one stop purchase electric
fence supplies
Over 15-year exporting experience
5 top quality brands choose Elife
Your eyes in the supply chain
one stop purchase electric
fence supplies
Over 15-year exporting experience
5 top quality brands choose Elife
Your eyes in the supply chain
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Your Premier Electric Fence Supplies Manufacturer

The world top brands choose electric fence supplies from Elife since we can offer a full range of electric fence supplies (more than 300 model references), including electric fence polywire, polytape, polyrope, electric fence posts, electric fence insulators, electric fence gate handle, electric fence tester, electric fence tape reel and many more. Since 2002, Elife has received 99% praises for our electric fence supplies and service. Elife will be your premier electric fence supplies manufacturer in China. Please send us an inquiry now!
Strictly Quality Control
4 times inspection before the shipment
CE & GS Certificate
CE and GS certified solar panel for electric fence charger
Export to Over 20 Country
Elife provides all electric fence supplies to 128 clients from over 20 countries

Elife Can Offer You A Full Range of Electric Fence Supplies.

Step in post with galvanized spikes, over 100 models of electric fence insulators, light and portable electric fence tester, heavy-duty UV treated polywire, polytape, 5W-100W solar panel for electric fence charger, 3:1 geared electric fence tape reel.
  • electric fence inulators
  • electric fence polywire&tape production
  • Polywire collection
  • Polywire & polytape production
  • Top brand plastics materials
  • Electric fence insulators
  • Electric fence polywire &tape Production
  • Polywire collection
  • Polywire & tape production
  • Top brand plastics materials
Elife can manufacture polywire, polytape, insulators and other electric fence supplies, with over 300 model references.
Quality Control
Elife will conduct at least 4 times inspections for your electric fence supplies order before shipments.
Delivery time
15-25 working days upon confirming the order details.

How Elife Can Benefit Your Electric Fence Supplies Business?

Set up and execute quality management ststem according to IOS9001
Customize electric fence supplies as your special request
Use highest grade & UV resistant plastic materials
OEM/ODM electric fence supplies for your brands
Tooling engineers have over 30 years experience
Some free electric fence supplies samples available for you

Contact Elife and Save Your Buying Cost Greatly Right Now!

Founder Note
Elife Founder
Great thanks to all our customers, and we will keep on being your premium electric fence supplies partner in China.

Electric fence supplies buying guide

The Ultimate Guide to Import Electric Fence Supplies From China

Elife Catalog

Elife Latest Catalog

Frequently Asked Question

What key materails do you use for electric fence supplies, like polywire and polytape?
Elife only uses high-quality #304 stainless steel for the electric fence polywires, polytapes.After thousands of testing, we found the #304 stainless steel wires are ideal conductors for electric fence supplies like polywire and polytape. As it can have the lower resistance and moreover it can have the better anti-corrosion ability for electric fence polywire and polytape.
Does Elife manufacture electric fence supplies with recycled plastic materials?
No, Never! We only manufacture electric fence supplies ,with high quality and UV resistant plastics ,including electric fence polywire, polytape, insulators, gate handle, posts, tape reel and other plastic products.
As we know the recycled plastics can move down the factory cost and make us get more profit to sacrifice the quality. But this is not our business rule. And we believe the quality electric fence supplies can win long term cooperation instead of one-time business.
What kind of tests will Elife do for electric fence supplies order?
Elife always does the resistance test, tensile test and anti-aging test for electric fence polywire, polytape, polyrope. For the test standards, we have our own company standards. Sure, if you have the special quality or testing requirements, you can also let us know. And we will conduct the testing for your electric fence supplies order by your rules, no problem..
Can you share the company names, which ordered electric fence supplies from you?
I am afraid we are not able to disclose their names because they require privacy, and they have signed an NDA agreement with us. Our duty is to protect and care about our customers and clients’ information protecting them from harm.
If we can work together, we will also keep all of your information safe. Thanks for your understanding.
Why is your electric fence supplies price higher than other company?
1. With our mission to help our customers cut down-converting costs for all-electric fence supplies, we don’t believe in an over-priced strategy.
2. We have been striving to do our best to keep the price as low as possible without sacrificing quality.
For instance, our critical components are bought from the top brands’ companies.
Beyond that, we improve the competitiveness of manufacturing costs by actively seeking the best possible component options and manage supply chain logistics.
We hope that by giving the best support on a price to you, we could help ease your capital pressure and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship together.
How do you ensure electric fence supplies quality?
You deserve the highest quality contract manufacturing and packaging services every single time.
This is why our industry-leading quality system extends throughout the supply chain—from product receipt to final delivery—at every stage of our facility.
This ensures quality products and timely delivery you can count on.
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