrical fence chargers that adhere to the following:

  • CE Quality Standards
  • GS Quality Standards

How do you Charge Electric Fence Battery?

You can charge your electrical fence battery by connecting it to a power source.

In most electrical power chargers, the main source of power is usually the solar panel.

The solar panel will trap enough sunlight and transform it into useful energy.

It will convert that energy and store it within the battery of the electric fence charger.

The more energy it stores within the battery, the more the battery gets the much-needed charge.

How do you Troubleshoot Fence Energizer?

There are particular moments when you note that your fence is not working due to the electric fence charger.

At that moment, you will perform a series of tests on the electric fence charger to establish the problem.

Here are some of the tests that you will perform in an attempt to troubleshoot your electric fence charger.

 Electric fence energizer circuit

Electric fence energizer circuit

· Power or Battery Check

You will realize that your fence has no power due to a fault with the battery or source of power.

In this case, you will look at the inlets and outlets as well as the solar panel delivery system.

If the battery power delivery is too low then you will have to replace the battery.

Before you make the replacement, you must ensure that the terminals are in perfect working conditions.

· Ground Rod Test

Here, you will check on or test the ground rod system.

In case the test result is over 400 volts then the ground rod is leaking power.

You can sort this out by having additional ground rods that will make them deeper.

· Terminal Test

Here, you check on the posts that you will use to connect the hook up wires to the electric fence charger.

It will help you to understand if the terminals are putting out the right energy.

In case the output is beyond 2000 volts, then there is a fault with the terminals and you should call an expert.

What is the Efficient way of Charging Electric Fence Battery?

The most efficient way of charging your electric fence battery is by using the solar panel.

Solar panels will provide the electric fence battery with DC power which is very convenient for electric fence chargers.

This will ensure that you have enough power in the electric fence battery that will last for a very long period.

This will also have proper maintenance for the battery life thus serving you for long.

Why should you Buy Electric Fence Charger from China?

You should consider purchasing your electric fence charger from China for different reasons.

Here are the main reasons that will influence your choice:

· Affordable Prices

Chinese companies provide very competitive prices for their electric fence chargers.

Since there are multiple producers, you will get a standard price that is fairly regulated by competition.

· High-Quality Products

In support of OEM business, you will get high-quality electric fence chargers with high-quality parts from different original suppliers.

· Proper Logistical Structures

China has in place very good regulations that will make it easy for you to conduct business or purchase electric fence chargers.

You will have very minimal paperwork and a reduction in tariffs for exporting electrical fence chargers from China.

· Established Transport and Communication Network

Getting your electrical fence charger from the manufacturer is as easy as getting it out of the country.

You can get in touch with the manufacturer through online communication platforms and make an order.

After that, you can transport it through the most convenient transport system since China everything in place.

How does AC Electric Fence Charger compare to DC Electric Fence Charger?

You can either decide to use the AC or DC electric fence chargers depending on your intended application.

Here is a comparison between the AC and the DC electric fence chargers.

· AC Electric Fence Charger

You will use the AC electric fence charger especially when you have a very reliable source of the power of 110 volts.

It also comes with different numbers of electric fence controllers capable of serving as long as 200 miles fences

It is the best type of electric fence charger that you can use when constructing a permanent electric fence.

· DC Electric Fence Charger

These are the type of fence chargers that have batteries and you can use them in the remote areas.

You can use different types of batteries with the DC electrical fence chargers with the bigger on being the best.

What are Solar Fence Chargers?

 Solar electric fence charger

Solar electric fence charger

Solar fence chargers are types of electric fence chargers that will draw the electric power from the solar panel.

You will use this type of electric fence charger in remote areas in the absence of AC power systems.

Apart from that, they are the most convenient choice for strip or rotational grazing systems.

This type of electric fence charger will require you to have a solar panel and lead acid batteries.

Which Factors Determine Efficiency of Electric Fence Chargers?

You can tell the efficiency of the electric fence chargers by looking at the following factors.

· Source of Electric Power

Here, you will choose between the AC, DC or solar as the source of power for your electric fence charger.

AC is the most convenient source of power thus making the electric fence charger work more efficiently.

· Type of Conductors

Using very conductive materials will ensure that your electric fence chargers work very efficiently in comparison to others.

What does the Following Imply when Choosing Electric Fence Charger?

When choosing an electric fence charger, you can have the best type of charger by looking at the following.

i. Low Impedance Fence Charger

In this case, you will choose an electric fence charger with very low impedance.

Implying that the electric fence charger has very low resistance to flow of electric power.

This allows for proper flow of electric power from one point to another.

ii.  Solid State Fence Charger

Solid-state fence chargers will deliver medium amperage shock to the electric fence in pulses.

You will use it in the control of livestock with short hair and smaller animals such as pets.

iii. Continuous Fence Charger

This type of charger will provide a constant power supply to the electrical fence.

You will use this type of electric fence charger in dairy stalls and smaller paddocks.

How does Pulse Fence Chargers compare to Capacitor Fence Chargers?

Pulse fence chargers will supply electric power through the fence at particular intervals.

On the other hand, capacitor fence chargers provide a continuous flow of electric power through the line.

It is capable of providing an extra charge on the fence in case you come in contact with the fence.

What are the compatible Accessories for Solar Electric Fence Charger?

When using the electric fence chargers, you will also use other compatible accessories.

Here are some of the compatible accessories that you will use alongside solar electric fence chargers.

  • Solar panel as the main source of power
  • Solar Charge controller to control the amount of charge passing through the fences
  • Solar battery which will store the power and release it in times of need

What is Elife Top Rated Electric Fence Charger?

Elife has some of the best electrical fence chargers that will serve you for the longest period.

It is very efficient and affordable as well thus providing enough current to flow through your fence.

The best electric fence charger is the Elife electric fence charger.

So, if you’re looking for the best electric fence charger, you can cunt on Elife – Contact us now.

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