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  • Offer you typical 6V,9V, and 12 V electric fence battery
  • Sealed Lead acid deep cycle battery available
  • Safety explosion-proof

Your Premium Electric Fence Battery Supplier!

Elife is your premium electric fence battery supplier!

Elife has three typical electric fence batteries, including 6V lantern shape battery or D-Cell battery for small power electric fence charger, 9V battery for mid-range energizers, and 12 volt-rechargeable battery for solar power electric fence charger.

We can custom electric fence battery as your special needs!

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Elife Can Boom Your Electric Fence Battery Business.

Top brand injection machine

We have top brand injection machine to manufacture house of electric fence battery.

Solar batteries

Here shows you solar batteries in the shelf of plant.

Solar battery testing

QC staff will do several testings on solar battery in the production line.

Why Can Elife Be Your Best Electric Fence Battery Supplier in China?

Over 15 year’s experience

We have been in electric fence supplies industry more than 15 years and so we know more about your electric fence battery needs.

Made of high-quality materials

Some electric fence battery is made of alloy grid and pastes formed electrode plate.

Strictly testing

We will conduct at least 4 testings in the key production steps to ensure a high quality of electric fence battery.

Testing sample available

Elife can offer you paid testing sample for you before a formal order

Rely to your inquiry in 8 hours

We are promising you to reply to your inquiry in 8 hours.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is your payment term of electric fence battery?

T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment

Can you help us source electric fence battery accessories?

Please send us your detailed inquiry with right name, specification and photos, so that we can source it for you in the market.

What is your MOQ for electric fence battery?

200-500 pcs

Where have you sold electric fence battery?

We sold electric fence testers in USA, EU countries, Japan, Argentina and more

Electric Fence Battery

This deep cycle leisure electric fence battery will need less recharging when powering the electric fence controller.

Elife can supply you with an electric fence battery for solar-powered energizer and this type of electric fence battery is made of alloy grid and paste formed electrode plate.

Soan electric fence battery has a large power saving capacity and can last for a longer time. And with small internal resistance and corrosion resistance, Elife electric fence battery can withstand long term floating charging.

For the plastic shell of electric fence battery, Elife uses the UV resistant plastic materials, and it can last for a longer time, compared to the traditional plastic electric fence battery.

As the electric fence battery is sealed with silicone fluorine rubber, so it has safety explosion-proof and no leakage of corrosive gas and liquid.

Meanwhile,the electric fence battery is fixed with copper plated and silver terminals, and it has the small contact resistance, and the terminals of the electric fence battery will not rust.

So Elife will be your premium electric fence battery supplier in China.

If you are looking for a supplier or verified manufacturer of excellent quality electric fence battery, then you are in the right place.

As a professional manufacturer of electric fence battery, ELife can help you find the best electric fence battery for your fencing needs.

Furthermore, Elife is the specialist and an expert when it comes to the sourcing of numerous types of electric fence systems, like Electric fence insulators, chargers, Polywire, Polytape, Polyrope, Fence Posts, Gate handle, Fence tape reel, Fence testers, Solar power kit and more other electric fence supplies.

In China, Elife has a wide range of various electric fence batteries we offer. It is the most efficient and effective kind when it comes to fencing systems.

Since 2002, Elife is not only developing but supplying, wholesaling, and exporting electric fence battery in abroad and in different countries.

Our offered products provide huge defense to the building establishment.

Eife is highly presented in providing an electric fence battery that increases the security system. Guaranteed by our skillful professionals, our electric fence battery is designed and constructed with our leading-edge technologies.

In fact, our solar battery electric fence products are examined thoroughly by our professional quality inspector team. For that reason, our offered products ensure its flawless in nature.

If you are needing to control certain animals in your area without access to AC power then consider using Elife electric fence battery.

With our electric fence battery, you can energize your electric fence anywhere.

The Elife electric fence battery is particularly designed for controlling pigs, horses, exotic animals and cows. Moreover, it can keep out skunks, rabbits, raccoons, and woodchucks.

