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Elife is Your Premier Electric Chicken Netting Supplier in China!

Elife conducts a 4x inspection before shipping your orders.

We are experts in customizing electric chicken netting according to your idea.

Elife also has a professional R&D team to custom your own brand.

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Your Professional Electric Chicken Netting Supplier!

Electric Chicken Netting Manufacturing

We always have the QC staff for the electric chicken netting production line.

Electric Chicken Netting Manufacturing

Elife Production manager has more than 10 years in manufacturing electric chicken netting.

Electric Chicken Netting Manufacturing

Each month, we will have the training lessons for the manufacturing of electric chicken netting.

Top Rated Electric Chicken Netting

Elife standard electric chicken netting has 90cm height, 50m length, with 11 Horizont poly wires and 14 PVC stables. You can have the customized electric chicken netting as your request.

Elife uses high-quality PE materials to make the garden electric chicken netting wires and stainless steel for conductors. You can have special conductor materials for your own electric chicken netting in future orders.

You can use farm electric chicken netting to contain poultry like chicken, goose, duck, and more small farm animals.

Elife electric chicken netting is consist of  11 horizontal polywires, 9 of which are live
The top horizontal polywire has 3 x 0.20 mm SS+3*0.2 Brass strands
The middle 8 polywires have 3 x 0.20 mm SS strands.

You can not only have high-quality electric chicken netting but also Elife can offer you high-quality label, shipment boxes. So that you can grow your electric chicken netting brands in your market easily.

Elife can offer you both standard electric chicken netting and customized chicken netting too. So if you have any electric chicken netting inquiry, please contact Elife sales team now!

Elife has more height of electric chicken netting for your choice including 120cm height. You can also have your more specification of chicken netting.

You can have 90 cm high electric chicken netting for your chicken, goose, duck and any more small animals.

You can not only have 50m Long electric chicken netting but also you will be able to get popular 100 meters, 150 meters and more. Send an inquiry to Elife for free test sample piece now!

Why Can Elife Be Your Premier Electric Chicken Netting Supplier?


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Frequently Asked Question

Do you apply UV for electric chicken netting?

Yes, we always apply UV for electric chicken netting. So that we can ensure our electric chicken netting always has great durability and weather resistance too.

Can I what is your MOQ for electric chicken netting?

We can accept MOQ 200 pcs for first order at our standard electric chicken netting.

Can we have a one electric chicken netting sample for testing?

Yes, sure. But all electric chicken netting sample need to be paid.

Electric Chicken Netting

Elife is a well-known supplier of different electric fence netting in China. One of the best electric fence nettings we offer is electric chicken netting.

Elife is your reliable one-stop-shop solution for your electric fencing needs. If you’re hunting for the best quality yet cost-effective electric chicken netting, Elife is the right place.

electric chicken netting


Elife electric chicken netting is manufactured to protect free-range chickens from a murdering fox. Our electric chicken netting allows the user to move the feeding area quickly and easily.

Moreover, our electric chicken netting is hard-wearing, highly visible, and economical, which is perfect to protect your chicken.

Elife offers a wide variety of electric chicken netting options for you to choose from. We have plastic electric chicken netting, electric chicken wire netting, chicken netting mesh, nylon chicken netting, hexagonal chicken netting, and many more.

electric chicken netting

Elife ensures that we can cater to your needs regarding electric chicken netting solutions. Elife is a leading manufacturing company in China that offers custom and standard electric chicken netting at a very affordable rate.

Our electric chicken netting is available in many sizes. The standard length of electric chicken netting we offer is 25m or 50m. It is extremely effective electric fencing for your chickens.

No matter what you want for your electric chicken netting, Elife can always provide your electric chicken netting needs as a special request. We can produce custom electric chicken netting according to your requirements to meet your preferences.

electric chicken netting

Whether you need electric chicken netting for your business or personal purpose, you can always rely on Elife. With over 15-years of experience in the industry, we have built a good relationship with a lot of brands, companies, or business owners.

In fact, the top 5 brands around the world choose Elife electric chicken netting and other electric fence systems and services. Being one of the leading electric chicken netting manufacturers and suppliers, we offer a full range of electric fence supplies over 300 models for your reference.

We will be your best partner for your electric chicken netting and electric fence business. Elife can offer a lot of fencing net for your chicken that is sustainable and safe.

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