Your Most Reliable Electric Fence Box Supplier in China!

  • More than 15 years of dedication in supplying and manufacturing electric fence box
  • Utilize UV resistant plastics and top brand materials
  • Convenient to install and repair

Your Leading Electric Fence Box Supplier in China

Elife is known as the ISO9001-2001  certified company in China. Since 2002, we are committed to providing the best quality electric fence box to clients all over the world.

By one way of supporting your brands, we provide both OEM and ODM electric fence box.

We hold a huge stocks of standard and custom electric fence box in our factory.

Elife understands and knows that you deserve highest quality products. This is why we manufacture electric fence box from high-end materials.

Elife is Your Premium and Responsible Electric Fence Box Supplier in China!

PCB checking of Electric Fence Box

To ensure the performance and quality, Elife conducts PCB checking for your electric fence box.

Top brand injection machine

Elife is equipped with top brand injection machine to custom-tailored electric fence box.

Electric Fence Box Quality Control

Elife conducts rigorous quality control before the delivery of your electric fence box orders.

Why Can Elife Be Your No.1 Choice for Electric Fence Box Supplier in China?

Carefully Selected Materials

We carefully select the materials to be used in electric fence box production. Its key parts had reached the EU quality standards.

Conduct Quality Control

We conduct more than 4 times testing of the electric fence box before the shipment. This ensures durability and long-term use.

Print your Brand

To promote your business, we allow you to label your brand for your electric fence box orders.

Dedicated Since 2002

Elife have gained over 15 years of expertise in exporting and manufacturing electric fence box.

Excellent Quality Electric Fence Box

In producing your electric fence box, we use the highest quality materials to ensure lasting use.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is warranty time for your electric fence box?

Since we use UV stable and high-quality materials to produce electric fence box, we can assure you that this product has at least 2-3 yrs warranty.

Can you custom electric fence box for us?

Yes. Based on your specific features, lengths, and plastic materials, we can customize your electric fence box to surpasses your expectations.

What is your payment term of electric fence box?

We prefer two key payment terms, whether by Paypal or Western Union.

How much delivery time is needed for timely delivery of electric fence box?

Sample orders will be delivered in a minimum of 5-7 working days. While for final orders, it ranges 20-30 working days.

Does Elife offers free label printing service for electric fence box?

Yes, you are free to avail of this service. We just need your final artwork design and we will handle the rest.

Electric Fence Box

In China, Elife is a popular manufacturer and supplier of electric fence box. You can find here the widest range of electric fence box available at a competitive price.

As a leading manufacturer with 15+ years of earned experience, we can offer you different types of electric fence box for any intended applications.

Electric Fence Box

You can choose from our variety of electric fence box such as electric fence box switch electrical panel box, electrifiable security box for electric fence energizer, high voltage electric fence energizer box, and many others, all assured of the best quality.

We know that an electric fence box is the heart of the fence system since it provides the source of electric current. Electric fence boxes, mostly referred to as energizers, sorted depending on the current amount they produce.

Elife brings you only a high-quality electric fence box. This is easy to install, easy to remove, and economical. There are plenty of advantageous features they can offer. For instance, Elife electric fence box is lightweight, rust-free, flexible, non-conductive, easy to handle, and many more.

With all features electric fence box can offer, Elife turned more popular in the marketplace.  No surprise, Elife is your most reliable and trustable electric fence box supplier and manufacturer in China.

Electric Fence Box

There are many reasons why you have to choose an electric fence box for your fence systems or farm. They can definitely protect the animals from theft incidents.

However, Elife can customize your electric fence box. We can custom depending on your specific color, diameter, UV treatment, length, and so on.

We utilized our advanced production equipment and top brand injection machine to manufacture superior quality electric fence box. These machines are imported from Taiwan and Japan to ensure quality production.

Electric Fence Box

For your fence system, it is better to include our electric fence box. Besides, we made this electric fence box from stainless steel or galvanized spring steel to guaranteed safety.

Since 2002, Elife is a known specialist supplier of electric fence box in China. We have knowledgeable technicians to assist the entire electric fence box fabrication.

Rest assured when you`re with Elife, you`re in trusted hands! If you want to custom your electric fence box, send us your designs.

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