The electric fence battery offered from us is ideal for areas that lacking access to AC power and powering remote areas.

This can be used in fences with medium length having light to medium weeds. The battery life of this electric fence battery is approximately 4 – 5 weeks.

Elife electric fence battery is ideally suited for controlling all types of animals and predators. Our electric fence battery is effective and safe.

This will be powers various types of electric fence systems such as poly wire, poly tape and high tensile.

In addition, it is constructed by our top engineers which can work in maintaining maximum energy and heavy weed conditions on the fence.

The electric fence battery from Elife is protected by a one-year warranty. We can ensure you that the electric fence battery we deal is free from defects.

If you want to get a bulk of electric fence battery, you can rely on Elife factory. As we meet tons of experience of employing in this industry, you can count on Elife when it comes to sourcing high-quality electric fence batteries.

Moreover, our team has knowledge of the manufacturing process and as well as in all production lines.

Through the years, we have a highly dedicated team and qualified engineers in manufacturing electric fence batteries.

For more information about our products, kindly cooperate and contact Elife now! Our professional sales team can quickly respond to your request.

Since Elife electric fence battery uses high-quality materials,it’s operation temperature ranges: charge:-40℃-50℃ Charging:0℃-50℃  Storage:-40℃-50℃.

As for the electric fence battery storage conditions, you can store electric fence battery in a 25 ° C environment for at least 6 months, and the battery capacity decaying range will be less than 3% per month.

Elife can provide you with an electric fence battery (Sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery), which is durable, safe and rechargeable.

This electric fence battery includes 12 Volt 7Ah, 12 volts 12Ah,12 volt 18Ah,12 volt 26Ah, 12 volt 33Ah, 12 volt 44Ah, and 12 volt 66Ah.

Before the electric fence battery is delivered to customers, Elife will check and inspect the electric fence battery at least five times during the production process.

The tests will include cover hardness testing, gas test, semi-finished product testing, charging inspection, and more random testing.

By doing so, Elife ensures that there are no electric fence battery complaints from customers concerning quality.

Please contact us for a quick quote now!

Electric Fence Battery: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you could be asking yourself many questions about the electric fence battery.

This guide explores all the vital facts about electric fence batter such as benefits, features, charging, and hooking up process among other factors.

So, if you want to be an expert in electric fence battery, read this guide.

What is an Electric Fence Battery?

An electric fence battery is a device that will convert and store energy into electrical power for the electric fence.

Electric fence battery

Electric fence battery

Which is the Best Battery for an Electric Fence?

The best type of battery that you can use on your electric fence is the 12 V rechargeable battery.

It is the best battery because you can charge it using solar power thus providing enough current for the electric fence.

What are the Benefits of Using 12 V Batteries for the Electric Fence?

You will use the 12 V batteries for electric fences due to the benefits that come with it.

The main benefits of using the electric fence battery include:

· Direct Installation

It is the most suitable type of battery that you will use for direct installation of the electric fence appliances.

You do not need additional appliances or devices to help in the connection of the electric fence.

· Offers Safe Voltage Options

It is the safest voltage option especially for direct current circuits such as the electric fence connections.

· Rechargeable

You can also recharge the 12 V battery using renewable sources of energy such as solar power.

· Light in Weight

It is also light in weight and you can move and install them at any part of the electric fencing system.

What are the Features of Deep Draw-Down or Leisure Battery for Electric Fences?

This type of battery has thicker and non-perforated plates that releases very energy slowly.

It has a very small surface area that is capable of releasing the electric energy very slowly.

Despite the sluggish nature of energy release, it is capable of recharging at a very high speed.

It does not suffer from sulphate build-up and can withstand periodic discharge and recharge.

Due to the above features, it will charge the electric fence for a longer duration before you replace them.

What is the Perfect Time for Charging a 12 V Battery?

The best time for recharging the 12 V battery is at the point where it reaches the 11 V mark.

The period it will take for the electric fence battery to reach this level will depend on:

  • Capacity of the 12 V Battery
  • Consumption Level of Energizers

What are the Disadvantages of Using the 12 V Car Battery to Power Your Electric Fence?

