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Your Professional Electric Dog Fence Supplier in China

Elife is a leading manufacturer and supplier of reliable electric dog fences in China. We can provide a sustainable and long-lasting electric dog fence.

Elife is an expert electric dog provider that can provide an effective and the most durable electric dog fence.

Our electric dog fence is made of superior and quality materials to ensure the best performance.

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Elife is Your Premier Electric Dog Fence Supplier in China

3-D tooling drawing

Elife has our own designers to develop plastic tooling for an effective dog electric fence.

Top brands' plastic injection machine

We have injection machines with a dryer hopper for the dog electric fence.

Automatic injection machine

Elife has top brand automatic injection machines to manufacture dog electric fences.

Why Can Elife Boost Your Electric Dog Fence Business?

High Standard Electric Dog Fence

Elife manufacture high-standard electric dog fence which has the best performance and reliable function.

Professional Provider of Electric Dog Fence

Providing an excellent electric dog fence is one of our business fields. We always manufacture an electric dog fence professionally.

Composed of High-Quality Materials

We always choose and use superior and reliable materials to produce high-end electric dog fences.

Quick Delivery

We assure you of the response time limit for delivering your electric dog fence order. We can deliver timely.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is your payment term for an electric dog fence order?

We have different types of payment methods. For the sample order, you can pay by western union or PayPal. For formal orders, we prefer T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment.

Where have you exported your electric dog fence?

We have been exported our electric dog fence to different countries. For now, serve more than 128 clients from 20 countries.

Does Elife customized electric dog fence for our brand?

Yes, we can customize your electric dog fence base in your specified style, color, size, or other specifications with your brand.

How much delivery time is required for electric dog fence orders?

Our standard time for on-time delivery of formal order of electric fence polywire is 5-7 working days after confirmation of the order by you.

Elife Electric Dog Fence

Elife is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of electric dog fences in China. We have a wide range of electric dog fences. Elife is a trustworthy manufacturer that can truly support your electric dog fence. You can find an outstanding electric dog fence only at Elife.

Electric Dog Fence

Elife dog fence is very useful to control and protect your dogs. Elife dog fence provides your pets additional freedom to play with their yards. Allow your dogs to stay in a safe and secure place. With the Elife electric dog fence, you can teach your dogs to back home when they go.

Elife electric dog fence is a user-friendly device that will never affect your dog’s health. When you have an electric dog fence, your pet will know their boundaries and you can assure that they will never go into any dangerous areas. You can effectively train your pets with off-limits.

The electric dog fences from Elfe are featured durable, strong, weather-resistant, and long life. We always manufacture electric dog fences using imported materials and superior quality components. We can provide a functional and reliable electric dog fence that will never go your pet’s life in danger.

Electric Dog Fence

Elife is a professional electric dog fence provider. We can absolutely create a high-quality electric dog fence with outstanding performances. For business or even for personal use, you can always trust our services and electric dog fence products.

As a is a world-class provider of an electric dog fence, you can guarantee working and serviceable electric dog fences from us. We are operating in China and we are offering our electric dog fence nationwide. And we are striving to meets a client’s standards.

With over 15 years of experience, we gain the best reputation by providing excellent services and products. We obtain a lot of certifications like CE, ISO, and GS certificates. We implement a strict quality inspection to make sure the condition of every electric dog fence product before we are going to ship and export.

Electric Dog Fence

Aside from electric dog fences, we also manufacture different electric fence supplies such as electric fence insulators, electric tape insulators, electric fence clamps, electric fence connectors, snail electric fence, electric fence wire roller, and many more.

Elife is a reachable and high-recommended company when it comes to an electric dog fence. We can provide a better electric dog fence solution that is effective for your pets. We love to provide your needs and we are willing to offer our full range of services just to make you satisfied.

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