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Your Premier 95mm Electric Fence Tape Supplier in China

Elife is an expert manufacturer and exporter of different sizes of electric fence tape such as 95mm size.

We have well-trained engineers and skilled workers that can help in whole 95mm electric fence tape fabrications.

Elife will fully support your business. We offer one-stop 95mm electric fence tape and other electric fence supplies for intended applications.

Your Leading 95mm Electric Fence Tape Supplier in China.

Electric Fence Polytape Manufacturing Line

We own high-tech machines for your 95mm Electric Fence Tape orders.

95mm Electric Fence Tape Quality Control

Over 15 well trained QC staffs have the 3-5 time random quality checking when the 95mm Electric Fence Tape manufacturing.

95mm Electric Fence Tape Orders

Elife will shrink 95mm Electric Fence Tape by 200m/roll or 400m/roll or as your order needs any time.

WhyCan Elife Be Your Best 95mm Electric Fence Tape Supplier in China?

UV Stable PP Plastic Filaments

The 95mm Electric Fence Tape is made up of high-quality UV stable Polypropylene plastic filaments.

Bypass The Use Of #202 Stainless Steel

Elife uses corrosion-proof premium-quality #304 stainless steel instead of #202 stainless steel to manufacture the conductors of 95mm Electric Fence Tape.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control team members ensure the quality of 95mm Electric Fence Tape by 4-times in-depth inspection before departure of orders

Leading Brands trust Elife

Most of the leading brands have been trusting Elife to purchase 95mm Electric Fence Tape since 2002

Obtain Free Sample For Testing

You can get 5 meters long free 95mm Electric Fence Tape sample to test its quality and performance from Elife.

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Frequently Asked Question

How Much Delivery Time Is Required For On-time Delivery Of 95mm Electric Fence Tape?

The delivery time for sample order and formal 95mm Electric Fence Tape order is different.

The delivery time for sample orders is a minimum of 5-7 working days after confirmation of the order by customers. However, if the requested 95mm Electric Fence Tape sample does not exist in our current product range, we will take more time to deliver the sample order.

The delivery time for a formal order of 95mm Electric Fence Tape is 20-30 working days once you have confirmed the order details. The purchase of raw materials, production of polytape, packing of product, and testing of polytape are also included during delivery time.

Is It Possible To Get Free Label Printing Service Along With 95mm Electric Fence Tape Order?

Yes, you can avail this service. However, it is advice-able to consult your designer to provide artwork file in PDF, AL or PSD format to our engineers for label printing. The final artwork design is sent to you before formal electric fence polytape printing for your approval. To get professional color printing services, please mark changes in the file. Or else, we will use standard color style for label printing of electric fence polytape.

What Is The Standard Warranty Time Of 95mm Electric Fence Tape?

The standard warranty time offered by us is at least 3-5 years. In case, you are looking for a longer shelf-life, please inform us. Our R&D, Q&A, and Financial personals will double-check your requirements to analyze either it is workable or not. If it is workable, our team members will advise you to increase the financing to get high-quality electric fence polytape.

Can I Get Customize 95mm Electric Fence Tape For My Brand?

Yes, you can get a customized 95mm Electric Fence Tape available with different conductors, colors, strands, and many other specifications. Elife requires an authorization letter from your brand with your stamp and signature to ensure the protection of your brand. We require your permission to produce customized polytape for your brand through an authorization letter

Is It Possible To Work As A Dealer For Your 95mm Electric Fence Tape?

Yes, you can work as a dealer for our 95mm Electric Fence Tape. However, we confirm whether we have any dealers in your country market or not? If no dealer is working in your country, we grant permission after a detailed inspection. Our team members will perform an evaluation of your company according to dealer cooperation rules and regulations. Once our lawyers complete the process of evaluation of your company, we give you the authorization to work as our dealer. We provide full support to our dealers regarding prices and sales in the market.

95mm Electric Fence Tape

Elife is a leading supplier and manufacturer of electric fence tape with different sizes including our top-rated 95mm electric fence tape. We have been manufacturing and supplying 95mm electric fence tape since 2002. If you choose Elife as your no.1 provider of your fencing needs, we can fully support your business!

Long Run 95mm Electric Fence Tape

Elife 95mm electric fence tape is molded from HDPE monofilament with maximum UV stabilizers and high-grade pigments. We manufacture a unique design of 95mm electric fence tape to give the best look of past rail fencing without compromising the flexibility of an electric fence.

Our 95mm electric fence tape provides countless advantages to your applications. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we produce 95mm electric fence tape with great features. They are well-known for their visibility, strong, and safe performance. And not just that, our 95mm electric fence tape can be mounted to stay post or to timber posts.

Yes, Elife is a leading manufacturer of 95mm electric fence tape with great quality and negotiable cost to fulfill your specific needs. We can also customize the 95mm electric fence tape as per special request. Just send us your detailed specifications.

Short Run 95mm Electric Fence Tape

Elife is capable of manufacturing a wide range of Elife 95mm electric fence tape for your specific applications, especially for your horse fencing needs. And as a one-stop-shop supplier, we offer 95mm electric fence tape for the horse including a 95mm tape joiner buckle, a 95mm tape rail live connector, a 95mm tape joiner end buckle, 95mm tape rail live end joiner, and many more.

In Elife, our 95mm electric fence tapes have been complying with product inspection and testing to ensure that your 95mm electric fence tape order will meet and exceed your requirement. At Elife, you will be received a satisfying quality 95mm electric fence tape for your business or personal needs. Let Elife knows your specific requirements we will process your product.

95mm Electric Fence Tape Blue

In China, Elife has been striving for over 20 years in supplying good quality 95mm electric fence tape and friendly customer support. Through the years in this industry, we believe that Elife is capable to be your great partner and help you boost your brand market.

Always remember that for every fencing system you need, you can always count on Elife! Reach out to Elife now to know more about our products and services.

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