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  • Grade A solar cells
  • Apply the high-tech machines and robots in manufacturing
  • Custom any 30 Watt Solar Panel as your needs

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With the past 18 years of expertise in the overall electric fence solar panel industry, Elife became more reliable manufacturer and supplier throughout the world.

Elife presents design information for free to those interested clients.

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Elife Can Skyrocket Your 30-Watt Solar Panel Business!

Automatic soldering

We have automatic robots to 30-watt solar panel cells.

Solar frame fixing

We have an electric fence 30-watt solar panel frame fixed by both human laborers and robots.

Robot worker

We have robots to replace some workers to manufacture electric fence 30-watt solar panels.

Why Can Elife Be Your No.1 30 Watt Solar Panel Supplier in China?

Use top brands and high-quality solar cells

Elife uses top brands and high-quality solar cells to manufacture electric fence 30-watt solar panels to ensure superb quality for your order.

Meet EU quality standard

Our electric fence 30-watts solar panel can meet strictly EU quality standard requests.

Waterproof junction box IPX 4

We fix the waterproof junction box for the electric fence solar panel for your order (waterproof grade IPX4)

A full range of electric fence solar panels

Elife can offer you a full range of electric fence solar panels from 0.3 W-360W to meet various solar electric fence charger needs.

Strictly inspection system

We always do at least 4 times inspection for your order before shipment.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is warranty for 30-watt solar panel?

Well, we have a warranty year from 5 to 20 years, depending on different grades of electric fence solar panel cells and the quality requirements. You can trust us since all customers buy our electric fence solar panel to power their single electric fence charger or home appliances.

Can you provide 30-watt solar panel with the bracket?

Yes, we can custom any electric fence solar panel brackets as your need. As we know you need to fix an electric fence charger to the solar panel. And so the bracket must be attached to the solar panel to support the whole solar electric fence charger system.

What is your payment term of 30-watt solar panel order?

Elife has two types of payment terms for electric fence solar panel orders. For the samples order, you can pay us by western union or paypal. But for the formal electric fence solar panel order, we prefer T/T 40% as the deposit and 60% before the shipment. Till now, 100% of our customers accept our payment term.

Do you do EL test for 30-watt solar panel?

Yes, sure! We will have the EL test for each electric fence solar panel orders before shipment as we have to assure each pcs of electric fence solar panel enjoy the best working performance. And if you need it, we will be able to send you the EL test report for your electric fence solar panel orders.

30-Watt Solar Panel

Elife has a complete engineering, end-to-end design, and manufacturing solution of a 30-watt solar panel for your business or personal needs.

We have an available Elife 30-watt solar panel ideal for radio repeaters, remote telemetry, RV battery maintenance, LED signs, and many other applications.

Our Elife 30-watt solar panel focus on both efficiency, reliability, and durability that you need for your next project. You can find an Elife 30-watt solar panel with an output of 1.6 amps DC power when peak solar hours.

As your leading manufacturer, we recommend you to use Elife 30-watt solar panel with a controller. You can charge our 30-watt solar panel and maintain 12-volt batteries up to 250-amp hours of capacity.

Elife is well-known in China for manufacturing excellent quality 30-watt solar panel with different aluminum frame and solar grade.

Our company is committed to supplying ELife 30-watt solar panel with many advantageous features that will fulfill to your application’s need.

We stock Elife 30-watt solar panel with high module conversion efficiency. All of our 30-watt solar panels are reliable, portable, and easy to install.

You can carry Elife 30-watt solar panel easily as its dimension is only 22.4×13.4×1.0 inches. Besides, our 30-watt solar panel is EL tested and commercial-grade unit for long term use.

What’s more, Elife 30-watt solar panel features an outstanding junction box, connecting to the charge controller. They are designed to withstand snow loads and heavy wind.

Power your electronics with Elife 30-watt solar panel whenever and wherever there’s sunlight!

Elife has a lot of 30-watt solar panel inventory for all your solar panel needs, so it is easy to get the 30-watt solar panel you demand quickly. We have an affordable 30-watt solar panel in a various aluminum frame and solar grade.

Elife is a leading electric fence manufacturer and supplier in China for 18 years. We also have a large inventory of almost all electric fence supplies like electric fence chargers, conductors, insulators, fence posts, tester, gate handles, and so much more!

Besides a 30-watt solar panel, Elife also stocks a 5-watt electric fence solar panel, 10-watt solar panel, 15-watt solar panel, 20-watt solar panel, and so on.

No matter what the type or quantity of 30-watt solar panel that you require, Elife can produce and get them for you.

Find the right 30-watt solar panel in Elife! We have a friendly and knowledgeable service team standing by to meet your preferences.

Contact us directly for excellent service, low prices, and fast shipping today!

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