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Your Premier Electric Fence Beeper Supplier in China.

Elife provides top-quality and tested electric fence beeper and reaches over 20 countries producing ideal quantity and affordable products in more than 15 years in the service.

We ensure safe shipment and packaging with the great help of our expert team from different designated areas and processes. We are trusted in handling strict and quality control ensuring electric fence beeper quality inspections and packaging as well.

We have great experience and passed struggles in the industry and become popular since we established in the year 2002.

Your Ideal Electric Fence Beeper Supplier in China

Strictly Quality Control

Elife Always Checks Each Steps When Fabricating Your Electric Fence Beeper Orders.

High Tech Weaving Machine

Elife Customized High Tech Weaving Machine for Manufacturing Electric Fence Beeper Orders For You.

High Daily Production

Elife Has Daily Production of  Electric Fence Beeper, Ready For Your Big Orders Anytime.

Why Elife Is Your No.1 Electric Fence Beeper Supplier?

More Than 15 Years of Trusted Experience

Elife has been providing high-quality electric fence beeper to thousands of customers since 2002.

Top-Quality #304 S.S

Elife always has durable #304 S.S for manufacturing electric fence beeper .

Expert and Dedicated Team Members of An Average 40 Years of Age

Our professional engineers are working with Elife for at least 15 years to produce a super-quality electric fence beeper.

Get Free Test Sample

Elife provides free test sample of an electric fence beeper to check quality and performance before placing formal order.

Customized Electric Fence Beeper  as Per Specifications

Elife provides customized electric fence beeper according to your requirements about conductors, color, spool length, and many other specifications.

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Frequently Asked Question

What types of conductors of electric fence beeper are available?

The conductors of electric fence beeper are made from different materials including stainless steel wire, copper wire mixed with stainless steelwire, and alloy wire.

Is it possible to achieve a lower resistance of electric fence beeper?

Yes, it is possible to achieve a lower resistance of electric fence beeper. Elife engineers add more strands of conductors with plastic filaments of electric fence beeper. The high number of strands lowers the resistance of rope.

What type of quality tests are performed on electric fence beeper to ensure performance?

Elife performs electric resistance test, tensile strength test, and anti-aging test to test the material, performance, and durability of electric fence beeper.

What is the best sold electric fence beeper of Elife?

The top-rated electric fence beeper of Elife has characteristics of 6 mm diameter and 6 strands of 0.15 mm stainless steel. Our loyal customers prefer to manufacture it with white color and 200 m spool length. However, you can provide specific dimensions to get your customized electric fence beeper.

Are electric fence beeper UV stable?

Yes, the electric fence beeper is UV stable. Elife chooses premium-quality and UV-resistant PE fibers to manufacture durable ropes. The UV stable ropes have a longer shelf-life as compared with standard ropes manufactured by competitors in the market.

Electric Fence Beeper

Looking for a reliable electric fence beeper producer and manufacturer in China? Well, one of the best partners in China with a great reputation perfect for you is Elife.

Elife manufactures electric fence beeper with great advantage in farming. It is able to keep everyone safe from an electric fence. Elife design a novel device that beeps when someone near the fence. It beeps 20cm away from the fence.

Elife made the best designs that produce electric fence beeper salable and functional. Our electric fence beeper made of PVC coated and more designs. It has waterproof that protects if has rained or possible to get wet.

Elife electric fence beeper is placed on the key ring then you will not be bitten everywhere your fence yu thought it was turned off. It is easier to carry since it designed with a small size accessible in different colors and types of housing. It is usually in the pocket, keyring, etc.

Elife electric fence beeper is not a fault finder. We have a lot of related products that needed for fencing. We can provide you one-stop solutions since we are prioritizing your demands. We make sure you are well equipped.

Elife electric fence beepers are easier to use to check the fences. It is designed to work in any type of fence. It is made with plenty of selections you can choose from. Elife electric fence beepers are replaceable beepers. It includes a long life span battery for emergencies you’re running out of power.

We have great designers and manufacturing experts that we produce amazing and functional products in the industry. Our electric fence beeper has the best features you could choose for your special requirements. We do full support whatever your purpose purchasing electric fence beeper and related products.

Whether you need an electric fence beeper for your personal business such as retail or wholesale business, you can trust our excellent support.

When choosing the right partner, you need to be vigilant. Our electric fence beeper needs to fabricate for safety. Elife professional manufacturing staff made it passed for high standards. If you need it urgently, we always handle secured fast processes to make it ahead of time.

We can make you’re your quality electric fence beeper arrived. Assured this with perfect packaging. Send your inquiries now to benefit our services.

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