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  • UV resistant polyester and PE materials
  • Top-quality #304 stainless steel or copper wires
  • OEM any electric fence braid for your brands

Your Premier Electric Fence Braid Supplier in China.

Elife can supply you a range of electric fence braid with diameters up to 10mm and you can use this poly braid to set up the portable electric fence to contain goats, sheep, pig, horse, cattle and other animals.

You also can use electric fence braid to set up a security enclosure to deterrent any invaders like bear, foxes and more.

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Your Best Electric Fence Braid Supplier in China

Electric Fence Braid

Electric Fence Braid in production

Electric Fence Braid Packing

Electric Fence Braid Packed with label and shrinking

Quality Checking

We will do Random inline checking in the electric fence braid production line.

Why Elife Is Your Best Electric Fence Braid Supplier?

UV stable plastic materials

Only use heavy duty and UV stable plastic for electric fence braid

High quality stainless steel 304

High-quality stainless steel 304 for electric fence braid conductors

Over 15 years’ experience

Over 15 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying electric fence braid

Over 4 times inspection

Elife will make over 4 times inspection for your electric fence braid order, from outsourcing materials to final products

Quick delivery time

20-30 working days after electric fence braid order

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Frequently Asked Question

What is warranty time for your electric fence braid?

If you choose the high quality stainless steel electric fence braid, we can ensure you 3-5 warranty year.

Can you custom any electric fence braid?

Yes, we can custom any electric fence braid with different conductor materials, diameter, spool length or colors. So you can count on Elife can give you a best solution for your electric fence braid customization project any time.

Can I have a free sample of electric fence braid?

Yes sure. We can offer you one piece of electric fence braid samples for your testing our quality before the formal order.

Electric Fence Braid

Electric fence braid is a kind of strong and quality polywire which has a better pattern and structure compared with standard poly wire and rope.

When Elife manufacture electric fence braid and we wove the conductors into plastic filaments by special way , so that Elife poly braid can offer the greater conductivity and breaking strength too.

After over 15 years in manufacturing electric fence braid, Elife has ever tried lots of conductors for the polybraid and after making the comparison on their conductivity, breaking strength, durability and cost.

Finally, we decide to go with the stainless steel wier as conductors for electric fence braid. Stainless steel wire made electric fence braid are also approved by hundreds of Elife customers.

And so you can see Elife is always your trustable electric fence braid supplier in china.

For your customers always use electric fence braid outside, so the braid must not be affected by sun rays. For thsi consideration, Elife only use high-quality PE with UV resistant to manufacturing electric fence braid.

So that our polybraid are always much durable when exposed to sunshine for a longer time.

Elife can offer you standard electric fence braid in the market and meanwhile, we can also custom any types of electric fence braid with different conductors, diameters, strands, spool length and color too.

We have at least four types of conductors for your choice, like stainless steel, Cu, Copper and alloy wire. So please contact our sales for answering your more questions for an electric fence braid any time.

As customers’ requirements, before each order of electric fence braid departure, we always do the breaking strength test, anti-aging test and resistance test in our plant lab.

Only all test results meet our customers’ standard, our QC can release the electric fence braid order. So Elife will always be your professional electric fence braid supplier in china.

Elife can offer you standard electric fence braid in the market and meanwhile, we can also custom any types of electric fence braid with different conductors, diameters, strands, spool length and color too.

We have at least four types of conductors for your choice, like stainless steel, Cu, Copper, and alloy wire. So please contact our sales for answering your more questions for an electric fence braid any time.

As customers’ requirements, before each order of electric fence braid departure, we always do the breaking strength test, anti-aging test and resistance test in our plant lab.

Only all test results meet our customers’ standard, our QC can release the electric fence braid order. So Elife will always be your professional electric fence braid supplier in china.

As a professional supplier of electric fence products, Elife can supply you a full range of electric fence products like electric fence chargers, insulators, polywire, tape, posts, gate handle, testers, solar panel, and more. If you are just looking for it, please contact Elife now.

Electric Fence Braid—Your Ultimate FAQ Guide

With many fencing products, you have unlimited options when you’re setting up a fence on your farm or at home. For many, electric fence braid is the answer.

Find out if this is what you need and have all your questions answered. Simply read our ultimate FAQ guide on electric fence braid.

What is Electric Fence Braid?

Electric fence braid is rope-like fencing. Braided into the filaments you’ll find the metal wire. This makes the braid conductive so you can use it as an electric fence boundary.