Despite the popularity of the 12 V battery in charging electric fences, it also has particular limitation.

Here are the main limitations of using the 12 V electric fence battery:

Electric fence battery

Electric fence battery

· Inability to Step Up to Higher Voltages

The charge regulators on the 12 V battery are not capable of stepping up voltage to higher voltages.

This is because most of the charge regulators work in the reverse mode.

· Costly Wiring Systems

Wiring systems of 12 V batteries are very expensive in comparison to the other high voltage batteries.

How Much Does an Electric Fence Battery Cost?

The cost of the 12 V electric fence batteries usually varies according to a number of different factors including:

  • Size of the Battery
  • Capacity of the Battery
  • Charging Systems of the battery
  • Discharge Cycle of the battery

The amount of money that you will pay for the 12 V batteries will range between 50 to 300 US dollars.

How Many Types of 12 V Electric Fence Batteries are There?

Electric fencing requires the use of different types of batteries such as the Agri or leisure batteries.

Apart from that, there are specific options that differentiate the batteries from one another.

Here are the main types of electric fence batteries that you can choose from:

· 12V 36 AMP Electric Fence Battery

It is capable of holding enough charge for the electric fence for a period of 4 to 5 weeks.

Despite that longevity, it is significant that you charge this type of battery after every two weeks.

It has depth of discharge at about 70% and full depth of discharge may cause damages on the battery.

· 12 V 75 AMP Electric Fence Battery

It has large terminals that you can use and fit easily with the assistance of the solar panels.

It has a charge that can last about 5 to 6 weeks but you need to recharge the battery after 3 weeks.

It also has a depth of discharge at 70% and exceeding this point may lead to battery damages.

· 12 V 110 AMP Electric Fence Battery

This type of battery can hold enough charge that will last over 4 to 5 weeks.

You should consider charging it every after 2 to 3 weeks to maintain its charge.

If you take good care of it, it is capable of serving you for a period of 2 to 7 years.

Which Accessories Will You Use Alongside Electric Fence Batteries?

Electric fence batteries are responsible for the storage and conversion of energy to electric energy.

It works in collaboration with other accessories to complete the whole electric fence circuit.

The main accessories that you will use alongside electric fence batteries include:

  • Electric Fence Solar Panel
  • Electric Fence Chargers
  • Electric Fence Testers
  • Electric Fence Conductors
  • Electric Fence Insulators and Connectors
  • Electric Fence Posts

How Long will the Charge in a 12 V Electric Fence Battery Take Before Recharge?

Electric fence battery system

Electric fence battery system

The period it will take for an electric fence battery to get recharged will depend on the type of 12 V battery.

Despite the fact that the charge in 12 V electric fence battery may last for 4 to seven weeks.

It is important to start thinking about charging it after every 2 to 3 weeks.

For instance, a 12 V 75 AMP battery can last for 4 to 5 weeks with enough charge.

You should, however, consider charging it after every 2 to 3 weeks.

What is the Process of Hooking Up an Electric Fence Battery to an Electric Fence?

Well, let us have a look at the process of connecting two batteries in parallel circuit to an electric fence.

Connecting the batteries in parallel circuit will ensure that the batteries last longer before recharging.

Here is a step by step process that you can follow when installing the electric fence battery.

Step One: Arranging the Batteries

You will begin the whole process by arranging the electric fence batteries one in front of the other.

Ensure that the negative and positive sides are close to one another and on the same side.

Make sure that you place the batteries in an enclose closer to the electric fence control system or unit.

Step Two: Connecting the Cables

You will begin the connection process by connecting the cables to the positive terminals.

After that, you will connect the negative terminals using another cable.

Ensure that you tighten the cables well to avoid lose connections.

At the same time, you will examine and connect the power cables from the electric fence control system.

After that, you will clamp the alligator to the respective negative and positive terminals before turning it on.

Which Precaution Must You Take When Hooking Up an Electric Fence Battery?

Safety is paramount when hooking up the electric fence batteries.