You can purchase an electric fence braid in reels. This makes it easy to handle, carry, and unwind along the perimeter of the fence you put up. You can also roll it onto the reel again if you take down the fence.

How Does Electric Fence Braid Work?

After putting up a fence of multiple electric fence braids, hook the system up to an energizer. When electricity flows, the fence will be part of the circuit thanks to the metal wires inside the braid.

When someone or an animal touches the electric fence braid, they will receive a small shock. This deters animals from trying to pass that boundary.

How is Electric Fence Braid Made?

To create electric fence braid, manufacturers produce plastic filaments and metal wires. They then weave multiple strands of the two products together.

It takes special technology and machines to create the intricately woven pattern of the different wires and filaments.

Much of the metal is properly covered by the plastic filaments. This protects the metal and creates a durable electric fence braid. It also has a higher breaking strength than some other fencing wires.

Even though the metal is only exposed in certain places, the electricity will jump to any object that presses against the braid when it’s energized.

Figure 1 

How is Electric Fence Braid Used?

An electric fence braid boundary is a popular option on farms. Farmers use them to control grazing and create areas for livestock to move in.

You can quickly set the fence up. Now you have a fast solution when certain animals start fighting or you want to protect baby animals from the rest of the herd.

Figure 2 

What Types of Electric Fence Braid are Available?

You get various colors such as white, orange or blue. Often, the braid is a mixture of two colors. Users pick colors for their visibility against certain backgrounds.

You can also pick a length that’s appropriate. If you’re setting up an extensive fence you may need reels of 400m (1312ft) but you can also invest in 200m (656ft) reels.

Different diameters are available. Popular options are 1.5mm and 5mm.

Lastly, look at the tensile strength of different electric fence braid products. It can be at a rating of 1500lb if you’re buying quality products.

What Improves the Conductivity of Electric Fence Braid?

The number of metal wires in electric fence braid affects the conductivity. Also, the type of wire determines the current’s flow. You can pick between steel, copper and other metals.

Can Electric Fence Braid be Customized?

You can even enjoy the benefits of a custom product when shopping for electric fence braid. You simply need to provide the manufacturer with details such as the color you need. Also mention what conductivity it should have and what length you need.

At Elife you can order your electric fence braid and have it manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory. Elife’s quality checks ensure a world-class product.

What are the Benefits of Electric Fence Braid?

Users pick electric fence braid for these advantages:

  • Electric fence braid is more conductive than some other wires. This is thanks to multiple metal wires.
  • It’s a durable type of electric fence.
  • This is one of the portable fencing options.
  • Because of the color and diameter it’s more visible than traditional wire fencing.
  • You have flexibility in how you want to use it. Electric fence braid is practical for both small and large fence designs.
  • The relatively small diameter means you can use it in bad, windy weather. The wind won’t damage it easily.
  • Electric fence braid is easy to set up. The required tools all fit in a standard tool kit.
  • You don’t have to remove trees to set up your fence. Simply position the easily portable electric fence braid around the trees.
  • Posts are far apart. Therefore, you can install electric fence braid where there’s a dip, ravine or rise on your property.
  • The braid is a better visual deterrent than a product such as polywire, because it’s of a wider diameter.

How to Identify Quality Electric Fence Braid

You can look at these factors to find the ideal electric fence braid for your purpose:

  • Quality products come in many colors so you can pick one that will be visible in your environment.
  • The electric fence braid must provide efficient conductivity to ensure it produces a strong enough shock.
  • You want your electric fence braid to last long outside so it must be resistant to UV rays. UV stabilization is valuable.
  • Find out how much weight the braid can handle. When animals push against the fence it shouldn’t break, so compare break points of different products.
  • If you’re using electric fence braid for temporary fences, make sure it’s easy to rewind into a roll to store away for next time.

How Long can Electric Fence Braid Last?

Electric fence braid is a wise long-term investment because it can last five years or even longer. Most manufacturers will give you a 3- to 5-year warranty.

Is Electric Fence Braid Portable?

You can easily carry around a reel of electric fence braid, because it can weigh as little as a few pounds. Keep the reel in your hands while you unroll it along the perimeter of your fence.

It’s also easy to roll up again, especially when you use a geared electric fence reel.

If you need to transport it to another site or put it in storage, it’s comfortable to carry or load into a vehicle.

What Color Electric Fence Braid is the Best?

The best electric fence braid must serve your purpose. For many users, it’s best to pick a blue and white product. This is visible against green grass or even if the grass is turning yellow when it dries out.