Implying that you must be very careful when connecting the electric fence batteries.

Some of the precautions that you must take include:

  • Power off the entire system when you are installing the battery
  • Wear protective clothing on your body such as gloves and safety boots
  • Ensure that the control system is housed well away from weather elements that might destroy the appliances.
  • Adhere to the power ratings of the battery as well as the entire fencing system.
  • Do not switch the electric fence system on until you ensure that the cables are in the right place

How Can you Power an Electric Fence Using a Car Battery?

You can also use a car battery to power your electric fence by going through the following steps.

The materials that you will use in connecting car batteries to the electric fence include:

i. Battery Cables

ii. Adjustable Wrench

iii. Alligator Clamps

iv. Screw drivers and electric fence controllers

After that, you will arrange the car batteries side by side such that the positive and negative terminals are close.

Next you will connect the positive terminals of both batteries and then connect the negative terminals using cables.

Adjust them to fit perfectly by tightening using the adjustable wrench.

Finally, you will connect the fence controller using the alligator clamps before powering the system ON.

How Does an Electric Fence Battery Unit Compare to an Electric Fence Battery Set?

Electric fence battery units use the 12 V battery pack that you can recharge and store enough energy.

On the other hand, the battery set use the 9 V battery pack for mobile and smaller fence systems.

Despite the difference, both of them provide similar shocks and amount of charge.

You will also have to replace both of them after a long period of use.

How Many Types of Electric Fence Batteries Do You Supply?

We supply different types of electric fence batteries including:

  • Electric fence battery, white house, SBR202-W
  • Electric fence battery, black house, SBR202-B
  • 12V Electric Fence Battery

Which Materials Do You Use in Making Electric Fence batteries?

The type of materials that we use will depend on the type of battery we are making.

Solar powered electric fence batteries use alloy grid and paste formed electrode plate.

Apart from that, we use plastic materials to make the plastic shell of the electric fence battery.

To seal the electric fence battery completely, we use silicon fluorine rubber to make it explosion proof.

We also fit the terminals of the electric fence battery using silver and copper materials.

Electric fence battery

Electric fence battery

What are the Main Parts of an Electric Fence Battery?

An electric fence battery consists of the following parts:

  • Valve
  • Top cover to protect the inner parts of the electric fence battery
  • Terminals for connecting the cables
  • Pillar Seals
  • Handles
  • Positive and Negative Plates
  • Containers
  • Separators

What are the Operational Temperature Ranges for Electric Fence Batteries?

The temperature ranges for the electric fence battery will depend on the condition of the battery.

Here are the main temperature ranges that our batteries operate at:

  • Charged temperature ranges range between -40℃-50℃
  • Charging temperature ranges between 0℃-50℃
  • Storage temperature ranges between -40℃-50℃.

What is the Best Condition for Storage of Electric Fence Batteries?

The best storage conditions for the electric fence battery is at a temperature of 25 degrees centigrade.

Ensure that the storage environment is cool and dry with not pest interruptions.

At this condition, the electric fence battery is capable of decaying at a slow rate of 3% per month.

What are the Advantages of Using an Electric Fence Battery?

Electric fence batteries provide enough power that you need to maintain the charge on the electric fence.

Apart from that, you will use the electric fence batteries because of the following advantages.

· Store Electric Energy

You can use the electric fence battery to store enough energy for the electric fence.

The amount of energy that you can store in the electric fence battery will depend on the type and capacity of battery.

· Converts Energy

In addition to that, it also converts solar energy into electric energy to power the electric fence.

· Versatility

There are very many different types of electric fence batteries tat you can choose to suit your applications.

· High Durability Levels

If you take good care of the electric fence batteries, it will serve you for about 2 to 7 years.

· Low Cost of Maintenance

You will also spend less in the maintenance of the electric fence batteries.

How Long Does an Electric Battery Last?

Electric batteries will last for a very long time depending on how you take care of it.

If you maintain electric fence batteries well, it will serve you for about 2 to 7 years.

For all your electric fence batteries and accessories, contact Elife now.

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