Does Electric Fence Braid Work for Cattle?

Electric fence braid is a popular fence option to create pasture sections and grazing areas for cattle. You can also try it for other livestock such as goats and pigs, as long as you position the braids close enough together. Make sure they can’t get through.

If you have horses you can consider using electric fence braid to cordon off sections of their paddock. It’s visible enough so they’ll see it and the current is strong enough to deter them.

What Power Source Works for Electric Fence Braid?

You can use different types of energizers and you can even hook electric fence braid up to a solar powered system. You just need to make sure the energizer is strong enough to maintain high current throughout the length of the fence.

How do You Install Electric Fence Braid?

Installing your electric fence braid requires minimal tools and you may not even need assistance. Here’s a step-by-step guideline:

  • Corner posts: Set up the corner posts of the fence. You can use wooden posts or you can try step in posts and fiberglass posts.
  • Spacing: Decide how you’ll space the different electric fence braid strands. You can space them 1ft apart in most setups. You may need to put them closer together to prevent smaller animals or certain predators from getting through. Make sure the bottom braid is low enough to stop the smallest animal from crawling under.
  • Insulators: If your fence posts don’t have insulators through which the braid can run, install them. Screw them in place according to the spacing measurements you decided on.
  • Add the braid: Thread the electric fence braid through the insulator on the first post. Create a loop by clamping the end of the braid to the rest of the braid. Clamp the two together.

Figure 5 

  • Walk with the reel: Take up the reel of electric fence braid and walk the perimeter of your fence. Stop at the next corner post and thread the rope through the insulator or pin lock. Do the same until you reach the final post.
  • Install additional posts: Position more posts in between your corner posts. You can place them as far as 50ft apart. Attach the electric fence braid to these posts. Then you can tighten the braid by pulling on the braid at the end post. Make sure there’s no slack.
  • Add more braids: The first electric fence braid can serve as your guide to know where to place your posts. Once it’s done, add the other braids by repeating the process of walking the perimeter and hooking up the braid to the posts.
  • Hook it up: Once your braids are in place you can hook up the system to your energizer.
  • Safety: Install signs along the fence to warn people about the live electric fence.

Figure 6 

Tip: you can improve the tightening of an electric fence braid boundary by using a tensioning kit with a ratchet system.

How Much Does Electric Fence Braid Cost?

The cost depends on the quality, length and type of electric fence braid you purchase. A 656ft roll of braid can cost around $110.

How Do You Test Electric Fence Braid?

You need to test any newly erected fence to ensure it works. Also test fences regularly to make sure your energizer or battery still works properly.

Use a fence tester or a voltage tester for this purpose. Place the measurement rod against the fence and take a reading. If your device has two rods you’ll need to stick one in the ground and then touch the other to the electric fence braid.

Take measurements every few meters along the wire. This is to make sure the current is strong enough throughout the fence. It may drop in strength if the energizer isn’t sufficiently powerful.

How do You Find the Best Electric Fence Braid Supplier?

When purchasing electric fence braid, the quality of your product, as well as your customer satisfaction, will rely on the following features:

  • Guarantees: The supplier must offer some guarantee or warranty to protect your interests.
  • Reviews: Browse online to find out what others say about the supplier. They have real experience of customer service and the product. You get facts instead of marketing information.
  • Variety: You may need a specific diameter or conductivity rating in your electric fence braid. Purchase from a brand that offers a wide range of options, so you don’t have to switch vendors when you or customers have different needs in future.
  • Delivery time: Make sure customers don’t have to wait for orders. Suppliers must stipulate delivery times and provide practical delivery or shipping services.
  • Company registration: Research whether the company has the proper business registration. This prevents you accidentally doing business with someone that may disappear after receiving your money.
  • Manufacturing process: Ask about the production process and whether they have multiple quality checks in the factory. Each step should be checked to ensure a quality final product.

Figure 7 

How do You Import Electric Fence Braid from China?

You can easily import electric fence braid from China by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Start with verifying your supplier. You can use China’s informative database to ensure you work with a reputable brand.
  • When you budget for the import, remember to allocate costs for customs clearance, transportation and storage at the ports of entry.
  • Keep all documents safely stored for easy access. You may need proof of your own business registration, insurance papers or a bill of entry at any time.


Electric fence braid is one of the innovative options modern consumers use to improve fencing on farms, at homes and elsewhere. If you want more information on your options, contact Elife.

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